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Damien Cox Doesn't Quit Toronto Star, Joins Rogers

newspaperI read it in both the Globe and Mail and Toronto Sun, so it had to be true, right? Apparently not. Reports that Damien Cox had quit the Toronto Star for TSN were untrue.

He's staying at the Toronto Star, and according to this Rogers press release, he has signed on with Rogers Sportsnet and Sportsnet Radio.

Sportsnet Radio is what they're calling The Fan 590 these days, and there he'll be a co-host on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. It sounds like he'll take the late Jim Kelley's spot in the rotation.

I hate it when facts get in the way of a good story.

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Biggs and Barr New Morning Team at 97.7 HTZ-FM

radioBecause you don't follow me on Twitter, you didn't get the heads up last night. What else of interest could have possibly been taking place last night?

Here's the tweet you missed.


That's right, Jason Barr, recently dismissed from the Dean Blundell Show on 102.1, has joined forces with Chris Biggs, recently dismissed from Virgin 999, to form the new morning show at 97.7 HTZ-FM.

They start January 17.

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Toronto Radio Ratings

radioOur local radio ratings are out. Here's the top-line radio statistics for Toronto, August 30, 2010 - November 28, 2010.


The greatest share goes to CHFI, followed by CHUM-FM and then the good folks at BOOM. Of course, radio is all about demographics, so these numbers only tell part of the story.

Edge 102 (CFNY), for example, won't worry about a 5.5 share if they do well with young males. Greg Quill reports in the Star, that CFNY is doing just fine in that demo.

The Edge (102.1 FM) held the top spot with men 8-34, earning an 18.8 per cent share of hours tuned (up from 16.4).

Older guys prefer Q107 and woman dig CHUM-FM. Chat amongst yourselves.

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Mark Dailey: Remembering The Voice

mark daileyMark Dailey left us far too soon. I've been featuring retro nuggets of gold from Retrontario's collection for years, and yesterday he came through in grand fashion.

His playlist is simply titled "Mark Dailey - The Voice". Here it is, a tribute to the voice of Toronto, Mark Dailey.

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Mark Dailey, Dead at 57

In MemoriumMark Dailey was 57. He was a crime reporter for stations in Ohio and at CKLW a.k.a. The Big 8 in Windsor before moving to Toronto in 1974 where he worked at Citytv for the past 30 years.

A couple of days ago, as news of his poor health spread, I wrote about Mark and what he meant to the cultural fabric of this city. He truly was the voice of Toronto and he will be missed.

from BBS upload

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Ann Rohmer's Reappearance on CP24

Ann RohmerAnn Rohmer announced she was leaving CP24 back in May. She was leaving television for the aviation industry, as I recall. There was a farewell bash and everything.

On September 21, Susan Cunningham chimed in with the following comment.

It appears that as of today Ann Rohmer is back on CP24 on a regular basis. Maybe the airline industry did not pan out. Who knows.

And the hits kept on coming...

I thought Ann was leaving but she's on CP24 more now than before she quit!

Can someone please tell her to get a new hairstyle?? Those wing things hanging on the sides of her face have got to go.


They should say something if she has returned. CP24 made a big thing for about a month that she was leaving, Tell us CP24 if she is back from the plane ride!! Or the plane did not take off.

All that fuss before Ann Rohmer left to pursue a career in aviation and now she's back like it never happened. I feel like the viewers are due some kind of explanation.

Does anyone have an update as to Ann's reappearance on CP24? Did they make any announcements as to why she is back?

Does anyone know why Ann Rohmer has suddenly reappeared on CP24?

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Derek Welsman Joins The Dean Blundell Show

cfnyDerek Welsman, who I remember as The Blind Movie Reviewer, has replaced Jason Barr on The Dean Blundell Show.

I'm giving credit to @Groked for tipping me off.


A few years ago, when I listened to more of The Dean Blundell Show than I do now, I remember thinking The Blind Movie Reviewer segments were actually pretty funny. In fact, they were often the funniest part of the show. Here he is banging into trees and singing about it.

