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Snow Removal Machine

musicWhen I listed my favourite "snow" songs the other day, Phil left a comment reminding me about "Snow Removal Machine". "Snow Removal Machine" was Fred Patterson's parody of The Cult's "Love Removal Machine" and was often played at this time of year during the CFNY morning show. I remember it from the Humble & Fred show, but I understand it's older than that.

From Freddie P. himself, "This is the shortened version.. the long original version is on a tape that I can't transfer until I find an old "cart" machine." By the way, we played this during the 17th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas podcast last year. Enjoy.

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17 and Out: A Toronto Tradition Ends

podcastNow that both Humble and Fred have publicly stated it, I can finally write this entry. There will be no 18th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas show. Not on the radio or in podcast form. After 17 years, this annual Toronto tradition has come to an end.

Fans of the show will tell you this streak wasn't really in tact anyway. Back in 1991 Humble was at CKFM-FM while Fred was still at CFNY and in 2005 the show went on without Fred who had been relieved of his duties at Mix 99.9. Still, we all got together for the 18th annual show last December, against all odds, and it felt awfully special.

That's right, I said "we". I was invited to Dan Duran's house that Saturday morning we recorded the podcast and I took a bunch of pictures. Although I've known there would be no 18th Christmas show for some time, I had no idea I was witnessing the end of an era on December 16, 2006. At the time, I assumed we'd be doing it all again in December 2007. I was wrong.

As a fan, this truly sucks. The on-air chemistry between Humble Howard and Freddie P was awesome. They complemented each other so well, and watching them do their thing was like watching a long-time married couple complete each other's sentences. As a fan, I think it stinks that I can't hear another podcast and laugh my ass off.

On a personal level, it saddens me. I've grown quite close to Howard, we chat often about a variety of subjects and hook up whenever possible, and lately I've spent more time chatting with Fred and getting to know him. Both guys are solid citizens with unique talents and it would be a treat to watch them share a mic one more time. I root for both in their post-Humble & Fred careers, but it's tough when you think they're better when they're together. Like a long-time marriage, it's not necessarily forever. They've moved on, and so must we.

As I mentioned last month, I secured a complete backup of the old humbleandfred.com and I'm hosting it for posterity's sake. You can revisit the 17th Annual Christmas Show web page and listen to last year's podcast. You can stream it from that page, subscribe to the podcast or download the MP3. I covered all the bases. Trust me, it's a year old, but it's still hilarious. And now, it's bitter sweet.

Below is me, Bingo Bob, Fred Patterson, Dan Duran, Scary Bald Headed Pete and Humble Howard Glassman after we recorded the 17th and final Humble & Fred Christmas Show on December 16, 2006.

The Gang

For waking me up every weekday morning of the 90s, for making me laugh and for helping me through both high school and university, thanks...

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What Humble and Fred Are Up To

radioWhen people learn I'm friends with both Humble and Fred, I'm almost always asked what they're up to. The fact is anything I'd be allowed to share would probably already be on their respective blogs, but it's a fair question and I do my best to answer it. Humble and Fred were the morning guys throughout the 90s on the radio station of choice for most of us born in the 70s, so there's naturally a great fondness for them and a genuine interest in their whereabouts.

Humble, who I'm hanging with on Saturday, will be appearing on an episode of the CBC radio comedy show "The Debaters". He'll be taping that in Saskatchewan and he'll be debating Judy Croon who worked with him on Mix 99.9. Fred will host the Bill Watters Show on AM 640 tomorrow and Friday. That starts at 4pm and runs until 7pm.

Another question I'm often asked by fellow fans of The Humble and Fred Show is whether there will be another podcast. Humble and Fred recorded three podcasts following their departure from radio, starting with last year's awesome Christmas show. I was lucky enough to be in the room while two of the three were recorded at Dan Duran's house and I was responsible for making sure you guys could hear it online. I don't know if the guys know I did this, but I grabbed a copy of the old humbleandfred.com and archived it at https://www.torontomike.com/humbleandfred/. You can actually go there and hear all three hilarious podcasts and then you can wonder why the hell these two no longer have their own show.

