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The Best Entertainment at Canadian Casinos this Winter

Many people don’t actually realise that some of the top casinos in Canada are also home to plenty of other entertainment-based attractions as well as some of the best slot and table game action around. Some of these amazing venues regularly hold big ticket events such as concerts, shows and other variety performances. We take a look at a variety of the very best on offer at Canadian casinos this winter.

The lively nightlife in Vancouver will once more be animated this winter and many of the casinos around town will be offering some fantastic live entertainment. Canadian musician and songwriter Burton Cummings will be performing with his band at the River Rock Casino in British Columbia just outside Vancouver. The veteran rock star, famed for his hits performed with Canadian rock band The Guess Who, will be playing a set just in time for New Years which will feature a number of hits from across the decades which will no doubt keep patrons entertained.


Montreal is the home of the famed Casino Du Quebec which always has a show or two to keep its visitors happy. Performances that range from a variety of different musical acts and talents and ones that will appease a number of musical tastes such as fans of pop, electronica and more. This December saw their performance hall visited by the popular Michael Jackson tribute act the Forever Michael show as well as Canadian singer Martine St. Clair performing a number of seasonal songs for the festive period. And there’s plenty more to look forward to in the coming weeks.


These two Winnipeg-based casino venues are located within a stones throw of each other and often have plenty of wintertime entertainment on their schedules to thrill their guests with. Earlier this month there were comedy shows as well as a 70’s-based musical tribute act from ABBAmania and on New Years Eve those lucky enough to be in attendance will get to enjoy the always busy Danny Kramer Dance Band who’ll be helping you to dance the night away right into the early hours of 2016. You can of course check out the Royal Vegas casino blog for all the latest casino news or even head to the official casino sites to see their winter show schedules.

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The Best Sports Betting and Gambling In Canada

Do you live in Canada? Do you love gambling and sports betting? To be honest, Canadians have it easy when it comes to finding a place to gamble on the internet, they are welcomed by a large majority of international gambling sites. In fact, the only things you really have to worry about is deciding the site that you're going to use and whether it's trustworthy and reliable.

What to Look For
If you are interested in playing real money games on the internet, it's important that you do your homework. Picture depositing your money in an online casino, winning the jackpot, only to get the run-around from management when you try to withdraw your winnings.

Believe it or not, this happens more than you think. There are some online casinos that make it hard for you to gain access to the funds. But they're not what we would consider to be legitimate, rather their focus is on getting as much money as they can without giving it back. Thankfully, this isn't the case with reputable online casinos, who mimic real brick and mortar businesses and pride themselves on fair business practices.

To avoid these disreputable sites, you must only choose internet casino with proven reputations for being honest, fast payouts, and great customer service. These tend to have gambling safeguards in place like innovative encryption to keep your personal information and bank data safe, as well as triple-redundant service for a guaranteed connection, a feature that you need when you are in the midst hitting a jackpot.

Top Reputable Sports Betting and Gambling Sites in Canada

One thing's for sure, Canadians love sports – especially hockey and horse racing. But, plenty of Canadians have soft spots for both types of football, baseball, and basketball as well.

If you would like to take part in all of the action, here are the best sports betting and gambling sites for Canadian Gamers:

** Sports Interaction

This site has been in business for almost twenty years. It has an easy to follow layout and to place a bet all you have to do is add the selection to your bet slip and choose the type of bet you want to make, with a choice for Each-Way bets, accumulators, and outright wins.

This site allows gamers to bet on a variety of different sports, not just the popular ones. They include:

** Golf
** Mixed Marital Arts
** Football
** Boxing
** Politics
** TV Events
** Award Shows
** Live Dealer Games

Furthermore, Sports Interactions lets gamers place prop bets and other special bets as well.

Raps vs. Celtics

** Bet365

When it comes to sports betting, Bet365 is one of the juggernauts of the industry. They've been in business for over forty years and are one of the largest sportsbooks in the world. In that, they operate in well over 100 countries and cater to over 1 million customers all over the word.
They offer an astounding variety of sports and live events for gamers to wager on. They include:

** Badminton
** American Football
** Tennis
** Baseball
** UFC
** Table Tennis

The selection above is a mere fraction of the selection available for gamers. In addition, Bet345 also broadcasts over 40,000 live events every year, giving players the chance to watch the action on their computer or mobile device.

