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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 436: Marc Weisblott from 12:36

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 436In this 436th episode, Mike chats with Marc Weisblott from 12:36 about the current state of media in Canada and what you oughta know. This episode is exactly 2:30:00.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Marc Weisblott and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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A Comprehensive Guide to Targeting Local Audience in 2019

Just how important is local SEO? Is it worth implementing a local SEO strategy? Will it bring enough revenue to cover the cost of its’ development? To answer these questions, let's have a look at some of the statistics that drive local SEO in 2019.

source: https://marketingland.com/wp-content/ml-loads/2015/03/mobile-map-local-location-ss-1920.jpg

So far, according to Google, 2019 is looking very good for local SEO. Here are a few of their findings:

We could literally go on all day pulling stat after stat that shows what you are likely already figuring out: local SEO matters and matters big. Moreover, local SEO is mandatory for creating meaningful matches within the SERPs and for streamlining the way people find stuff nearby. It is a simple and very efficient way to get the right people in front of any business in any market anywhere.


There are a number of elements that constitute a good local SEO strategy and you simply cannot neglect or ignore any of them. If your goal is to dominate the SERPs in local searches for similar companies, products, or services, look at the following five areas wherein savvy marketers will be focusing their local SEO strategies this year.

NAP Listings

NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) listings are a critical element of local SEO for any business that wants to rank higher on the SERPs with local, organic searches. Search engines like Google look at all the information on a page and use the available data to determine the sites that should be shown in geo-targeted searches.


It goes without saying the name, address, and phone number of the business should be correct and up-to-date. This is true not only of the company website but in other places around the Web as well. Both Google and other search platforms cross-reference NAP information to validate the information. For this reason, consistency and accuracy are crucial.

Why all the red tape? Simply put, it's hard to know who to trust these days. Scammers and another shady pseudo-”businesses” often don't have physical addresses or headquarters and subsequently do not list this information on their sites. Legit businesses will almost always include NAP lists on their websites and typically rank higher. Google and the other search platforms do their best to weed out scammers.

Local Link Building

Backlinks are the backbone of off-page SEO so integrating a good plan to create more in 2019 should be a part of your overall SEO strategy. Here are a few ways to use them effectively:

Submit your business as a candidate for local awards - Search for awards that relate to your company's product or service offerings and sign up as a nominee. Follow the instructions on the event website meticulously to ensure entry.

If you are unsure about anything regarding entry procedures, contact the organization directly for assistance. Quite often, your business will get some free online advertising with links directing new organic traffic to your site in the form of blog posts and other pages that spotlight the event. Who knows... you might even win.

Local Social Media Platforms

There are two distinct definitions for this one: local pages on major social networks or local networks themselves. We'll encourage you to seek out the latter independently since not every area has its own social network and some that do simply don't attract enough users to make audience targeting on them a viable effort.

source: https://socialmediaweek.org/wp-content/blogs.dir/1/files/banner-social-media-1200x800.jpg

You are far better off reaching out to local groups on the major networks and posting content with calls to action to like and share. It is also a good idea to be an active member of an online group in the target market and build better local SEO there.

Spend the bulk of time and effort engaging where your customers hang out. Do some responsible research and figure out which network(s) provides the best opportunity to engage with users local to your business. Hint: that network isn't always going to be Facebook so don't start there by default – do your market research first.

Geo-Targeted Pages

Geo-targeting involves delivering content that implements specific market targeting to a prospective audience based on geographic location. A business that offers services throughout a particular city, county, or region might, for example, want to create separate pages for different cities, towns, or even neighborhoods.


This is accomplished by seeding each page with variant text and unique local keywords (“quality locksmiths in Parsippany” and “affordable locksmith services in Bayonne” is a good example of how this works).

Local Keywords

The only difference between general keywords a local one is that local keywords are “tailed” with the names of specific cities or locales. Using a variety of local keywords can help get the same page indexed for multiple local searches. To continue with the previous example, using these keywords in the same blog post or webpage can help index the page they're on in three separate categories:

  • Locksmiths in Dutchess County

  • Hudson Valley Locksmiths

  • Locksmiths in Poughkeepsie

Since the business serves the entire region, use Hudson Valley. They also have a presence in Poughkeepsie, which means they're also in Dutchess County.


While this is just a thumbnail sketch of the possibilities, the points above clearly communicate the importance of local SEO and doing it right. If you find it difficult to cover the task independently or just aren't getting the results needed for success, contact a local SEO agency and start with a site audit for local search capability. From there, organizing a better and more effective strategy should be easier to create and implement into your overall content strategy.

Author bio:

Elizabeth Price is a freelance writer interested in education, marketing, and business-related topics. A former Psychology student of Montclair State University, she is still an active learner eager to research almost any topic. Elizabeth also works as an assistant editor at EssayPro, a service that provides top-notch help with academic essay writing. You can reach here on Twitter or drop her a letter.

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Ashley Docking in at 590, Alan Carter and Jeff McArthur in at 640

Both Rogers and Corus issued press releases today announcing changes to their weekday lineups at The Fan 590 and Global News Radio 640 Toronto, respectively.

Ashley Docking will be co-hosting the 590 morning show with Greg Brady and Hugh Burrill. Ashley is the first non-white-guy to have a permanent hosting gig at The Fan during weekday hours in quite some time and assumes the spot left vacant when the station parted ways with Elliott Price. Good on The Fan for adding a little diversity to their frequency.

Ashley, if you haven't heard, was recently on my podcast and it's an interesting listen in retrospect.

Ashley Docking and me

Meanwhile, a little up the dial at 640, Alan Carter will host a new show from 12-1pm and Jeff McArthur will be on the air from 1-3. These slots were made vacant when Matt Gurney and Tasha Kheiriddin left the station. Kelly Cutrara will move to 9am - noon.

And that's your Toronto AM radio update for February 27.

