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Dean Blundell on Humble and Fred (Updated With Response from Humble and Fred)

It seems Dean Blundell went off on Humble and Fred during the December 3rd episode of The Dean Blundell Show Podcast. Here's the audio:

Download the MP3 here.

Update: During their podcast today, Humble and Fred responded. Here's the audio:

Download the MP3 here.

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Dean Blundell New Fan 590 Morning Man

A tip of the hat to TSM for some solid sleuth work today. It seems Dean Blundell is returning to mornings on Toronto radio, becoming the new morning man at The Fan 590.

Greg Brady (hear him on episode 76 of my podcast) will move to 1-4pm as Tim and Sid leave radio for a television-only show.

It seems Andrew Walker (hear him on episode 87 of my podcast) will remain on the morning show, but it won't be called Blundell and Walker. Make no mistake about it, this is Dean Blundell's morning show. It will be called "Dean Blundell & Co."

Blundell's longtime morning show on Edge 102 ended a little over a year ago. It was well covered here. Check out these links for a recap:

Based on TSM's tip, I touched base from some people in the know, and it seems like this is happening. I expect it to be confirmed this afternoon.

What do you think of these changes? Will you listen to Dean Blundell on The Fan 590?

Update: All of the above has been confirmed.

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The Results of Dean Blundell's First Spring Ratings Book at The Fan 590

Happy ratings day, my radio friends! Just this morning I was chatting with Roger Ashby in my basement (I can't believe I just typed that) and he had a deadline because of a meeting he had to attend, all because it's ratings day. It's a big day for everyone in radio, whether you're Roger Ashby or Dean Blundell.

Speaking of Dean Blundell, the spring book is now complete, and I've learned how Blundell & Co. fared on The Fan 590. As discussed in great detail last month, The Fan only cares about men aged 25-54. That's the only number I'll share, because it's the only number that matters.

Blundell & Co. fell to 5.6 in May 2015. That's down almost a full point from April 2015. That also means he managed a 5.5 for the past three months combined. Again, this is well below Rogers execs' expectations.

For a little perspective, The Fan 590 managed an 8.6 last year. This year's spring book for the morning show shows a decline of over three points.

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Dean Blundell Show Cancelled

Dean Blundell Show CancelledThe Dean Blundell Show is no longer on 102.1 The Edge. The show has been cancelled. Here's the official statement from Corus Radio.

With the start of the new year, Corus Radio will be taking 102.1 the Edge in a new direction in 2014. The station will return to a more music-based format showcasing the best in modern rock. As a result, The Dean Blundell Show has been cancelled, effective January 6, 2014.

Stay tuned as details of the new morning show are announced in the coming weeks.

Dave Farough
General Manager
Corus Radio Toronto

Dean Blundell took over the 102.1 morning show in 2001 when Humble and Fred vacated the spot for Mojo 640. Stay tuned for Todd Shapiro's tell-all interview in which he reveals the truth about what went down last July. You won't be disappointed.


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Todd Shapiro Discusses Dean Blundell vs. Humble and Fred

Todd Shapiro Discusses Dean Blundell vs. Humble and FredIf you want to hear the first two chapters of this trilogy, I have the audio here.

In a nutshell, Dean Blundell went off on Humble and Fred after they had Todd Shapiro on their podcast. Humble and Fred responded, and today Todd Shapiro returned to the Humble and Fred podcast to discuss the controversy.

Listen here:

Download the MP3 here.

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Derek Welsman Joins The Dean Blundell Show

cfnyDerek Welsman, who I remember as The Blind Movie Reviewer, has replaced Jason Barr on The Dean Blundell Show.

I'm giving credit to @Groked for tipping me off.


A few years ago, when I listened to more of The Dean Blundell Show than I do now, I remember thinking The Blind Movie Reviewer segments were actually pretty funny. In fact, they were often the funniest part of the show. Here he is banging into trees and singing about it.

The Dean Blundell Show is now Dean Blundell, Todd Shapiro, and Derek Welsman.

