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Punch Andrews, Rest in Peace

In MemoriumChris "Punch" Andrews was 43. He was a disc jockey heard locally on Newstalk 1010 CFRB, 97.3 EZRock, and 99.9 MIX FM where his show aired on Saturday nights.

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CTV and Global Battle With American-Made Weapons

tvI recently read about a supposed gunfight at the tv ratings corral. It's a war of words between Canada's private TV networks, CTV and Global. Each is making grandiose claims about how they've got all the important eyeballs as they chase the mega advertising bucks.

CTV and Global are going at it hard with the American produced shows they've each purchased. CTV has Grey's Anatomy, Global has 24, CTV has Desperate Housewives, Global has Prison Break, CTV has American Idol, Global has Survivor. The Canadian networks only seem to get ratings when they air shows they've bought from American networks. There are very few exceptions.

Yes, I know Corner Gas airs on CTV, but can you name another Canadian show on either network in Prime Time, excluding the infotainment shlop and Canadian Idol-like remakes? CBC is pushing Little Mosque on the Prairie, but it's getting stomped by CTV's Private Practice and Global's Back To You, a couple of American shows imported to attract eyeballs and eat our young.

CTV and Global can brag about their success, it's just too bad they can't brag about their successful Canadian programs. We're good at a lot of things in this country, but producing a successful sitcom or drama isn't one of them.

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92.5 Jack FM Morning Guys Fired

radioHere's a Toronto Mike exclusive for ya. One of my radio friends just told me the morning guys at 92.5 JackFM have been let go. I checked around and nobody else has this massive news bomb. Ben and Kerry are best known for those ads with the two grown men slipping out of a giant egg, which you'll see below.

I never heard a second of the Ben and Kerry morning show, but maybe you did, so this exclusive report is all about you.

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Mike Stafford Moved for The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek

radioAM 640 is making some changes. Their Leafs Lunch show did well, so they're throwing The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek in the afternoon slot to try and steal some of Bob McCown's Prime Time Sports audience from the Fan 590.

I'm bummed about this move. I don't listen to much AM 640, but their current afternoon drive guy is top notch. When they move Mike Stafford to make way for The Bill Watters Show with Jeff Marek, they're moving him from the rare block of time I actually listen to AM radio. Others sing Stafford's praises, but there's a publicly declared bias that may mute the sentiment. That doesn't mean the praise isn't justified, because it is.

I've never met Mike Stafford, so when I tell you this guy is the best in show, I mean it. He knows a lot about a lot and tempers that with a good sense of humour and a sensitive touch, but not too sensitive. Also, his knowledge of Simpsons trivia is second to none, although the current format at AM 640 (whatever this current format is) doesn't give him much opportunity to flex that muscle.

If only the AM 640 nerds would give his blog an RSS feed...

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From CHCH to CH to E!

tvHamilton's CHCH television, now known as simply CH, will soon be rebranded E!. I'll always be grateful to CHCH for bringing us The Hilarious House of Frightenstein.

Rebranding today's CH as E! is a kin to putting lipstick on a pig. It's a pig that airs Mad TV, but a pig nonetheless.

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S4 2006 Radio Ratings

radioThe S4 2006 radio ratings are out. All BBM will give away for free is this top-line report (pdf).

Here are the ten most listened to stations in Toronto when sorted by share percentage.

  1. CHFI 98.1
  2. CHUM-FM 104.5
  3. CBC RadioOne 99.1
  4. Q107
  5. EZ-Rock 97.3
  6. 680 News
  7. Classical 96.3
  8. Edge102
  9. Z103.5
  10. AM740

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Global National

microphoneI was just interviewed for Global National. They asked me what movie has changed the way I live my life and with a mere ten seconds to prepare I rambled off something about "The Shawshank Redemption" and the words of Red.

Global National airs on Global at 5:30pm and this afternoon's edition might just include a few seconds of yours truly.

Will someone grab the video for me please.

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Street Cents, 1989 - 2006

tvThe CBC has cancelled "Street Cents" and the last episode will air on October 1. "Street Cents" has aired on Saturday mornings since 1989 and had me as an interested viewer throughout much of the 90s. It's was a rarity on television, a show aimed at youth that had smarts.

During the years I watched, the heart and soul of the show was this guy, Jonathan Torrens, who hosted the show from 1989 to 1999. Today, you'll likely know him best as J-Roc from "Trailer Park Boys", but to me he'll always be that guy who joined up with Benita Ha and Jamie Bradley to fight that evil corporate shmuck Ken Pompadour. The show was sharpest in those early years before they killed off Pompadour's boss.

Apparently, teens don't want "Street Cents" anymore. That's too bad. How will they know what's fit for the pit?

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Humble Howard, Are You Okay?

radioAll day long I've been getting hits from people Googling Humble Howard leaves mix and other similar searches. I rank rather highly for these searches, thanks to this entry about Fred Patterson getting the boot last September. I listened to Humble & Fred every morning for years when they were on CFNY Edge 102 but I lost touch with the geeks that groove when they signed on with Mix 99.9.

All of these Google searches got me wondering if Humble Howard had jumped or was pushed from his morning slot at the station that loves Dixie Chicks and Coldplay. There is nothing on the subject at Google News Canada but a quick visit to the Mix 99.9 program schedule reveals that Steve Anthony is penciled in the 5:00 am spot. Is this simply a vacation for Humble Howard Glassman or is there a little fire amidst this smoke?

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Toronto S1 2006 Radio Ratings

RadioBBM Canada has released its Top-Line Radio Statistics for January 9 - March 5, 2006. Here's the order of finish for Toronto stations, also known as the 5199ers.

  1. 98.1 CHFI-FM
  2. 104.5 CHUM-FM
  3. News Talk 1010 CFRB
  4. CBC Radio One
  5. 97.3 EZ Rock
  6. Q107
  7. 680 News
  8. Classical 96.3 FM
  9. Z103.5
  10. 102.1 The Edge
  11. AM740/Prime Radio
  12. Mix 99.9
  13. Flow 93.5
  14. CBC Radio Two
  15. 92.5 Jack-FM
  16. The FAN590
  17. Jazz FM 91
  18. AM 640 Toronto
  19. Country 95.3
  20. Foxy 88.5
  21. 1050 CHUM

Fellow fans of CFNY Edge102 shouldn't fret. They remained number one with dudes aged 18-34.

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