Introducing the Kids to Pulp Fiction

Introducing the Kids to Pulp FictionPulp Fiction is my favourite movie of all time. Forever I've had this poster hanging in my bedroom.


Over the last few years, my son and I would talk about Pulp Fiction. He's wanted me to watch it with him for a couple of years now but I waited. My great fear is that he wouldn't be ready and he wouldn't dig it. One of a parent's most anxious moments is when he introduces his child to his favourite movie.

On Friday night, I decided my eldest son was ready for Pulp Fiction. And heck, since we were going to watch my favourite movie, I decided my daughter was ready as well. Yes, there are lots of bad words and violence, but my kids understand the context, we talk the shit out of it and I'm cool with the exposure in films and music. I appreciate not all parents are.

So the big viewing was Friday night and both kids loved it, followed the plot and pieced it together. Phew!

The big question, of course, was what was in the briefcase. I once read an interview with Quentin Tarantino in which he said it didn't matter what was in the briefcase because it just existed to move the plot along, but it's got that supernatural glow and lends itself naturally to debate. My favourite theory, which I shared with the kids, is that it contains Marsellus Wallace's soul. Google it for details... you won't be disappointed.

Have you introduced your kids(s) to your favourite movie? How did it go?

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Mike and Jarvis: Roots Father's Day Feature

Mike and Jarvis: Roots Father's Day FeatureRoots was kind enough to include me and my newborn son in an online Father's Day feature. Here's a link for the curious.

I love how the pics turned out. Here's a sample.


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Girls vs. Boys

Girls vs. BoysMy son and daughter both love their new baby brother, but that's where the similarities end.

My daughter is a natural born nurturer. She wants to hold her little brother while singing to him and rocking him gently. Heck, she even enjoys changing his diapers. It's a joy to watch.


Meanwhile, my son is never sure how to hold him and has no interest in singing to him or changing his diaper. Here he is with his baby brother slung over his shoulder as he watches the hockey game.


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Jarvis Turns One Month

Happy 1 month birthday, son!

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How My Daughter Sees Me

How My Daughter Sees MeFor a school project, my daughter has created Bitstrips characters for just about everyone she cares about. Here's my character:

Fwd: bitstrips

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Daily Photo: Father and Son

Daily Photo: Father and SonMy wife took this photo in the middle of Jarvis's first night at home.

Father and Son

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How Jarvis Got His Name

How Jarvis Got His NameMy son Jarvis was born a little over a week ago. This is the story of how he got his name.

Last August, I took my daughter Michelle to her first concert. We saw Selena Gomez at the ACC.

We parked at 1 Yonge Street and walked to a restaurant for dinner before the show. For fun, we thought we'd find names on signs in an effort to name her unborn brother.

I went first, after seeing an ad for Captain Morgan's rum, and suggested the name Morgan. Michelle didn't like it, but she saw a sign for Jarvis Street, and suggested we name him Jarvis.

The second I heard her say it, I was sold. "That's his name", I replied, without missing a beat.

I had to do a little selling with my wife, but eventually she bought in and the rest is history. Michelle named her little brother.

Two cuties: Michelle and Jarvis

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My Son Wins Another House League Title

My Son the ChampionMy son plays for Frost in the Pee Wee division of the George Bell Hockey Association. Today, they took on the Capitals in the finals and we won!

I love watching my boy play hockey. He won it all last year, and won it all again today in a 6-1 cakewalk.

James wins!

This is James's third house league title. He won his first in 2010, the same day Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal for Canada.

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It Was The Best of Times...

Yesterday, was a great day. In fact, it was one of those all-time wonderful days that I'll remember forever. I enjoyed my first day with baby Jarvis and got to introduce James and Michelle to their new brother.

It was awesome.

Me and My Brood

At about 6pm, James, Michelle and I decided to make the trip from St. Joe's to Princess Margaret to visit my good friend Mike Kic. In his room on the 17th floor, Michelle told the story of how she named Jarvis, James promised everyone he wouldn't beat me up when he's bigger than me, and I reminisced with Mike Kic about our days playing ball together, this Raptors team he sold me on and shared the story of Jarvis's birth.

Then, when it was time to go, Kic and I exchanged exploding fist-bumps, as we have every week of every summer for well over a decade. It was likely our 300th fist-bump, and our last.

And that's what the kids and I talked about on the ride back to St. Joe's. One day you're saying hello to someone who will be a key part of your life forever, the next you're saying goodbye to a dear friend.

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The Birth of Jarvis Henry

Jarvis HenryLast night, at 9:45pm, Jarvis Henry finally arrived. He was 8lb 3oz and perfectly healthy. Mom's doing great, his brother and sister are excited and I'm exhausted.

The Birth of Jarvis Henry

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