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The Reason

The ReasonThis morning I heard Alan Cross' explanation as to why he suspended the Dean Blundell morning show on CFNY Edge 102 following a particularly rowdy appearance by Steve-O of Jackass fame on Friday morning.

According to Alan Cross, the suspension had nothing to do with the content from the show but with Dean Blundell's refusal to follow orders. Apparently, when it became apparent things were getting out of hand, Cross called the studio and ordered Blundell to cut off the guests' microphones and have security escort them out. Blundell continued with the show and that's why he's suspended. "Insubordination" is how Cross described it this morning.

In my entry of Saturday morning I expressed my concern that we were becoming a Puritan culture in much the same way our neighbours to the South are. Suddenly, everything seems to be offending someone. If it's true this suspension was a result of their failure to obey the boss, I can accept that. I was beginning to fear "The Edge" had as much edge as a bowl of Jello.

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Dean Blundell's Eye Weekly Honesty

radioAs a long time fan of the Humble & Fred morning show, I was poised to dislike their replacement on my favourite radio station. A quick search of this blog for the term "blundell" gives you an idea as to what I think of The Dean Blundell Show. I've never liked it.

I'm not a fan of his radio show, but Dean Blundell also writes a column for Eye Weekly that I do enjoy. I find his radio persona moronic and insulting yet I find his columns bold and titillating. Earlier this month, he wrote about his wife, and I actually read it out loud to my wife because I couldn't believe the honesty he committed to print. His most recent column for Eye Weekly calls out Toronto radio personalities. He doesn't name names, but most of the identities can be guessed fairly easily. It makes for one hell of an interesting article.

My friend Fred Patterson, one half of the aforementioned Humble & Fred Show, posted Blundell's article on his blog and invited readers to guess who's "the paranoid ageing huckster who's ego is the bruised by years of abuse" and "the guy who tells you how awesome he is before he tells you who he is" and the "guy and gal with fake names who's radio careers have more miles on them than Pamela Anderson's knees". It was a highly entertaining entry, but Fred unpublished it. You'll no longer find it on his site. Apparently, Blundell's article is causing some trouble for Alan Cross and The Edge and Fred didn't want to get in the middle of a shit storm.

As it turns out, Dean Blundell makes a great columnist. There's a guy who seriously needs a blog. I know I'd check in daily to read what he's got to say.

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Dean Blundell Contemplates Quitting 102.1

twitterDean Blundell's been tweeting today that he's thinking about packing it in soon. In fact, those are his exact words.


In that tweet, he says "Thinking of packing it in soon". When someone replied with a "say it ain't so", he replied with a clarifying "I think its so sir".


What has Dean Blundell tweeting about quitting the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge? "Gotta grow dude. Noone knows how much time we have and its silly to not use it properly."


If Blundell does in fact step down from his morning show duties at the Edge, I hope he does something similar to what he used to do with Eye Weekly. His columns are no longer online, but if you click over to that entry I wrote, you'll see I copied and pasted a couple of the better ones in the comments.

But the question remains: much a-tweet about nothing or is the DBS winding down?

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Dean Blundell Improves, but Below Rogers's Expectations

Demographics are everything to a station. Performances in a targeted demo determine a station's revenue generation potential. Dave Shoalts writes in today's Globe and Mail about Dean Blundell's rating improvement in The Fan's targeted demo of men aged 18-34. I have it on good authority that The Fan is actually targeting men aged 25-54, a subtle but significant difference.

Looking at that M25-54 demo, Blundell & Co. rose to 6.4 in April. That's great when compared to the competition on TSN Radio 1050, but not-so-great when compared to how Brady and Walker fared in that same time slot last April. In April 2014, Brady and Walker got a 9.8. Blundell lost a 3.4 share and Rogers executives expected the opposite.

Let's talk about TSN Radio 1050 for a moment... That station has had terrible ratings for over four years, and Mike Richards slipped to 1.1 last month. How long does Bell prop this station up?

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Do We Suck? The Dean Blundell Show Asks

radioI was just catching up on my email, when I saw an item from The Dean Blundell Show asking "Do We Suck?".

I thought that was a pretty timely question following this ongoing debate.

