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Social Slots

Are you familiar with Social Slots? Social Slots all the rage right now in the increasingly competitive social casino space. Social slots are casino slot machine games played on your mobile device with virtual money. It's the thrills you'd experience in a real casino but with an online community of social casino gamers and a digital twist.

Amongst the game typically found in a social casino, social slots are most popular among players. Here's a ranking of online casino games:

  1. Slots
  2. Poker
  3. Blackjack
  4. Bingo
  5. Video Poker
  6. Roulette
  7. Baccarat
  8. Other

The thrill comes from how random the outcomes are. True randomness in social slots is essentially, and that’s all made possible by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). For an explanation as to how pseudorandom number generators produce true randomness, we turn to Wikipedia.

In a virtual casino game, the outcome of each game is dependent on the data produced by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). This determines the order of the cards in card games, the outcome of a dice throw, or the results produced by the spinning of a slot machine or roulette wheel. PRNGs use a set of mathematical instructions known as an algorithm to generate a long stream of numbers that give the impression of true randomness. While this is not the same as true random number generation (computers are incapable of this without an external input source), it provides results that satisfy all but the most stringent requirements for true randomness.

In addition to the thrill of the true randomness when playing social slots, there's also the gamification aspect. There are typically daily bonuses, the unlocking of new slot games, rewards, gifts for friends and other such techniques designed to increase retention and engagement. Each of these practices are the result of much research into what exactly social slots players respond to. Ironically, nothing is left to chance in this regard. The pseudorandom number generator is for gameplay only.

With an increasing user base and new technological advances, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. The real-money gambling game has been digitized and gamified for a new generation of players. Further innovations are only increasing virility and introducing new players to a fun escape.

And at the end of the day, that's the key. Social slots are fun.

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Top 5 Casinos in and Around Toronto

Okay, nobody is ever going to mistake Toronto for Las Vegas, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have plenty of high-stakes nightlife on offer here. In fact, considering our size and population, Toronto and the GTA has a pretty good number of high-quality casinos all within relatively easy reach, each with its own particular specialities and appeal.

Perhaps the one thing that’s missing here in Toronto that some other cities in Canada have is a downtown casino. There’s been plenty of plans put forward to make this happen, but proposals keep getting rejected by the Council. However, the casino scene is still set to grow around the GTA, with big plans in place to redevelop and expand Woodbine Racetrack and Great Blue Heron charity casino, and to build a new casino either at Ajax or Pickering.

For people who aren’t within easy access of the GTA, or any of the other major Canadian cities with casinos like Montreal or Vancouver, sites like Bestcasinoscanada have plenty of info about online casinos that do accept Canadian players, so if you’re in the mood for some gaming action but can’t get to one of the casinos listed here, check out the online alternatives.

But for anyone new to Toronto, or who hasn’t previously been tempted to try their luck, here we go – in no particular order, my five favourite Toronto casinos and why I rate them.

Best Casino for Slots – Casino Rama

Casino Rama has one of the best selection of slots of all the casinos in Toronto, with more than 2,500 different games to choose from. There’s plenty of table games too, like roulette, craps and blackjack, as well a great live entertainment program. Go all in and treat yourself to a stay in one of the luxury suites in the resort.

5899 Rama Road
Rama, ON L3V 6H6
Phone: 705-329-3325
Open 24/7

Best Casino for Sports Betting – Casino Niagara

The Sports Centre at Casino Niagara is one of the best places to take in all your favourite sports in comfort. In the plush lounge with 26 huge HD screens, you can make parlay bets on football, hockey, baseball and college basketball, and it’s open until 1am most days. You can also play slots and table games and, if you’re going all that way, you should at least set aside some time to check out Niagara Falls.

5705 Falls Ave
Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T3
Phone: 1 (888) 325-5788
Open 24/7

Best Casino for Live Racing – Woodbine Racetrack

There’s a year round program of live harness and thoroughbred racing at Woodbine Racetrack, which is the venue for some of Canada’s major races (visit Ontario Racing to find out more about horse racing in the province). Set for a major revamp and expansion, there are more than 2.500 slots to play here, along with virtual table games and an electronic poker room.

555 Rexdale Boulevard
Toronto, ON M9W 5L1
Phone: 416-675-1101
Open 24/7

Best Casino for Entertainment – Fallsview Casino

There are more than 250 shows a year at Fallsview Casino, featuring big-name Canadian and international acts in a 1,500-seat theatre where you’re never far from the action. There’s also a huge selection of more than 3,000 slots, as well as table games and Canada’s biggest poker room.

6380 Fallsview Blvd
Niagara Falls, ON L2G
Phone: 1 (888) 325-5788
Open 24/7

Best Charity Casino – Great Blue Heron Casino

Great Blue Heron Casino is owned and operated by Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation, and profits go to local and national charities. Located in picturesque Port Perry, there are more than 500 slots and 60 table games to enjoy, along with a regular program of poker tournaments.

21777 Island Road
Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6
Phone: 1-905-985-4888
Open 24/7

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The spaces diversion was first presented, harking back to the nineteenth century. To start with, the machine had an entirely rough plan and must be found in nearby arcade shops. What drew the groups was simply the effortlessness of the amusement. It was outlined absolutely as a session of good fortune: simply sit before the machine, put in a token, and press the lever. The standard machine had three turning wheels with various pictures. In the event that every one of the three wheels agreed with a similar picture in the inside, the player would win the bonanza! There was no real way to impact the result of the machine, since it was altogether intended to be a round of luckiness.

video slots allows you to play various diverse free video slots machine amusements directly through your PC or portable screen. Regardless of whether you are in a hurry, you can only login to the application through Facebook and begin playing. Accessible straightforwardly through Facebook, you can even play free video openings with reward round!

video slots perceives the requirement for an astounding portable betting background. That is the reason the spaces application is perfect and accessible straightforwardly through Facebook. The free video openings no download variation doesn't require any extra video slots, since you can straightforwardly get to it through Facebook and begin playing. There's no trade off in designs either: players are dealt with to an immersive affair brimming with lights, top notch pictures, and the best part is that stunning sounds that make you feel as though you are sitting just before the video slots machine!

The versatile free video openings offered by video slots give a brilliant alternative to the individuals who need to attempt their fortunes with no burden. Simply whip out your cell phone or tablet and press the lever of the "one furnished crook" whenever you need!

Welcome to our free club registry. Our postings contain the most confided in online gambling club audits, surveyed and evaluated by our specialists, and arranged by our specific rating framework - Casino Rank. screens and affirms the dependability and reasonableness of every gambling club, and also their product stages, extra prerequisites, client benefit quality, and numerous different things.

Before you begin playing, we strongly urge you to peruse our tips On the most proficient method to pick an online gambling club.

Online Casino Reviews & Ratings

We pride ourselves on having discharged Casino Rank, the most progressive best casino reviews posting framework around. Its perplexing calculation considers the majority of the variables encompassing every club, at that point refreshes the rundown appropriately on a month to month premise. Notwithstanding essential actualities like Glimmer bolster, managing an account adaptability and client benefit quality, the volume and seriousness of protests documented against every clubhouse is additionally considered. Justifiably, Casino Rank considers certain components more essential than others. Fundamentally, it holds indistinguishable needs from the normal player.

Sympathetically take note of that we monitor gambling clubs with a past filled with deceitful conduct also. T­her­efore, among the online gambling clubs recorded, there are some towards the base the rundown which don't offer a protected gaming knowledge as those closer the best. On the off chance that you need a more top to bottom take a gander at any best casino reviews, don't hesitate to take a gander at our online casino surveys segment.

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How to choose a right slot game to win money in Canada

There are plenty of fantastic slot machines to play for fun. However, when it comes to betting real money, you should pay your attention to a some important aspects when picking a slot game. Luckily, CasinoChan, a Canadian online casino, offers a detailed look at what to consider when choosing the best slot game to win money.

Before going further, however, keep in mind that you should always gamble responsibly.

Checking out the RTP

Most often, online slot novices do not even know where to start when looking for the best slot machine. First thing would probably be RTP, which stands for Return to Player. It shows how much of all the gambled money is paid out to players. For instance, if you see the 96.2% RTP, this means that 96.2% of all the money placed in a bet are paid out to players, while the rest 3.8% go to the gambling venue.