The Dean Blundell Show is now Dean Blundell, Todd Shapiro, and Derek Welsman.

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Jason Barr Fired from Edge 102

radioEdge 102 (or CFNY if you're an old guy like me) has removed all traces of Jason Barr from their website.

If you visit his bio page or his blog, you'll find this:


Also, The Dean Blundell Show is now being promoted as a duo: Dean Blundell and Todd Shapiro. Jason Barr isn't part of the team, despite being a holdover from the Humble and Fred show (Danger Boy, anyone?) and a founding member of DBS on Edge 102.


I liked Jason, not just because he was a holdover from my Humble and Fred Show, but because he hooked me up with CASBY and Edgefest tickets. I honestly don't know if he was fired, but it wouldn't surprise me. You can visit my Edge 102 ~ CFNY category page to relive the rapid decline of this once stellar station.

Jason, I hope you've landed on your feet. Let us know how you're doing when you get a chance. An uninterrupted decade doing mornings in Toronto is no small feat.

Update: I've confirmed it with a credible source. Jason Barr was indeed let go by Corus earlier today.

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Lydia Stratus Fired, Along With Virgin's Jimmy T, Chris Biggs and Taylor Kaye

radioI don't listen to Virgin Radio 999 FM, but I hear they've recently purged most of their on-air talent. It's an Astral-owned company, so this isn't particularly surprising. Astral's been doing a lot of this lately, I just hope my buddy Humble is safe.

Joining Jimmy T, Chris Biggs and Taylor Kaye in the unemployment line is Lydia Stratus. The 999 Virgin Radio show listing is now primarily made up of imported syndicated shows, by Ryan Seacrest, Perez Hilton and Akon. The only actual local personalities left are the morning duo of Mad Dog and Billie, a lady named Kella and a gentleman named Adam Wylde.

Chatter at the SOWNY forum suggests these latest firings have little to do with ratings and everything to do with a salary dump. Someone there named ahl puts it like this:

It was explained to me by a person in a position to know that it's all about share holders getting a return on their investment. If they can't get it with improved ratings and higher sales then the next option is to cut expenses and the easiest target is salaries. With a few exceptions "spend to make" is gone from the corporate vocabulary replaced with "slash to make".

It sounds like Astral and Rogers employ similar radio management methodologies. Virgin Radio listeners, were Chris Biggs, Taylor Kaye, Jimmy T and Lydia Stratus good hosts? Does their absence have you considering another radio station?

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Mike Wilner Fan 590 Suspension Optically Unsound

radioI used to watch Mike Wilner on a cable 10 show called "Let's Talk Sports". I'm thinking it was around 1990 when my brothers and I would tune in to watch Mike Wilner and this other guy discuss current sporting events. I thought Mike knew his baseball then, and I think Mike knows his baseball now.

Mike Wilner was suspended from working this weekend's series against the Yankees for The Fan 590 following an exchange he had with Cito Gaston.

During Gaston's daily media scrum on Wednesday afternoon, Wilner raised questions about the way Gaston had used his bullpen in Tuesday night's 7-6 loss to Tampa Bay. A brief but tense exchange followed.

Later on his Fan 590 blog, Wilner wrote at length about the exchange, asserting that Gaston had "painted himself into a corner" by using relievers Shawn Camp and Scott Downs too early. Wilner also wrote that Gaston had "belittled" him in front of other reporters.

The optics here are terrible for The Fan 590. The Fan is owned by Rogers, the same company that owns the Blue Jays. From what I've read or heard, Wilner did his job as a reporter. For that he was suspended, essentially a shot across the bows for other Rogers employees (and remember, it's not just The Fan, but Sportsnet as well) regarding criticism of the Blue Jays and Jays management.

When your pay cheque is signed by the same person financing the team you're covering, should we expect unbiased, fair and balanced reporting? Clearly not.

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