Here's the email. And no, I haven't taken the survey yet.


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Sausagefest Is Built On A Big Fat Lie

radioI was listening to a little 102.1 this morning. I know the morning show there is brutal, but for some reason I like hearing Linkin Park's "Given Up" every morning on my way into the office. Judge not lest thee be judged.

So I'm listening to the tunes when the guys come on to talk about Sausage Fest. Jason introduces the plan as a way to celebrate the fact The Dean Blundell Show is the longest running morning show on Toronto radio. There's only one problem with that statement. It's one big fat lie.

The best morning show in the city, in my humble opinion (no pun intended), belongs to the man who currently holds that title. Andy Barrie has hosted CBC Radio 99.1's Metro Morning since 1995. That's about six years longer than The Dean Blundell Show has been on the air.

On, they were smart enough not to put that lie in print. Here's what you'll find over there.

We're throwing a party to thank you for all your support, and can’t think of a better way to say thanks than by giving you some sausage.

On August 15th at Polson Pier, it's the first annual Dean Blundell Sausagefest! We’ll be cooking up some delicious, juicy sausages for some lucky Inside Edge winners. We’re hooking you up with some sweet tunes as well; Die Mannequin, The Saint Alvia Cartel, The Flatliners, and The Salads will all be playing live!

So if you want in on a day of fun in the sun, some great bands, and of course some sausage, listen to win or enter now to win access to Dean Blundell's Sausagefest for you and a friend. Brought to you by 102.1 The Edge.

Damn, even typing sausagefest makes me feel like a 14 year old kid.

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Derek Welsman and Dean Blundell Show Disrespect Judicial Process

Derek Welsman and Dean Blundell Show Disrespect My Cause MistrialWe've been talking a lot about the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1 The Edge lately. Last week Dean Blundell attacked Humble and Fred and just Friday Todd Shapiro chimed in on the controvery.

Now Derek Welsman, a.k.a. Blind Derek, is in some hot water for a discussion he had on the air with Dean Blundell and Billie Holiday.

On a recent Monday morning inside the studio of the Dean Blundell shock-jock radio show, giggles and guffaws filled the airwaves as the host and his sidekicks ridiculed several gay men involved in a criminal trial.

A jury had just convicted a man for sexually assaulting three men he met in a Carlton St. bathhouse. The show’s producer and on-air personality, Derek Welsman, was the foreman.

The radio personalities chortled as they mocked gay men who visit bathhouses and the intelligence of the sex assault victims. They snickered as they imagined the perpetrator’s excitement for prison showers.

This, as you can imagine, suggests prejudice and could should result in a mistrial.

Three years ago, I was too was the foreman of a jury. My trial was a murder trial and we found the accused guilty. I wrote about this experience here. I respected the process, took it extremely seriously, and chose not to reveal a single detail about what happened in the jury room.

This disrespect and homophobic discussion on this popular Toronto morning show is extremely disappointing. I suspect it will be Fearless Fred in the mornings on 102.1 The Edge before you know it.

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Todd Shapiro Fired From Dean Blundell Show: What Happened?

radioEdge 102 (or CFNY if you're an old guy like me) has removed all traces of Todd Shapiro from their website. Here's what Dean Blundell had to say:

A lot of you people have been asking about what’s going on with Todd and where he is. I’m sad to say no longer with the show, leaving the morning show team here at the Edge.

I have no idea if Todd Shapiro was fired or whether he left on his own. If he quit, I don't know why. He hasn't tweeted from @iamToddyTickles since July 11.

Jason Barr was fired from the Dean Blundell Show almost three years ago and now co-hosts a morning show on 97.7 HTZ-FM.

If anyone knows what happened to Todd, let me know in the comments. And Todd, if you're interested in an interview to clear the air, contact me.

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Dean Blundell Satellite Blips

freeplayrangerPeriodically, the referral stats for this site reveal a nugget of truth that hasn't hit the mainstream press. Most recently, this happened on July 14th when I detected, seemingly out of nowhere, a series of visitors who Googled "humble howard fired" and "humble howard leaves mix". Where there's smoke, there's often fire, and I wrote this entry about it. The rest, is history.