The RTP usually ranges from 92 to 97%. You should search for slot machines with the highest RTP that are available to play in Canada. This would be easy, as most online gambling sites have tables with all the games available to play and the RTP for them.

Avoiding Being Caught on a Hook

Even if you find a brilliant, generous, and well-regulated online casino, you should remember to gamble responsibly and not sticky to a single game.

You should not opt for obvious options available for you at once. For instance, you want to check not only the titles available on the very first page, but have a look at what else is available. It is likely that the titles that are not advertised will give you good winning opportunities as well.

Making Higher Bets

Although the bets you place can be as low as $0.1, there is not much potential in them. Truth be told, your winnings depend on how much you wager. The larger your bet size is, the higher payouts you will get. At the same time, placing in bet lots of money will destroy your bankroll quicker, so playing higher denomination slot machine comes with higher risks.

Usually, progressive jackpots can be won if you make the maximum possible bet, and you should keep this in mind if you aim at the biggest possible winnings.

Paying Attention to the Volatility

Another significant factor tis volatility, also known as variance or risk level. Volatility allows the player to understand the level of risk associated with playing a certain online casino slots for real money. Slot games with low volatility allow players to enjoy small wins more often, while games with high volatility are designed to win larger amounts of money, but rarer.

Your choice really depends on your playing style. So, if you are impatient to wait for a large win, you should choose a game that comes with low volatility. Please note that it's riskier to play high-volatility slot machines, as they can sometimes take lots of time and money to hit the right symbol combination.

More often than not, volatility is included in various slot game reviews and game description. However, it is also enough to play a game in fun mode for free, in order to get an idea of its volatility. Also, the games often come with free spins bonuses, which allows you to test the game with no risks.

Avoiding Playing Branded Slots

Branded slots may look very attractive, as they are themed after your favorite films, TV series and even video games. These are mostly used as promotions for the main product, so even though they are fun to play and would not deplete your account, there is not much winning potential there.

If you love Game of Thrones, you will be happy to see your favorite characters and settings, even though you won't win much. Therefore, if you like a branded slot, it would be wise to enjoy it for free.

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Money Management in Casino Gambling

The word “gasino” seems to be a misprint; however, it is a recently invented description of a casino located close to a station on a highway. Gambling on the road has a special atmosphere. Very often people want to try out new things when they are away from their daily routine. Having a rest between driving a long way is a good opportunity for slots with free spins or scratch-cards and lotteries. The situation one finds themselves in is slightly different from gambling on holiday or at the home-town. Therefore, there are some things about efficient money management in on-the-road gambling you have to consider.

Tank before you gamble
There are some adventurous people who gamble to see if they tank with the money they win. That is not a very good idea if you have an unlucky day. And you never know if you are lucky. So you should rather tank full before you gamble. If you need to buy water and snacks for the long way, do it before you gamble as well.

Do not gamble with a credit card
It is much more difficult to control the expenses with a card rather than with cash. If you don´t have much cash, withdraw it and decide how much you can afford to lose in case you do not win. After that, keep some cash and forget that you have it. Forget that you have a credit card as well. This time you have to be much more careful than when you play in your home city. You still have a way to drive and you might need money on your way.

Control your excitation
Gambling on the road is much more adventurous. It is more exciting. It may bring you a lot of fun and you will remember those moments even if you do not win anything. However, do not cross the line of your budget limit. Otherwise, it may lead to disappointment and bad conscience afterwards. If you feel you are about to lose the connection with the reality, grab your cell phone and call someone you talk to every day – a family member or a close friend. A short chat will return you to consciousness. Another option is checking your mailbox or scrolling through the news on a social network – something that you do in your everyday life.

Casino gambling is a new exciting trend for those who have to drive over long distances. It can be a fun way to entertain yourself during a work trip or during a vacation. However, it is important to remember some rules concerning money management when gambling in casinos.

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Music-themed online slots you’d instantly fall in love with!


If you’ve played All Slots real money Canadian casino slots, you’d know how exciting these games can be! Considering the kind of popularity music bands and musicians enjoy throughout the world, online casino games’ developers have for long been tapping into their market potential, and have created plenty of music-themed casino games. If you can’t make it in person to one of Toronto’s casinos then you have another alternative! Let’s go over the top 5 of them below:

Guns n Roses

A fairly new online slot game, this one was released at the end of 2016. A creation of Net Entertainment, Guns n Roses online slot game shows you clips of the band’s various hits, including the hugely popular ‘Welcome to the jungle’. You also get to see Duff McKagan, Slash and Axl Rose on the reels as symbols, apart from various other images from the band’s amazing back catalogue!

Jimi Hendrix

Another popular online slot game from Net Entertainment, this is the next one (after Guns n Roses) to be based on the original Motorhead slot game from the same developer. All these three are a part of the Net Entertainment’s Rock series of online slots.

Jimi Hendrix online slot is a must play for any classic rock fanatic, featuring all kinds of imagery that celebrates Hendrix’s rich legacy. You get to hear some of the best known Jimi Hendrix numbers, apart from free spins named after songs like ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Little Wing’!



Online slot games and hard-rock bands have enjoyed a love affair for a very long time! It doesn’t come as a surprise that the legendary rock band Kiss also has a slot game to its name! It’s a fitting thing considering they already have had their name put on all kinds of merchandise including bicycle shorts, checkers and coffins!

Originally launched as a real slot machine for brick and mortar casinos, Kiss slot game has been equally popular in its online version too! It features all kinds of imagery and iconographic you can expect from this larger-than-life rock group!

The Osbournes

A cool 5-reel online slot game from Microgaming, this one is all about the Osbourne family! A Microgaming product, The Osbournes features the ageing rock star Ozzy Osbourne and his crazy family as symbols on the reels! There are 20 different ways you can score handsome wins in this online slot game. Three unique bonus features make it an even exciting product, giving you a chance to score massive pay outs! The bonus games are: Grab a Gift bonus game, Minis Free Spin Trail bonus game and the Knock Knock bonus game!


Developed by Leander games, Megadeth online slot is all about this world famous rock band, and offers multiple ways of scoring killer wins, including a multi-level bonus game. All you need to do is match the identical instruments or band members to win the bonus money! Dave Mustaine is the Wild symbol, and once he expands on the reels, it becomes incredibly easy for you to score wins!

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Top Casinos near Toronto

So you’ve arrived in Toronto and you’re looking to hit the casinos? You’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of places that you should check around the city. Lucky for you, we have some recommendations that hopefully will help you have a great night and possibly get your hands on some cash.

At times where you’ve exhausted yourself with sightseeing, there is the option of casinos online. Some of the casinos on our list are pretty far out from the city. You can find places to play at If you’d rather get active during the day, Toronto is a great city for cycling. Make sure that you lock up your bike securely if you venture downtown, though. However, for night time entertainment you really can’t beat the casinos. The ones below are amongst the best in the city. Just remember to set a budget, so you don’t spend all of your vacation cash in one night!

Fallsview Casino
One of the top things to see whilst in Toronto is the Niagara Falls. You’ll find a few casinos around the attraction, Fallsview casino being one of them. As the name suggests, one of the major selling points of this casino is its proximity to the Falls. You’ll be able to take in the views and the many forms of entertainment that the casino offers. Top performers such as Tony Bennett and ZZ Top have played shows in the venue, which hosts over 250 shows every year. The casino also boasts more than 3,000 slots, over 20 table games and the opportunity to win million dollar jackpots.

Niagara Falls

Casino Niagara
If you want to visit Niagara and play poker then Casino Niagara is the destination for you. There’s live music for free on Friday and Saturdays too. At the Casino Niagara, you’ll find over 1,300 slots, 10 different table games and sports betting.

Toronto Skyline

The Ex
Based in inside the city, heading to The Ex means that you don’t need to venture far to find casino games. However, it is only open for a while during the summer, so be sure to check the dates before you plan a trip.

The Great Blue Heron Casino
This casino is based in Scugog, not far from Toronto. Book ahead to play in one of the poker tournaments, or have a go on the slots. You’ll also find a wealth of different table games, aside from poker.

