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Humble and Fred's 2010 Gift of Christmas Podcast

podcastThis past Saturday, I joined Humble and Fred as they recorded their Gift of Christmas Podcast.

Just in time for Christmas, here's the podcast in four easy to digest chunks. Enjoy...

Part 1

Download the MP3

Part 2

Download the MP3

Part 3

Download the MP3

Part 4

Download the MP3

Thanks to Dan Duran, Bingo Bob and Ari Daniel for helping to make this magic happen, ACME Pictures for donating the web space and PROUD FM for donating the studio space.

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Recording the Humble and Fred Christmas Podcast, 2010 Version

podcastI've just returned from a visit to the PROUD-FM studio at Church and Wellesley where we recorded the Humble and Fred Christmas podcast. This is our 8th podcast overall, and once again we were joined by Dan Duran and Bingo Bob. Humble also brought along the first Humble and Fred Podcast intern, a Ryerson student named Ari.

I've sat in on a bunch of these, so I've witnessed the evolution, but if you were a Humble and Fred fan from the 90s you'd likely be pretty surprised by the content. Instead of targeted a young male demographic, it's completely organic. The result is more heartfelt, with discussions about Humble's separation, Fred's daughter's wedding and the birth of Bingo Bob's first child. Don't get me wrong, it's still damn funny, but there's far more substance and thought-provoking discussion and slightly less dick and fart jokes. It's compelling stuff, and I hope you listen when I post the audio early next week.

As usual, I took some pictures. If you want to read more about Humble and Fred, this is the category for you. If you want to hear previous podcasts, hit up this page. If you want to hear about Dan Duran's herpes, Humble's new girlfriend or Fred's newfound appreciation for sitting down to go pee, wait for the MP3s next week.

Humble and Fred Podcast Humble and Fred Podcast Humble and Fred Podcast Humble and Fred Podcast Humble and Fred Podcast Humble and Fred Podcast

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Musings on The Edge 102 by Cool Steve

emailI got a long email from Cool Steve this evening, so I thought I'd share it.

Cool Steve is a reader of this blog who had some things to get off his chest.

I know I’m slowpoking on this, but I was on vacation when it happened. I was pretty surprised Jason Barr was canned after almost ten years on that morning show. With many it was the final nail in the coffin (so many nails), and personally I always thought they had a good morning show and I can’t believe they messed with the formula. I know some don’t like their form of comedy, I do. The Edge is nothing like it was; they moved from the old long-time building they were at previous to a new location, which to me feels like another change to erase the past. I always feel since Alan Cross left, it’s been going to hell. Of course people older than me will tell me it was crap long before Alan came into power, but even at 25 I can see a slippery slope of how The Edge has been performing since I started tuning in around 2003. Nothing but overplayed music, too much of the same 90s shit, awkward indie type stuff, the same CanCon artists and songs to fill its daily intake, and a splash of hair metal and classic rock here and there (save it for Y108).

We lost and really lost Barry Taylor and Martin Streek but gained Fucked Up Fred, who I still can’t stand. I tried again recently, but nope – he still fumbles and mumbles his way through his bits on air. He even hosts the adult cartoon block on Teletoon now as well! I’m big on animation, and to not only have him invade my radio but my TV as well…it’s a friggin nightmare. I guess he fits in well hosting that block because the “adult” cartoons Teletoon plays these days are just as watered down as the music The Edge plays these days. I still feel Bookie will be next on the chopping block. Didn’t Darryl Spring leave as well? They fire all the best people. No more Punkorama, or live to air shows either (I think). But we get Loveline?! I only wish I had been born some years earlier to experience the real spirit of The Edge. Today, there is no true alternative in Toronto. Not even in the GTA. Local college stations don’t have enough power to play with the big boys. I strongly feel a new alternative station needs to be produced to give The Edge a run for its money. Play old and new stuff, and really dig deep into the music vaults and dust off stuff The Edge hasn’t played in 15-25 years. Figure out a way to get people to listen and stay tuned in. We have more than enough current pop/hip-hop, classic rock, classic/new rock, mixed old/new variety and easily listening stations than we know what to do with around here. The alternative format is left without a good home to represent it. Ross Winters should be punched in the face with his Top 40 “alternative” radio play, the same 30 songs over and over old and new. I want to kick in my radio every time I hear the spastic intro of that current Broken Bells song. I read the whole piece on what Taylor had to say about Winters. All about money, as usual.