All morning I've been getting hits from people Googling "dean blundell satellite radio", "dean blundell fired" and "dean blundell moving to satellite". I don't know anything about it, and a visit to the Edge 102 morning show page doesn't reveal anything's out of order, but these searches only started this morning and they're coming from several different ip addresses. Again, this might not be anything, but sometimes where there's a little smoke, there's a fire.

Did anyone listen to CFNY Edge 102.1 this morning? Are these searches just a natural extension of the many "humble and fred satellite radio" searches that end up on this page? I haven't been getting hits from people wondering if Roger, Rick & Marilyn were on their way to satellite, but then again I've never written about them, until now...

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When Dean Blundell Attacks

I was at Mamma Martino's with my oldest son for a rare man-date pizza when my brother texted me. He thought I should know that Dean Blundell had written about me on his blog and Twitter.

"Now his biggest podcast " is hilarious, as it's barely top 10 for December, but why let the facts ruin a snappy headline. Let's take a step back and discuss this podcast Dean Blundell's referring to, because if you only followed episodes here or on Twitter, you likely missed this one. That was by design.

I recorded it Thursday, didn't give it a number, didn't do any sponsor mentions, and didn't promote it at all. There was no tweet from me about it, I didn't write an entry here, I didn't Instagram it, or Facebook it or share it on LinkedIn. I just recorded the episode and added it to the Toronto Mike'd feed. That means subscribers had it pushed to them Thursday morning. I considered it a subscriber-only episode.

In this episode I'll refer to as #412.5, I simply responded to the steaming pile of bullshit Dean Blundell spewed about me on his podcast. The lies were so thick and plentiful, I felt I had to defend myself. If you're not a subscriber, and you should be, that episode is here:

I think that episode says it all. I find it bizarre that Dean Blundell is doubling down on the lies and posting our private email exchanges. I'm not sure what that's supposed to prove. I own up to everything and explain all in #412.5.

The pizza was great, by the way, and now James and I are going to watch our Leafs and Raps. I'm not the least bit interested in a cyber battle with Dean Blundell. When you mud wrestle with a pig, you both get dirty, but the pig likes it.

You might want to listen to this ep while you can, because it could disappear at any moment. I'm only acknowledging it here because there was this discussion earlier today and now Dean Blundell has decided to further twist the truth to fit his narrative.

Peace and love,

P.S. Dean Blundell admitted he doesn't know me and then wrote "Mike wants to be in radio". I haven't wanted to be in radio since I was 10 years old listening to Tom Rivers on CFTR. I have absolutely no desire to be in radio, but if I'm going to correct Dean everytime he makes something up about me and presents it as fact, this will never end. And I'd like it to end.

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Dean Blundell Suspension

Dean Blundell SuspensionI got a couple of messages via the Contact Mike regarding yesterday's suspension of the Dean Blundell morning show on CFNY Edge 102. I guess my site is listed high on various searches for the station, Dean Blundell and Alan Cross. Remember, I did praise Dean's replacement when he went on holidays in December, more than once. I've never been a fan of the Dean Blundell morning show.

Yesterday, my new friend Alan Cross, Program Director at CFNY Edge 102, suspended Dean Blundell and his two cronies indefinitely as a result of guest Steve-O's antics on the show yesterday morning.

I'm hard on the FCC and their ridiculous rules that are suffocating Howard Stern's show in the United States, but I always praised Canadian air waves for giving Canadians credit for knowing how to turn the station or turn the radio off completely. I'm no longer sure we're any more progressive up here. As much as I dislike Dean Blundell as a radio host, his suspension is entirely unfair.

The story from the National Post claims Steve-O urinated on the studio floor and performed a gag he called Unwrapping the Mummy, using duct tape and his genitalia. This action got hosts Dean Blundell, Jason Barr and Todd Shapiro suspended without pay indefinitely. As I mentioned, it was an internal suspension. Alan Cross made the call, apparently a pre-emptive strike. I think it was way overboard.