** BetOnline
This site has been around for a little more more than ten years and has gained an excellent reputation for overall quality and service. One of the features that makes BetOnline stand out from the crowd is the big new member deposit bonus, it gives first time plays a huge cash bonus to explore the site and really stretch their betting dollars. Regular players are also rewarded with a variety of promotions that make gameplay more exciting and profitable.


BetOnline also has a section devoted to skill games where players can try their hand at anything from Dominoes to Yahtzee. Or if you prefer something more jackpot orientated, there are also games of craps, roulette, blackjack available as well.

** Sportsbook
My favorite spot of them all is Bodog, As you can probably tell, one of the things that this company has going for it is name recognition. Who's going to forget a name like Bodog? Tthe company capitalized on this by spending a significant amount of money for TV and radio spots, web ads, and more.
Bodog has been in business since 1994, and except for some legal mess involving an executive in 2002, they have built a solid reputation for reliability and service. By the way the executive, Calvin Ayre, is no longer involved with the company in any shape, way, or form.

The company is always upgrading their software to improve the functionality of their site, which is excellent for those who love live betting. But, there's something to offer for everyone, in fact, this site has a selection that rivals the best in the industry, giving bettors the chance to place wagers on anything from darts to Aussie football to tennis and more. It's safe to say, if there's a competition taking place, most likely Bodog has a line on it.

NBA Playoffs
The NBA Playoffs semi-final round has got us on the edge of our seats. Imagine, only eight basketball teams are remaining in hopes to get the championship, while four of them—Washington Wizards, Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors and Utah Jazz—were fighting toe-to-toe last Thursday as Warriors and Wizards proved their might and came out on top. Should you plan to bet on NBA playoffs soon, this betting guide will prove to be helpful in making your decisions.

News that matter
Tony Parker out for post-season
The Houston Rocket was surprised on Wednesday when the San Antonio Spurs were able to upset them in the series after an embarrassing game 1. The Spurs managed to beat them after a 121-96 win. However, the story has changed the same day, but on their disadvantaged, when their star player Tony Parker reported suffering from an injury in the leg during the game. According to a reputable ESPN report, the leg injury turned out as a rupture in his quadriceps tendon.
Tony Parker will be undergoing surgery and will be missing the rest of the post-season. San Antonio Spurs, on the other hand, will be forced to come up with a different game strategy moving forward without Parker. There are rumors that we would be seeing more of Dejounte Murray in point guard and of Patty Mills.

Wizards’ Magic
After winning their first two games in the series, Boston Celtics thought they could easily snitch their way past Washington Wizards and straight into the Eastern Conference Finals. But, unlucky for them, the Washington Wizards used their magic to upset Celtics in a tense fight with a 116-89 beat down. Washington Wizards had made its latest win look super easy only by being able to win the second team battle. One would be inclined to think that Washington Wizards would be able to dominate Boston Celtics all throughout this series due to the hell of a performance they displayed.

Their win on Thursday was important because it boosted their morale and they made it look like Boston Celtics did not deserve the top spot. With another game happening on Sunday, Washington will be able to even the playing field, if they play well.
Raptors facing extinction

While Washington Wizards were doing great on Thursday giving themselves the much needed boost, the Toronto Raptors will soon be facing extinction if they do not pull through against the powerhouse Cleveland Cavaliers.

Toronto Raptors has already fallen behind, and not to mention in really ugly fashion, 0-2. The Cleveland Cavaliers managed to defeat Toronto Raptors with so much finesse and ease in a 125-103 score. Many times during the said games, the Toronto Raptors could be seen without teamwork and one would be inclined to think that they were not playing professionally. But historically speaking, Toronto Raptors had been in the same tight spot last year but still managed to come out on top winning games three and four at home with combined points of 31. Toronto Raptors are obviously looking to repeat history and are praying for a much needed miracle.
Image by Unsplash under Public Domains CC0

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Should Toronto Have An Online Casino?

Toronto is one of the biggest cities in Canada, and it is also one of the most interesting cities in the entire world. People come from all areas to visit Toronto and the many interesting sites there. There is music, food, culture and much more to be seen in this wonderful city. But there something missing, and that is an online casino.

Don't get too excited just yet. Yes, Toronto does have a shortage of online casinos, but Royal Vegas Casino is the most popular online Casino in the entire world, and its present in Canada, and especially Toronto. In fact, Royal Vegas online casino is the number one casino brand operating in Canada right now, so it makes sense that is very popular there.

Toronto is a cultured city
If you have never been to Toronto, you must make time to go when you can. Many people don't know this but it is actually one of the most cultured cities in the world. In other words, it has a grand mixture of people from all continents and countries. For this reason, the music, sites, sounds and food of Toronto is very eclectic, and there is literally something for everyone here.