All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio goo goo
Radio ga ga
All we hear is radio ga ga
Radio blah blah
Radio what's new?
Radio someone still loves you

~ Radio Ga Ga, Queen

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Who Are Adult Gamers? What We Know About Them…

There seems to be a bit of a stigma when it comes to gaming as an adult. There’s this idea that the only grown-ups who play live in their parents basement and are sensitive to the light. That couldn’t be further from the truth and it’s quite clear the times are changing.

The gaming industry is worth billions today, and that’s largely due to adults playing and paying. That has seen a shift in focus towards the adult market, after all the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Call Of Duty are among the best selling games of all time.

Genres are expanding, to the point where even adult entertainment is proving a phenomenon in the gaming industry. The likes of MrPornGeek are welcoming more and more gamers than ever before, joining the likes of console games and online casinos as major draws for adults.

That’s only going to continue as technology improves, enabling us to game via console, computers, televisions, with even our cellphones offering high-quality, graphically advanced games.

But who are adult gamers?

Statistics have shown that males are more likely to play video games, and while the majority are younger, over 50% of adults do play, and ultimately they’re the ones with the money.

Interestingly, puzzle and strategy games are the most popular among adults, with 62% of adult games playing both. And that’s capitalised on in the market, particularly on cellphone devices.

The App Store and Google Play has a huge number of games in their range, ideal for commuting, when many adults spend time on their phone.

Targeting that market continues to expand the number of adult games, with apps such as Flappy Bird, Candy Crush and Helix Jump being among the most downloaded games on Android. That’s because it appeals to the modern gamer.

Adults today want a break from the real world in the short bursts of free time while on the go. With puzzle games you don’t have to invest time working through levels and can pause and save progress as you please.

Of course, that’s just one side of adult gaming, with another side also moving into worldwide phenomenon - esports.

The likes of FIFA and Madden, as well as a number of racing games, see mega sales with every release, with younger adults even forging careers by streaming their play.

That’s progressed into arena-size events, with world famous athletes turning up to enjoy the show.

What that’s doing is moving adult gaming away from the reputation that it’s for loners and is looked down upon, to a fully acceptable industry that is well and truly embraced.

Who are adult gamers? Well, they’re just regular guys and girls, just like you and me.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 435: Ted Woloshyn

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 435In this 435th episode, Mike chats with Ted Woloshyn about his years at Q107, CFNY, CKFM and CFRB / Newstalk 1010 and more. This episode is exactly 1:38:40.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Ted Woloshyn and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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5 Facts You Should Understand About Applying for Loans in Canada

The concept of borrowing money to achieve specific purposes is just as common in Canada as any other nation. What you may not know is that there are aspects of applying for a home equity loan or using some type of business loan to make your company more functional that you should consider closely. Here are a few facts about the present usage of loans in Canada and how they may apply to you.

More Small Business Owners are Seeking Equipment Loans

In decades past, it was owners of larger companies that tended to seek out loans for equipment.  While that’s still common, the last two decades have seen an increase in small to mid-size business owners applying for equipment loans. Statistics Canada reports that 51.3% of small business owners have active loans or have paid off loans of this type in the last year. This includes entrepreneurs who may be operating a small business out of the home.

A Quarter of Canadian Residents With Home Equity Loans are Paying the Interest Only

Of the residents who currently have home equity loans, a quarter of these debtors are paying on the loan interest only. This finding comes from a 2018 study conducted by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada using data supplied by the Bank of Canada and other lenders. This reflects a trend in the home equity loan sector that has been present since the beginning of the 21st century.

Equipment Loans May or May Not Require Collateral

Traditional wisdom holds that loans for equipment must have some sort of security. That’s still true in many cases. However, there are more lenders today who are willing to provide unsecured equipment loans. While qualifying for an unsecured loan is more difficult and it’s likely to carry a higher rate of interest, this solution is attracting attention from a significant number of business owners.

Funds for Home Equity Loans Are More Often Used to Make Property Improvements

What’s the single most common use of the funds from a home equity loan? Property improvements and upgrades leads the pack with ease. Lenders like this because it enhances the market prices of the property and helps to lower the risk of doing business with the client when that property is pledged as security.

A second common function of these loans is to purchase properties like lake houses, or smaller second homes as investments. Lenders also like this arrangement, since current policies typically mean they will only lend up to 80% of the market value of the primary property. In the event of a default, recovering the balance is usually not difficult.

While More Equipment Loans Are Supplying Funds to Replace Obsolete Equipment

There’s no doubt that many loans for equipment help start-up companies secure what they need to operate. What you may not know is that established business owners often use the proceeds from these loans to replace aging equipment. In a time when technology can make equipment that was state of the art outmoded in five years or less, securing new equipment can be the difference between maintaining market share and falling behind the competition.

Are you thinking of applying for a loan? Talk with lenders who have experience with the sort of lending that you need. Remember to compare your options and make sure that you can comply with the terms and conditions. Doing so allows you to enjoy all the benefits associated with the loan and will make it all the easier to obtain funding the next time you need it.

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Mark Hollis, Dead at 64

Mark HollisMark Hollis was 64. He was the co-founder, lead singer and main songwriter of the band Talk Talk who had hits like "It's My Life" and "Life's What You Make It".

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Music Has Powers that No Other Art Form Possesses

Music is far more pervasive in modern society than the written word or the visual arts which include television, movies, painting, sculpture and street theater.  Almost every art form uses music in some way.

Music is so important that even online casinos such as Grande Vegas Casino use music as a way to attract gamers.  This phenomenon is now being studied as more and more people find entertainment, from a few minutes of playing to longer sessions, at the more convenient online casinos as opposed to the land based casinos that you have to travel to. 

