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Skittles Wants You to Create the Rainbow

Skittles Wants You to Create the RainbowThe following entry is a paid commercial message from the good people at Skittles.

What happens when Skittles puts their new 2012 Holiday commercial into the hands (and imaginations) of their fans? Well you get a lot of seriously entertaining ads featuring an elf, a Santa and a slightly past due date gingerbread man.

Check out our new “Create the Rainbow” site and make your own Skittles Holiday commercial.

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The [yellow tail] Wine Orchestra Players

Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry from Alex.

This spring Yellow Tail Wine invited fans to turn their wine, bottles, and glasses into music and join the Wine Orchestra for their chance to star in a video created by international composer Kutiman (ThruYOU) and to help give to the Unison Benevolent Fund. Check out the final video and see who made the cut.

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Iconic Celebrity Glasses Throughout History

The following entry was written by guest blogger Brittney.

Celebrities have long been known for their unique fashion statements, sometimes one’s that we consider so obscure that we don’t think they could possibly become a trend. We catch ourselves saying “I’d never wear that!”…and then the next thing you know you can’t get your hands on a “pair of those” or an “edition of that” for the life of you! It happened with Ugg boots, with the return of skinny jeans in the latter half of the 2000’s, trucker hats, tribal prints - you name it. One trend that took off in a similar fashion is glasses.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic celebrity glasses throughout history.

Wayfarer’s – The Wayfarer has been called one of the most enduring fashion icons of the 20th century. First released in the early 1950s, we haven’t really seen this style disappear for longer than a decade since its creation, and it will likely continue to be a classic style until the next big game-changer rolls around. Here are some of the celebs who ignited the flame on the Wayfarer trend:


President JFK.



Johnny Cash was famous for his Wayfarer-wearing.


Aviators - One of the oldest styles that has stood the test of time. Originally designed in 1936 by Ray-Ban, this style initially took flight (no pun intended) among pilots and then with army personnel, and is currently worn by hipsters, parents, grandparents – people of all fashion genres. Although the style has been around since the 1930s, Tom Cruise is known as one of the most influential celebs to hugely kick-off the aviator trend when he wore them in 1986 in Top Gun.


Tom Cruise in Top Gun.



Usher wearing a different shape than Tom Cruise’s Aviators…but aviators nonetheless!


Shutter Shades – Believe it or not, Kanye didn’t actually start this trend! Shutter Shades were once referred to as Venetian Blind Sunglasses and have been around since the 1980s. However they were more recently popularized when rapper Kanye West sported the look in the music video for his 2007 hit “Stronger”. Shutter Shades are clearly an example of fashion over function, which is likely why the trend hasn’t seen huge adoption since the hype of its re-birth. Here’s how Kanye wore them:



Cat Eye - Initially sported on the world’s most iconic women in the 1950s and 60s, Cat Eye Glasses are another fashion statement that have reappeared over the decades. Today, they instantly up the trend notch on almost any outfit, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. Take a look at how Marilyn Monroe & Audrey Hepburn wore them:


Marilyn Monroe.



Audrey Hepburn.


Math Glasses: In the last couple of years, wayfarer-shaped plastic framed glasses have been everywhere. Some call them Geek glasses, Hipster Glasses, or Math glasses. Semantics aside, they share a dual role of making you look both smart and trendy. In Flo Rida’s most recent single “I Cry”, the rapper’s young self is wearing a pair of math glasses featuring distinct multiplication and division symbols on either side of the frames, adding a twist to the classic wayfarer shape that has been iconic in the history of fashion.



Some of the most iconic stars in history have worn the most exotic styles. Will modern day Hip Hop artists like Kanye & Flo Rida be the next timeless trendsetters?