My answer to this podcast question isn't really an answer but a suggestion they ask Howard or Fred. If it were up to me, there would most definitely be an 18th Annual Humble & Fred Christmas Show. Unfortunately, it's not up to me.

Now get over to https://www.torontomike.com/humbleandfred/ and enjoy some great Humble and Fred from the past year. It's uncensored, cocked and loaded. And it's hilarious, dammit!

The Gang

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Dean Blundell's Eye Weekly Honesty

radioAs a long time fan of the Humble & Fred morning show, I was poised to dislike their replacement on my favourite radio station. A quick search of this blog for the term "blundell" gives you an idea as to what I think of The Dean Blundell Show. I've never liked it.

I'm not a fan of his radio show, but Dean Blundell also writes a column for Eye Weekly that I do enjoy. I find his radio persona moronic and insulting yet I find his columns bold and titillating. Earlier this month, he wrote about his wife, and I actually read it out loud to my wife because I couldn't believe the honesty he committed to print. His most recent column for Eye Weekly calls out Toronto radio personalities. He doesn't name names, but most of the identities can be guessed fairly easily. It makes for one hell of an interesting article.

My friend Fred Patterson, one half of the aforementioned Humble & Fred Show, posted Blundell's article on his blog and invited readers to guess who's "the paranoid ageing huckster who's ego is the bruised by years of abuse" and "the guy who tells you how awesome he is before he tells you who he is" and the "guy and gal with fake names who's radio careers have more miles on them than Pamela Anderson's knees". It was a highly entertaining entry, but Fred unpublished it. You'll no longer find it on his site. Apparently, Blundell's article is causing some trouble for Alan Cross and The Edge and Fred didn't want to get in the middle of a shit storm.

As it turns out, Dean Blundell makes a great columnist. There's a guy who seriously needs a blog. I know I'd check in daily to read what he's got to say.

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Jays To The Top

musicOn Friday night, I heard "Jays To The Top" for the first time. This was a song that appeared on the new and improved Blue Jays compilation that was released in 1991. "Jays To The Top" was performed by my buddy Humble Howard Glassman back when he was at CFNY.

After a couple of listens, I was cringing at how bad this song was. I started to think it might be a way for me to make a quick buck. I left Humble Howard a voice mail in which I threatened to share this song with the world if he didn't pay me $10,000 in cash. If he didn't cough up the coin, I'd release "Jays To The Top" to the masses and destroy any credibility he has left.

Humble called me this afternoon refusing to pay and daring me to share it. He thinks it's pretty good, or at least not bad. He informed me it was based on a 1974 hit by Reunion called "Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)" and he did the same sort of spoof for the Habs when he was working on the radio in Montreal.

Because Humble refused to pay, here's "Jays To The Top". Maybe it's not as bad as I think it is...

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Stuff From Humble Howard's House

picturesWhen I was last at Freddie P's house, I took some pictures of the cool CFNY stuff he had on his wall.

This morning, I was hanging with Humble Howard at his place and I decided to snap a few pics of his stuff. Here's the photoset, if you're curious.

The dude makes a good cup of coffee and Mrs. Humble lays out a mean breakfast spread. There's good tunage, too, as Humble plays Cohen's Hallelujah on piano and his daughter Spencer sings like an angel. There's a major chill factor there, no foolin'.

The Buried Alive Promo Box Buried Alive Promo Certified Radio Gold The Wall of Fame

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The Top 102 Canadian New Rock Songs

musicAs previously mentioned, CFNY Edge 102 counted down the top 102 Canadian new rock songs of all time today. They just aired Underwhelmed seconds ago, so you're getting this awfully quick. I threw this together while watching the Leafs game and filled in the cracks with a little help from my friends.

