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Do You Want to Work at The Fan 590?

On the heels of hiring Dean Blundell as their new morning man, The Fan 590 is looking for a few more good men or women

Well, at least two. There are at least two job openings at The Fan 590 for on-air positions.


Job posting

Sportsnet 590 The FAN has a very rare full time opening and is seeking a Sportscaster for their Morning Show program. Reporting into the Program Director, the talented individual will play a strong role as part of a three-person sports talk show, plus deliver time-sensitive, entertaining sportscasts 3 times per hour.  If you Live, Eat and Breath everything sports, we want to meet you.

Dean Blundell & Co. already includes current morning show co-host Andrew Walker, but Rogers is looking for a third person to work with Blundell and Walker. If that's you, you should apply.


Job posting

Sportsnet 590 The FAN has a very rare and exciting full time opening and is seeking a Co-Host for their 1-4p afternoon show. Reporting into the Program Director, the talented individual will offer strong opinions on the world of sports and be an entertaining on-air and social media presence.  If you Live, Eat and Breath everything sports, we want to meet you.

Greg Brady has been moved from mornings to afternoons, and now they're looking for someone to co-host with him. I actually hope Andrew Walker applies for this job.

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Dean Blundell New Fan 590 Morning Man

A tip of the hat to TSM for some solid sleuth work today. It seems Dean Blundell is returning to mornings on Toronto radio, becoming the new morning man at The Fan 590.

Greg Brady (hear him on episode 76 of my podcast) will move to 1-4pm as Tim and Sid leave radio for a television-only show.

It seems Andrew Walker (hear him on episode 87 of my podcast) will remain on the morning show, but it won't be called Blundell and Walker. Make no mistake about it, this is Dean Blundell's morning show. It will be called "Dean Blundell & Co."

Blundell's longtime morning show on Edge 102 ended a little over a year ago. It was well covered here. Check out these links for a recap:

Based on TSM's tip, I touched base from some people in the know, and it seems like this is happening. I expect it to be confirmed this afternoon.

What do you think of these changes? Will you listen to Dean Blundell on The Fan 590?

Update: All of the above has been confirmed.

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MSM Writes About Radio! (Or How to Save Q107 and The Edge)

Have you noticed how little attention radio gets from the mainstream media? Newspapers seem to all but ignore the format now. I never understand this, because from my vantage point, Torontonians still listen to an awful lot of terrestrial radio.

The lack of MSM interest in radio is why I noticed this article in the Toronto Star about Corus's Q107 and 102.1 The Edge. Corus, apparently, is experiencing a decline in advertising revenue, and longtime president and CEO John Cassaday had some 'splaining to do.

Here are a few of the excuses provided:

  1. The Dean Blundell Show was cancelled
  2. Both stations caught in widespread "rock downturn"
  3. Lack of awareness that Q107 now plays some current rock music

The fix, as Cassaday sees it, is to get the right music, develop the right talent and market the shit out of it. Expect to be pummeled with Q107 ads.

He's right, of course. The right music with the right talent and better awareness of both is exactly what will improve these stations. I'm less sure, however, that these stations currently have the right music with the right talent.

What do you guys think?

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Toronto Radio Ratings: Sept 1, 2014 - Nov 30, 2014

A tweet from @Scroll includes PPM Top-line Radio Data for Toronto from September 1, 2014 through November 30, 2014.

Here it is. I'll share some observations and thoughts on the other side.


That 2.7% share for CFNY sticks out. This entry I wrote about PPM radio ratings five years ago shows CFNY had a 5.4% share. That's a 50% decline.

Is this partially the result of cancelling the Dean Blundell Show? Since firing Blundell, the morning show has changed a few times, a sure recipe for bleeding listeners. Meanwhile, the new kid on the alt rock block, Indie88, chimes in with a 1.2% share. But make no mistake, Edge 102 and Indie88 combine for less market share than Edge 102 had only five years ago, further evidence male-focused stations are floundering.

On the other end of the spectrum, CHFI continues to lead all stations with CHUM-FM slipping a little from 12.1% five years ago to 10% today, still good for second place. CBC Radio One remains strong with an 8.7% share, good for third place overall. CFRB is easily the most listened to AM station with a solid 7.7% share.

In the always interesting battle between The Fan 590 and TSN Radio, The Fan leads 2.4% to 0.7%. Five years ago, when CHUM was merely simulcasting CP24 on 1050, they only had a 0.1% share, so I guess this is progress.

What does everyone think of these numbers?

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Quick Toronto Radio Hits

Quick Toronto Radio HitsThere have been a few Toronto radio developments I thought we might want to discuss, so here's a big fat juicy three-fer.