A Universal Form of Communication

Music communicates through tones and rhythm.  W. Somerset Maugham said in his book, “Aspects of the Novel” that for Herman Melville, whose magnum opus, Moby Dick, is considered unreadable to modern sensibilities, “all was song”. In other words, the plot, characters, and other literary developments in the novel were secondary to the music created by the words and their cadence.

In a similar vein, some have said the Saul Bellow novel “Henderson, the Rain King” should be read out loud.  It was written to tell a story using the same elements of sound that composers use in their creation of music.

Body and Movement

Music allows us to dance.  Yet, in the movie, “Running on Empty” the brilliantly musical young student answered a question posed by his teacher about Beethoven: “you can’t dance to Beethoven”.  This means that Beethoven’s music is a pure form of expression that can’t be perfectly interpreted in words, dance, or any other form.

Because it leads us to dance, music may be possibly the most important element at weddings.  People dance at the background music at simple get togethers and parties.

Some dances are racy and some are simply intimate.  The music sets the tone and is the true “leader” when couples dance.  Many couples use the term “our song” to nostalgically remember those early romantic moments when they were just a young couple getting to know each other better.  In most cases, the song they reference here is a song that they danced to.

Styles of Music

We might disagree about the different styles of music.  Some people find classical music slow and boring while others find rap music impossible to listen to.  Nevertheless, everyone would agree that music is an essential element of life and that without music we would be lesser for it.

There are so many different styles of music that no one can be well-versed in all of them. 


No other art form has the unifying power of music.  From the massive outpouring of teeny-bopper love to the Beatles to Woodstock and so many other examples, we find that music draws large crowds and that these crowds, however large they are, find a sense of community with other concert-goers.

An example from Israel serves to perfectly illustrate this point.  As people gathered in the Haifa Auditorium for the monthly classical music concert, word passed among the audience that former Prime Minister Menachem Begin had passed away.

Beethoven’s seventh symphony was already scheduled to be the second piece in the concert and the conductor, orchestra, and concert managers all decide to make this symphony the first piece and to dedicate the second movement to the memory of the late Prime Minister.

People who attended that concert still talk about it as a highlight of all the concerts they have ever attended.


People delight in seeing trained or, better yet, untrained animals reacting to music.  That some animals can find their own personal expression through music simply reconfirms that music plays a massively important role in everyday life.

Folk Music

This may be the most inclusive of all musical styles.  Most people who enjoy folk music in one language can also enjoy it in other languages.  Classical music may be a more pure form of music but folk music connects people to their national and ethnic histories.

Relieves Stress

Music can calm our tattered modern nerves.  Thousands of years of human history prove this point as parents still sing soft and simple lullabies to their children.  The music is not top grade but the calming effect certainly is.

Stimulates Imagination

As illustrious a scientist as Charles Darwin said that music had no discernible use for the survival of man.  As such, it posed a challenge to his theory of the survival of the fittest.  Darwin said that, “as neither the enjoyment nor the capacity of producing musical notes are faculties of the least use to man…they must be ranked among the most mysterious with which he is endowed.”

We might say that Darwin failed to see the emotional side of survival.  He also didn’t know about the chemicals produced in the brain by positive stimuli. These endorphins produce both physical and emotional well-being.

So Darwin was right that music is a mysterious driving force of survival and as we learn more about it, we will better be able to see the evolutionary significance of music.

Background Music

There is a low level of background music everywhere in modern life from elevators, to when we are waiting “on hold” on the telephone to offices.  In an office, the background music may have the effect of distracting workers from their individual tasks.

Two other forms of background music that calms us, produce endorphins, and are universally loved are birds chirping unseen but easily heard in trees and the sound of the ocean or of water rushing generally.  Many people say that they love to fall asleep to the sound of music on the radio or to the sound of soft rain outside.

In the foreground, music introduces tv shows. In many cases, we remember the music more than we remember the show itself.  The introductory music is a form of entertainment independent of the show.

Imparting Sense to Words

The best songs are a blend of lyrics and music.  Everyone has a short list of their favorite songs and we would expect that every song on everyone’s list of favorites is a perfect match of music and words.

Music cannot end pain but it can ameliorate pain.  Music can lift up our mood even at the most sire moments.


The greatest of the ancient Greek philosophers, Plato said that music is a moral law.  He said that music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind.

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Open Mike

Welcome to this week's Open Mike. I'm Mike and I'll be your master of ceremonies for the day.

Feel free to use this space to vent, rant, share a story and/or ask a question of the hivemind.

Open Mike on Toronto Mike

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Ross Porter is Accusing Me of Slander

Yesterday afternoon, I received the following letter from Howard A. Levitt, a lawyer who claims to be representing Ross Porter.

Ross Porter is Accusing Me of Slander

I replied asking for specifics, and received this response from Mr. Levitt:


I actually didn't know the name Ross Porter until this story broke in the Globe & Mail on June 7, 2018 under the headline "Toronto’s JAZZ.FM91 CEO steps down in wake of probe into sexual-harassment allegations". It opens with this paragraph:

Long-time broadcaster Ross Porter stepped down last week from his position as president and CEO of Toronto’s JAZZ.FM91 radio station on the heels of a third-party workplace investigation, a probe spurred by a letter from more than a dozen current and former employees alleging he had sexually harassed staff and created a toxic workplace.

Naturally, when I've had people like Dani Elwell, Jaymz Bee, Heather Bambrick, Ralph Benmergui and Bill King on my podcast, I had to ask about their experience at JAZZ.FM91. How could I not? It's definitely one of the most compelling Toronto radio stories of the past year. Here's the most recent update from the Globe & Mail. If this isn't the premise for a movie, I don't know what is. As Simon Houpt (who has done great reporting on the story over the past year) put it last week:

A dissident group of member-donors of JAZZ.FM91 triumphed in a tight proxy battle Friday afternoon – capping months of turmoil that began with allegations of workplace misconduct – by tossing out the board of directors of the not-for-profit Toronto radio station and replacing it with their own slate.