  1. Sloan, Underwhelmed - One of my ten Canadian tracks, and it's a word!
  2. The Tragically Hip, New Orleans is Sinking - No brainer. You could see this coming a hundred miles away. It's another of my ten Canadian tracks, to top it off. Only one song could beat this one...
  3. The Demics, New York City - If they were going to celebrate a Canadian punk song from the late 70s, this is the one to celebrate because it's the best of the bunch. They were local, too.
  4. Arcade Fire, Rebellion (Lies) - Props to CFNY for putting Arcade Fire in the top ten, even if it's the wrong Arcade Fire song.
  5. Nickelback, How You Remind Me - I call bullshit.
  6. The Pursuit of Happiness, I'm An Adult Now - Now we're talking! I recently shared the video for this song. This is a band I have fond memories of and I included this song as one of my ten Canadian tracks.
  7. Billy Talent, River Below - The Billy Talent love-in continues...
  8. Spirit Of The West, Home For A Rest - I don't think you're allowed to listen to this song once you've graduated from university.
  9. Martha & The Muffins, Echo Beach - You knew this was coming. It had to be there, 'nuff said.
  10. AlexisOnFire, This Could Be Anywhere In The World - The ranking of this tune has clearly been inflated based on the fact it's a recent hit. Think back to when Bush's "Swallowed" was ranked the top video in the history of MuchMusic. I dig this tune though, and led off SLS16 with it.
  11. Our Lady Peace, Naveed - This is one of my favourite OLP song. It's true, you can look it up.
  12. Rough Trade, High School Confidential - These lists are always fairly predictable. Certain songs must be listed to prove it's not biased towards recent songs. High School Confidential is a fine tune, but should it be this high on the list? Of course not.
  13. Finger Eleven, One Thing - I call bullshit. "One Thing" was popular, and had mass appeal, but it's not Finger Eleven's best work and it doesn't belong in the top 102
  14. The Gandharvas, The First Day Of Spring - Great choice. I was just thinking about this song.
  15. The Viletones, Screamin Fist - I'm man enough to admit I didn't know this song. These lists need late 70s punk songs, and it seems The Demics and The Diodes weren't enough.
  16. Sam Roberts, Brother Down - After hearing the latest Sam Roberts album, my respect for this dude has soared. Brother Down is a fine tune that appeared on SLS8.
  17. Matthew Good Band, Apparitions - I knew Matt Good was going to be on this list somewhere, and this is probably their biggest hit. I once interviewed him.
  18. The Diodes, Tired of Waking Up Tired - I got to know this song when CBC radio was putting together their list of essential Canadian music. It's a neat tune, and you've got to pay respect to the pioneers, eh?
  19. The Tragically Hip, Wheat Kings - A truly beautiful, Canadian classic. I'm tearing up just writing about it.
  20. Alanis Morissette, You Oughta Know - Is this "new rock"? Maybe... but it's the only tune of hers that might qualify as such.
  21. Barenaked Ladies, If I Had $1000000 - This one is from that yellow tape and therefore worthy. I'm surprised it's not higher.
  22. Lowest Of The Low, Eternal Fatalist - I recently shared this one. Shakespeare My Butt still rulez!
  23. Pure, Anna is a Speed Freak - I hadn't heard this one in years. It's great!
  24. The Extras, Circular Impression - If you listened to the most recent Humble & Fred podcast, you heard me request this song.
  25. Blue Rodeo, Diamond Mine - I'm always surprised when they play Blue Rodeo on 102.1. I wrote about that, and the fact this is my favourite Blue Rodeo song, right here.
  26. Tea Party, The River - It's my favourite song from a band I never really liked.
