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No Wonder I Enjoyed Conan So Much

When Late Night with Conan O'Brien debuted in '93, I was instantly smitten. I watched every night and laughed my ass off. Those early years at 12:30 were magic.

No wonder... check out this 1993 pic of Conan O’Brien with his writers for Late Night with Conan O’Brien – Bob Odenkirk, David Reynolds, Robert Smigel, Andy Richter, Marsh McCall, Louis CK, Dino Stamatopoulos and Michael Gordon.


That's quite the lineup.

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Conan Tours Toronto with Scott Thompson

Conan LiveIn February of 2004, Conan O'Brien brought Late Night to Toronto. I know because I was there.

While in Toronto, he had Scott Thompson from Kids in the Hall fame give him a tour.

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Eddie Vedder's Oh Conan for Coco

conanConan O'Brien's birthday was on Monday. He performed in Seattle. Eddie Vedder played him a little song.

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Coco on Twitter

conanLook who's on Twitter.


Yes, it's really him. You can follow Conan O'Brien at

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Fantastic Advice Everyone Should Follow

Work Hard and Be Kind

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Dear Internet, Never Forget January 22, 2010

ConanLast night, Conan O'Brien hosted his last Tonight Show. I'm with Coco, and not just because I attended the taping of his show. I like that guy for a whole bunch of reasons.

In the clip below from Conan's last show, he teams up with Will Ferrell, Beck, Ben Harper, ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, and trusty house-band drummer Max Weinberg to close out the show in style with an unforgettable rendition of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.”


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Howard Stern warns Conan about Jay Leno and The Tonight Show

tvI like Howard Stern. I also like Conan O'Brien. I really like this clip from December 14, 2006, in which Howard Stern warns Conan about Jay Leno and The Tonight Show.

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I'm With Coco


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How Conan O'Brien Lost His Way

ConanThere's a whole bunch of chatter about Jay Leno's 10pm show getting chopped and Leno going back to 11:30 once the Olympics are over. That slot currently belongs to Conan O'Brien. I'm not sure what that move would mean for Conan.

Here's something I wrote six years ago about Conan O'Brien.

I have nothing but positive feelings about Conan O'Brien. I knew him first as a writer and producer of some of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever. He wrote Homer Goes to College and Marge vs. the Monorail, two of my personal favourites. As a late night talk show host, he's certainly one of the best. My brother Steve and I made it a point to stay up and watch Conan during his first few seasons. This was a time when it was perfectly reasonable for me to go to bed at 1:30 in the morning. Conan O'Brien is directly responsible for a great deal of the laughter I have expunged throughout the past decade.

The next year, my brother Steve and I watched Conan tape his show at the Elgin Theatre. You might remember that infamous episode as the one in which Triumph the Comic Insult Dog took a poop on French Canadians. Good times...

When Conan moved to 11:30, I decided to record each episode in an attempt to recapture some of that funny I remember from Conan and Andy. After about 20 episodes I stopped watching. Conan seemed to lose something when he went to 11:30. He lost that quality that made him so much funnier than Jay Leno. It wasn't the same show I once loved.

By watering things down for an 11:30 Leno loving audience, Conan lost his way. He no longer appealed to those like me, and he was still too out there for those who wanted Jay Leno. Now he's in limbo.

I wish they'd move him back to 12:30 so I can reset my PVR and enjoy Conan and Andy as I remember them.

February 12, 2004 - Conan O'Brien

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Conan's New Gig at the Tonight Show

conanI'm PVRing The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. I watched the first show on Wednesday night and was taken back to simpler times. There was a time when I wouldn't miss Late Night With Conan O'Brien, and I even saw the show taped at the Elgin Theatre. It was great seeing him back with Andy Richter and Pearl Jam's new single rocked.

Serious Lunch has noticed the design behind Conan O'Brien during the monologue looks like Mario's Mushroom Kingdom from Super Mario Bros.



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