Where do I begin? First of all, Steve-0 is famous for performing outlandish stunts. This is the guy who stapled his scrotum to his thigh. Unwrapping the Mummy is what you'd expect from him. Secondly, and most importantly, this is a radio show. Nobody can see the stunt. Doesn't it sound ludicrous that you can get suspended for urinating on the radio? If radio hosts are going to become 100% accountable for the actions and comments from their guests, nobody is safe. They may as well play wall to wall music... although I distinctly heard the S-word during a Sum41 song the other day, and it was the middle of the day. Where do we draw the line? What's happening to our society? Are we all to become Puritans? How fucking boring is that?

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Classifying Torontonians By Their Morning Shows

notepadI wrote about a CFNY for grownups following a comment from Doug, but he was quick to remind me that we're talking about two different CFNYs. Last week Humble Howard made a comment about three different groups of CFNY / Edge102 listeners that can be grouped by morning shows. This concept has been bouncing around my head all week so I'm going to try and make sense of it all in this entry.

In 1989, when Humble & Fred started their morning show on CFNY, I was starting grade nine. I listened to that morning show throughout high school, through university and up until it moved to AM in 2001. Humble & Fred were followed by the Dean Blundell show. Here are entries in which I used the expression blundell. It's not my morning show. Although I tried, Lord knows I tried, I just can't listen to it. I just don't find it funny.

If we reach for our history text books we'll learn about Pete & Geets who did mornings from 1982 to 1987 on CFNY. I never heard a minute of their show, but for many this was their CFNY, the spirit of radio. From 1982 until today Toronto's youth with a taste for new rock can be grouped by their morning show: Pete & Geets, Humble & Fred or Dean, Jason & Todd.

Some overlap, but most are in one of these three camps. There are Dean fans who never heard Humble & Fred on 102 just as I had never heard Pete & Geets. Which morning show belongs to you?

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Dean Blundell Out at The Fan 590, Greg Brady Back In

The Dean Blundell era at The Fan 590 is over after two years. Starting February 27, Greg Brady is back doing mornings at his old station. You may recall he and Andrew Walker were bumped from mornings to afternoons to make room for Blundell. Brady was subsequently let go in February.

Joining Brady is Elliott Price and Hugh Burrill. Burrill was caught up in Rogers Media cuts last March. Price was most recently at CFMB in Montreal.

Here's episode 76 of Toronto Mike'd with Greg Brady, if you missed it the first time.

I will share my thoughts on this change, but I must preface it by making two things very, very clear. Firstly, I have no personal issue with Dean Blundell. In fact, I invited him over to record an episode of Toronto Mike'd because I thought it was only fair to hear his side of things after recording episodes with Todd Shapiro, Jason Barr, Blind Derek Welsman, Billie Holiday and Dani Stover. Dean politely declined the invitation.

Furthermore, I haven't actually heard Dean Blundell's morning show on 590. I've received plenty of feedback, and read a great deal about it, but without a commute I don't listen to any morning radio except some Metro Morning in the shower.

I can tell you I thought this move was curious from the start. It seemed The Fan 590 wanted a slice of Blundell's big 102.1 ratings, but they sold it as a kinder, gentler Blundell. The likelihood his 102.1 listeners would follow him to an AM all-sports station where he was "reprogrammed" was slim.

I knew they'd give him a long look, however, and wouldn't make any quick decisions to cancel the show. Two years sounds about right. This decision was likely made in the spring when he was under a 7 share and the Raptors made the conference final, the Blue, Jays were defending AL East champs and the Leafs won the draft lottery.

As for Greg Brady, we've become rather friendly since he visited my home in 2014. I've called him for advice when I was cycling in the Ride to Conquer Cancer and we've kept in touch. As often happens when I record with guests, I've come to quite like the guy and I'm glad he's getting another shot. In essence, like Rogers did with Ron MacLean, a wrong has been righted. Brady never should have lost the morning show to Blundell in the first place.