  27. Teenage Head, Let's Shake - Good shite... classic.
  28. Death From Above 1979, Romantic Rights - I'm happy to hear this one up there. It's recent, but it's awesome. In fact, it was my second favourite song of 2005.
  29. Moist, Push - Here's the Moist song I was waiting for...
  30. Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Having An Average Weekend - This song will forever be loved for it's promise a hilarious Kids in the Hall episode is forthcoming.
  31. Treble Charger, Red - Everybody's favourite Treble Charger song belongs on this list.
  32. Three Days Grace, (I Hate) Everything About You - Hmmm, this one is debatable. If a Three Days Grace song had to be ranked this high, I suppose we're lucky it was this one.
  33. Men Without Hats, The Safety Dance - Many forget this one is Canadian. It's one of the better 80s tunes, but is it "new rock"?
  34. Odds, Eat My Brain - Speaking of Canadian videos that featured cameos from other Canadian artists, the video for this tune had cool appearances by Junkhouse and The Pursuit of Happiness.
  35. I Mother Earth, One More Astronaut - Other IME songs should have been ranked ahead of this one.
  36. Payolas, Eyes Of A Stranger - I hear this one all the time on my Oh What A Feeling albums, and it always takes me back.
  37. Neverending White Lights, The Grace - Again, this song is sweet and all but experienced a higher than appropriate ranking because it's so fresh.
  38. Econoline Crush, All That You Are - I knew these guys were going to make the top 102. My favourite factoid about them is the fact their band name comes from a Neil Young lyric.
  39. Doughboys, Shine - I was hoping the Doughboys would break through, and this is probably their best song.
  40. Bedouin Soundclash, When The Night Feels My Song - I call bullshit. This song doesn't belong in the top 102.
  41. City And Colour, Save Your Scissors - This dude is all over the top 102, isn't he? We've got him with Alexisonfire and Neverending White Lights. Enough is enough!
  42. Blue Peter, Don't Walk Past - Do I know this song?
  43. The Tragically Hip, Fifty Mission Cap - How can I complain about a Hip song about Bashin' Bill?
  44. Sloan, Coax Me - Great selection. Nobody will complain about this one.
  45. 54-40, Ocean Pearl - It's easy to forget these guys, but they were so damn consistent. Hit after hit after hit, and I rarely think about them.
  46. Our Lady Peace, Clumsy - I'm cool with this.
  47. Rusty, Misogyny - Yay, Rusty! We were just talking about them.
  48. Parachute Club, Rise Up - Sadly, I only think of that damn McCain's commercial now. I know the song meant something to this city, but kids today are only thinking about frozen pizza.
  49. Sum 41, Pieces - I beg to differ.
  50. Arcade Fire, Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - All of Funeral could have made this list.
  51. Spoons, Nova Heart - This is another song I know from the Oh What A Feeling collection.
  52. Billy Talent, Devil In A Midnight Mass - CFNY hearts Billy Talent.
  53. New Pornographers, Mass Romantic - Great selection.
  54. Northern Pikes, Teenland - I am so glad this song made the list. In primary school I used this song for an independent study project while in the gifted program. True story...
  55. K-OS, Crucial - I'm a little surprised this song made the list, even though I dig this dude.
  56. 54-40, Baby Ran - Just to repeat myself, this band was solid and quite under appreciated.
  57. Vital Sines, Collage - Don't laugh, but I'm pleading ignorance.
  58. Nickelback, Someday - I call bullshit.
  59. Sum 41, Fat Lip - I suppose this song had to be here.
  60. Breeding Ground, Happy Now I Know - I don't know this tune, do I?

