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Alan Cross Fired from Edge 102

radioThis one comes as no surprise. Alan Cross is no longer employed by Corus Radio. Alan Cross is best known for his long-running weekly rock documentary series The Ongoing History of New Music on 102.1 The Edge.

Alan Cross was there a very long time, starting at CFNY in 1986. It's highly likely he'll continue to create content for Corus, although in a freelance capacity.

Back when Alan Cross was program directory at 102.1, we exchanged several emails that I posted here. Edge 102 avoided Eminem like the plague, and then suddenly played him ad nausea. Here's what Alan Cross said about that. Then, there's that time Good Charlotte headlined Edgefest. That was fun.

Alan's last day was June 30. It's the end of an era, folks, but it's no surprise. Maybe he should apply for this gig.

Fun fact: Alan Cross is married to former CFNY news gal Mary Ellen Beninger!

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Andrew Krystal Fired From The FAN 590

radioThe very fine Toronto Sports Media is reporting that Andrew Krystal has been fired from Sportsnet’s the Fan 590.

The Andrew Krystal experiment at Sportsnet’s the Fan 590 has ended less than a year after it started. “Andrew is moving on to pursue other opportunities within Rogers and we wish him the very best” said Program Director Don Kollins. “A job posting will go up tomorrow for Andrew’s replacement” added Kollins. Although he didn’t say, I expect a summer of the Rog and co to fill in.

You may recall Andrew Krystal was the morning guy on the Fan 590 until he lost that gig in February to Greg Brady and Jim Lang.

Speaking of Brady and Lang, what do you guys think about their morning show? Also, are you as underwhelmed by Mike Richards on TSN 1050 as I am? Which of the two do you prefer?

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Howard Berger Fired By Sportsnet Fan 590

radioIf you're my age, and you grew up listening to The Fan 590, try to remember a time before Howard Berger. Love him or hate him, and the disdain for this man in the Twittersphere is intense, you knew him and you listened to his Leafs reports.

Toronto Sports Media is reporting he's been relieved of his duties at Sportsnet Fan 590.


This YouTubery is aptly titled "Ron Wilson Destroys Howard Berger".

And no, there's no truth to the rumour that Colin Campbell has been hired by The Fan 590 as Berger's replacement.

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Pete Griffin From Pete and Geets, Dead at 81

In MemoriumPete Griffin was 81. He and David Haydu formed the comedy duo Pete & Geets, hosting a morning-drive radio show on CHUM-FM in the early 1970s that was later revived between 1982-1987 on CFNY.

Here's some great audio of Pete and Geets, originally shared here.

I once interviewed my buddy Freddie P about the Pete and Geets show, and asked him what it was like to be a part of it all. Here's what he told me:

Pete and Geets were fantastic. They were Canada's pioneer FM morning show, and here's what I mean by that. In the early days of CHUM-FM they changed the way morning radio was done.

Less music, more talk, irreverent instead of corny and they didn't yell at you like the am morning shows did. When they came to CFNY in 1980, it got even better.

I often find it amusing how much credit Howard Stern gets for bringing a different style of morning show to radio, but his "style" was being established by Pete and Geets before Stern was even out of college. But without the tits and ass.

And of course, Pete and Geets never got the credit they deserved, mainly because they never had huge ratings. But as we've learned over the years, ratings doesn't mean quality.

The current ratings system is a joke and has robbed Toronto of a lot of good radio over the years.

It sounds like I missed something special. Glove tap to @mondoville for letting me know about this loss and helping me verify his age.

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Darrin Pfeiffer Fired From 102.1 The Edge (And LoriAnn, too!)

radioMammas don't let your babies grow up to be radio DJs. In radio, you're hired to be fired. And you don't get to say goodbye.

This entry started on Twitter. Mike Gamble let me know about LoriAnn and Darrin Pfeiffer's dismissals, and LoriAnn herself chimed in.


I first learned LoriAnn was fired from 102.1 The Edge in a comment on this blog on February 11th. In an email exchange with LoriAnn tonight I confirmed she was fired on February 10, told by Edge management "we're going in a different direction and unfortunately it affects your employment".

That's literally all she was told. She's not 100% sure what happened with Darrin Pfeiffer.

I believe they told him that they'd keep him on staff for emergency fill in and situations where they had nobody else... and after a few months re evaluated that and asked him what he wanted and he said let me go. Thats just hearsay tho.

The one good thing about being fired from radio is that you can't take it personally. All the greats have been canned once or twice during their career. It's a rite of passage.

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Humble and Colleen Fired from Boom 97.3

radioThis all seems awfully familiar...

In July 2006, I noticed traffic to this site from folks searching 'humble howard fired'. That prompted me to write "Humble Howard, Are You Okay?".

It turns out, he was fired from Mix 99.9 that day, and I unfortunately broke the story. Humble and I became great friends after that, and we remain good friends to this day.