Casino Rama
For a casino that offers nightly entertainment, your best bet (ha!) is Casino Rama. It will take around 2 hours to get there, so planning for an overnight stay in the region is probably wise. However, it’s worth it. Expect to enjoy a tonne of table games and over 2,500 slot machines.

Toronto is city packed with things to do. It has some great casinos if you’re willing to make the trip!

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Have fun and make some money while staying indoors this winter

Canada's long dark winter nights sure can get lonely and boring, but now there's a great way to fight back against the winter blues.  The massive casino games to play at Euro Palace casino will keep anyone entertained for hours, and who knows you might even come out with more than you started with thanks to the generous bonuses and excellent odds offered by the Euro palace casino.

If you've ever played at an online casino and ran out of options for new games you'll want to give Euro palace a try.  With over 500 different games you can play something different every day of the year.  They offer a large array of table games with multiple options such as Craps, Blackjack, Roulette and Baccarat.  You'll also find nearly 200 different slots games -- enough to give even the most die-hard slots player more options than they can take advantage of.

If you're snowed in and prefer a more Vegas-like experience you can take advantage of the Live Casino at Euro Palace.  Here you'll find live dealers hosting games of blackjack, roulette and baccarat.  It's just one more feature that makes the Euro Palace casino the go to gaming experience for players in the know.

I haven't even gotten to the best part for some of you.  Euro Palace has all the blockbuster pokies you love to play such as Game of Thrones, Avalon II, The Dark Knight, and Thunderstruck II.  There is also a wide array of regular pokies to keep you entertained.  And those who love progressive jackpots can play the following progressives, some with jackpots topping $1 million: Cyberstud poker, King Cashalot, Mega Moolah, Roulette Royale, and Major Millions.

All of these great games are powered by Microgaming, so you know the games offered will keep expanding and Euro Palace will always have the latest and greatest games to keep you entertained year-round, even during the cold Canadian winter months when you can't get outdoors to a bricks and mortar casino.

To keep things fresh and make sure you can play longer the Euro Palace offers a welcome bonus, but they don't stop there.  You'll find weekly promotions that can lead to some quick rewards.  They come in the form of tournaments, lucky draws, free spins and bonuses and can even include physical prizes such as vouchers and the latest electronics.  Monthly promotions are slanted more towards tournaments and offer much larger prizes as they typically last anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.

Euro Palace gives points for each wager made in the casino and those points can add up fast and be redeemed for cash credits as soon as you reach just 5,000 points.  The cash credits are better than normal bonuses as there are no wager requirements.

So come over and take a look at the massive casino games to play at Euro palace casino.  Once you do you'll never need to go back to another casino, and you'll have found a solution to the boredom of the long, cold Canadian winters.

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Here Are the Best Places to Find Roulette in Toronto

In and around Toronto there are plenty of casinos where you can find a fantastic collection of slots, poker rooms and even big blackjack games taking place. However, one casino game that can be quite difficult to find is roulette, especially if you’re looking for different varieties such as American, European or Rapid roulette. Never fear though, we’ve found plenty of places where you can find roulette around Toronto, with the furthest being just a two-hour drive.

Online Casinos

Let’s start with the closest casino first. This is the jackpot (so to speak): no land-based casino can offer as much variety as online casinos, especially when it comes to games like roulette. More often than not, live casinos offer the same exact roulette wheel a couple of times. That’s perfectly fine, but sometimes you just need something different. By playing online you can find the exact type of roulette you’re looking for with ease and then switch to another just as easily if you want to. For example, Mr Green offers both European and American roulette on its platform as well as a complete guide on how to play roulette like a pro. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Casino Rama

Next up we have a land-based casino situated two hours outside the city of Toronto. Don’t worry, though, the drive is absolutely worth it if you’re a big gaming fan. In addition to well over 2500 slot machines, the casino floor is home to numerous table games including craps, blackjack and - you guessed it - roulette. They’re so into roulette that they’ve created their own guide to the game which you can watch above. Speaking of watching stuff from Casino Rama, the venue also hosts a vast range of live performances so there’s always something to do if you get bored of roulette.

Casino Niagara

Like Casino Rama, Casino Niagara has a fantastic reputation for offering a large array of entertainment for its guests, whether that's games or it's live performances from world-famous acts. There are more than 1300 slots, multi-sport wagering opportunities on various betting machines and live entertainment, but best of all are the table games. In the poker room, there’s High Card Flush, Mississippi Stud, Three Card Poker and Nexus Progressive Five Card Bonus Hand. Then there’s Spanish 21, Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, Casino War and Roulette. Altogether there are over 40 tables, so you’re sure to have plenty to do while you’re there. If you visit the casino’s website you can even download separate gaming guides for each table game, allowing you to avoid any learning curves that may dampen the experience.

These are our top picks for roulette games around Toronto, some of which you don’t even have to leave your home for! Please let us know if you’ve played somewhere else and think it could be a contender on our list, especially if it can be found in our beautiful city of Toronto.

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Top Online Casino Bonus Trends: How come operators are getting so generous?

In the last few years we have seen a great rise of online casinos and generally remote gambling. This has been massively favoured by the new technologies that have allowed everyone to be connected from everywhere at a great speed. Players are also hugely incentivised to make the switch from the traditional casinos to online casinos. But what are the trends in this sector and are really operators online more generous than traditional casinos? As we have seen in a recent enquiry done by SkyNews  gambling companies have become more and more aggressive with bonus. In this article, we have asked Casino Biggest Bonus .com what are the bonus trends of 2018 and also why online casinos are able to provide more benefits to players compared to land-based ones.

Huge competition
One of the reasons why online casinos are forced to give out more and more bonuses is because the marketplace is really fluid with lots of new entrants every month. In order to survive an online casino need to attract new players and retain the existing ones. A good way to stay afloat of the competition is to offer a great product and also offer a bonus that will make headlines and attract attention of potential new customers.

Free Spins
Slots are one of the most popular casino games of all time and their popularity is continuing to increase. The reason is that nowadays slots are resembling more and more to video games bringing the entertainment to new levels. So to convince players to sign up the online casinos normally offers free spins. Surely this is great news for players as ultimately they can increase their chances of winning without risking anything. The free spins offers are many and ultimately it will depend from how aggressive an online casino is prepared to go to acquire new customers: there are some casinos that are offering free spins just after a player has registered a new accounts while others will firstly require a deposit to be made. As a player it is advisable to shop around a bit so to get as many free spins as possible as every free spin is an additional chance of walking out from the casino with full pockets!

Loyalty Programs
Once an online casino has acquired a new player they also have to make sure they do retain it for as long time as possible. This is the reason why many online casino are offering loyalty programs that have the aim of locking the customer for a longer period of time by rewarding his activity. For a consumer this is a great way to receive benefits: loyalty programs can give customer free spins and also match deposits bonuses when they have for example met some targets like made 5 or 10 deposits.

Bonuses are getting bigger
When you looking at online casino bonuses there is only one big trend to note: casino bonuses are getting bigger and bigger. The competition is continuing to increase and this has forced brands to offer always bigger and better bonuses. Also the changes in regulations of several key jurisdictions like the UK have increase pressure on casinos that now need to have much fairer terms and more transparency. This means that bonus offers are more genuine and more valuable for customers. We don’t see this trend to stop anytime soon so if you are looking to try out some online casino make sure you take full advantage of all the free spins, free credits you can get. In this way you will have fun, lower the risk significantly and ultimately increase your chances of winning.

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Toronto continues to embrace the tech advances in online casinos


Ontario’s proximity to the USA often provides an eye-opening perspective on just how different Canada can be from its nearest neighbour. The topic of casinos, and the online variety in particular, provides a perfect case in point. Where the US has, with a few notable exceptions like Las, Vegas Nevada and New Jersey, taken a somewhat puritanical attitude, Canada’s approach has been far closer to that of Europe.

A look at Gaming in general

Why do most people visit a casino? It’s not really to try to beat the house and get rich, nice though that would be. The real reason is to have an enjoyable evening in the company of friends. A night out costs money, and the casino has overheads to meet like any other business, so most people accept that a night out at a casino will leave them a few dollars down, and that’s fine.

