The Furniture Bank

This afternoon, I was given a tour of the Furniture Bank at 25 Connell Court near Kipling and Evans. It's quite remarkable what's happening there. Here's what they do in their own words, and then I'll follow that up with my own words and photos.

Furniture Bank is committed to offering a hand to the formerly homeless, women and children escaping abusive situations, and newcomer families and refugees. In fact anyone in need of a fresh start.

We work in partnership with over 90 community agencies and shelters to assist individuals who require furniture and household goods for their homes. All items selected by our clients are provided to them free of charge.

Our partner agencies play a critical role by helping to screen potential furniture recipients. This helps us focus on our commitment to ensuring those who transition out of displacement are given the best possible chance to succeed in life.

It all starts with you. Let's say you have a dining room table and chairs you no longer need, or a couch you're replacing, or a television you're upgrading, or dinnerware, or any furniture or household items you're willing to part with, you donate that to the Furniture Bank. You can drop it off, or pay a nominal fee to have it picked up. And before you squawk at having to pay a fee to get your donations picked up, just know that the bulk of their financing comes from those fees.

The Furniture Bank

Your donations arrive at the Furniture Bank and are inspected. Some may be ready for the showroom floor immediately, other items may need cleaning or some additional tlc. I saw chairs getting fresh paint, new upholstery, and other such repairs. Electrical items are tested by an electrician. Once the furniture or household items are deemed ready for primetime, they're put on display in the showroom.

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank

Here's a few pictures of the showroom. Shoutout to Endy Mattresses for donating every mattress that's returned within their 100 day window.

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank

The Furniture Bank

Families in need book appointments through a partner agency and spend time in the showroom deciding what they want for their home. The chosen items are then delivered to the recipient.

The Furniture Bank

It's remarkable what's been happening a short 15 minute bike ride from my home without me realizing. If I was clueless, you may be as well. The Furniture Bank needs your furniture and housewares, but they could also use your money. To donate money, visit All donations come with a tax receipt.

The Furniture Bank

If you're in the GTA and would like your donation picked up, visit If you'd prefer to drop it off yourself, visit

The Furniture Bank furnished the homes of more than 10,000 marginalized neighbours in 2018 and provided meaningful work for over 20 individuals facing barriers to employment. I tip my hat to them!

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Rick C in Oakville

Great alternative to the free postings I usually do on on Kijijji when I have stuff to give away.

March 14, 2019 @ 7:01 PM


Thanks for the info! I was trying to find a way to donate some kitchen stuff to a women's shelter but couldn't find a way to do it!

March 14, 2019 @ 7:15 PM


Furniture Bank is a great service.

A website I use when I want to give stuff away is
You can get or give for free.

March 14, 2019 @ 8:04 PM


Seems like a great organization, but about five years ago another tenant in my mother's senior's
building received some furniture from a furniture bank of some sort (a previous downtown
address, I believe) and it was 'tainted', if you catch my drift. Her next door neighbour lived
underneath this guy and his apt. became greatly infected. My mother had been in this
position a number of years previous and had discovered that she was severely allergic in
that regard. Her building was in the midst of great managerial upheaval at that point and
so the problem persisted for months without proper treatment. At the same time she
was several years removed from an aortic valve transplant, and the great stress plus the
constant infections lead to severe, unrepairable heart damage and thus an early death at the
age of 69. Glad to read here, then, that all donations are thoroughly examined and inspected
before being sent on to worthy homes. Sure wish that had been the case for that dude in
my mother's building. C'est la vie.

March 15, 2019 @ 9:46 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


That didn't come from this organization. They have a strict bed bug prevention process:

March 15, 2019 @ 10:41 AM


No, I know, I stated that it was from some other operation (formerly?) based downtown.
Didn't mean to cast aspersion, it's just the words "FURNITURE BANK" have kinda been
triggering for me ever since.

March 15, 2019 @ 10:52 AM

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