  61. Metric, Dead Disco - Ahead of Combat Baby? No way, Jose.
  62. The Tragically Hip, Bobcaygeon - You'd better believe it.
  63. Chalk Circle, April Fool - This was my first concert!
  64. Our Lady Peace, Starseed - This list was going to be heavy on the OLP and Hip because they couldn't ignore the staples.
  65. I Mother Earth, So Gently We Go - My favourite IME song, for what it's worth.
  66. Dream Warriors, My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style - I'm very happy they didn't forget the Dream Warriors. I loved this album from King Lou and Capital Q from Jane and Finch.
  67. Sarah McLachlan, Possession - Ya gotta respect the queen of Canadian new rock.
  68. Tea Party, Temptation - I'm calling bullshit on this one.
  69. Images In Vogue, Lust For Love - One of my favourite 80s songs!
  70. Sloan, The Other Man - Sloan's all over this list, and rightly so.
  71. 54-40, One Gun - This was the first song I ever heard on MuchMusic on the first day it fell to our cable tier.
  72. Rheostatics, Record Body Count - These guys never really broke, but every critic adores them.
  73. Sam Roberts, Where Have All The Good People Gone - Nice choice.
  74. Grapes Of Wrath, All The Things I Wasn't - Brilliant selection. I loved this tune.
  75. Skinny Puppy, Testure - Not my cup of tea.
  76. Mobile, Out Of My Head - I'll pass, it's too poppy and too recent.
  77. Nickelback, Photograph - Bullshit!!!
  78. B. B. Gabor, Nyet Nyet (Soviet Jewelry) - I'm pleading ignorance.
  79. Three Days Grace, Animal I Have Become - Nice try 'NY, this ain't the Thursday 30.
  80. Hot Hot Heat, Bandages - I'm glad Hot Hot Heat made the list.
  81. Jane Siberry, Mimi On The Beach - I must confess to never liking this song. I know I'm supposed to, but it bores me to tears.
  82. The Tragically Hip, Locked In The Trunk Of A Car - It's better for us if you don't understand.
  83. Big Wreck, That Song - My brothers hated this song, but I always like it. It seems I'm not alone!
  84. Trans-X, Living On Video/Vivre Sur Video - I'm pleading ignorance.
  85. Watchmen, Stereo - I miss these guys.
  86. Limblifter, Ariel Vs. Lotus - I hadn't heard this one in a while. It's nice, but I don't think it's top 102-worthy.
  87. Pukka Orchestra, Might As Well Be On Mars - I think the Edge was short on 80s music. Cool video, tho.
  88. Hayden, In September - Wasn't I just writing about Hayden? I love this song.
  89. Strange Advance, Worlds Away - I'd have preferred We Run.
  90. The Forgotten Rebels, I'm In Love With The System (Not Myself) - I get it. You have to acknowledge our punk scene from the late 70s if you're going to recognize Nickelback's Someday. It's still not a fair trade.
  91. The Weakerthans, The Reasons - I caught these guys in the summer and this song was a highlight. When they recreate this list in five years, the Weakerthans won't make the cut.
  92. Barenaked Ladies, Be My Yoko Ono - Our first BNL song and a CFNY favourite, I'm surprised it's not ranked higher.
  93. Chalk Circle, This Mourning - This was my first concert!
  94. Billy Talent, Try Honesty - How many Billy Talent songs made the top 102?
  95. illScarlett, Heaters - Even though I really dig this tune, only time will tell if it belongs on a list like this. I suspect it doesn't.
  96. Pursuit Of Happiness, Hard To Laugh - From the awesome Love Junk, this was a great single.
  97. I Mother Earth, Not Quite Sonic - Three tunes from IME is just a little too much. At least replace this one with Levitate.
  98. Tea Party, Save Me - No way, how can we have three Tea Party songs and only one Moist song?
  99. Rheostatics, Claire - I'm a little surprised another Rheostatics song beat out this one.
  100. Delerium, Flowers Become Screens - Zzzzzzz.
  101. Death From Above 1979, Black History Month - The first of two DFA1979 songs, it's too bad they're now defunct.
  102. Our Lady Peace, Superman's Dead - A great start to the list, OLP had a major hit with this tune.