At first glance, it is hard to rationalise this with the concept of visiting a casino on your PC or smartphone, but that is where social gaming comes in. Anyone who has played Farmville or Words with Friends knows how it works – the game itself is one thing, but chatting with your friends at the same time is the main point of it. This aspect of gaming works equally well with online casinos, and is something that many offer.

Background to Toronto’s casino culture

Casino gambling was first legalised in Ontario back in 1980. This resulted in several gambling establishments popping up across Toronto and in the surrounding suburbs. Not all of these were the most salubrious, and most disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Today, the only land-based casino within the city limits is OLG Slots, which is within the Woodbine Racetrack, out near Pearson International Airport.

As online casinos grew in popularity, these were similarly legalised. While there is only one such site that is operated at the provincial level, the big difference between online gambling in Canada compared with in the USA is that there is nothing to stop residents from visiting offshore sites, and they face no legal consequences for doing so.

Given the somewhat scant offerings as far as brick and mortar casinos are concerned, the online revolution has led to more people than ever participating in everything from slots games to roulette to poker. Technological advances are making these virtual pastimes ever more engaging and closer to the real thing.

Taking it to the next step with Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has been a hot topic in gaming over the last year or so, with both the specialised headsets and the smartphone accessories becoming big sellers. The technology is still in its early stages, but is being adopted faster in the casino sector than in any other.

For one thing, a spinning roulette wheel or a turning card are both relatively easy effects to create. For another, though, when taken in combination with the social gaming aspects, it is a perfect way to enhance the overall online casino experience.

As the technology continues to evolve, a night in and a night out will become gradually harder to tell apart.

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The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Smartphone games keep dominating global gaming revenues as smartphone technologies improve at a tremendously fast rate. Konami, the legendary Japanese game developer, even announced that its main platform will be dedicated to mobile games. Although desktop still brings in the larger portion of retail sales compared to mobile devices, tablets and smartphones dominate the time spent browsing products.

Nickelodeon conducted research that found that 34% of children under 11 have a tablet and they tend to get their first smartphone by the time they enter secondary school. Although online games on a mobile phone are increasingly popular and are played by children and adults alike, mobile gaming and console/desktop gaming tend to serve different markets. Hardcore gamers would argue that smartphones lack some technologies that make the experience of playing a game great, such as gesture detection and motion sensing, but this could all be improved with the advance of VR glasses.

Since the emergence of the first mobile phone game run on the CPU - Snake - things have evolved at an incredible speed. In 2007 the very first Mali-based phone was released with an early iteration of 3D graphics and the then-novel stylus controls. From there, the Mali-400 became the multi-core GPU that brought the mobile gaming revolution and the first in a long line of ever advancing graphics technology from ARM.

Various types of games are now available as apps. From the classic games of Sudoku and Crossword Puzzle that can be downloaded straight into a smartphone to MMO games that have gained a lot of popularity due to the advanced hardware now present in modern phones and tablets. A game such as Lineage 2 allows up to 200 players to fight in real-time on a single screen, while there are also 20vs20 and 50vs50 competitive gaming modes. Moreover, even casino games, such as mobile slots, can be found as apps and downloaded on all mobile devices. According to this article, game manufacturers have poured in millions of dollars and working hours to developing HTML5 to make the games work on all devices.

Although mobile gaming is generating more revenue than all other types of gaming, it also has the highest abandonment rate among all the app categories, according to Adobe. A good example is the Pokemon Go phenomenon. This augmented reality game allows players to aim the device’s camera at a location and through the screen to see the area captured, as well as computer-generated graphics atop it. But its rapid growth soon turned into a rapid decline: from having nearly 45 million players in the first few weeks of its release, it had closer to 30 million a month later.

There is the question of whether mobile games will replace PC games in the future, but that is something not very likely to happen. The real player of the future is the IoT and the focus should be on adopting more of its technology. A huge boom for game developers could be the use of virtual reality applications, which will see those eager to make a profit are crowding in on this sector.

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In-depth Look at Online Casinos in Canada, the Key to Winning Big-Time

Canada is one of the places which treat gambling in a different light. Though most gambling games are legal in Canada, it's a totally different story when you're talking about online gambling. This is because the Canadian government refuses to grant licenses to online casinos in the country.


But despite this, there are still a number of Canadian casinos that are currently operating. Before the 1960’s, Canada was known as a very strict country when it comes to gambling.
However, all that changed when the government tried to find for additional sources of revenue. This led to a number of provinces being granted the right to decide whether to have gambling operations or not.
Having a sports betting website or any site that operates gambling games are treated as a criminal offense based on Canada's criminal code. That's how strict the country is when it comes to online gambling. 
But as what’s mentioned above, the provinces have the freedom to decide on which gambling operations will they have. This then serves as the loophole for the provinces to decide whether to legalize online casinos or not.
Games of Chance vs Games of Skill
Now that you have a background on the status of Canadian online casinos, it’s time for you to know how to deal with them. In doing so, it’s important to know that there are two types of gambling games.
These are the games of chance and the games of skill. Games of chance like slots and online roulette NZ don’t require much knowledge or techniques in playing. But it’s a different story when you’ll be playing games of skill like Poker and Black Jack. These games need the right strategy and game plan to bring you to victory.
Top Online Casinos in Canada
1. Jackpot City
Jackpot City is one of the best online casinos in Canada because of its more than 300 games. But it's not only about that as there are also plenty of welcome bonuses where you can get lots of cash rewards. Its customer service is also excellent as they'll answer your queries as soon as possible. It has a minimum deposit of C$20.
What’s great about this online casino is that it has a lot of microgaming games. Its progressive slots also have big-time prizes. All of these are smoothly running in an easy-to-use interface. The best part about playing here is the C$1600 Welcome Bonus you can get.
Though its bonus requirements are a bit complicated and there are some misleading texts, it’s not that big-of-a-deal as its interactive interface makes up for these.
2. Spin Palace
Spin Palace is another one of the best online casinos for Canadian players. This is the ideal site if you’re going to play on a desktop computer. There are over 200 poker games you can choose from. With a minimum deposit of C$20, you’ll surely be enticed to play here.
There are lots of games to choose from. This goes perfectly with the Video Poker catalog and customer support that's open 24/7. And this runs smoothly on your Android or Apple device.
It’s not the fastest and the most visually pleasing online casino.
3. Betway
You might also want to try your luck in Betway, another reputable online casino in Canada. There are over 450 games you can choose from, as well as 9 live table games. There’s even a Live Bingo game, a sports book, and an eSport betting place.
It has its own poker room, full-service casino, and sports book. These also run perfectly well on your Apple or Android devices. And what's best is that it has a dedicated phone support for Canadian users.
The visual property of its interface is not very pleasing. The games are also made only by one developer.

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Taking a Look at the Top 3 Casino Resorts in Canada

Niagara Falls

Canada is a huge, beautiful country with plenty to see and do and, quite aside for being one of the best countries in the world in which to live, its offers plenty of opportunities for holiday makers too. For those wanting to take in a bit of the old casino night life while enjoying Canada's best resorts, though, the country offers a number of options that must surely rank among the best in the world.

Here, then, is the crème of the crop of Canada's very best casino resorts.

Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort

As the name suggests, this exquisite resort is situated in such a way that each of the hotel's rooms has a stunning view overlooking Niagara Falls and comes equipped with everything you could want from a world class holiday resort in the form of live shows, a spa, numerous dining options and boutique shopping. On top of all that, though, it's also one of Canada's largest and best gaming facilities. Coming in at a whopping 2.5 millions square feet and offering over 3000 slot machines, much like the ones at, and 130 gaming tables - all with that spectacular view just a glance away - Fallsview Casino Resort easily earns its reputation for being one of the world's greatest gaming destinations.