I do like Adam however, always have, and if he were to come on board the show, I’d see no issue with it. But I see they picked the blind movie reviewer. I’ve read a lot of comments and I’m not too sure what happened with Jason and why he was let go, but I wish him well. The Edge’s way of dealing with someone leaving (i.e. wiping out their entire existence from the website) is downright cold. I can’t stand Josie Dye anymore. I could years ago, but everyday she seems more and more like a blithering idiot. And even over a year later, Streek’s death still bothers me. I didn’t know the guy, and I caught on too late to what he did at (and meant to) The Edge. And yet this past July for whatever reason he popped into my thoughts again, I started reading the articles and comments following his death and listening to his tribute shows. I’m sure other people have moved on by now but his passing still bugs my ass. Probably because as my music tastes have changed and matured, I really would have liked to known more about his music tastes and to hear his current opinions on new and old stuff. He had a great mind and enthusiasm for music, I respect that. I feel as if I missed a scene I could have easily fit into now and been a part of, and it has now long past. It’s frustrating knowing he could still be here now, as we are always left to wonder what he could have still offered to our hungry ears.

I tried to find this answer via The Wayback Machine and the old Edge site, but where/when were all the old live-to-air’s The Edge had? Was it Sound Academy on Saturday nights with new alt/industrial and The Velvet Underground on Sundays with retro and new wave? There was also The Phoenix…were those Fridays? Were these all hosted by Streek? Because I thought they didn’t do live-to-airs anymore, but the current Edge site says Lori-Ann was doing some (and club websites are never kept current it seems). I was in Toronto on vacation in September and went to the Velvet Underground on Sunday night and it was dead. I liked the music, but it was dead. Some people playing pool and some people sitting down on the couches. Maybe because it’s on a Sunday? Or just because “the spirit” had flown?

Also, I’m really sorry to hear about Mark Dailey. As soon as I remembered his CityTV line and his movie intros, I was like “Aw man, that’s the guy!”. Its funny the stuff you remember even when you were just a kid…some things stick in your memory, like that analog clock they’d display on the screen. Nostalgia! And those 80s action news openings are over the top, haha! Sometimes, a small piece of me wishes I grew up and lived in Toronto. I bet it would be awesome back years ago. But then I think it’s just nice to visit and then go back to Kitchener. I also had no idea Dailey he was on The Ripping Friends either until I read your blog, as I watched that show all the time.

- Cool Steve

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Derek Welsman Joins The Dean Blundell Show

cfnyDerek Welsman, who I remember as The Blind Movie Reviewer, has replaced Jason Barr on The Dean Blundell Show.

I'm giving credit to @Groked for tipping me off.


A few years ago, when I listened to more of The Dean Blundell Show than I do now, I remember thinking The Blind Movie Reviewer segments were actually pretty funny. In fact, they were often the funniest part of the show. Here he is banging into trees and singing about it.

The Dean Blundell Show is now Dean Blundell, Todd Shapiro, and Derek Welsman.

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Dean Blundell Sexualized Children on Edge 102

radioAbout a year ago, I wrote about the Dean Blundell Show violating Clause 9(b) (Radio Broadcasting) of the CAB Code of Ethics. That was nothing compared to what happened today. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has concluded that Dean Blundell violated Clause 8 (Exploitation) of the Canadian Association of Broadcasters’ Equitable Portrayal Code which prohibits the sexualization of children in broadcasting.

It all started with Dean Blundell tweets about Justin Bieber. Bieber fans objected, and Dean let them have it with tweets like "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” and "He’ll be chuggin’ before he’s 18 if he likes that music."

The CBSC has found no justification for allegedly humorous references to children in sexual contexts, including those of the nature of sexual innuendo, double-entendres and inexplicit sexual comments that would not be problematic if the references were to adults. The Panel concludes that the pre-pubescent reference, “Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” was gratuitous, unnecessary and a clear violation of Clause 8 of the Equitable Portrayal Code. The Panel also considers that the predictions that Josh, the youthful tweeter (they estimated his age as 12ish), will be “chugging” by the time he turns 18, are similar. The Panel considers that these comments were just as gratuitous and unnecessary and were, consequently, equally a violation of Clause 8 of the Equitable Portrayal Code.

It wasn't the tweets that got Dean in trouble with the CBSC, it was talking about the tweets on Edge 102. "Save your energy for puberty or to fend off your dad tonight while you’re sleepin’” and "He’ll be chuggin’ before he’s 18 if he likes that music." crossed the line.

What do you guys think about this ruling? Did Dean sexualize children on Edge 102?

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Live From London on CFNY with Lee Carter

radioI haven't shared a vintage CFNY Spirit of Radio clip in a while. It's time to fix that.