Visiting Toronto
Making a plan see and visit Toronto is a great idea for any individual, couple or family, and you'll certainly be able to take advantage of what that city has to offer. Restaurants, Shows, Historical sites and the amazing view.

The CN Tower at Night

Of course, before you can enjoy the sites, sounds and flavours of Toronto, you need to get there. You can get to this city by plane, bus or train, or you can rent a car if you are in another part of Canada or the United States. Keep in mind that when you cross into the United States or vice versa, you will indeed need to show your passport or your passport card. Years ago, you could get into Canada or into the United States from Canada with just your drivers license or a regular ID alone, but those days are gone, and both governments now require that you show your passport. For most of the borders of United States, the city of Toronto is just a few hours away by car, train or bus. If you do end up visiting Toronto, enjoy your stay, and don't forget to use the money you win with online gaming on your trip!

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An Open Letter To Jack

Driving to work yesterday, I had a fun little interaction with a prick on wheels. The two wheeled variety. Let's call him by name. Let's go with Jack. Jack Ass.

See, Jack Ass incorrectly concluded that I had violated his asphalt real estate while driving by him, so Jack decided to spit on my car, which is when I decided to pull over and confront Jack.

Jack immediately pulls out a phone to film the entire incident, repeatedly citing "you can't split the lane, you can't split the lane." And you know what else you can't do? Spit on someone's car without expecting that someone's blood to get up.

Jack, I'm not a religious man, but I advise you to count your blessings. You seem like the antagonizing type who's done this sort of thing before, so it's only a matter of time before you come across a person who is just a little more volatile than me, and in the heat of the moment, between your bicyle and a vehicle, you will lose. Oh sure, you could take legal action and would probably win some kind of cash settlement, which would allow you to spend the rest of your days gloating gleefully while sitting comfortably in your very expensive wheelchair.

Ryan G /

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9/11 On Ice

No word if Disney will produce it, but based on Titanic: The Musical, Mirvish's new show in Toronto, perhaps 9/11 On Ice could make it's way to New York, Chicago, London and Hogtown at some point.

Perhaps the historical pattern with grand tragedy is that you first make a serious dramatic film about it, then wait for all relatives to die, then make a romantic version (Cameron's Titanic), and then a song and dance production. So maybe it'll take a hundred years or so, but we'll get there.

Clefto commented on this over at my blog at

"In the early morning hours
The planes brought down the towers!
(step, step, kick. Step, step, kick)

A horrific attack!
It must have been Iraq!
(step, ball, chain. jump and kick.)"

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So I''m writing this guest entry to solicit some of your best..and when you were growing up. A guy I went to university with was so broke he participated in those pharmaceuitcal testing weekends. He was paid handsomely, but sprouted a tail about 2 years later. Good for balance, bad for meeting girls.

Here are some of my early gigs with some positives and negatives.

+ Free hot dog and coke at 9th hole
- Lining up along a wall at 6am to get selected by old white a slave auction

+ Little kid allowed to swing axe at stuff - what's not to like?
- The pay was an ice cream cone

Newspaper delivery boy
+ Independence
- 5am wake up to start prepping papers / collecting - some pricks would dodge paying by saying they didn't receive their paper

McDonald's - Quarter Pounder grill
+ Made my own (free) big macs with 4 or 5 patties and a hundred pickles on it
- You are coated by grease and smell like meat... all the time.
Bonus fact! I once had to dress up as The Professor character and along with others like Grimace and Mayor McCheese, I was sent outside to greet kids, none of whom had ever heard of The Professor character

Coat check at Royal York Hotel
+ Easiest fucking money ever
- 8am Saturday morning shifts after Friday night fraternity parties
Bonus fact! One older guy who worked there wanted to watch me have sex with his wife

Security Guard
+ Look tough in uniform
- Was told once to go look for a crazy hobo who was somewhere on the 10th floor of a darkened office building...who was armed with an 8 inch screwdriver

Private Investigator
+Lived at a hotel in Ottawa for a summer, fantastic dough, killed many
- If people knew who I really was, could have been many

Retail sampler
+Met lots of chicks
- Standing all the time, pretending to give a shit about the product

Pizza delivery
+Free pies
-Giant risk of being shanked delivering to rathole apartment buildings

+Working outside in the summer
- Hard bloody the summer

Hobo Gauntlet Radio Episode 6 is now online for streaming or download. These 1 hour shows include a bit of commentary, but I mainly spin some of my favourite alternative tunes that span the decades. Episode 6 features Tones on Tail, Lemon Jelly, The Pogues, James, The Propellerheads and more. Get the link at my blog at or directly at

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Mike Tyson live on CP24: "F#@* You", and "You're a rat bastard piece of s#@%"

Moments ago, reporter Nathan Downer asked Tyson if the fact he was a "convicted rapist" would negatively affect Rob Ford's chances at the polls.