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Dean Blundell Sexualized Children on Edge 102

radioAbout a year ago, I wrote about the Dean Blundell Show violating Clause 9(b) (Radio Broadcasting) of the CAB Code of Ethics. That was nothing compared to what happened today. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has concluded that Dean Blundell violated Clause 8 (Exploitation) of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Equitable Portrayal Code which prohibits the sexualization of children in broadcasting.

It all started with Dean Blundell tweets about Justin Bieber. Bieber fans objected, and Dean let them have it with tweets like "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” and "He’ll be chuggin’ before he’s 18 if he likes that music."

The CBSC has found no justification for allegedly humorous references to children in sexual contexts, including those of the nature of sexual innuendo, double-entendres and inexplicit sexual comments that would not be problematic if the references were to adults. The Panel concludes that the pre-pubescent reference, “Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” was gratuitous, unnecessary and a clear violation of Clause 8 of the Equitable Portrayal Code. The Panel also considers that the predictions that Josh, the youthful tweeter (they estimated his age as 12ish), will be “chugging” by the time he turns 18, are similar. The Panel considers that these comments were just as gratuitous and unnecessary and were, consequently, equally a violation of Clause 8 of the Equitable Portrayal Code.

It wasn't the tweets that got Dean in trouble with the CBSC, it was talking about the tweets on Edge 102. "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” and "He’ll be chuggin’ before he’s 18 if he likes that music." crossed the line.

What do you guys think about this ruling? Did Dean sexualize children on Edge 102?

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Dean Blundell Show Suspension: 5 Possible Outcomes

Dean Blundell Show Suspension: 5 Possible OutcomesWith Dean Blundell suspended following their most recent controversy, I've been receiving a number of emails, Tweets and comments chock full of speculation. Here are 5 possible outcomes.

1. Window Dressing

The likeliest outcome of all is that Dean Blundell returns to host the 102.1 morning show early in 2014. He was likely going to take a couple of weeks off anyway, so sending him on vacation early and calling it a suspension is just window dressing to make it look like Corus takes this very, very seriously.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 10.49.19 AM

2. Fearless Fred

It's possible that Dean Blundell is now costing Corus too much money, and a move is in order. You could slide me in that spot and hardly miss a beat, but Corus is more likely to hand Fearless Fred the keys.


3. Adam and Billie

Derek Welsman, Sunshine Marlowe and Adjwoa may have already been terminated, and Dean could be next. That would leave Billie as the sole remaining cog of the DBS wheel who could be joined by Adam. Adam and Billie in the mornings?


4. All Country

In a shocking move, 102.1 The Edge could leave the alternative rock format in the capable hands of Indie88 and bring country music back to Toronto. When 102.1 goes all country, Bill Welychka will be their new morning man.


5. Humble and Fred

Humble and Fred were the morning show on 102.1 before Dean Blundell took over. They're available to slide right back into their old spots and it will be just as if the 2000s never happened.


Just kidding about that last one. I'd get the gig before Humble and Fred.

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The Effect of Morning Show Changes at The Fan 590 and Virgin 999 on Toronto Radio Ratings

Toronto radio ratings came out yesterday, and I was interested in what effect recent changes at The Fan 590 and Virgin 999 have had. The Fan 590 recently moved Brady and Walker to 1pm and brought in long-time Edge 102 morning man Dean Blundell to host their morning show. Virgin 999 recently fired Jay "Maddog" Michaels and replaced him with someone named Tucker.

First, let's take a look at the numbers for The Fan 590. Keep in mind, Dean Blundell debuted on March 2 after a great deal of promotion.

Males, ages 25 - 54
590 Mornings

Jan 2015: 4.9
Feb 2015: 4.4
Mar 2015: 4.4

Males, ages 18 - 49
590 Mornings

Feb 2015: 4.5
Mar 2015: 4.2

Males and Females, ages 25 - 54
590 Mornings

Jan 2015: 2.6
Feb 2015: 2.4
Mar 2015: 2.3

The needle barely moved. I'm certain Rogers executives expected a much bigger bump, or at least a bump. Instead, the numbers are going in the wrong direction. And remember, Blundell is a controversial figure in this town. You've got to assume many would tune in during his first month to see how he sounds in the new format. Curiosity alone should have resulted in an increased share. The numbers will likely only go down from here.

