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Entertainment 101 - Best TV Shows to Watch on DIRECTV via Internet

DIRECTV stands out in today's vibrant world of entertainment, where technology and storytelling have joined hands. It's like a wise old TV friend who has embraced the digital era and is now offering a variety of TV series that you must watch.

This satellite TV provider is not only about shows; it’s a storyteller’s paradise. It chooses the top television programs that provoke thought, amusement, and emotional engagement. This is why we are about to reveal the greatest TV shows available on DIRECTV packages, as each one will provide something unique to your screen.

So let's set out on this amazing adventure together in this blog!

Best TV Shows to Stream on DIRECTV via Internet

We'll look into some of the most incredible shows that shine on our screens, capture our interest, and take us to new places:

Better Call Saul

Get ready to be intrigued by Better Call Saul, a compelling legal drama that explores the morally complex realm of law and order. This show, a prequel to the most popular series Breaking Bad, explores Jimmy McGill's transformation into the controversial attorney Saul Goodman.

Better Call Saul offers an interesting look into the development of a legal mind with its rich plotlines, distinct characters, and fierce courtroom confrontations.

Breaking Bad

Are you ready to take a trip into the world of chemistry and criminals with Breaking Bad? This highly regarded television show follows Walter White's development from a high school chemistry teacher into a meth lord.

This show has established a standard for contemporary television dramas with its brilliant narrative, dramatic character development, and mind-blowing suspense, displaying the raw essence of human ambition and desperation.

The Sopranos

Discover the intricate world of organized crime in The Sopranos. Tony Soprano, a mob boss juggling the difficulties of managing a criminal operation and his family's dynamics, is the main character of this multi-layered drama.

The show goes deeply into the psychology of its characters, examining themes of power, morality, and identity as the boundary between criminality and family life blurs.


With Yellowstone, you can lose yourself in the expansive expanses of Montana. The Dutton family is the focus of this contemporary Western drama as they struggle to defend their vast ranch from invading enemies and internal conflict. This amazing show provides a realistic vision of life in the Wild West by depicting family dynamics, power battles, and the conflict between tradition and progress.


Explore artificial intelligence and consciousness in a new way with Westworld. The show, set in a futuristic theme park with lifelike androids as residents, blurs the distinction between simulation and reality as viewers indulge in it.

The complex storyline, philosophical overtones, and moral dilemmas in Westworld force viewers to consider the ethics of technological progress and the essence of humanity.


Outlander is a captivating series that transports you to Scotland's magnificent landscapes in the past.

Follow Claire Randall as she moves between two eras while torn between loyalty, love, and a world of intrigue. The intriguing story of "Outlander" combines history, emotion, and adventure in a way that will take you back in time and leave you wanting more.


The intriguing puzzle game Gaslit is a delight for those who enjoy them. Based on actual events, this fascinating series explores historical mysteries that test your detecting abilities. The show puts you on the edge of your seat and piques your curiosity in a manner that only a true story can as you follow the complex web of lies and discover the truth alongside the main characters.

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Barry is a comedy masterpiece that is as original as enjoyable—introducing Barry Berkman, a hitman who unpredictably develops a love for performing.

This eccentric series dives deeper into the humorous challenges he encounters while juggling his unique jobs, fusing humor, action, and shocking turns that will have you in stitches.

This Is Us

This Is Us, a touching program that explores the lives of the Pearson family is sure to move you. The series depicts the core of human connections and the enduring ties that bind us through their struggles, victories, and ordinary moments.

It pulls at your emotions and reminds you of the importance of love and family through its realistic characters and moving storyline.

In a Nutshell

DIRECTV's move into the digital age has opened up a world of opportunities for viewers. You can watch a carefully chosen selection of TV shows in the comfort of your home that appeal to various tastes and preferences. DIRECTV bundles have something for everyone, whether you're a die-hard history buff, a mystery fanatic, or someone who values moving stories.

You can adapt your viewing experience to fit your schedule by watching these top nine TV shows on DIRECTV online, which makes entertainment a necessary part of your everyday routine. You are no longer limited to specific broadcasting times and can immerse yourself whenever you like in the fascinating worlds of these programs.

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