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A CFNY Gallery

picturesI spent the morning in Brampton with Freddie P. I was greeted with a great cup of coffee and a raisin bran muffin from Tim's, a perfect way to start a Saturday morning.

I was there for our Movable Type education transfer. His web site is now a real blog powered by Movable Type and I was giving him the 101 review so he can maintain and manage everything by his lonesome.

Freddie P has a cool collection of CFNY-related images in his basement. For a long time fan of the radio station, this was ultra cool. I created a photoset because that's the kind of guy I am.

P2245161 P2245156 P2245164 P2245163

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More Edge Analysis By Demand

radioI did this once before. Earlier today I copied the list of songs played on 102.1 in the previous twelve hours and I've added little notes to each one.

People seemed to like that entry from September, but this kind of thing is a little more labour intensive than I like. Still, I'll try to do this every few months or so. Here's the second instalment of Twelve Hours of Edge Analysis.

10:50AM Hostage Life - Sons Of Hostage Life This is a Toronto band with a pretty catchy Rancid thing going on. They get bonus points for singing about Union Station.
10:45AM Pearl Jam - Even Flow Definitely a classic alternative staple. Songs like this don't age.
10:38AM Beck - Loser Another classic. It's nice to see CFNY hasn't totally fogotten us old fogies.
10:33AM Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves I dig this tune. I dig this band. When this tune comes on, I crank it.
10:26AM Moby - Porcelain I was never a big Moby fan, but this a nice track, although I find it a little boring.
10:22AM Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race I conversed with Alan Cross about this song yesterday. You can see his comments here.
10:15AM Sum 41 - Motivation I tired of these guys quickly. They may be from Ajax, but I still can't handle this track.
10:01AM Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) My wife loves this song, I find it boring.
9:58AM Sam Roberts - Bridge To Nowhere This was SLS worthy and I still like it.
9:55AM Neverending White Lights - Age Of Consent This one is growing on me. I wasn't sure at first, but darn it, I think I like it.
9:47AM Three Days Grace - Pain More local talent that I wished I liked more. It's not bad, but it's nothing special.
9:43AM Finger Eleven - Paralyzer Speaking of local talent, this is a rather poppy number from our friends. Remember, Scott Anderson dropped by SLS to chat about One Thing.
9:36AM Modest Mouse - Dashboard The Modest Mouse faithful don't like this new song, but I do. It's SLS-worthy.
9:32AM Cypress Hill - Audio X I don't know this tune! Could someone please send it to me, I'd love to hear it.
9:20AM Our Lady Peace - Innocent It's nice to see CFNY favours Ontario talent. Check out how many of these tunes are Ontario-based musicians. I dig the OLP.
8:51AM IllScarlett - One-A I loved IllScarlett's first single and I love this one. I jack this one when it comes on, which is often.
8:37AM The Tragically Hip - 38 Years Old Damn, I love this track. I'll be seeing these guys next week. I hope they play it again.
8:21AM Linkin Park - In The End I have nothing bad to say about Linkin Park. Their hits, like this one, were fun.
8:08AM Incubus - Anna Molly This is one of my favourite songs right now. Anna Molly is a megalomaniac.
7:46AM Muse - Starlight It's no Hysteria, but it's nice. It's just not memorable, ya know?
7:34AM Nickelback - Figured You Out I'm done with Nickelback.
7:23AM Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit The definitive classic alternative selection. Load up on guns...
7:10AM Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves See 10:33AM
6:48AM Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) See 10:01AM
6:36AM The Tragically Hip - Bobcaygeon With the Hip coming to town, CFNY has upped their Hippage. Of course, their Hippage is typically high, and so it should be. I love this song. Surprised?
6:19AM Gnarls Barkley - Crazy I'm tired of Crazy, but it was fun while it lasted.
6:13AM Pearl Jam - Alive Two songs from Ten this morning. Why the hell not?
6:03AM Finger Eleven - Paralyzer See 9:43AM