Glasses are an interesting piece of the fashion puzzle because their initial use was functionality, but are often used today for fashion - as one’s staple or signature look. Eager to get some new specs or shades but don’t know where to start looking? Clearly Contacts is an online Canadian Retailer, offering hundreds of the trendiest styles and designer name glasses at half the price! You can check out their styles and buy glasses here Clearly Contacts for both women’s and men’s glasses including the Derek Cardigan 7004 Black Math Glasses seen in Flo Rida’s “I Cry” video.

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I Love You: A Commenter Laments The Suicide of a Friend

I Love You: A Commenter Laments The Suicide of a Friend A frequent commenter has written this guest entry and wishes for me to post it on his behalf. The words below belong to him.

I'm alive.

My friend isn't. He just killed himself.

I'm on business in Calgary and I received a text from a friend asking if I had heard. "Heard what?" was my response. His response was a phone call telling me the news that a friend took his own life.


I couldn't believe it. My heart sank. I couldn't help but imagine someone could have been on the opposite end of the conversation a few years ago learning the news that I had done the same to myself.

The ride we're on in life is a crazy fucking trip. Who knows what we're going to get thrown our way and who knows how we're going to deal with it? We think we're strong and we think we're able to put up with all the bullshit but for some, for many perhaps, it's just gets to be too much. Mental illness is a disease and it's ridiculous to think how quickly it can take over someone's mind.

I had a health scare recently and it hit me hard. It's been a few years but it's only been months that I'm comfortable talking about it here. Mike's been on the receiving end of what I would guess would be some pretty fucking crazy emails and chats but it's friends and family that I've been lucky to have around me to talk with to get me through.

My friend didn't feel like he had that option, I guess. Some will call him a coward. I'll say he was a guy looking for help and didn't think he could find what he was looking for. Trying to understand or explain his actions is impossible. I'd rather just remember a good guy who didn't think he had any options left. And that fucking sucks.

I can't imagine what his Mom and girlfriend are experiencing right now. I feel so helpless for them.

Life is a crazy trip. Life is fragile. Life is something to be valued every day. Too often, we're happier to bust each other's balls and not tell the truth.

I love you.

I promise to learn from this. I'm happy to be alive and it's ok I once struggled with the idea of not being here. But never again do I want a friend to not know I love them. Man or woman, single or married, gay or straight...I'm going to tell my friends and family I love them.

Sometimes, who knows, maybe that's what they need to hear.

I love you.

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Meet Toronto's newest "Indie Rock" station

Finally, an alternative to the so called alternative...

CRTC Announcement:

Station Website:

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311 Is A Joke

Actually, 311 has worked quite well for me, but I was curious about the experiences of other Toronto Mike readers. I just thought it was clever of me to make a reference to Public Enemy's song. I'm modest that way.

Anyway, If you're not from Toronto and/or not familiar with 311, it's the City's telephone number you call to complain about stuff. You know, potholes, litter, naked hobos on your lawn. Junk like that.

I've used the service frequently, and 95% of the time the experience was quite positive. Friendly, responsive and easy to access. And when I say 95% I mean it - 95% exactly. I worked the equations and crunched the formulas. I don't fuck around with math, unless math looks a little like Amanda Seyfried.

So, share your 311 experiences here.

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Online Shopping Coupons and Promo Codes

Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry from Charlie.

Next time you’re shopping online for a great deal, check out!

Everyone wants to get a discount when they shop online and I’m constantly looking for my next saving. The best place to look for exclusive offers for Canada are discount sites such as offers the best coupons and promo codes for Canada easily and conveniently to save you time and money! Right now they have over 21,000 online coupons and discounts on their website. I found some great deals online for Puma and made a big saving on my purchase.

You can find savings for all your purchases, whether you’re shopping with Toms, Amazon, Dell, Sears or Expedia I’m sure you can find the right coupon for you. Make sure you don’t dawdle when you’re shopping; many of their coupons expire quickly.

It’s not just online where you can make big savings; they also have printable coupons which you can download and take in-store to also save on the high street.