River Rock Casino Resort

The only 4-star hotel/ casino in Western Canada, River Rock is situated in Richmond, British Columbia and offers the best in accommodation, entertainment and nightlife. Whether enjoying one of the resort's indoor pools (perfect for those nasty Canadian winters), being pampered at its lavish spa or enjoying a delicious meal at one of the resort's finest eateries, River Rock has you covered for all your holiday needs. It's also a perfect, picturesque location for a wedding. Along with all that, it also offers a fully stocked casino with 1000 slots, numerous table games, poker rooms and VIP gaming rooms to cater to every gaming desire you could possibly have. It's the perfect real world compliment to something like

Casino Rama

Located just north of and only a mile away from Lake Simcoe, Casino Rama is the venue of choice for top-drawer Canadian and international entertainers alike. A large resort with 300 luxury suites, fine dining, shopping, entertainment and just a short ride to one of Canada's great lakes, it's a top notch holiday destination for a reason. As part of that experience, the night life is bolstered significantly by a fully stocked casino with a wide variety of slots and tables games, all of which come with special promotional bonuses and free credits for guests of the resort.

These resorts are only three of the very best gaming resorts in a country full of them. Canada remains a progressive technology leader with evidence of this found at and a peaceful country in an increasingly troubled world; an oasis from much of the rest of the world so it's perfectly fitting that it offers such wonderful holidaying opportunities for international travelers. And with its liberal attitude towards gambling, it's all the better for those wanting to win a bit of extra cash for their travels.

And, of course, for the residents of Canada, one of the largest and most beautiful countries in the world which can been seen at, such resorts also offer ample opportunities for Canadian residents to explore and truly get the most from their beautiful country.

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Why You Should Avoid Playing with OLG

Gambling in Canada is not only becoming more and more popular, it is also becoming better and better. The fact of the matter is that in less than a decade the online gambling industry, particularly in Canada, has exploded. This is not only because of the massive advances in online gaming technology as well as mobile gaming technology, it is also because Canada’s status as a top online gambling mecca has increased tremendously.

In order to cash in on this incredible trend of online gambling in Canada, certain provincial gambling options have emerged over the past few years. The idea behind these local websites is to offer Canadians a viable alternative to the influx of international online casino brands.

There are several so-named lottery corporations, each serving a different region or group of provinces in Canada. This includes BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation), WCLC (Western Canada Lottery Corporation), ALC (Atlantic Lottery Corporation) and OLG or Ontario Lottery Corporation. The question is though, are they any good and should you be gambling with them?

OLG and – What are they?
If you live anywhere in Ontario, there’s a more than good chance that you’ve heard of OLG. In fact, you may have already played games with OLG and not even realised it. This is because the main purpose of OLG is to sell lottery tickets to people living in Ontario. In this regard, everything is A-Okay and hunky dory since the lottery side of the brand goes back a couple of decades.

However, when they introduced their eGaming side of the operation, intended to offer an alternative to Ontarians who wanted to gamble online, that things became a bit fuzzy. is designed to operate like an online casino and offers a range of casino games including slots, table games, single play poker, scratch cards, and so on. Basically all the things (more or less) that you would find at an international online casino. also further expanded to compete with international sportsbooks by offering a type of online sports betting facility called Pro-Line.

How Pro-Line from OLG Works
Pro-Line goes all the way back to 1992 when it was offered in kiosks by OLG as well as by ALC under the Pro-Line Stadium brand. Both Pro-Line and Pro-Line Stadium work on a parlay ticket, which means that you need to place several bets on the same ticket and have all those bets right to win. Players can select anywhere from two to eight games per parlay ticket with three betting options on offer: points spread, moneyline or totals. You can also combine these different betting options on your parlay but not within the same game.

Why You Should be Shopping Around in Ontario
While Pro-Line, as well as OLG would like you to believe that sticking with them is your best bet to making real money with sports betting, the truth is somewhat different. The fact of the matter is that Pro-Line parlay bets are not true parlay bets.

This is mainly because Pro-Line only offers fixed odds betting, while top international sportsbooks will offer you much better odds and bigger payouts. This is because international (offshore) sports betting sites increase payouts based on the number of legs in your parlay ticket, while Pro-Line’s parlay tickets lean more towards giving Pro-Line (and OLG) a bigger advantage. Pro-Line also presents problems when it comes to a tie bet. While international sportsbooks will give you a realistic tie bet option, Pro-Line require a win margin of at least 6 points in basketball, or 4 points in football, with anything less considered a tie.

As far as online casinos go, the OLG casino has some of the main detractors as Pro-Lin. The biggest of which is that the return to player (RTP), or amount of winnings an online casino gives back to the player for every dollar bet, is much lower at the OLG online casino.  The same slots you could be playing at an international online casino catered to Canadians probably has a better RTP than OLG. What does this mean, well it basically means you have a better chance of winning and actually taking home money. Don’t believe me? Check out authority online casino websites like and they will tell you all about this stuff.

Not only do you not have as good a chance of winning but you also don’t get as many game choices and great welcome bonuses to play with. There are dozens of reputable online casinos out there that have dozens more software providers providing thousands of games and experiences. OLG online casino simply can’t compete with that. Bottom line is that you had best educate yourself on where to spend your hard earned money before blindly giving it up to good ol’ OLG.

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Finding the common ground between sports betting and casino games

Two of the most prominent pillars supporting the world of gambling are sports betting and casino games. Both of them have, in unique ways, fueled the industry for centuries—a phenomenon that won't be slowing down anytime soon. But how exactly do these pillars stand in relation to each other? Is there overlap between sports betting andonline casino games?

The answer to that question naturally holds a great deal of importance for gambling service providers and promoters, who benefit from increased interest in their industry, but also for gamblers themselves. A bettor who is drawn to the gambling pastime by slots might never think to extend that intrigue to sports, even though he or she would probably end up loving it for many of the same reasons as the slots (and no, not just because they're spelled almost identically). Let's take a look at why that is, and why the rationale applies to pretty much all comparisons between sports betting and casino games.

It's all about bringing down the house

Whether you're going all in on a blackjack hand or betting big on the Green Bay Packers, your opponent is always the house (the casino/gambling service). Even though the force that people root against in a sports bet is the opposing team, the house is still the entity that bettors are actually trying to best.

Not only are gamblers trying to overcome the house, they're trying to do so from a point of disadvantage. In both sports betting and casino games, the house has transparently tilted the odds in its own favour. Casino games do this naturally because of their inherent structure—no bet in roulette has better odds than those of the house, blackjack players are disadvantaged by having to play before the dealer, etc.—but sports bets are tailored on a case by case basis in order to best serve the house. Spreads and payout margins are meticulously adjusted so that even when a lot of people bet correctly against the house, the consequences it faces are minimal, and bailed out by the successes it is having with other bets.

When bettors adopt a 'bringing down the house' mentality, it frames sports betting and casino games as two sides of the same coin. The end goal is the same, but the paths that gamblers take to get there require different strategies to navigate. Speaking of which...

Bettors get to develop their own thresholds and strategies

What do going for a flush with four common suited—but low—cards off of the flop, and making an in-game bet against a struggling Golden State Warriors team have in common?

For starters, they both allow for a high likelihood of getting burned (the odds are against that common suit showing up again, just as they are for the Warriors struggling for an entire game). But beyond the situation-specific risks, they both represent a type of bet that requires a certain level of comfort on the part of the bettor. Some people are happy to chase that semi-elusive flush when they've seen enough signs on the table indicating it could happen, just as some would be eager to bet on a Warriors team down by 10 or more entering the fourth quarter. Others would back off of those bets entirely.

Part of the appeal of both sports betting and casino games is that bettors get to write their own 'code.' They can assess the risks involved and set thresholds for themselves. They can strategize and identify opportunities to wager a bit more when the time seems right to strike. Though different types of knowledge are required to make educated bets in the sports and casino spheres, the underlying process of applying it is the same.

Even the losers get lucky sometimes

First, shout out to the late, great Tom Petty for giving us the immortal line, "Even loooosers get lucky sometimes." Just one of his many gems.

It also serves as a sort of proverb for the gambling world. At the end of the day, gambling is a pastime that allows for all kinds of wacky results to occur. No matter how much preparation bettors do, or how much research they put in, there are times where they're simply going to get burned. The Maple Leafs can typically play like world beaters at home, coming off of rest, but can still get upset there once in a while by a lowly opponent. The turn and the river can validate a foolish poker player with the unlikeliest of great hands.