5:57AM Stone Temple Pilots - Creep From Core, this is another song that takes me back to the early 90s. Good stuff.
5:53AM Michael Andrews Feat. Gary Jules - Mad World Awesome cover. Not only is it better than the original, but it seems to get better every time I hear it.
5:41AM Green Day - Brain Stew This is the song I think of when Billy Talent's Fallen Leaves comes on. They both share that crunchy guitar sound during the opening. Great tune.
5:37AM Wolfmother - Joker And The Thief Wolfmother has a cool 70s vibe going and I'm digging this track just as I enjoyed their two previous SLS-worthy songs.
5:25AM U2 - Sunday Bloody Sunday You know CFNY is going to throw a little U2 on during every 12 hour period. At least they went old school.
5:20AM Killers - Read My Mind It's okay, I guess. I'll stick with Hot Fuss.
5:14AM Our Lady Peace - Is Anybody Home? OLP has a number of catchy tunes that play well on the radio. This is one of them.
5:11AM Raconteurs - Level Great track from the Rac.
5:05AM Smashing Pumpkins - Zero I've always felt Zero is under appreciated. It's one of my favourite Pumpkin tracks
5:01AM IllScarlett - One-A See 8:51AM
4:57AM Nine Inch Nails - The Hand That Feeds Zzzzzzzzz.
4:53AM AlexisOnFire - This Could Be Anywhere In The World Yeah, I like this track. I threw it on the last SLS. How many Ontario bands are we at?
4:45AM Prodigy - Firestarter Here's a golden oldie. It was good fun, wasn't it?
4:42AM The Tragically Hip - The Lonely End Of The Rink Yeah!!! More TTH - lace up the skates and sing that anthem. Lest we forget the unofficial video.
4:37AM Rage Against The Machine - Renegades Of Funk These guys are reuniting for a really big she-ow. I wonder if Cornell will join them. I miss RatM.
4:31AM DJ Champion - The Plow I must admit, I'm not yet familiar with this one and therefore have no comment.
4:27AM Incubus - Anna Molly See 8:08AM
4:22AM Offspring - Self Esteem Yeah, I'm a carefree teen again! This was a huge song in my circle in the mid 90s.
4:18AM Fall Out Boy - This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race See 10:22AM
4:12AM Hot Hot Heat - Bandages Nice Cancon selection. Great track.
4:07AM Nirvana - Lithium Perhaps my favourite Nirvana track, although that's hard to say. It's awesome.
4:02AM Muse - Starlight See 7:46AM
3:59AM OK Go - Here It Goes Again After seeing that treadmill video a couple of times I grew tired of this song.
3:54AM Eminem - Lose Yourself I must admit, this is still a solid track Mr. Mathers. Oscar-worthy indeed.
3:52AM Hostage Life - This Song Was Written By Committee This one never grew on me.
3:46AM R.E.M. - The One I Love Delving into the R.E.M. catalogue, this is a nice selection.
3:44AM Tokyo Police Club - Nature Of The Experiment From Newmarket, Ontario of all places, home of Serial Joe as I recall, TPC have a nice single on their hands.
3:40AM Queens Of The Stone Age - No One Knows I loved it then and I love it now. Fantastic!
3:35AM Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor This single broke these guys in this country. It's a goodie.
3:31AM Billy Talent - Fallen Leaves See 10:33AM
3:27AM Coldplay - Speed Of Sound Not my favourite Coldplay song, I must admit.
3:22AM 30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday Jared Leto sings for this band, but you already knew that. Their sound does nothing for me.
3:14AM Lenny Kravitz - American Woman A useless cover of a great Canadian song. I hate Lenny for this.
3:07AM Tool - The Pot Sometimes I really like Tool, sometimes I don't. This one is typical Tool, in fact, it sounds like several of their other songs.
3:01AM Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh) See 10:01AM
2:57AM Seether - Remedy Nirvana redux!
2:53AM Green Day - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams American Idot made Green Day relevant again and this might be my favourite track from that album.
2:49AM City And Colour - Comin' Home Yeah, I like it. What are you going to do about it?
2:42AM Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger A beautiful song from Oasis. This entire album is gold.
2:38AM Matt Mays - When The Angels Make Contact It's too early for me to judge this track. It needs a few more listens.
2:35AM Linkin Park - One Step Closer Another Linkin Park hit. I'm okay with that.