This is a promo for Live From London, a show hosted by Lee Carter from 1981 to 1989. It closes with a cool interview with Morrissey in which he discusses dissing and then meeting Howard Jones.

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Edge 102's Top 200 Songs of the 90s: House of Pain's Meteoric Rise

radioThis past weekend, CFNY / Edge 102 aired what they deem to be the top 200 songs from the 1990s.

They did the same thing last year. This year's top 200 is below.

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Under The Bridge
  2. Nirvana · All Apologies
  3. House of Pain · Jump Around
  4. Nirvana · Smells Like Teen Spirit!
  5. The Tragically Hip · New Orleans is Sinking
  6. Pearl Jam · Jeremy
  7. Oasis · Wonderwall
  8. Nirvana · Come As You Are
  9. Radiohead · Creep
  10. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Give it Away
  11. Our Lady Peace · Is Anybody Home?
  12. Nirvana · In Bloom
  13. Beastie Boys · Sabotage
  14. Green Day · Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)
  15. Cypress Hill · Insane in the Brain/Loco En El Coco
  16. Nine Inch Nails · Closer
  17. Nirvana · Dumb
  18. The Smashing Pumpkins · 1979
  19. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Californication
  20. Stone Temple Pilots · Plush
  21. Oasis · Champagne Supernova
  22. Tool · Sober
  23. The Tragically Hip · At the Hundredth Meridian
  24. Nirvana · Heart-Shaped Box
  25. Pearl Jam · Alive
  26. The Offspring · Self-Esteem
  27. Our Lady Peace · Naveed
  28. The Smashing Pumpkins · Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  29. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Scar Tissue
  30. The Tragically Hip · Ahead by a Century
  31. Pearl Jam · Better Man
  32. Beastie Boys · Intergalactic
  33. Nirvana · Lithium
  34. Soundgarden · Black Hole Sun
  35. Radiohead · Karma Police
  36. Beck · Loser
  37. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Soul to Squeeze
  38. Weezer · Say it Ain't So
  39. Oasis · Don't Look Back in Anger
  40. Our Lady Peace · Superman's Dead
  41. Nirvana · The Man Who Sold the World
  42. Rage Against the Machine · Killing In The Name
  43. The Tragically Hip · Bobcaygeon
  44. Blur · Song 2
  45. Green Day · When I Come Around
  46. Stone Temple Pilots · Interstate Love Song
  47. Metallica · The Unforgiven
  48. Nirvana · Rape Me
  49. Finger Eleven · Above
  50. The Chemical Brothers · Block Rockin' Beats
  51. Blind Melon · No Rain
  52. Stone Temple Pilots · Creep
  53. Nirvana · Polly
  54. The Tragically Hip · Poets
  55. Oasis · (Whats the Story) Morning Glory?
  56. Big Wreck · That Song
  57. Rage Against the Machine · Testify
  58. The Matthew Good Band · Hello Time Bomb
  59. The Smashing Pumpkins · Today
  60. Tool · Stinkfist
  61. Green Day · Brain Stew
  62. Pearl Jam · Black
  63. The Tragically Hip · Courage
  64. Weezer · Buddy Holly
  65. Our Lady Peace · Clumsy
  66. Nirvana · On A Plain
  67. Sloan · The Good in Everyone
  68. Metallica · Nothing Else Matters
  69. The Tragically Hip · Fifty Mission Cap
  70. Rage Against the Machine · Guerilla Radio
  71. Our Lady Peace · One Man Army
  72. Pearl Jam · Even Flow
  73. The Tragically Hip · Little Bones
  74. The Smashing Pumpkins · Disarm
  75. Sloan · Everything You've Done Wrong
  76. The Verve · Bittersweet Symphony
  77. Green Day · Basket Case
  78. The Matthew Good Band · Apparitions
  79. Sublime · Santeria
  80. Bush · Machinehead
  81. The Tragically Hip · Locked In the Trunk of a Car
  82. Green Day · She
  83. Stone Temple Pilots · Big Empty
  84. Treble Charger · Red
  85. Pearl Jam · Daughter
  86. Our Lady Peace · Starseed
  87. Alice in Chains · Man in the Box
  88. R.E.M. · Losing My Religion
  89. The Offspring · Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
  90. Foo Fighters · Learn to Fly
  91. Stone Temple Pilots · Vasoline
  92. Radiohead · High and Dry
  93. Big Wreck · The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)
  94. Foo Fighters · My Hero