That's just the nature of gambling. It's not always about merit. Nobody will give bettors an 'A' for the thought they've put in ahead of time. All that matters is what happens in that moment. Which is why a total novice can show up to a casino and bet recklessly or make an ill-advised sports bet and still walk away a champion. How's that for overlap?

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Bitter? Bit Him Too

Howard SternThe other day Infinity Broadcasting Corporation's chairman and CEO Joel Hollander hosted a conference call in which he announced who or what would be replacing Howard Stern in the mornings in their 27 markets. I've been listening to Howard Stern since his show first launched on Q107 and when they dumped him for John Derringer I found Howard on Buffalo's 92.9.

During this conference call, Hollander made the following statement about Stern's replacements on Infinity. "Twenty-four hours of farting and mental illness, you won't get that here." Somebody is either bitter or simply doesn't get it.

I don't listen to Stern to hear farting or to laugh at someone's mental illness. I'm not there every morning to hear lesbians or strippers either. Those who haven't listened or simply wish to denounce his show as immoral trash are quick to harp on these points as proof his show is guttural when in reality it's quite the opposite. I don't have the interest, time or patience to listen to a show like that, and Howard Stern's morning show isn't a show like that.

Howard is the great communicator of our time. The way he relates to his audience and tells stories drenched in honesty and full of integrity is unmatched. A great deal is quite funny, but the show is at its best when it's simply Howard riffing, spontaneously talking with us. It's absolutely compelling and it has nothing to do with "farting and mental illness".

They can fill his morning time slots with the likes of Adam Carolla and David Lee Roth, but they can't replace Howard Stern. I've never heard anyone like him and I strongly doubt there's another Howard Stern out there. With Stern's 27 Infinity stations expected to lose $100 million in revenue without him and with only five per cent of his estimated 12 million listeners planning to stick with his ex-stations once he leaves for Sirius, I suppose you can't blame Hollander for being bitter.

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Ashley Docking in at 590, Alan Carter and Jeff McArthur in at 640

Both Rogers and Corus issued press releases today announcing changes to their weekday lineups at The Fan 590 and Global News Radio 640 Toronto, respectively.

Ashley Docking will be co-hosting the 590 morning show with Greg Brady and Hugh Burrill. Ashley is the first non-white-guy to have a permanent hosting gig at The Fan during weekday hours in quite some time and assumes the spot left vacant when the station parted ways with Elliott Price. Good on The Fan for adding a little diversity to their frequency.

Ashley, if you haven't heard, was recently on my podcast and it's an interesting listen in retrospect.

Ashley Docking and me

Meanwhile, a little up the dial at 640, Alan Carter will host a new show from 12-1pm and Jeff McArthur will be on the air from 1-3. These slots were made vacant when Matt Gurney and Tasha Kheiriddin left the station. Kelly Cutrara will move to 9am - noon.

And that's your Toronto AM radio update for February 27.

All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio blah blah
Radio what's new?
Radio someone still loves you

~ Radio Ga Ga, Queen

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Why I Prefer Online Casino

The casino industry has seen major changes over the years, which has helped it grow into the billion-dollar business it is today. Among the biggest changes was when gambling was introduced on the online platform back in the 1990s. Microgaming, one of the most prestigious online gambling software developers, was the first to launch on the wide web, which happened back in 1994; the same year that the platform went live. Such an early introduction into the internet allowed the business to grow alongside it and attracted a huge following along the way. Online gambling enabled the gambler to easily access their favorite sets on their desktop devices at home without having to go out and search for an establishment.

In recent times, online gambling has also taken to the mobile platform, which is currently the most used across the globe to access the internet. The wide use of smartphones and tablets by millions worldwide has reshaped how business is conducted with most industries adopting to make their products and services available to them. Casinos such as those found in were among the first to jump on the bandwagon, which helped them spread their reach even wider to gain a bigger fan base. Numerous advantages have driven most people’s preference for online casinos, some of them including:

  • Easy access

As seen above, online casinos are a lot easier to gain access to as opposed to their brick and mortar counterparts. Their availability on mobile devices has made them even easier to reach anywhere and at any time. Gamblers can play games while on break or when waiting for coffee. Additionally, as fast as they can be whipped, they can be put away when something else comes up to be continued at another convenient time. This is unlike location-based casinos where the player has to set time aside to look for an establishment, indulge in their games, and then trace their way back home afterward.

  • Wide selection

Since the internet is a virtual platform that can hold an infinite amount of data, it is not limited to the number of games and casinos that it can hold. The wide web gives gamers access to thousands of casinos that host an even bigger number of games. Therefore, one can try out numerous different things to find the perfect one for their needs. In land-based casinos, however, one has to settle on what the establishment can fit in their lobby, and moving from one casino to the next to assess their game collection.

Online casino games are provided in a wide variety and placed in categories like slots, table games, casual sets, and live dealer games. Slots are the most popular of these collections and are provided in the highest number.

  • Free games

Online casinos allow gamers who would not like to place their money on the line indulge in the activity without doing so. Most online gaming software providers develop their games in both free and real money variations. Both versions offer the same experience, with the only difference being that the free ones use fun credits to place stakes in the place of real money. However, in some games, players may be limited from accessing the jackpot features, which can be triggered by the highest real money bet only. In location-based establishments, on the other hand, real cash has to be spent if one wants to enjoy the offered games.

  • Wide bet limits

The wide web gambling platform accepts both low and high rollers to partake in the activity. Players can find games that accept as low as a penny and others as high as one hundred thousand dollars in one round. Most land-based casinos cannot afford to offer such low limits since they have extra bills to keep the business running to worry about. Slot sets are known to have some of the lowest stake limits while the higher ones are mostly found in table games.

  • Land-based experience

When online gambling was introduced, it was able to offer a convincing experience, but it was hard for them to replicate an authentic brick and mortar experience. As time went by, gaming software developers found a way to curb this issue with the introduction of live casinos. These gaming options act as a bridge between location-based and online casinos. Players get to indulge in games that are conducted by human dealers on real tables and use real chips and cards.

These sets are streamed live from a casino location to the player’s mobile or PC device. The games accommodate more than one player at a time, and they can chat together on the live chat feature, which gives it a social vibe. Most of these games require a lot more RAM space and a steady internet connection to avoid any interference when streaming.

  • Try worldwide casinos

The online gambling arena allows players to sample gaming destinations from all around the world. For instance, a player in South Africa can engage in play in a United Kingdom casino. That way, players get to see the games enjoyed by different cultures and exchange methods of play. This has led to a rise in tournaments that bring together players from different regions both online and in physical locations.

Online casinos come with a lot of benefits that have allowed it to overtake the brick and mortar gambling platform regarding revenue generation. Even so, the latter has managed to maintain some unique features, which have kept them from running out of business and are still going strong.

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Betting on bingo: how women dominate low stakes gambling


When it comes to gambling, men and women have always been seen at two very different beasts. Looking back in history, men were always the predominant gamblers in society, with the pastime looked at as a pursuit that the fairer sex simply wouldn’t enjoy. Thankfully, that sort of attitude has now been relegated to the coffers of history, and with it, a new breed of gambler was welcomed into the fold, albeit in a slightly different way.

Winning is fun, but fun doesn't always mean winning

Firstly, it has to be said that some women obviously gamble in much the same manner as men do. But in general, there are some notable differences in what men and women prefer to bet on.  With men still hugely dominant in the high stakes games and sports betting, women have in general, taken to smaller stakes, and in turn smaller risk betting. If you look at bingo games in the UK, it is predominantly enjoyed by women, whether it is being played in person (at organised meetups) or online, and is advertised accordingly. The physical meetups are regularly billed as a ‘girl’s night out’, and the apps and websites are often coloured in schemes that look especially appealing to women. But why the divide in betting in the first place?

It is generally thought that women simply enjoy the social side of gambling more than men do. For the guys, the eyes are firmly on the prize money from the moment they walk into the betting shop, or log onto the website (again, in general). Women on the other hand, tend to enjoy the social aspect of gambling as much, if not more so than the winning. This originated from the organised events, and spread into the digital realm quickly, as online betting shops noticed this, and started adding chat rooms to many of the Bingo websites, allowing players to recreate the social aspect of the night out.