Now back to Mr. Levitt's threatening letter. It quite upset me. I didn't think it was fair. I listened back to the aforementioned episodes to ensure my memory was correct. Every reference I made was to an article I read in the Globe & Mail. My guests merely shared their personal experiences. There was nothing close to slander. But to be ultra-safe, I did two things:

  1. I edited the episodes to remove references to Ross Porter. I kept the original source, of course, but had just received a threatening letter from a lawyer and felt this was a quick way to resolve things.
  2. I retained a lawyer and got legal advice.

In hindsight, I should have done #2 before #1, but I digress.

Armed with legal advice, I can say without any doubt that what was said on my podcast was in no way slanderous to Ross Porter. I am angered by the threats and intimidation by Mr. Porter's lawyer. So is my lawyer. He's personally angry that I'm being bullied in any manner. I have several legal options and I'll be considering them all over the weekend. I may not have known who Ross Porter was before, but I do now. And I am not going to let him shut me down unjustly and unfairly. I have done nothing wrong.

The Dani Elwell, Jaymz Bee, Heather Bambrick, Ralph Benmergui and Bill King episodes are all excellent and my my goal with Toronto Mike'd remains to give them a platform where their stories can be heard. I sincerely hope you give them each a listen and consider subscribing. I'll update you on this ordeal as it progresses.

Dani Elwell

Dani Elwell and me

Heather Bambrick

Heather Bambrick and me

Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee and me

Ralph Benmergui

Ralph Benmergui

Bill King

Bill King and me

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Bitcoin Gambling and Casinos Using Bitcoin

Online casinos are revolutionary in gambling and even further, they have a record of accomplishment for swift payments like any other online business. To play at a casino it is obvious that you will have to deposit real money from either of your credit/debit card or any form of e-wallet. However, this case is very different for Bitcoin gambling where every deposit is dependent on digital currencies, which are otherwise known as cryptocurrencies. In simple terms, players are at liberty to utilize a casino’s services, games alike just by the use of bitcoins. With its increasing popularity, bettors prefer it to any other form of payment due to speed in funds transfer and extremely low transaction fees.

A close examination of the futuristic context and present use of Bitcoin in online casinos will reveal some background info that only a few players are aware of. First, financial privacy and freedom in online business is a paramount consideration and more so, in gambling where digital currencies are in use. That given, one of the biggest perquisites of Bitcoin gambling is safety and reliability. In particular, how safe gambling with Bitcoin is considering the lack of a central authority to govern it is a question that wets many gamblers. Yes, it is a secure system but follow below to know why.

Safety of Bitcoin Casinos and Gambling

Besides the security of a casino to its players, Bitcoin wallets are secure and incorruptible with zero paperwork. Instead, a digital ledger records all public transactions publicly through a network available to those on the blockchain. This implies that players will have complete security of their money via any wallet that they choose.

You are probably aware that with Bitcoin you can send your currency anywhere around the world and as such it is entirely possible to play with a casino that is restricted in your region provided it has a digital currency form of payment. Also, know that with a wallet (mobile, online, desktop, and hardware) it is customary to play Bitcoin games without a registered account.

Other safety measures could be under your preferred Bitcoin casino not forgetting personal precautions. However, with a high number of such casinos in operation, it is no small task to hint on a safe Bitcoin casino. To make an educated choice you need to employ the same criterion as used in determining provably fair casinos but remember to follow existing reviews from the gambler community. For instance, on matters to do with Bitcoin gaming consider looking at a casino’s sportsbook, Bitcoin dice, live dealers and others like poker.

Best Variations of Bitcoin Casinos

If you know what you are looking for in a casino, you will probably not require detailed assistance. The case seems to take a different turn when dealing with Bitcoin casinos where choosing a site to trust is quite intimidating. To do justice to your sacrifice, Casino Public has rounded-up a list of the leading casinos that you might need to do some bit of research on before submitting to their opinion. For precision, those that made the threshold whilst using secure hash algorithm SHA256 include:

  • Bitstarz

  • Cloudbet

  • FortuneJack

  • mBit

  • FairGo

  • BitCasino

Although the Casino Public site does not give insights into how players should make safe Bitcoin deposits to their preferred casinos, they have enumerated some of these casinos chronologically depending on their rating and their category. Be quick to check whether your country/ region players are accepted against the list of those casinos. To make good use of your digital currencies on some of these sites, embark on reading more about what other players and independent persons of interest are saying through their reviews about gambling and payments.

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Peter Tork, Dead at 77

Peter TorkPeter Tork was 77. He played bass and keyboard The Monkees, a band best known for hits like "Daydream Believer" and "I'm a Believer," as well as The Monkees television series that ran from 1966 to 1968.


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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 434: Michie Mee

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 434In this 434th episode, Mike chats with Michie Mee about the roots of Toronto hip-hop, her rap battles, breaking out with Jamaican Funk, Raggadeath, Flow 93.5 and more. This episode is exactly 1:22:08.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Michie Mee and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Don Newcombe, Dead at 92

Don NewcombeDon Newcombe was 92. He was the first pitcher to win the Rookie of the Year, Most Valuable Player, and Cy Young Awards during his career, the first black pitcher to start a World Series game, and the first black pitcher to win twenty games in one season.


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How to become a sports betting professional yourself

Sports betting is a trend. The number of participants is increasing year by year and so is the number of betting providers. The great demand attracts a large supply, which is well known from business administration. For the most part, sports betting is a hobby that has evolved over time. The first step for the majority is the general interest in sport, then the interest becomes bigger and more specific. At some point you reach the point where you know so much about sports that you can measure your knowledge against experts and use it for sports betting. That's why many people dream of making big money with sports betting. This works on a small scale and there is now also a group of betting professionals who earn their living with sports betting. The following article explains how this step can be taken and which paths lead to a professional sports betting provider.