It's happening again. There are visits to this blog from people searching 'humble and colleen fired'. Here's one example:


The first thing I do when I see such an indicator is visit the radio's website. It's usually a dead giveaway. When a radio personality is turfed, they try to erase him or her (in this case both) from the official radio site. I shot over to to hopefully find Humble and Colleen's smiling faces. Sadly, they were noticeably absent from the hosts page.


It's unconfirmed at this point, but once again, we have a lot of smoke here for there to be no fire. Humble, Colleen, are you guys okay? I've confirmed it. Astral has fired Humble and Colleen. Here's hoping they land on their feet.

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TSN RADIO 1050It's official. TSN RADIO 1050 will launch on Wednesday, April 13.

As we discussed when Mike Richards was hired by BCE Inc., The FAN 590 will have some competition in this market when a second all-sports radio station debuts later this month. Personally, I love this move, as the 1050 frequency was wasting away with a simulcast of CP24 and a little sports radio competition can only make things more interesting for us fans.

Essentially, the TSN ~ Sportsnet battle will now extend beyond the television to Toronto radio. Fun!


It will be interesting to hear the full TSN RADIO 1050 lineup, and final changes to The FAN 590's lineup in response. Maybe I'll finally get my own show...

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Andrew Krystal's Mornings End at The FAN 590

radioWell, that didn't take long.

A mere five months after Andrew Krystal took over the as morning host at The FAN 590, he's out. The experiment has come to an end.

As tame as Landry and Stellick were, Krystal took the opposite approach, seemingly working very hard at being shocking. He was clearly aiming at the kids, and this 36-year old couldn't stomach most of it. He lost me, and I'm guessing he bled out. This is a pretty significant move for a guy who just signed a 3-year contract.

I asked last June if Mike Richards was coming to do mornings at The FAN 590. Apparently, Mike Richards turned down the job last September over pay issues, but is now on his way to the competition.

With Andrew Krystal out, Greg Brady is taking over on an interim basis. Who will get the gig permanently at The FAN 590? Does anyone have an educated guess?

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CKLN Stripped of Broadcast License by CRTC

radioWhat's happening at CKLN-FM? The Ryerson-based station had its license revoked by our friends at the CRTC. They have to cease broadcasting by February 12, 2011.

Here's an email I just received about the decision.

Hi Mike;

I've been expecting you to get up the lightning bolts and thunder at the CRTC for axing my radio station, CKLN.FM 88.1 Friday. A harsh blow, that came to light during my show, with one of the comissioners actually presenting a lengthy criticism of the decision WITHIN THE REPORT. Rumours and disparagements focus on the unresolved messes left for us at CKLN over a decade of tumult. The sincere efforts of the struggling board and volunteers committed to good radio are being ignored and misrepresented so that a conservative agenda can set precedents for strong-arm tactics in all alternative media. Could you look into this, please?

Beware, Toronto, beware, Canada, beware especially, the next generation.

I just read the decision.

In this decision, the Commission revokes, by majority vote, the broadcasting licence for CKLN-FM Toronto, held by CKLN Radio Incorporated, as of 12 February 2011. In reaching this determination, the Commission considered the serious and continuous nature of the licensee’s non-compliance with numerous regulatory obligations, the station’s inability to institute the measures necessary to ensure ongoing compliance, and the lack of confidence on the part of the Commission that such measures could or would be instituted within a reasonable amount of time. The licensee must cease broadcasting on 12 February 2011, by no later than the end of the broadcast day.

What follows is a pretty lengthy list of non-compliance examples, and all the warnings CKLN got. What's interesting is the opinion of Commissioner Louise Poirier. Here's what Poirier wrote.

Hastily revoking a campus radio station licence in Toronto, Canada’s biggest market, will not send a positive signal to the campus radio community, which consists of organizations comprised mainly of volunteers, who unstintingly contribute time and energy to give their community a voice. This decision is consistent neither with the Commission’s usual practice nor with the spirit of Circular 444. In my opinion, based on the evidence before us, the decision to revoke the licence at this time is premature, disproportionate and inequitable.

Does the CKLN board have any recourse? What happens to the frequency on February 13? What do you Ryerson students think of this decision?

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Mike Richards Coming to Toronto Radio

radioThere's a lot of Toronto sports media movement this week. I've just heard Mike Richards is leaving Calgary for a spot on TSN Radio. Wait... there's a TSN Radio now? How long was I sick?

Here's a nice email about it that I just received from Adam.

As a follow-up to your post from June ( Mike Richards resigned today from CFAC-AM (Sportsnet Radio, Fan 960 – Calgary) and per The Globe is coming to Toronto to host the morning drive for CHUM-AM (TSN Radio, 1050 Toronto).

First reported at

Then confirmed at

And then finally officially confirmed at


P.S. Love the blog man, long time reader, first time writer… 

That CP24 simulcast on 1050 was a complete bust. I'm glad to see it dead.

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