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Toronto’s Rising Sports Stars: Who to Watch Out for in the City’s Sports Scene

For years, Toronto has been home to several rising sports stars and personalities, from legendary springers like Andre De Grasse, who has yet to retire, to legendary rugby players like Eddie Evans and Aaron Abrams. These athletes put Toronto on the map. With the new era of rising sports stars, who will be the next sports stars based in Toronto? Let's take a look at the top stars Toronto has to offer today.

Summer McIntosh

Canada is well known for its swimmers, but no one ever expected a 16-year-old will carry the nation's flag. The Toronto native, Summer McIntosh, was an athlete to beat entering the 2022 competition. After participating in the Summer Olympics, which had her finish fourth overall, the young Torontonian took it further by participating in her first World Championship.

The 16-year-old swimmer shocked everyone by winning four medals: two gold, one silver, and one bronze. That's very impressive, being her first World Championship. Not long after, she participated in the Commonwealth Games and picked up six medals. She impresses everyone to the extent that many fans are wagering on her across all prominent online sports betting companies like betway that she would be the favourite to shine in the 2024 Paris Olympics. Summer McIntosh is definitely a swimmer to watch out for.

Dalano Banton

The 23-year-old Torontonian burst into the NBA scene with great potential, having completed a rookie campaign that saw him play 64 games. Playing for a team you've seen growing up as a kid is a dream come true. Banton played for the senior men's national team leading them to a fourth-place finish in Brazil.

At such a young age, he has gained popularity among locals. His featuring in the FIBA AmeriCup in Brazil showed his potential as a leader on the court. He frequently showcases his unique skill set as a point guard, racing down the ball with his long strides. As a result, whenever he plays, many fans are always betting on him on betway. He was named to the All-time Star Five thanks to his impressive performance despite his tender age. Dalano Banton is a player to look for and a favorite among Torontonian sportspeople.

Hank Stevenson

Stevenson is a home-based rugby player, born and raised in Toronto. He featured in 6 games for the Arrows Senior Academy in 2022, which made him grab the senior team coach's attention. At 23, he has been training with the Arrows Senior Academy, and the director sees great potential in him. His alignment with the most seasoned players greatly influences Hank's development and evolution to a senior player. He's a Maple Leaf Sevens development graduate and a hometown favourite. Playing as a lock, he is a prospect in the rugby hall of Fame.

Michael Bunting

Michael is a 27-year-old professional ice hockey player. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he started his career as a left winger for the Arizona Coyotes. He later on made a move to the home team and joined the Toronto Maple Leafs in 2021.

Michael Bunting gained popularity and home support with his unique aggressive style of play. He currently has played 82 games and scored 23 goals with 26 assists in the 2022-23 season. These impressive stats make him one of the top Torontonians who fans always show their support by wagering on him on Betway to carry the match. His rise to stardom is being attributed to his stats and role in the starting lineup.

In Summation

Toronto is a big city and home to several sports personalities. New upcoming prospects are ready to fill the legend's shoes and keep the tradition going. With many new young talents being drafted into various sports in the city, there's much to watch out for. Time will tell how the above sportsmen, as well as other upcoming prospects, will flourish and put Toronto on the map again.

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