The response was pure gold, and Downer just about shit himself. As of this writing this link works, but audio very low:

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Stinky TO

Stinky TOLast month, Catherine Solmes (@ccath on Twitter) wrote a guest blog entry here about Rob Ford and Jimmy Kimmel. She's written another one about Rob Ford she's titled "Stinky TO".

The following words belong to Catherine.

There is a bad odour in Toronto right now and it can’t be blamed on dog owners and the spring thaw. It’s an odour you can’t quite distinguish, but it’s distinctive and we can no longer ignore it. Like that bag full of orange peels, eggshells and coffee grounds you procrastinate over taking out to the green bin. There’s no smell at first, then it becomes a faint nagging odour for a few days until you walk into the kitchen and it hits you like a slap in the face.

The stench grew stronger this week with the pissing contest between the OPP and Toronto Police Services (TPS) - the OPP has backed away from the investigation claiming that, barring any new evidence, there is nothing to charge Rob Ford with and - get this - he may have been the victim of extortion attempts. The TPS’s lead investigator Det. Sgt. Gary Giroux, however, insists there is and that the investigation is on-going. Is there something rotten with our provincial and city police forces? Rumours abound - is the top echelon at the OPP squashing the case? Did the TPS bungle the investigation? Did they waste their chance of arresting Ford during their surveillance of him and Sandro Lisi exchanging mysterious packages? Does Ford have friends in high places? With the release of more Brazen 2 documents which continue to suggest Ford’s involvement in Lisi’s attempt to retrieve the crack video, Ford-weary Torontonians threw up their hands in disgust and frustration. While an arrest wouldn’t have solved the problem, it definitely would have felt like a confirmation of things we already know.

Ford’s lack of shame and sense of entitlement are stunning. The man feels that there’s nothing wrong with purchasing illegal drugs while in office, hanging out with gang members, getting into drunken stupors on a regular basis, driving while under the influence, urinating publicly, uttering racial and homophobic slurs, arriving at his office in the middle of the day without releasing his daily schedule, running away from reporters and lying extensively in the face of facts. And these are just the things we know about...

When the mayor’s powers were stripped after he admitted to smoking crack cocaine, it was because Council believed he was unable to make important decisions in an emergency situation. Ford’s ineptitude was apparent when he was MIA through much of the morning after December’s ice storm. His malice toward Council surfaced when he refused to declare an emergency while neighbourhoods throughout the city went as long as a week or more without power - all the while he handed out magnets and staged photo-ops while people froze in their dark homes.

More recently, Ford voted against motions to honour Nelson Mandela and congratulate Canada's Olympic and Paralympic athletes (this was not accidental - it was only after his staff apprised him of the furor his votes caused, 30 minutes after the fact, that he asked for a re-vote). Why is his suitability for public office still being debated?

What all this has proven is how ill-equipped we are as a city to deal with unfit leaders. But while council’s hands are tied, we can do this much: we can stop enabling him.

The reactions of the crowds that engulf him at sporting events and the nightclubs he frequents makes it appear that Ford is thought of as a rock star. But all the selfies, tweets and videos do not translate into votes and electoral support. Peer a little deeper, read the comments and captions, and what you see is a man who is the target of jeers, not cheers - people are laughing at him, not with him; they are goading him into further embarrassing behaviour. Because let’s face it - people like to see a train wreck. When have we become a city of enablers? Whether they’re true Ford supporters or Ford mockers, either way, they’re enabling him to continue on his downward spiral.

To Ford Nation: your unwavering support and defence of a man whose personal issues are affecting his performance as mayor is selfish. Your glee at the disgust and frustration he causes the “downtown leftie elite” ignores a man who is suffering from serious problems with drugs and alcohol. The Rob Ford of today is not the one you elected in 2010 (I would also argue that the Rob Ford you elected three years ago never really existed). If he gets worse, and all signs tell us he will, it will be on you. If he gets re-elected, he will get worse - look what the last 3+ years has done to him. You are enabling a deeply troubled man’s delusions that he can continue down the same road without eventually crashing.

