I Miss My Boy

I Miss My BoyIt's been almost two weeks since I drove my son to overnight camp in Huntsville. I miss him terribly.

I can handle not seeing him for two weeks, although that's tough in its own right, it's not hearing from him at all that's has me missing my boy.

Handsome James

While at camp, they can't phone or email or contact home, unless it's an emergency. So while no news is good news, absence makes the heart grow fonder and I can't wait to give him the biggest hug of his life tomorrow.

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When My Son Beats Me

When My Son Beats MeI'm crazy about my boy. I'm not suggesting this is unique as I'm sure almost all fathers feel this way about their sons, but it's a super intense and awesome feeling to love someone in this way.

Last year, when my boy was only 10-years old, I let him draft in my annual playoff pool for the first time. He didn't receive any special help and had to draft like the rest of us. He ended up beating me by one point.

It's very, very early, but if I glance at the current standings of this year's pool, I see my 11-year old leading the pack. Heck, he's already 15 points up on his uncle Steve. And it looks like he'll only lose Subban and Kessel heading into the 2nd round. He's in pretty good shape.

My best man

You'd think I'd feel a little like Homer Simpson, but I don't. I'm damn proud of him and I hope he kicks my ass.

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My Son the Champion

My Son the ChampionMy son plays for the Hawks in the Atom division of the George Bell Hockey Association. Today, they took on the Jets in the finals.

It was a great game that we won in a shootout. A big congrats to my son James who played with hustle and heart, especially coming up big with two stellar defensive plays in OT.


On to Pee Wee!

Fun Fact: The last time I watched James win a hockey championship was the same day Sidney Crosby scored the golden goal.

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A Visit to Second Harvest

A Visit to Second HarvestI took the kids to Second Harvest today at 1450 Lodestar Road. I wanted the kids to appreciate the logistics involved when working with grocery retailers, food manufacturers, food distributors, the Ontario Food Terminal, St. Lawrence Market, event planners, hotels and restaurants to prevent good food from going to waste.

It's amazing what they do with limited space and resources. They run 8 trucks every day of the week ensuring the primarily perishable food is delivered to a network of more than 215 social service agencies across the city. They are food banks, meal programs, children’s breakfast programs, community centers, drop-in centers, summer camps, women’s shelters, homeless shelters and centers for addiction and mental health treatment.

The food Second Harvest rescues is perfectly good food that has been donated because it is close to expiry and likely won’t sell, overstock, mislabeled, discontinued, discounted or has damaged packaging. If you're a potential food donor, please go here.


2013-03-12 11.20.42

2013-03-12 11.24.48

2013-03-12 11.19.40

2013-03-12 11.19.19

2013-03-12 11.17.12

2013-03-12 11.17.22

2013-03-12 11.15.22

2013-03-12 11.42.51

A big thanks for Second Harvest for opening their doors to me and my kids and for the great tour. Support Second Harvest by running a Lunch Money Days fundraiser. Click here to find out how.

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Bringing Meaning Back to the March Break

Bringing Meaning Back to the March BreakAs a kid, the March Break was the best. A whole week in the middle of winter without school? Score!

When you leave high school for University, as I did way back in '93, the March Break ceases to exist. It's replaced by a spring break earlier in the year. And once you start working full-time, you make your own breaks with the wonderful two weeks of vacation they give you that first year. The March Break becomes a distant memory.

That's how it remained until my youngest child entered grade one and my ex-wife went back to working full-time. That's when the March Break started to mean something again. For the past three years, I've been taking the March Break off to hang with the kids, and I love it.

I'm March Breaking right now. I slept in today, just enjoyed a great swim with the kids, and we're planning the rest of the week. The March Break rules again!

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James is 11 - Happy Birthday Son!

James Is 11 - Happy Birthday Son!Dear James,

I have very distinct memories of turning 11, because I thought it was pretty cool that my age matched George Bell's number. 11 seemed pretty old at the time and I was rather impressed I had finally made it.

Now my first born is 11 and I'm so very proud of you. You know I love you and will always be there to support you, encourage you, coach you and hang with you. You're smart, sweet, funny and talented. I'm a very lucky daddy.

Cool guy

I can't believe that strapping young man was once this little dude:

Happy Birthday, James!

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The First Christmas

The First ChristmasMerry Christmas, all.

Today, I'm going to post a few pictures from the vault, in reverse chronological order. Here's my daughter's first Christmas way back in 2004.

Michelle's First Christmas

Here's my son's first Christmas, back in 2002.

James' First Christmas

And here's my baby brother's first Christmas, all the way back in 1978. I'm the keener in the Canada sweater.

Long Ago...

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Concert Double Header

Concert Double HeaderI attended my daughter's Primary Holiday Concert this afternoon and enjoyed her performances of:

  • La neige sous mes pas
  • Jolly Old Saint Nicholas
  • Hanukkah Lights
  • Count On Me
  • Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
  • Donne-moi la main

My youngest child's final Primary Holiday Concert is now complete.

Xmas concert

Great job, Michelle! The Lowest of the Low tonight at the Horseshoe Tavern have a very tough act to follow.

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Minecraft: My Kid Loves It

Minecraft: My Kids Love ItMy son is 10-years old and obsessed with Minecraft. The same is true with his friends. Minecraft is their video game of choice.

I've seen him play it, but I don't really get Minecraft. He's home sick, so I just chatted him up about it.

Daddy: What do you like about Minecraft?

James: I like to build things and kill people. I like to play multi-player to chat with people.

Daddy: It's not nice to kill people.

James: It's different. It's not real life.

James: I'd play every day if I could.

Daddy: The graphics kind of suck though...

James: It's supposed to be like that. Everything is supposed to be in block form.

So there you have it. Minecraft: blocky but good.


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My First Medieval Times Experience

My First Medieval Times ExperienceI've driven or walked past the Medieval Times castle at Exhibition Place a thousand times but had never been inside until last Thursday night. That's when the kids joined us as guests of Medieval Times for their all new show, two years in the making.

The kids loved it. There was tonnes of jousting, sword fighting, horsemanship and flaconry, and most importantly, our knight won it all. If you've never been to Medieval Times, the arena is divided into six sections and each section is represented by a knight who engage in action packed battles. And it all opened with a rider-less Andalusian Stallion.

Somebody just caught a flower at Medieval Times

And the food was pretty good, too. Tomato bisque, garlic bread, oven roasted half chicken, bbq spare rib, herb-basted potato wedges and a pastry, and not a utensil in sight. The kids loved eating with their hands.

If you'd like to check out the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament for yourself, you can purchase tickets online at www.medievaltimes.com or by calling 1-88-935-6878.

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