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Canada Ranks among the Highest Countries For Streaming

Canada has become one of the fastest countries to embrace streaming. It’s second to the US in terms of subscription video penetration, with the entertainment sector growing more each year. The Canadian television sector is thriving right now. It is gaining global recognition for conductive filming environments and quality productions. Careers in screenwriting, cinematography and producing are lucrative, all of which are helping to bolster the country’s thriving entertainment scene.

Delving Deeper into Canada’s Entertainment Market

Canada has always had a robust entertainment sector, but it is quickly paving the way for online content. Almost eight in ten internet users in Canada play video games on their devices, with smartphones being one of the most popular options. A lot of this comes down to the fact that Canada has a lot of rural areas, so it’s harder for some people to access traditional forms of entertainment. The online casino sector has also grown substantially, due to the rise in Canadian smartphone usage and online streaming.

The online casino market in Canada is projected to grow by 6.44% with each passing year. This is largely due to the increased need for online entertainment. To cater for this demand, Canadian online casinos, including the Ontario casino LuckyDays, are continually releasing new titles to support the preferences of their growing user base. Some of their latest titles now include Tiki Runner GigaBlox, Frozen Age and King Arthur 10K Ways.

Streaming giants, including Netflix, are also catering for this by ensuring that they promote content from Canada while dropping their cheapest ad-free plan to date.

The rise in online entertainment has helped Canadian citizens to stream and game online, without needing access to traditional casinos and movie theaters. This is especially beneficial in a country that experiences 135” of snowfall, annually.

The Online Streaming Act

One reason why streaming is popular in Canada comes down to the Online Streaming Act. This ensures that Canadian music, movies and stories are widely available on the country’s platforms. This works to the benefit of future generations while ensuring that creators get the platform they need to be seen and heard. The act primarily involves broadcasters and streaming services. It’s their responsibility to contribute to the general production of Canadian stories, as well as music. This is to be shown in French and English, but also in Indigenous languages as well.

The broadcasting system also has to reflect the diversity of Canada, ensuring that programs are accessible and without barriers. This primarily caters to those who have disabilities. The Streaming Act launched in 2023 and it is the first major reform to happen to the broadcasting sector since 1991. Canadians will find that they now have more opportunities to see themselves in what they hear and what they watch, while also paving the way for even more Canadian directors, videographers, music creators and writers going into the future.

With Canada being such a thriving hub for entertainment, and with new regulations being brought in to support Canada’s entertainment scene, it’s not surprising to see more and more titles get released from the country. Canada is claiming its spot on the map in terms of streaming numbers, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see more content from the country achieve worldwide critical acclaim.

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