  95. I Mother Earth · Used to Be Alright
  96. Soundgarden · Spoonman
  97. Tool · Forty Six & Two
  98. The Tragically Hip · Looking for a Place to Happen
  99. Sublime · What I Got
  100. Rage Against the Machine · Bulls on Parade
  101. Sloan · Money City Maniacs
  102. Pearl Jam · Yellow Ledbetter
  103. Econoline Crush · All that You Are
  104. Bush · Comedown
  105. Temple of the Dog · Hunger Strike
  106. Sloan · Coax Me
  107. The Offspring · Gotta Get Away
  108. Metallica · Until it Sleeps
  109. The Matthew Good Band · Load Me Up
  110. U2 · Mysterious Ways
  111. Nine Inch Nails · Hurt
  112. The Tragically Hip · Fully Completely
  113. The Smashing Pumpkins · Cherub Rock
  114. Metallica · Enter Sandman
  115. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Suck My Kiss
  116. Green Day · Hitchin' A Ride
  117. The Matthew Good Band · Indestructible
  118. Soundgarden · Fell on Black Days
  119. The Offspring · The Kids Aren't Alright
  120. Big Wreck · Blown Wide Open
  121. Foo Fighters · Monkey Wrench
  122. The Smashing Pumpkins · Thirty-Three
  123. Sloan · Losing California
  124. Green Day · Longview
  125. I Mother Earth · One More Astronaut
  126. Depeche Mode · Enjoy the Silence
  127. The Tragically Hip · Twist My Arm
  128. No Doubt · Just a Girl
  129. Sloan · Underwhelmed
  130. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Around the World
  131. Econoline Crush · You Don't Know What It's Like
  132. Foo Fighters · Everlong
  133. The Smashing Pumpkins · Zero
  134. Odds · Heterosexual Man
  135. The Matthew Good Band · Everything is Automatic
  136. Alice in Chains · Rooster
  137. Bush · Glycerine
  138. Econoline Crush · Sparkle and Shine
  139. Pearl Jam · Last Kiss
  140. Odds · It Falls Apart
  141. Rage Against the Machine · Sleep Now in the Fire
  142. The Tragically Hip · 700 ft. Ceiling
  143. The Smashing Pumpkins · Tonight Tonight
  144. Odds · Eat My Brain
  145. Soundgarden · Burden In My Hand
  146. The Tea Party · Temptation
  147. The Offspring · Gone Away
  148. The Tragically Hip · Fireworks
  149. Foo Fighters · Big Me
  150. The Matthew Good Band · Strange Days
  151. The Chemical Brothers · Let Forever Be
  152. 54.40 · Ocean Pearl
  153. Silverchair · Tomorrow
  154. The Tragically Hip · Nautical Disaster
  155. Pearl Jam · Dissident
  156. Big Sugar · Diggin' a Hole
  157. Stone Temple Pilots · Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
  158. Moist · Silver
  159. Hole · Doll Parts
  160. Big Sugar · Turn the Lights On
  161. Weezer · Undone (The Sweater Song)
  162. The Tragically Hip · So Hard Done By
  163. Sublime · Smoke Two Joints
  164. 54.40 · Love You All
  165. Depeche Mode · Personal Jesus
  166. The Tragically Hip · Wheat Kings
  167. Radiohead · Just
  168. The Age of Electric · Remote Control
  169. Stone Temple Pilots · Sex Type Thing
  170. Nirvana · Breed
  171. Nickelback · Leader of Men
  172. 54.40 · Nice to Luv You
  173. Soundgarden · Outshined
  174. Alice in Chains · No Excuses
  175. I Mother Earth · So Gently We Go
  176. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Breaking the Girl
  177. The Tea Party · The Messenger
  178. Filter · Hey Man Nice Shot
  179. Nickelback · Old Enough
  180. Alice in Chains · Heaven Beside You
  181. Killjoys · Today I Hate Everyone
  182. Green Day · Welcome to Paradise
  183. The Tragically Hip · Gift Shop
  184. Alice in Chains · Would?
  185. Nickelback · Breathe
  186. Tool · Prison Sex
  187. Sloan · People of the Sky
  188. Stone Temple Pilots · Big Bang Baby
  189. Moist · Push
  190. Jane's Addiction · Been Caught Stealing
  191. Sloan · All Used Up
  192. Fatboy Slim · Praise You
  193. I Mother Earth · Not Quite Sonic
  194. Nine Inch Nails · Down in It
  195. Pure · Anna is a Speed Freak
  196. Weezer · El Scorcho
  197. Bif Naked · Spaceman
  198. Stone Temple Pilots · Lady Picture Show
  199. Edwin · Trippin'
  200. Sublime · Wrong Way

Ryan B. wrote me the following email on the subject of CFNY / Edge 102 and their Top 200 Songs Of The 90's.

