My Son on Ukulele

methinksMy son seems to have inherited my musical ability. Here he is playing Jingle Bells on a ukulele.

I can't believe my boy is almost ten years old.

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An Entry For Me To Make My Eyes Sweat

picturesAt the tail end of my 2011 Santa Claus Parade recap, I linked to my recaps of the previous 7 parades. Each time I attend a parade with my kids, I try to photograph every float and I put together a Flickr photoset. Every photoset includes at least one shot of my kids watching the parade. That got me thinking...

With the boy only a couple of months away from reaching double-digits, and his days at the parade with daddy numbered, what would my eyes do if I put all of these shots in succession. Would my eyes sweat? I'll let you know after the pics...


Toronto Santa Clause Parade 2004


Toronto Santa Claus Parade 2005




At the Parade




2009 Santa Claus Parade


2010 Santa Claus Parade



Yep, my eyes are sweating.

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Happy Father's Day From Durex Condoms

father's dayTo all the dads who frequent this blog, Happy Father's Day.

Here's a great ad from Durex condoms. "To all those who use our competitor’s products: Happy Father’s Day".


If you're in the mood for something more sentimental, revisit last Father's Day when Johnny Mac went deep for dad.

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