2:29AM The Good, The Bad & The Queen - Herculean This is an intriguing project. It's Damon Albarn but it's not the Gorillaz, although Danger Mouse is involved. It's good.
2:25AM Finger Eleven - Paralyzer See 9:43AM
2:21AM Foo Fighters - My Hero I still remember when they played this in Ottawa after Gretzky's last game in Canada. It brings a shiver to my spine and a tear to my eye.
2:17AM Army Of Anyone - Goodbye I haven't heard a lot of this song, and I don't love it yet. In fact, I find it a little boring.
2:12AM Sum 41 - Pieces I'll pass, thanks.
2:07AM Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars Yes, this is a pretty song. Yes, it's easy on the ears. Yes, I tried not to like it but it's highly likeable.
2:02AM Wolfmother - Joker And The Thief See 5:37AM
2:00AM DJ Champion - No Heaven I'm sick of it, but for a while last year I really liked this song.
1:56AM Felix Da Housecat - Ready 2 Wear This song sounds like it's from the 80s and if you like that sound you might like this. I don't.
1:53AM Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix) Firstly, this is the best song title ever. Otherwise, it's a lot like the song above.
1:49AM Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch This must have been part of a trio of 80s inspired dancy tracks. This is the best of the three.
1:45AM Franz Ferdinand - Take Me Out The summer of 2004 and the leader of the trifecta package. It's still good.
1:40AM Streets - Fit But You Know It It's fun to sing this with your best Brit accent.
1:37AM Killers - Mr. Brightside This tune got played into the ground, so it's unfair for me to trash it now.
1:29AM Metric - Dead Disco I like Metric.
1:26AM Gary Numan - Cars The original Cars, nice touch. Numan was ahead of his time.
1:22AM Erasure - A Little Respect Speaking of the 80s and that sound, here's one of the staples. Not my cup of tea, but I was sound asleep when this aired.
1:18AM Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Just look at the next set of songs and you'll catch the vibe. Not for me, but that's okay.
1:14AM Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind A great single that I threw on SLS. One of my favourites from 2005.
1:11AM Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated Speaking of Jared Leto, remember when he took the mic in My So Called Life for Rayanne and finished this song. That was the first sign that 30 Seconds to Mars was inevitable. Great song.
1:08AM Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales Of San Francisco Not as stong as the first single, but still solid.
1:04AM Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl The Chemical Brothers had some cool singles, but this one wasn't one of my favourites.
1:00AM Benny Benassi - Satisfaction Ha! I love the stuff they play in the wee hours of the morning.

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Three Coins In The Fountain

radioI used to listen to a lot more radio. I've been a fan of the medium forever, and I've written extensively about radio here, but lately I've had less time for her.

For one thing, I rarely drive anymore. I used to commute to work and spend a great deal of time in the car, but now I'm strictly a TTC or walk guy. Not driving means less radio. Also, now that my music collection is digitized, it's so accessible and convenient, I'm listening to MP3s more and radio less. It really hit home how little radio I hear when I realized I've only tuned in three station in the past three months.

Those three were...

CFNY 102.1 The Edge - I still tune in my old favourite quite a bit for a dose of Billy Talent, Incubus, The Raconteurs, Modest Mouse or whatever. It's currently my shower station.

CBC Radio One - I tune in 99.1 periodically, mainly for the news. No Toronto station does the news like they do. There are other great programs, like GO or Definitely Not the Opera, that deserve more ears.

The Fan 590 - When I need a sports report or if I just want to hear what people are saying about the Leafs, Jays or Raptors, I visit good 'ol CJCL. I've been tuning in CJCL since the 1430 and Music of Your Life days.

There you have my three coins in the fountain. Not long ago, there were closer to ten coins in the fountain. There was also more time for radio in my life.

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