Jarvis Meets Otis

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Why I Hope My Kids Won't Smoke Pot

Why I Hope My Kids Won't Smoke PotI think I'm pretty liberal when it comes to marijuana. People very close to me use it regularly and I hold no judgements. I firmly believe it should be decriminalized, maybe even legalized. But I've chosen not to partake, and I hope my kids make the same choice.

It's not just the negative effect smoking pot has on the lungs, marijuana deposits four times as much tar into the lungs as tobacco, but that's worth noting here. It's what I've seen pot do to the creative mind. Marijuana, in my observation, is quite the dream killer.

This site you're reading right now is the result of some boredom experienced in the late 90s. The web piqued my curiosity and I wanted to learn how to write HTML. Months of trial and error later, I was writing fluently by hand I started this site as a sandbox of sorts. This is where I tried new things.

Throughout my life, when I felt that itch, I'd start projects. In addition to this blog, there's the podcast, an attempt to run a marathon, a ridiculous amount of archiving and various home and personal challenges. These projects come from a place of boredom and curiosity, and I've seen this space that sparks creativity and progression dissipate by the use of pot.

I don't want my kids' downtime and bored times "cured" by using pot. I want them to shake it up, experient, create, and better themselves and their lives when they have that feeling. My oldest is almost a teenager, and I know it's only a matter of time before a friend offers him some weed. My hope is he'll realize he doesn't need it.

Because he doesn't.

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Baby's First Solid Food

Baby's First Solid FoodIt was a milestone morning in my home as sweet baby Jarvis enjoyed his first taste of solid food. My wife made him some oatmeal with breast milk and I think he liked it.

Here's the before, during and after photographic evidence.


Jarvis eats oatmeal


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Cottaging on Oxtongue Lake

Cottaging on Oxtongue LakeI have returned from a short trip to paradise.


We rented cottage #7 from White Birches Cottage Resort and enjoyed hot and sunny days on Oxtongue Lake. There was plenty of swimming, kayaking, canoeing and barbecuing and all five of us had a blast.


That's right, this was sweet baby Jarvis's first trip anywhere and he handled it like a champ.


If you're looking to rent a cottage in Muskoka, I suggest you give Jenny at White Birches a call at 1-800-263-4794. She's not only a regular commenter here, she's also a swell lady who will take care of you. Here's Jarvis and me with her and her son Jason.


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Canada's Wonderland #PricelessToronto

The forecast for today called for lots and lots of rain. I was eyeballing the hourly forecast last night wondering if I should cancel our trip to Canada's Wonderland or go for it. I decided to go for it.

I've made a handful of wise decisions in my life, and this was one of them. The forecast kept people away from the park and we enjoyed a full day of sunshine and rides without lines. Seriously, there were no line-ups at all. We walked onto every ride we wanted to enjoy.

We also saved a bundle of cold hard cash thanks to MasterCard and their Priceless promotion. You can learn about the savings when you pay with your Mastercard here.

My oldest son isn't much for thrill rides, but luckily for me my daughter shares my love of a good roller coaster. This was a great day.

Canada's Wonderland is perfectly empty this morning

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James and Daddy play catch, Jarvis watches

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Double Digits, Baby!

Michelle is 10 - Happy Birthday, Baby!My amazing daughter Michelle turned 10-years old at 12:55 this morning.

Welcome to double digits, baby!

Michelle Bikes

Michelle and Jarvis

I can't believe that young lady was once this little girl:

Happy Birthday, Michelle!

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How I Ended Up On Instagram

How I Ended Up On InstagramA couple of years ago, I wrote many words about why I never liked Instagram.

When Instagram came on the scene, I hated how people were intentionally and artificially processing their pictures to make them look old or Polaroided. In my opinion, the aged look of a photograph only has value when it's earned. In other words, a picture looking old is wonderful when it's an old picture, and the Polaroid-zation of a pic makes perfect sense when it was taken with a Polaroid camera, but forcing these effects is phony and ruins an otherwise nice picture. I never created an Instagram account.

About a month ago, I created an Instagram account. What changed?

My daughter, who turns 10 tomorrow, is on Instagram, and I couldn't see her posts without an account of my own. I wanted to see her posts, and now I can. I love seeing her pics and clicking that heart icon next to each one. I can't like them fast enough.

And that's how this Flickr Pro user ended up on Instagram.

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gigglesThe first sign of a newborn's personality comes out when he/she starts to smile and laugh.

And once you discover what makes that happen, you'll do it over and over again, no matter how ridiculous you sound.

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Kids Still Want to Win

Kids Still Want to WinI often hear rants and jokes about how we're breeding a generation of underachievers by rewarding them for participation. The insinuation is that we don't keep score and everyone is regarded as a winner. This isn't true, nor is it new.

In the early 80s, when I started my house league hockey and softball career, we all received participation trophies, but we played to be champions. In my observation with my 12-year old son, nothing has changed.

My son receives a participation trophy, but that's not the trophy he plays for. He wants to win it all, as do his teammates and coaches. Even though it's house league, it's competitive, and everyone wants to end the season as champions.

Since tee-ball, they've been keeping score with winners and losers. Since Tyke hockey, they've been coached to end the season #1.

The participation trophy isn't the goal, and it isn't new. Kids still want to win.

James' championship season

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