The way to independence in the betting business

The desire for independence is present with many. The idea of making money from home is tempting. With sports betting you are even able to realize the desire to travel, as you only need a device and Internet access. This allows you to obtain the necessary information, research and place bets online. In addition, many are generally very interested in sport. Of course, not everyone is a football fanatic, but then it's basketball, Formula 1, tennis or American football. There are endless sports and on most of them bets can be made. Thus the foundation stone to earn money with sports betting is quickly laid.

What requirements do you need as a betting professional?

In order to be successful in the betting business, you have to meet certain requirements. This applies not only to sports betting, but to all activities, whether hobby or profession. In order for the prospects of successful sports betting to be good, the following requirements must be met. The first and most important principle is to start slowly. It would be very unwise to reckon with the big profit right from the start and to gamble away the available money right away. Every beginning is difficult and also setbacks will come to you. It is important to maintain motivation, learn from mistakes and not lose sight of the goal. In order to be able to type sports bets successfully, you have to deal with sports and all sub-areas. If you are only interested in betting on a small scale, it is enough to deal with the most important information of a sport and its league. If you want to take further steps towards self-employment in the betting business and want to make a living from it, however, you have to go deeper into the matter. Then a lot of time is invested every day to find out about different sports and betting areas.

Information is the be-all and end-all

If you are thinking about establishing yourself in the betting business and thus earning your main income, the following must be clear. There is a decisive difference whether you bet on your favourite team of the first league for fun and hobby or make professional sports bets. Preferences for a team, emotions for a game or players are out of place in the professional betting business. There is also a certain loss of fun factor. Sport is then no longer a hobby, it becomes a profession and a daily routine. For hobby sports betting, the first Bundesliga is exciting and the goal of betting. However, betting professionals are not active in this league. Also, the Champions League or the World Cup are completely uninteresting for professional bettors. The goal of the betting professionals are the regional leagues or the U21 national games. Bets will no longer be based on the interest in a team or sport, but on the hunt for good and secure odds. It takes a lot of time, patience and knowledge where to find the high odds to find them. To be successful in the betting business, research is the most important thing. Various sources are used for this, the information is analysed and evaluated. It takes some time to learn this, successful betting professionals usually have years of experience in sports and betting.

How to earn money with sports betting

A further prerequisite for participation in professional sports betting is, in addition to expert knowledge and time expenditure, financial security. In order to make a profit with sports bets you need the possibility to bet a lot of money and to have a reserve. Even betting professionals sometimes get nothing, then there must be sufficient security to keep the business going. The win on a successful sports bet is calculated by multiplying the bet amount by the odds. It makes a difference if you bet 100€ on a quota of 4,00€ or 1.000€. In principle, there are two ways to earn money with sports betting. Either you are an active player and make sports bets or you pass on your knowledge to others and demand something in return. Then you sell tips for individual betting options and tell others which bets are safe. In both cases it is crucial for success to deal extensively with sport and betting. Ultimately, one arrives at a working time framework, as is also usual in other professions.

The sports betting business

The sports betting industry is a complex market. In fact, very few make the leap and can live on sports betting. If you have this goal in mind, you have to come to terms with the idea that you are no longer typing for fun and excitement, but because it has become your profession. Exotic bets or risky options such as live or long term bets are just as uninteresting for betting professionals as the popular leagues are. The basis for sports betting, whether in small measure or professional business, is expertise. Without sufficient information and an extensive analysis of these, no successful bets are possible. This includes evaluating the information down to the smallest detail. The data obtained is used to make forecasts and develop own strategies. Further topics can be found on Bonus.net. On the platform are sources about sports and betting as well as how to operate successfully in the market - as a novice and as a professional player.

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Who are the best sports betting software providers in the world

Sport is an important part of life. Almost everyone pursues a sport more or less actively. Those who don't find football interesting can watch Formula 1, handball, tennis or athletics. Sports betting is also becoming increasingly popular in this country. This is probably due to the fact that the range of betting providers is becoming ever larger and more extensive. This can be seen in the advertising of the providers alone. The familiar faces from football used to be available for bookmakers, but tennis players, racers and golfers are now also advertising the big providers. But it is not only the range of sports on offer or even the advertiser that speaks for a good betting provider. The most important criteria for good betting providers are briefly explained in the following article.

The legal basis - The license for gambling

Sports betting is regulated by the Gaming Act. The reason for this lies in the definition of gambling. A game of chance is determined by chance and the outcome of the game lies in the future. Therefore, the betting providers need a valid license for gambling, as do online casinos and real casinos need. The majority of the licences come from Malta, Gibraltar and Curacao. Other countries are England and Schleswig-Holstein. In these countries gambling has been legal for a long time and the rules for bookmakers are clearly defined. This has the advantage for companies that they can plan and carry out their activities on a legal basis. In other countries, this does not yet work so one-way-free, as the legislation varies from country to country and is still extensively discussed in politics. The customer benefits from the license in the sense that the offer as well as the company is state-examined and regulated. Thus, the offer of sports betting is fully legal and safe.

Certificates as a further quality feature

If one goes on the search for a respectable bet offerer one encounters different test seals, similarly those with life and household products or other services. They provide information about the security of a page, the quality of the offer, the variety of payment methods and other services. It goes without saying that the more certificates a platform has, the better and more secure it is. In Germany, such certificates for sports betting providers are issued by TÜV or the lottery company. The certificates and the license usually do not have to be searched for long. They are usually displayed directly on the start page. After all, these are the most meaningful characteristics for the security and seriousness of the provider.