Men however, tend to be much heavier users of sports betting apps, many of whom are curiously missing the ability to chat to other patrons. This could be down to the fact that simply betting on a horse or ball game doesn’t require any chat between gamblers, but in the same breath, neither does Bingo really, does it? Women, generally being the more social of the sexes, seem to just enjoy having a little interaction with their gambling. In that respect, games likes online Slots and Bingo chat rooms scratch two itches at once.

A pattern that spans the globe


This also aligns with the fact that women tend to bet smaller amounts, and risk less overall when betting. That isn’t to say that winning at the Bingo or on the slot machines isn’t part of the allure, but it most certainly isn’t the only reason women get involved. For some, the Bingo hall or website has created a space where they can relax with their friends, have fun, and perhaps win a little extra cash. For those women who lead such busy lives that catching up with friends has been put on the back burner, this sort of social betting can be a crutch to lean on in much the same way some people go to the bar after work to relax, or play online video games.

This is a trend that continues worldwide too, with Canadian women also preferring Bingo and slots, much like their English counterparts. With Bingo becoming popular later in history for Canadian women, any regional bias towards games should be easy to prove, but the data actually backs up the idea that men and women simply prefer different types of games. With lotteries still being the most popular form of betting for women, Bingo and Slot machines come a close second and third, with men, yet again preferring the likes of Poker and sports betting across the board in Canada.

Women, betting, and the future


Going forward, it will be interesting to see how companies bet on their female customers in the future. With women enjoying gambling in ever increasing numbers, we are bound to see new varieties of games being created to capitalise on a previously untapped resource. This could take the form of other games that were previously un-monetized, in much the same way the hugely popular HQ app has done. This interactive quiz now regularly gets audiences of just under a million viewers, four times a day, with prize money of up to $1500 up for grabs. The success of this will surely push other app creators to ‘gamify’ other gambling pastimes, or indeed reverse things by using currently popular game types and adding a sprinkling of betting. Monetized Candy Crush, anyone?

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Top casinos to visit in Canada

Canada has become a well travelled destination for a number of reasons. The country encompasses a wide range of nature as well as culture. For instance, many gambling fans plan holidays here to visit some of the country’s top casinos.

Parq Vancouver
This British Columbian casino is found right in the heart of Vancouver and is probably the best gambling venue in the province. Here the casino offers a range of table games number around 75. Games such as baccarat, blackjack, craps, roulette and poker can be played. The slot machines at the Parq can appeal to a number of bankrolls with the lowest denominations all the way to the highest, it is recommended you practice your online slot skills before your visit. The casino’s Parq Progressive offers the chance to win a sizable jackpot when playing linked machines.

Casino de Charlevoix
Quebec is a city that many enjoy visiting for its distinctly French-Canadian culture. It is also a great place to gamble at the Casino de Charlevoix. Both slot machines and table games are offered as well as a special keno room. The casino is part of a larger resort that includes swimming, a spa, health club and golf course.  Also included are a variety of restaurants to appeal to many different tastes.

Casino de Montreal
Located in the second largest Canadian City, the Casino de Montreal is the largest casino. The casino is comprised of a total of six floors with gaming to please everyone from the novice gambler to high rollers. Slot machine enthusiasts will be pleased with the immense selection of over 3200 slot machines. Those that prefer table games will be equally impressed with more than 115 gaming tables offering all of the most popular casino games.

The next time you find yourself planning a trip to Canada, consider allowing time in your itinerary to enjoy one of the fabulous Canadian casinos.

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My Game

The Maple LeafsI attended the last Toronto Maple Leafs game of the 1980s. I have the ticket stub to prove it. I attended the game on December 30, 1989 with my buddy Joe and it remains to this day the most entertaining game I've ever seen live. This is the story of my game.

The first 37:09 of play was dismal. In fact, we had brought a megaphone and began heckling our beloved Leafs. After one defensive lapse, we anointed a particular blueliner "Al I-Afraid-Of-The-Puck". The Leafs trailed the Boston Bruins 6-1 at this point and with only a few minutes left in the second we were literally playing the funeral march. We knew our limitations and overcoming a deficit of this nature against a far better team wasn't going to happen. Furthermore, prior to this game, the Leafs were 1-16-1 when trailing after 40 minutes. Conversely, the Bruins were 12-1-1 when leading after two periods. To make matters even worse, the Bruins had won six in a row against us.

This is when my game becomes legendary. After Vincent Damphousse scored to bring us within four, Gary Leeman began the unpredictable rally at 4:59 of the third. Only a couple of minutes later, Luke Richardson scored to make it 6-4. It was at this point that we began to believe in the unbelievable. Could we? Would we? Ed Olczyk brought us closer to this realization when he banked the puck in off Stephane Quintal behind Andy Moog. It was 6-5 and the blue and white express was in full effect.

I think it would have been extremely painful to have lost this game 6-5 after trailing 6-1 so late in the contest. Thankfully, I knew we'd complete this unprecedented comeback. I knew we had a couple more rabbits in the hat. Eddie O came through again on a break away to send my game into overtime. The Leafs could actually win this game they had no business being in. I was ecstatic, beside myself, in complete disbelief. I didn't want to tie the Bruins in this final game of the 1980s, I wanted to beat them.

With 1:41 remaining in the extra period and after Al Iafrate made a great play to keep the puck inside the blueline, Wendel Clark whacked home the winner. The Toronto Maple Leafs had defeated the Boston Bruins after trailing 6-1 late in the second. My voice is still sore from screaming after Clark's goal. It felt as if we had just won the Stanley Cup.

There were 16,382 of us there that night, but nobody left Maple Leaf Gardens happier than I. I had just witnessed a miracle that I'd never forget. Next stop, online slots Canada!

December 30, 1989 - Maple Leafs

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Changing Trends in the Canadian Casino Industry


Canada’s gaming industry currently employs approximately 135,000 people. While most of these people are employed in land-based casinos, a growing number are involved in the online casino industry at some level. The gaming industry pays $2 billion in salaries every year and an estimated $10 billion of capital is invested in the industry. The Canadian gaming industry comprises charitable gaming, video lottery games, horse racing, slots games at racetracks, lottery gaming and of course casino gaming (land-based casino and online casino gaming). Up until 2009, online casino gaming was not permitted in Canada. However, this did not deter Canadian players from placing bets with foreign-based operators.


Top foreign online casinos offering fully regulated services to Canadians include 888 Casino, one of the pioneers in online casino entertainment. By 2010, an online casino was opened in British Columbia and in early 2011 the province introduced online poker gaming. In the Canadian province of Québec, Loto-Québec utilises the same online poker network as British Columbia. Mobile gaming is on the cards for British Columbia with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation.

As far as Ontario is concerned, 2012 was earmarked for online poker and online casino gaming. Much the same is true for Nova Scotia and Québec. Fortunately for Canadian online casino players, there are zero limitations on online gaming activity thanks to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) in the Kahnawake Mohawk Territory. Note that the KGC is only responsible for issuing licences to online gaming sites in that territory.

Canada and Gambling: Regulations

The Criminal Code in Canada was changed in 1970. This was a watershed moment with respect to Canadian gaming legislation. It transferred authority over gambling to the individual Canadian provinces. In 1989, the first Canadian casino was built in Winnipeg. Several others soon followed in Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba and Québec. Canadians also took to racetrack gambling over the years and this remains one of the most popular forms of gambling in the country. This was soon followed by video lottery terminals. In terms of unregulated gambling activity, the Canadian government does not perceive this to be a threat to the well-being of Canadian citizens. As such, it is largely ignored, and it is within the purview of citizens to determine whether or not they wish to play with these types of operators. As it stands, the most up-to-date provincial laws in Canada were put in place to control revenue streams. These also allow the government to have a hand in the online gambling industry.