To community and business leaders, and our mayoral candidates: your refusal to call him on his behaviour, to recognize a man that is out of control and refuse to comment on his “personal issues” - shame on you. You have the ability and position to speak out and say something but you choose not to do so. Is it out of politeness or out of fear?

Perhaps it’s because we’ve never had to deal with something like this before. Even Mel Lastman’s gaffes were tame compared to Ford’s. It’s going to take a collected and concerted effort, from Council to the media, to volunteers and voters, to take the garbage out to the green bin. Until that happens, we’ll have to live with the stench until October 27. Let’s not have four more years of it.

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Jays concede season after opening day blowout

(St. Petersburg, FLA) After game 1 of the 2014 regular season, Major League Baseball’s Toronto Blue Jays have admitted the season is lost. “We’ll get ‘em next year”, says Jays Manager John Gibbons. Toronto was optimistic just days prior to the season opener, which engineered a winning record in pre-season matchups.

However, things began poorly Monday for starting pitcher R.A. Dickey who was roughed up by Tampa Bay’s unrelenting offense, despite ideal indoor conditions at Tampa for knuckleballer Dickey. Dickey spoke to reporters after the 9-2 drubbing at the hands of the Rays. “We gave it our best this season, so we’ll just need to re-group over the next seven months and over the winter to prepare for 2015.”

Some baseball analysts debated the depth of the Jays, now toiling in last place in the ultra competitive American League East. A key concern for the squad from the 2013 campaign was whether or not they could stay healthy. Manager Gibbons went on record to lament about how injuries played a factor last year, specifically with shortstop Jose Reyes. At his first plate appearance at the afternoon matchup, Reyes re-injured a hamstring that had been nagging him over the last 2 weeks. “Well with Reyes out of the lineup we just won’t be able to manufacture any runs this season”, Gibbons noted. Addressing the media scrum around him, Gibbons added: “So, unless you guys have any ideas, I just don’t see any point in continuing”. When a reporter asked about how other players could fill in for Reyes, Gibbons replied: “I’m serious. Do you guys have any ideas?”

After Monday’s loss, every Jays player came out of the dugout and waved goodbye to the Toronto fans in attendance, thanking them for their support despite another losing season. As players threw batting gloves and other paraphenelia into the crowd, centerfielder Colby Rasmus was clearly emotional. Afterwards, Rasmus commented that the whole team “is clearly exhausted” and needs a break after a grueling 1-day roadtrip to Tampa Bay.

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Roll Up The Stress

Roll Up The StressBy now we’re all aware that Tim Horton’s is part of the fabric of this great nation. At least, that’s what their ad agency tells us. So like a lot of Canadians, most days on my way in to work I stop at T-Ho's for a coffee. I'm not surprised this ritual is a cultural institution, but I am surprised by human behaviour.

Tim Horton's locations are notoriously rammed, and this includes their drive thru’s as well. Each morning when I drive in to the lot, 99% of the time it’s blocked solid. So as I first enter the parking lot, I quickly peer into the window to gauge the gong show within. If the lineup is moderate, I’ll park and go inside. If not, I’ll keep driving and settle for the reasonably hand-drawn facsimile of a coffee I can get at my work cafeteria. This is what I don't understand about us silly humans. When the drive thru is nuts and not so bad inside, you can park, walk 20 feet and get your coffee in 3 minutes. Or, you can sit in your car, listen to terrible morning radio hosts and get your coffee in 10-15 minutes. And, aren’t most people, on average, “running a little late” in the mornings and in a hurry to get to work? I‘d hazard a guess that despite the probability of being late for work, most people wil still opt to sit in a drive thru.

And, I’m sure you’ve all seen this before, but at my particular Tim Horton’s, there are two entrances. As such, two lines form to enter the single drive thru lane, which of course increases blood pressure and causes localized road rage. Cars slowly inch forward to passively aggressively signal to the enemy in the other converging lane: “hey asshat - I was here first and you better not fuck with me by trying to slip ahead in the line” This reaction is understandable, since that would mean that the other guy gets his coffee 57 seconds earlier than you did. It really is quite comical how stress-inducing this is for people. I can see it in their faces and hear it in their horns and screams out their car windows.

See I figure life is stressful enough. We’ve got bills to pay and dick bosses to deal with. So, why place an additional layer of stress onto yourself every single morning when it’s so unbelievably easy to avoid?

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