The offer of betting options and odds

On average, a bookmaker manages between forty and fifty different sports. Each sport is accompanied by individual countries, competitions and leagues. In total, this results in several thousands of games and sporting events on which you can place different bets. For example, you can bet on football in Germany from the first Bundesliga to the regional league. There are then again numerous betting options per game. Several thousand betting options are possible on a match in the first Bundesliga. The number of possible bets on popular sports, leagues, tournaments and teams is around 40,000 different betting options. This clearly shows how extensive the betting provider's platforms really are. There is a odds on every betting option. The quotas have several functions. On the one hand they indicate how high the winnings of a betting option are and on the other hand how probable the event is. Each quota is based on a statistical probability calculation. The higher the odds, the riskier and less likely is a betting option. That would be, for example, the victory of an outsider against a clear favourite. The quality of a betting provider is therefore reflected in the variety of sports, the number of betting options and the value of the odds. There are differences, so a bookmaker can manage many sports, but fewer betting options, but which on average have higher odds than other bookmakers. The number of sports, betting options and odds can be found on the homepage of the betting provider.

Fullest customer satisfaction

If you are active on the Internet and want to buy a product, order a service line or create an account with a particular provider, customer reviews are a way to get more information. By means of the opinions and reviews of active and former customers, details can be obtained, for example, about the user-friendliness of a page, the depth and breadth of the offer or the competence of the support. However, you should read the customer reviews on different platforms and compare them with the information provided by the betting providers. In addition, you should only include some of the opinions in the decision, as there have already been cases at online casinos where customer opinions were bought and falsified. They rate some online casinos as good, causing many to open an account there and deposit money. The money was finally lost. However, one can protect oneself against this by paying attention to the licenses and certificates of a bookmaker.

The amount of information provided

Sports betting is a hobby for the large customer base, only a tiny part make it their profession and live from the income. Whether you place sports bets once a month, once a week or several times a day, one thing is always crucial for success. In order to minimize the risk of sports betting, information is needed above all. These refer on the one hand to sport by actively following the news about sport and on the other hand by analysing the statistics and tables. The other section refers to explanations, tips and tricks from professional betting professionals. The latter is very important, especially at the beginning, in order not to act blindly on the betting market. There is a lot of information and tips about which leagues currently offer particularly high odds, which betting options are safe or what strategy there is to drive success further.

The search for a betting provider

A qualitative bookmaker is also distinguished by the fact that both areas of the information are made available on the platform. This means that you don't have to search for information outside the site, but can research extensive news about sports, read tips for successful bets and place bets via a single platform. You can only benefit from the knowledge and experience of the betting professionals who can be found at Wettenerfahrungen.com. Thanks to them, the learning process is accelerated and the chances of success improved by learning from the mistakes made by the betting professionals themselves at the beginning and thus avoiding them.

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What type of bets are there?

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular. It is actually a matter of course, as sport is very important in this country. The trend for more people to sign up with an online betting provider every year has been rising for years and there is no sign that this should change. Despite the already very large following of sport bets there are still many uncertainties in the society about the topic. The following article briefly explains why the image of the business is not flawless. Furthermore, the most important facts are explained and illustrated how sports betting works and which types exist.

The history of sports betting

Bets have existed since the dawn of time. Sports events have always been a popular target of betting. There are indications that people were already making sports bets in public many thousands of years ago. At that time it was a normal hobby of many people. It was a means to pass the time and served as a distraction from the stressful and at that time still dangerous everyday life. The Romans, for example, used bread and games to distract themselves from war, social and political grievances. In the history of sports betting, there have always been lows at which the credibility, seriousness and safety of bets have led. Due to manipulations, which already existed at the first Olympic Games a little more than two thousand years ago, the quality of the games and bets fell sharply. Later on, criminal gangs took over the business to a large extent, which meant that the safety of the players in particular was no longer guaranteed. However, there were also allegations of manipulation against the sports associations themselves, as in the recent past against FIFA. Purchased referees, players or entire teams made sure that the seriousness of the business was lastingly damaged. For this reason, there is still a rather negative picture of sports betting in general society. The eventful past and the fact that sports betting on the Internet has only recently become possible in Germany, namely since 2011, means that the perception is not positive.

This is how sports betting works today

The development of the Internet and technical devices has improved everyday life in many areas. Nowadays, you are always online, everywhere and able to share life with other people or be active on the World Wide Web. This has also benefited the sports betting industry. Currently, most sports bets are placed online. This made the hobby safer because it was easier to regulate. Although the black market in sports betting and the sum, with more than 200 billion euros each year, is still enormously high, the number of players and thus the sum of the black market continues to decline. The market was redefined by the Internet and control was much more effective. The participants benefit most from this. No matter how much you bet and how high the odds on a bet are, you can be sure that you will get the amount you won. Of course, this only applies to betting providers with a valid licence for gambling and a test seal. These two criteria are the characteristics for the security and reliability of a platform. If these are available with a supplier, one can be completely sure that the offer is legal, checked and trustworthy.

The offer of the betting providers

In order to better explain the types of bets, it is advantageous to first get an overview of the entire offer. On average, a betting provider manages between 30 and 50 different sports on one platform. It is therefore not necessary to create an account with a specific bookmaker for each sport you wish to bet on. Several countries and leagues are offered per sport. Thus it is possible to bet on sports bets on football in Germany on the matches of the league one to four, in France also on several leagues, Spain, Italy, Portugal, England, other European countries as well as non-European length and leagues. The number of sports, countries and leagues alone makes it clear how large and extensive the betting providers' range of games is. But these are the individual sporting events as a whole. On each game there are again several thousand possibilities at bets.

The types of sports bets

There are numerous bets on every sporting event. There are more than 40,000 different betting options for a match in the first Bundesliga alone. These can either be submitted individually or combined. The different types of bets are explained briefly below.

A single bet is a single bet on a sporting event with a single betting option. For example the winner of a game or the fastest driver of a round. If one amount is bet per single bet, the bet is wrong and the money bet is lost. If the bet ends well, the amount wagered will be deducted from the odds, resulting in a win.