In terms of overall regulation for the Canadian gambling industry, it is the Canadian Gaming Commission that has full oversight. The CGC resolves all issues relating to accountability, transparency and credibility. This pertains to sports betting, casinos, online casinos, online poker rooms and other activities. As per Canadian gaming law, individual provinces have full autonomy to determine how they wish to prosecute these types of matters. Canadian players are not subject to prosecution by the law if they wish to participate in online poker or online casino gambling. Canada has one of the most player-friendly online gaming communities in the world and it is widely regarded in that regard.

Polls Confirm That Canadians Enjoy Gambling


Many top-tier online casino operators that were rejected by the US have found a robust market in Canada. Online poker is one of the fastest-growing gambling markets in Canada. The legal gambling age for casino and online casino (online poker, online bingo, et al) will vary from one province to the next. Some Canadian provinces allow players to gamble at age 18, while others require that players are at least 19 years of age. Provinces do not encourage the prohibition of online gambling. They recognize that this is a viable revenue stream for them, and they prefer to monitor it effectively. In terms of actual numbers, a 2000 study indicated that some 70% of Canadians were involved in one or other form of gambling every year. By 2002 a poll indicated that almost 19 million Canadians gambled at some level. The provinces with the highest gambling rates include Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.

In terms of taxation, gambling winnings in Canada are typically tax-free. However, if a person plays professionally, winnings will be taxable. Fortunately, Canadian players are allowed to play at foreign-based online casinos as there are no laws in effect to forbid this type of activity. This includes video poker, blackjack, online casino slots, baccarat, craps and the like. Unlike the United States, the UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) does not apply in Canada.

This means that payments processors are allowed to transfer money to/from Canadian online casinos and player accounts. In fact, the vast majority of Canadian banks will readily process transfers of funds to online casinos. Any anomalies in transactions processing or payouts can be referred to the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) as well as eCOGRA Safe and Fair. Fortunately, many of the foreign-based casinos operating in Canadian cyberspace are fully licensed by internationally accredited regulatory agencies such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Government of Gibraltar.

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Nine Movie Reboots Nobody Wants

Nothing makes the average moviegoer angrier than the phrase ‘reboot.’ Remaking classic films for a new audience is one of the easiest ways to divide fans between “let’s give it a chance,” and “let’s make sure we destroy every copy.” In reality, there are only really two possible reasons why a movie should be rebooted: 1) The original failed to deliver on what was a good idea 2) There are more stories to tell that the original omitted.

These rules tend to get ignored, with movie companies instead electing to reboot franchises that don’t need it and remaking movies which already hit the spot.

Remember the 1995 version of Jumanji? Of course you do, it was terrific. Robin Williams gets trapped in a board game for a quarter of a century before a young Kirsten Dunst and Bradley Pierce come to save the day. It was wonderful and one of the most memorable performances of Williams’ career.


Now, the movie remake is set for release later this year with a star-studded cast set to be trapped inside of a video game instead. ‘Kids these days only play video games,’ was probably the thinking behind it but the movie executives probably aren’t aware of the fact that board game sales have never been higher.

The Birds
If 2009’s The Lodger, 2007’s Disturbia and 1998’s Psycho are anything to go by, it’s clear that remakes of Alfred Hitchcock films are great and everyone should definitely do them. Not really, of course, but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore. 1963 horror classic, The Birds is set for a remake as a BBC television series with producer David Heyman at the helm.


Everyone’s favourite giant red-horned Nazi demon enjoyed mainstream success with the 2004 movie, Hellboy. Director Guillermo del Toro and star Ron Pearlman achieved similar success in the 2008 sequel and plans for a third outing were constantly teased but they never materialised.
Despite the second film being released nearly ten years ago, it’s clear that the people still want more Hellboy. Big Red is the featured on t-shirts, Pop Vinyls, he even has an online slots games full of comic book graphics and an edgy soundtrack,. Earlier this year it was announced that the franchise would be rebooted with a new director and star. We want more Hellboy but not like this. Not like this at all.

This film does need to be remade for so many reasons. Memento is the story of a man searching for the person who killed his wife, while suffering from severe short-term memory loss. It was director Christopher Nolan’s second feature length and the movie which really kick-started his career.


It was about as good as it could have been and was released just 17 years ago but it is still in line for a reboot. Who even still owns a Polaroid camera?

Battle Royale
Battle Royale is the story of a class of Japanese ninth-graders who are forced by their government to fight to the death. It’s bloody, brutal and did exactly what it wanted to do. It’s the latest in a long line of great foreign films to be getting a remake for a ‘Western audience.’
It’s doubtful whether a remake could either capture the tone of the original or be anywhere near as gruesome with Hollywood’s strict rules on classification. If Western audiences want a gory film where a group of ninth-graders kill each other they should just watch Battle Royale (2000).

I mean, come on. Why on earth would anyone think a remake of Scarface would be a good idea? Why stop there? Let’s remake Goodfellas with Channing Tatum or Godfather Part II with Owen Wilson as a young Vito Corleone. The original is a classic. Be inspired by it when you commission new ideas. With a slot already in IMDB, it is inevitable that a remake is on its way.

Police Academy
Yes, because the world needs more Police Academy movies. The seventh instalment in the series recouped a little over 1% of its budget at the box office which only means one thing: time for a reboot.
The story of a ragtag group of oddities applying for jobs in the police force has kind of been done to death right now and in this world where trust in the police is lower than it’s been in decades, maybe now isn’t the right time.

The Naked Gun
Again, what is the point? The Naked Gun was the story of a bumbling police detective, Frank Drebin attempting to foil an attempted assassination on Queen Elizabeth II. It may not be quite as good as Leslie Nielsen’s other cult comedy classic, Airplane, but it still produces laughs thirty years on.


Ed Helms was due to play the lead in both this and the remake of another comedy classic, Vacation. The 2015 remake of the latter was poorly received and as a result, plans for the former were somewhat shelved. Maybe Hollywood has learnt its lesson or much more likely, this list of unwanted remakes will be getting its own reboot in a few years.

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Exploring UK Gambling Laws in 2017


Gambling in the United Kingdom is the sphere that’s got quite a part of a community engaged in this nation-scale activity. With the increasing number of online casinos featuring free play slots no download the government of UK has started to pay a raised attention to the matter of their licensing. Thus, after the adoption of the Gambling Act 2005 the British Gambling Commission was formed to replace the Gaming Board of Great Britain and regulate the casinos’ and bookmakers’ operation. In 2013 this establishment merged with the National Lottery Commission to become the main gambling regulatory authority in the UK.

The statutes regulating both games of chance and games of skills
In what refers to the gambling products, e.g. casinos, slot machines, bingo, lotteries and bookmaking, the GA 2005 is the only applicable statute so far. However, there’s still one exception – the National Lottery Act 1993. Despite the fact the regulators have merged, the legislations regarding these two types of gambling activity differ to some extent. And there’s also a tax legislation, which is applied to gambling services on the basis of the Betting, Gaming and Duties Act 1981, undergoing systematic amendments.

The GA 2005 statute is also assigned to determine whether a game involves more skill or is predominantly influenced by chance. The test results are used to figure out which article/paragraph of gambling legislation this or that game is subjected to. As to social games and free lotteries, they aren’t influenced by the act.
The law restrictions placed upon licensee

In Great Britain, there are no restrictions regarding who can apply for a gambling licensing. Yet, those who’ve managed to obtain a license for casino/bookmaker operation are, expectedly, forced to comply with the current regulations. And there are strict restrictions a licensee must observe:

  1. The bingo and land-based casino license holders can’t provide credit
  2. If a person under age of 18 places a wager, that wager must be returned
  3. Bookmakers and pool betting operators are prohibited from offering bets on the National Lottery
  4. There are limits on the number and type of the available slot machines depending on a casino size
  5. The number of Regional casinos is limited to one in number, while large and small – to eight each
  6. Betting advertisements are allowed to be broadcast only when the sports event is taking place
  7. None except for GA 2005 granted casinos are allowed to offer bingo

These are some of the primary regulations the casinos and bookmaker facilities must observe in order to operate on the UK territory on a permanent basis. There are surely lots of others, as the book of law is known to be thick. However, adding them to the article would be unacceptable for a number of reasons and thus, we’ve picked the most relevant ones to unveil the principles of UK gambling legislation.

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