Be sure to sign up for their newsletter like I did! This is the best way to get their best deals sent straight to your inbox every week. Make sure you don’t miss the next big sale by signing up today!

Ok Charlie, the next time you want adspace, you're going to have to pay up.

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Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry from Anthony.

Bingo is a popular game in Canada. This should come as no surprise, since Canada is a former British colony. While Britons prefer 90 ball bingo games, Canadians prefer the traditional American 75 ball version of the game. There are bingo halls in all of the provinces, and in the far north, there are even radio bingo games played by those in remote and inaccessible locations. Recently, bingo generated a bit of controversy in the province of Ontario.

For 55 years, drive-in bingo games have been a local tradition at the Carp Fairgrounds in Ottawa. Crows of locals gather every Wednesday for the drive in charity bingo games. In Canada, most bingo games are run by various charities. The games are one of the main attractions for Carp, a small community just 10 minutes west of Kanata. Organizer Joyce Trafford said “It’s been a tradition in Carp for 55 years. It’s a family night out.” Unfortunately, an anonymous complaint from a local bluenose to the Alcohol and Gambling Commission of Ontario may put an end to the games. The complaint followed a news story that featured a photo of a child playing bingo. After an investigation by the commission, the province asked the city of Ottawa to remind the game’s organizers of the prohibition against underage gambling.

I haven't played Bingo since I was a kid, but as I recall, there was nothing quite as thrilling as yelling "Bingo!" first.

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Buying Essays Online: Who Does It?

Ink StainAnyone is welcome to submit a Guest Blog Entry to I received the following entry late last week from Kieran.

I hate cheating. This is my personal life position. I always try to complete everything in my life by myself. It can either be my car repair, or my college paper, or even my GF (I hate THAT kinds of cheating too). But my last crazy party ended up with F mark for English Literature, so I had to rewrite my essay in one day. And that was the only moment when I told to myself that cheating is not that bad and that I can use some help from professionals. So I googled "college paper" and found this one -

First thoughts were like - Oh. These guys just want my money and their office is in Pakistan (for sure). The problem was - that I didn't have any time at all. So I told them my VISA numbers, gave them all they need and chose "highest urgency" level. They called me 3 minutes after that - nice voice (it didn't sound like India or Pakistan) asked me about my order - I told them all I knew. I don't want to give you more details - this stuff is boring, they sent me my paper in 5 hours, I got B and my professor was happy (as was I, for sure). So what is the conclusion? Order your essays at that site? Well... only if you need to. Party all the time? Also nope. Always think about tomorrow and don't let cheatin' happen.

I have never purchased an essay for school. Then again, I graduated in '98 and every essay I wrote was based on research I did in actual paper books borrowed from libraries both on campus and off. Sometimes the books I needed weren't allowed to be taken out of the library and I had to do all my work there. These were some seriously tough times.

But writing essays was a strength of mine, and if I put in the work, I always got good results. I honestly believe that if I were in university today I'd still write every one of my essays and wouldn't be tempted by essay writing services. But then again, I also hate paying for things I can do myself. So I'm not certain if my reasons are wholly moral in nature or self serving to save a buck and ensure a good grade.

What about you? Have you ever submitted an essay you didn't write? Did you ever pay for an essay? How'd that work out for you?

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Brooke Shields stars in The Exorcist

So I happen to be a gigantic fan of what I consider one of the best films of all time - The Exorcist.

There have been embarrassing sequels, awful prequels, spoofs, copycat films, tribute sites and even Exorcist action figures complete with spinning heads and R-rated sound effects.

It's no surprise then that there is now a theatrical version of The Exorcist being staged in Los Angeles this summer, and Brooke Shields is playing Chris Macneil, the mother of the possessed girl Regan.

I was wondering if the experience might be similar to going to Marineland, where there's an announcement before the show warning patrons that those in the first few rows will get wet - only with The Exorcist it's fake projectile vomit.

Would you see this if it was on stage in Toronto?

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