A combination bet is the combination of several individual bets on which a stake is placed. An example are the winners of several game pairings. If all sports events run according to plan, more profit is made, but if only one bet option is wrong, the entire stake is lost.

The system bet is the combination of several combination bets. The big difference, however, is that even if a bet goes wrong, you can still win. This means that the risk is better distributed, as several bets are placed at the same time, whereby one or the other bet may also end negatively. The chances of winning and the possible winning amount is much greater as many individual bets are made at once.

Long-term bets and live bets are not separate types of bets and count as single bets, but they are also special types. The names are more or less self-explanatory. Both species attract with high quotas, as both are very complex and risky.

For sports betting you need a betting provider

It should be mentioned that beginners should only start with single bets. The other types, including long term and live bets, are very complex, risky and should only be played with sufficient experience. More sources on sports betting, strategies, tips, tricks and explanations on the different types of bets can be found on (source: Wettenerfahrungen.com). Sports betting, although a hobby and leisure activity, is a risky and complex undertaking. Long-term success can only be achieved with sufficient information, experience and skills.

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How do I protect myself from Fake Casino Apps?

More and more people are enjoying casino apps for the tablet or mobile phone. One can pass the time at any time and anywhere without hesitation. Whether you're on your way to work, at lunchtime, waiting for someone to arrive and much more. But is the casino really safe on the internet and can you use such casino apps with a clear conscience? The media are already warning against dubious online games, as this market has grown enormously in recent years. State control cannot yet keep up with this enough to keep a 100 percent eye on this area. In the Internet it is very easy to exploit certain loopholes in the law, probably also through the possibility of anonymity. Some people are tempted to get fast money by dishonest means. That's why this article will address some tips to help protect you from fake casino apps. So you can enjoy the pleasure of playing and earn one or the other Euro in addition.

So cheat the fake casinos

The guidelines of the Apple App Store and the Google Playstore have fortunately been changed in the past so that no more apps can be offered here that support gambling with real money. Accordingly, the customers have to pay attention to dubious offers of the fake apps. Casino apps can be downloaded via the Playstore of Android, but this is only a pure gambling application where no real money betting is possible. Better said, after downloading the app, users only play for fun for play money. So it serves to protect the customers that you can't play with real money, so there are almost no fake apps in the Appstore.

However, now almost all online casinos go an alternative way. And they don't offer apps anymore. The complete casino offer was adapted for the browser of all mobile devices. Quasi a special version of the normal website that opens automatically when you open it with a normal browser from your smartphone or tablet. This ability to play in an online casino is especially popular for less common Windows or Blackberry software smartphones. However, users with an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet can also benefit from this uncomplicated variant.

This is where the scammers come into play. These programs usually hide malicious software that fraudulently tries to obtain money or private information. With the help of so-called affiliate links (advertising partners), the operator receives either a one-off payment or a share of the net losses. So if you register for an online casino through a fake casino portal, the sums that are converted are passed on to a third party. So it's hard to locate the real culprit.

Important criteria that a reputable online casino must meet


A good online casino has a transparent platform to gain the trust of its customers and to provide a good overview. Licenses such as those from Malta or Gibraltar or even one of the coveted Schleswig-Holstein licenses have a certain degree of security and professionalism. For casinos with a license in Europe, you can always contact the authorities. Here, special cases are examined by independent parties. Without a reasonable license there is of course no contact person. And you can quickly put your money on the line. Because the scammers don't just want to get at the money they're playing for. Personal data, such as credit card data, is also stolen and hacked.

Read test reports / empirical values

The test reports on the Internet are also very helpful! If a provider has a state-approved license, it is a great advantage to read the customer reviews. It is then also quickly apparent whether this online casino actually appeals to you with the offer. But as I said, always pay attention to the license. For some fraudulent sites and apps, such as Ares Casino, 77 Jackot and Futuriti, there are also good fake ratings. Who then appear to be trustworthy.

Unbeatable offers

Some casino offers are too good to be true. This is especially true of fake casinos. While licensed casinos must of course somehow get the bonuses they distribute to the players back in, it is no problem for casino scammers to promise huge bonuses. Because the slots are usually manipulated, so that even with a 500 € bonus you are quickly on the losing streak. But if you win, the fake casinos keep the money and just close the account.

data protection

All reputable and trustworthy online casinos, as well as the major banks, use SSL encryption to protect personal information and payment history. This encryption is always up to date and offers customers security. If a platform uses something else for processing payments, this is a sign of curiosity. And it's better not to get involved. Because with advanced technology, our data are also our possessions.

Protection of minors & players

Good reputable online casinos also attach great importance to player protection and especially to the protection of minors! Whether a supplier also offers for his own control possibilities. For example, a summary of the games in the form of a table or how much money you have already played. Before a payment is made, proof of identity is also required again.  This shows whether the provider is working with right means.

Spiritual Theft

The criminals often don't even bother to create a fake app themselves. Not only the games are stolen, but also pictures, yes even the AGBs are copied in places simply by other online Casinos, in order to work credibly.

Dishonest customer service

Also the customer service is a good indicator for a serious online casino! One should always attach great importance to the customer service, since one recognizes here clearly whether one can trust the casino. At fake casinos it is often the case that nobody answers back or someone answers in a foreign language that you don't understand anyway. Or simply false information is given, for example about the license. There can also be very long waiting times for payment. If anything ever gets paid out.

The bottom line is that it is important to find out a lot about the online casino. If you haven't found a suitable provider yet, you can find some examples outstanding operators at Sportwetten.org. The above mentioned criteria should be considered in any case in order to pursue the pleasure of online casinos. Once you have found a reputable online casino, nothing stands in the way of fun!

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How Can We Deal with Contradictory Health Claims?

Everyone wants to get healthier.  Some people are more successful than others at getting and staying healthy.