Indie88 PD Vacancy
The first involves Indie88. They're looking for a new Program Director. I've exchanged emails with their old Program Director, Adam Thompson, and he even promised to appear on my podcast. I should have known something was up when he changed his mind.

The Marsbar Theatre
Then there's David Marsden on 94.9 The Rock. His Marsden Theatre, an Oshawa staple since 2003, airs for the last time on December 14. He's going to focus on his project where $5.99 / month gets you a "boutique 80s stream curated by David Marsden".

Humble and Fred on Toronto Mike'd
Humble and Fred are appearing on my podcast next week, together. I'll finally get to use all three microphones at once. Let me know if you have any questions for this duo, celebrating 25 years together.

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1 Company Owns All English Newspapers in Canada Sans 2

One Company Owns All English Newspapers in Canada Sans TwoPostmedia is buying Quebecor's 175 English-language newspapers, including the Toronto Sun. That means Postmedia owns just about every English-language newspaper in the country, except for the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.

I realize newspapers are dying and the future is digital, but there's an inherent danger in having every paper in the country outside of Toronto owned by a single company. This makes a strong and independent CBC all the more important.

It's not much better on television where the typical news source options are either owned by Rogers or Bell. Again, this is why it's important we continue to fund the CBC, my preferred source for television news.

Postmedia, by the way, is picking up all 175 newspapers for a paltry $316 million. You'd think the Toronto Sun alone would be worth more than that. Is anyone else surprised by this?

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102.1 the Edge Shuffles Show Deck

102.1 the Edge Shuffles Show DeckJust this past March, Fearless Fred switched from mornings on 102.1 the Edge back to afternoons and a new morning show of Dominik Diamond, Josie Dye and Greg Beharrell took over.

Now it seems Fearless Fred is back taking care of the morning shift with co-host Melani and Josie Dye has been moved to 2pm-6pm. Greg Beharrell has moved out west and Dominik Diamond is MIA.

For 25 years the 102.1 morning show was anchored by Humble and Fred and then Dean Blundell, but since Dean's dismissal, there's been a bit of back and forth. We'll see if Fearless Fred (who claims to really, really hate me) sticks this time. I wish him luck.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 11.36.20 PM

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Alan Cross Returns to CFNY 102.1 the Edge

Alan Cross Returns to Toronto's 102.1 the EdgeAlan Cross is returning to 102.1 the Edge where he's spent the bulk of his radio career. You can hear him chat with me about his career in radio in episode 66 of my podcast.

We haven't been told yet what his role will be on 102.1, but we're promised details in the fall. Alan Cross was let go as Program Director of the station in 2008 and completely fired from the station in 2011.

I've been hearing his voice everywhere lately, as he narrates the videos at the Science of Rock exhibit at Ontario Science Centre and he voiced the Bob McCown propaganda film that aired last night on Sportsnet.

His return to CFNY follows the return of Scot Turner and his Spirit of Radio Sundays and a re-embracing of 102.1's musical roots. This is a good thing.

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The Grid Alternative Weekly Paper Discontinued

The Grid Alternative Weekly Paper DiscontinuedTaking the subway to university on Thursdays meant picking up a copy of Eye Weekly. Eye Weekly was a cool alternative weekly newspaper that was distributed for free in Toronto. I always found something interesting to read in there.

In May of 2011, Eye Weekly was rebranded / relaunched as The Grid and continued to publish weekly. Tomorrow's issue, however, will be their last.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 11.25.26 AM

Eye Weekly / The Grid: 1991 - 2014.

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Kathryn Humphreys Gone from CityNews (Updated)

Kathryn Humphreys Gone from CityNewsKathryn Humphreys joined Citytv in 1997 working on CityNews Weekend before moving over to CityNews Tonight. I've just learned she's no longer a part of CityNews.

When my son played tee-ball at High Park, I remember her covering a game as part of her popular Tee-Ball Tuesday coverage.

I always liked how Kathryn Humphreys talked up sports, never taking it too seriously. Here are my favourite tidbits about her as she leaves our airwaves after 17+ years:

  • She is married to Johnny Fay, a member of my favourite band, The Tragically Hip
  • Her father used to own the Oshawa Generals
  • Her replacement at CityNews is my friend's son's girlfriend who Jeff Marek and I talked about in episode 74 of Toronto Mike'd

Here's hoping Kathryn Humphreys returns to Toronto television.

Happy Update:

Kathryn Humphreys has welcomed twin boys. This might be the first time "family reasons" wasn't bullshit. Congrats, Kathryn.

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