The 4.4 share Dean Blundell got in The Fan's key demo is particularly devastating for Rogers when you consider Brady and Walker earned an 8.5 share last March.

Now, let's look at the numbers for Virgin 999. Maddog was fired on March 4, so he's responsible for February.

Females, ages 25 - 54
Virgin Mornings

Feb 2015: 6.6
Mar 2015: 4.3

All Females, all ages
Virgin Overall

Feb 2015: 6.4
Mar 2015: 3.4

That's a significant drop in their targeted female audience gone in 30 days. Ladies seem to love Maddog. It's important to note, however, that Tucker didn't start until very late March.

I reached out to Maddog, who appeared in episode 92 of my podcast, and here's what he had to say.

The listener response has been overwhelming and completely humbling. You always hope your connecting with people but I had no idea how much and how many. Between the petition, Facebook and Twitter, WOW. Blown away daily by the support. And the fact that they say they'll follow me wherever I go next? That's proof that Radio personalities are still a huge part of people's lives in Toronto. I Can't thank everyone enough... but I sure plan on trying.

What are your thoughts on these numbers for The Fan 590 and Virgin Radio's morning shows? Were the big changes worth it?

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Do You Want to Work at The Fan 590?

On the heels of hiring Dean Blundell as their new morning man, The Fan 590 is looking for a few more good men or women

Well, at least two. There are at least two job openings at The Fan 590 for on-air positions.


Job posting

Sportsnet 590 The FAN has a very rare full time opening and is seeking a Sportscaster for their Morning Show program. Reporting into the Program Director, the talented individual will play a strong role as part of a three-person sports talk show, plus deliver time-sensitive, entertaining sportscasts 3 times per hour.  If you Live, Eat and Breath everything sports, we want to meet you.

Dean Blundell & Co. already includes current morning show co-host Andrew Walker, but Rogers is looking for a third person to work with Blundell and Walker. If that's you, you should apply.


Job posting

Sportsnet 590 The FAN has a very rare and exciting full time opening and is seeking a Co-Host for their 1-4p afternoon show. Reporting into the Program Director, the talented individual will offer strong opinions on the world of sports and be an entertaining on-air and social media presence.  If you Live, Eat and Breath everything sports, we want to meet you.

Greg Brady has been moved from mornings to afternoons, and now they're looking for someone to co-host with him. I actually hope Andrew Walker applies for this job.

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Fearless Fred in the Morning on 102.1 the Edge

radioWhen the Dean Blundell Show was suspended by Corus last month, I listed five possible outcomes. Number two on that list, after keeping Dean Blundell, was handing Fearless Fred the keys without missing a beat. With Fearless Fred taking over mornings on 102.1 starting Monday, it seems we're one step closer to that reality.

Fearless Fred seems like a nice enough guy and I wish him well, even though he really, really hates me. As you'll hear below, that's on him. I never hated Fearless Fred. Not even a little bit.

Congrats again, Fred.

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George Stroumboulopoulos

Edge 102 Morning ShowAs much as I enjoy the tunes I hear on CFNY Edge 102, I'm not a fan of their morning show. When Dean Blundell and his crew start one of their inane contests or other gimmicky radio bits, I tune out. In the mornings, I'm only there for the music.

It's not that I only enjoy music on the radio, I remain a Howard Stern fan and I'll listen to an interesting piece on CBC Radio One or the Fan590 regularly. It's just that I don't find the Dean Blundell show the least bit funny or interesting.

This past week they've been on vacation and replaced by George Stroumboulopoulos. I've been a Stroumboulopoulos fan going back to his previous carnation as a deejay on CFNY Edge 102 before he went national on MuchMusic. He's educated in all the important fields (music, sports, television, movies) with a quick wit that tells it like it is. It's refreshing to enjoy such sharp insight with a perfect blend of humour in the mornings surrounded by decent songs. In a perfect world, CFNY Edge 102 would secure the services of Stroumboulopoulos full-time for their very important morning slot. They'd secure a larger portion of my drive time in the process, that's for certain.

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