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Best Whiskies to Drink during the Winter

During winter, there is less daylight, so you will perhaps feel less energized. The skies will be releasing snow torrentially, while the harsh winds can contribute to making winter suck. This makes winter the ideal season to enjoy the warmth of whiskey. Remember that there are certain traits that the perfect winter whiskey must have, and these include a creamy and smooth taste. It should feel warm from both the inside and the outside.

But which whisky will be ideal for you to drink during the winter? Read on and find out the best choices from the long list that is available on the market today.

1. Johnnie Walker Select Casks, Rye Finish

This is one of the top choices, and it's a blended Scotch whisky that offers lots of flavor. Over the years, this brand has built a name, and it’s now one of the top options for people of diverse social backgrounds. It’s smooth, creamy and has some vanilla flavor. The spicy flourish finish also contributes to making it one of the best tasting choices of whiskey that the market has on offer.

2. Balcones Baby Blue

This cork is made in Texas, the United States of America, and it’s one of the few corn whiskies that are available for users today. It’s made from well-selected blue corn, and it’s an easy-to-sip choice, with a light vanilla flavor that fades with relative ease. You have the option to pick up chips, cakes, or cornbread, followed by some hints of caramel and sweeter notes such as berries.

3. Bruichladdich: The Classic Ladies

This classic is a high-quality single malt scotch from Islay. The bottle is attractive, just like the liquid it holds. You will appreciate that the bottle looks fresh and neat. Despite originating from Islay, this wine is pettier. There is enough in the contents of the bottle to give you a powerful tingle. This wine offers a perfect balance of honey, sea salt, and some light-orchard fruit that can never disappoint.

4. Johnnie Walker Double Black

This is another of the blended Scotch whiskies, but it is more intense. The distillers managed to incorporate a surprising amount of peat smoke that is mixed with some salty butter and custard. There are casks that are heavily charred that help to give this toasted blend a malty core.

5. Suntory Toki

During winter, the refreshing aroma of this Japanese whisky can keep you entertained in the comfort of your home. It’s light, clean, and refreshing, with some hints of vanilla that will keep you asking for more.

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