I've been reading your blog on and off over the years, especially as a source of news about CFNY. After turning on the radio this weekend and hearing "Inane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill come in as #16 on the top 200 songs of the 90's, when I don't ever recall hearing it on CFNY back then, I had to check for the final list and see how offended I'd be :) I'll confess that I'm shocked that Smells Like Teen Spirit was not #1 but was in fact #4 behind RHCP's Under the Bridge, Nirvana's All Apologies (If anything, I would have guessed Come As You Are), and, wait, I'm sorry, does this say "House of Pain - Jump Around" at number 3? 

Anyway, if you're interested, I put together a spreadsheet comparing this list to the "Top 1002 of All Time" posted at The Spirit of Radio - http://www.spiritofradio.ca/Top1002.asp. 41 songs were on this weekend's list that didn't appear back in 1999, including #3 Jump Around. A couple of them were borderline, as the album may have come out in late 1999, but the single wasn't officially released until 2000. Then there's #191, All Used Up by Sloan, which came out in umm, 2005? I'm not even sure why I try or care. It's just one of the 12 presets I hop between when driving. Anyways, if you're interested, feel free to use the data for a post on your blog, otherwise, you can just shake your head like I am.

Thanks for the blog,


It really was a meteoric rise for House of Pain's "Jump Around", which was 90th one year ago, and now sits at #3. And yes, it's a song CFNY wouldn't touch when it was released.

Things certainly are different over there...

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1 Week After Jason Barr Fired, Where's the News?

questionmarkIt's been a week since Jason Barr was let go from Edge 102. Jason was 1/3 of The Dean Blundell Show, a very popular Toronto morning radio show, especially amongst teens and those in their 20s.

This trio has been together since they took over for Humble and Fred on 102.1 back in 2001. Humble and Fred, you may recall, left for Mojo 640 and their "Talk Radio for Guys" format. Before The Dean Blundell Show, Jason Barr was Danger Boy on Humble and Fred, a part of that show since the mid 90s. That's a long time he was on Edge 102 in the mornings.

It's been a week since he was fired, and I'm surprised at the complete lack of coverage. I haven't found a word about it in the MSM. It's on a few message boards and blogs, but surprisingly few. It's possible nobody knows about it, but isn't the MSM supposed to break such news to the masses? Hell, I had the story a week ago. Is it deemed such an insignificant event it's completely unworthy of coverage?

My entry about Jason being fired is getting some traffic from people Googling for more information, but not a heck of a lot. Perhaps the average CFNY listener won't have a clue things are different until after Labour Day.

Here's the results from Google when you search for Jason Barr Fired. The highlighted results are from me, whether I'm hosting them or not.

jason barr fired - Google Search_1283365598997

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Jason Barr Fired from Edge 102

radioEdge 102 (or CFNY if you're an old guy like me) has removed all traces of Jason Barr from their website.

If you visit his bio page or his blog, you'll find this:


Also, The Dean Blundell Show is now being promoted as a duo: Dean Blundell and Todd Shapiro. Jason Barr isn't part of the team, despite being a holdover from the Humble and Fred show (Danger Boy, anyone?) and a founding member of DBS on Edge 102.


I liked Jason, not just because he was a holdover from my Humble and Fred Show, but because he hooked me up with CASBY and Edgefest tickets. I honestly don't know if he was fired, but it wouldn't surprise me. You can visit my Edge 102 ~ CFNY category page to relive the rapid decline of this once stellar station.

Jason, I hope you've landed on your feet. Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance. An uninterrupted decade doing mornings in Toronto is no small feat.

Update: I've confirmed it with a credible source. Jason Barr was indeed let go by Corus earlier today.

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The Edge 102 Tribute to Martin Streek - All 3 Hours as MP3s

mp3Yesterday, in my entry about the one year anniversary of Martin Streek's passing, I shared all five hours of David Marsden's tribute to Martin. In the comments of that entry, someone asked if I had the three hours of Edge 102's tribute to Martin that aired on July 19, 2009.

I did have those MP3s, and now I'm pleased to share them with you.

» Martin Streek Tribute on The Edge 102.1 PART 1
» Martin Streek Tribute on The Edge 102.1 PART 2
» Martin Streek Tribute on The Edge 102.1 PART 3

Here's the entry I wrote immediately after listening to this tribute on CFNY / The Edge 102.1.

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