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Top Tips for Sports Betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada has its market as strong as ever thanks to the various bookies licensed in Canada. Players can now bet on big events, have competitive odds talked about in the mainstream media, and use draftpromocode to back their favorite teams.

Canadians love their sports and players who register here will have a variety of sports to choose from including the popular local and international leagues and events. Additionally, you will have several betting markets and options that you can try out on the bookies. Who doesn't like making basketball bets with your friends?

But, there is more to betting than just backing your favorite team. For maximum profitability, players are advised to follow sports betting tips to avoid making avoidable risks and stand chances of getting returns from their wagers. Here are the top tips for sports betting in Canada;

  • Have an idea of Sports

You cannot get going on sports betting if you lack an idea of sports. Firstly, ensure that you are conversant with the sport you are betting on. This will put you in an advantaged position while betting which is crucial. You will be able to understand the favorite, underdog, potential upsets, team stats, and so much more.

You will also need to understand sports betting basics so that you can make the right bet. Some of these basics include the type of wagers, fixed-odds betting, and different markets.

  • Set a budget

With an idea of the sports you are betting on, it is time to get to the most important tip in sports betting. This is setting the budget. Betting has two sides of it. You can lose or win money and the most likely outcome is losing money. So, whether you are betting short-term or long-term, ensure you have a budget set. You can have a daily, weekly, and monthly budget set out. Once you hit the limit of your budget, do not stretch it. Ensure the budget you set is the money you are comfortable with losing.

  • Pick a specific sport

One of the major mistakes players make is being ‘jack of all trades’. There is a pantheon of sports available in the bookies including popular Canadian and US professional and collegiate options. Some of the leagues available include the NBA, CFL, NHL, NFL, and more. Picking a specific sport or few leagues gives you a better edge as compared to a player wagering on all the leagues.

  • Don’t always back the favorite

This is a controversial sports betting tip but has worked for most players. Almost everybody gets to side with the favorite which is fine. However, upsets do happen and the underdogs come out on top. This goes down to instincts and having a better understanding of the fixture. Even the top teams have their bogey teams and you can once in a while back the underdog to cause an upset. This not only makes the sport interesting but also garners major returns.

  • Know when to stop

Sports betting can get addictive and this goes down to responsible gambling. It’s always advisable to quit betting if you realize you are getting addicted. You shouldn’t stretch your budget to make more bets, you shouldn’t chase losses, and take regular breaks. Betting should be fun and not an activity to change your lifestyle. Know when to stop!

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