Some people exercise every day and some occasionally.  Some people never eat sugary foods and some eat sweets as a treat only on the weekend.   Many people eat sugary foods at every meal.  People are also becoming more aware of the value of playing games or just laughing as a way to reduce stress which contributes to poor health.  There are many different ways to play games as a way to remove stress such as online casino gaming, playing computer games, and actually playing the games physically.

In short, we all have our own way of maintaining our health.

Researching Health

Some people try to do their own research on health issues.  Here is where a big problem lies: especially online but also from the professionals we talk to, there is a lot of contradictory information about health.

What to do?

What Once Was Healthy

We heard not so long ago that a small amount of red wine is good for us but we now hear that even small quantities of alcohol taken every day is not good for us.

We read that potatoes are a great source of fiber and other nutrients but now we read that potatoes are like other “white” foods such as white rice, table sugar, white bread or pasta and so on: potatoes turn into sugar in our bloodstream quickly and that’s not good for us.

Lactating women were told to drink beer because the yeast is good for them.  Then they were told to stay away from alcohol.

Dairy was once a healthy food but we now hear that dairy might not be the healthy food we once thought it was.  And so goes yogurt.

Margarine was developed as a healthy alternative to butter.  Now, margarine is a hated trans fat.  Butter made a small revival and was then replaced by olive oil.

So, now, even olive oil, once the centerpiece of the healthy Mediterranean diet is being criticized for a link to cancer and other problems.  The Arab men who lived long lives and drank a thimble-full of pure olive oil every morning might say otherwise.

Corn oil was developed as the healthy alternative to lard.  Now, while lard is still not considered a healthy fat, corn oil is no longer seen as the savior of the desire for good health.

The ketogenic diet says that we should eat far less carbohydrate and replace it with protein foods and fat.  The Pritikin formula is to increase whole non-white carbohydrates to 65% of our calories while fat gets 15% and protein gets 20%.

Soy is good as a replacement for meat but soy has female hormones which may be bad for men and may be bad for some women as well.

Ocean fish such as salmon are rich sources of omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients but the salmon flesh is polluted to the extent that it can no longer be considered a healthy food.

Correlation versus Causation

One of the problems we have in finding the right formulas for ourselves is to understand the vast difference between a correlation and a cause.  There might be a higher incidence in some cancers amongst vegan women but that doesn’t mean that their vegan diet caused their cancer.

There might be a higher correlation of diabetes amongst people who drink soft drinks but that doesn’t prove that the soft drinks cause the diabetes.

Ill health has many causes so, what to do?

Listen to Your Body

Your body can tell you if what you’re doing is good for you or bad for you.  Many people have given up on dairy foods because they cause a build-up of mucus in the body.  Others give up dairy because it contributes to joint inflammation.  Still, others give up dairy because they are afraid that the hormones given the cows might have a deleterious long term effect on them.  And many people eat dairy freely with no side effects.

You can try the ketogenic diet for a short period of time.  If you feel good and you don’t miss starchy foods, you can stay on the diet.  The same applies to the Pritikin diet: you can try it out for a period of time and evaluate how you feel physically and psychologically.

Both the ketogenic diet and the Pritikin diet have vocal advocates but some people on the keto diet find themselves with terrible cravings for such foods as an apple while people on the Pritikin diet may find themselves craving pizza or steak.

Both of these diet plans are radical and few people can stick with them long term.


The same holds true for the vegan diet.  It is so restrictive that people who are not completely committed to it psychologically fall off the vegan formula at some time.  One of the biggest problems with the vegan diet is that while it restricts animal products it doesn’t restrict calories and many people gain weight on this eating system.

Read Labels

There are many different forms of sugar.  Learn to recognize them so you can determine if any given food is a sugary food or has just a very small amount of sugar.

Some people do very well by eliminating as many processed foods as they can.  This is not easy as most foods are processed but foods with long shelf life are more highly processed than foods with a short shelf life.

American beer brewed in a large company has sugar and preservatives while beer brewed under the German government formula has only four ingredients: yeast, barley, hops, and water.

Whole grains have more fiber and other nutrients than processed grains but they become the same amount of sugar in your bloodstream albeit less quickly than processed grains.

Eat Less

Even if you don’t have any chronic disease, the food you eat has to processed by your body in some way.  In your stomach and intestines, the food is converted into sugar.  This process is slow for some foods and very fast for others.  Protein foods are converted to very little sugar and oils, not at all.

A healthy body then produces insulin to take the sugar from your bloodstream to your millions of cells.  Too much sugar in the blood damages internal organs.  This may be a slow process but it is also an inexorable one.  A healthy body will take all the sugar to the body’s cells where if there is too much sugar it gets converted into body fat.


We can’t know for sure which health information is best for us unless we perform our own experiments on ourselves.  Until we know for sure, the best way to stay healthy is to eat small meals and get some exercise every day.

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Mimico Mountaineers vs. St. Michael's College Kerry Blues

In my hood, many kids grow up playing lacrosse. It's not uncommon to spot automobiles sporting a Mimico Mountaineers bumper sticker.

Forever I've seen the St. Michael's College Kerry Blues logo. I just assume these cars belong to the proud parent of a St. Mike's student athlete.

Only recently did I realize how similar these two logos are, and that I often don't really know which one I'm seeing. Here's a quick comparison.

Mimico Mountaineers Logo


St. Michael's College Logo


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Corporate Podcasts: Have Studio – Will Travel.

It's been a few months since I last wrote about corporate podcasting, and now that TMDS is set to celebrate its six month birthday, I thought I'd share more of what I've learned.

You see, I've been in the field, building my studio in boardrooms across this city, producing professional podcasts for companies. Actually doing it is the greatest education. There are satisfied corporate clients willing to be references and extol the virtues of podcasts as a corporate communications tool.

There are essentially three target audiences: employees, clients, and prospects.

The Employee Podcast
For larger companies, internal communication is a challenge. This is particularly true when employees are located in different offices, often in different provinces, countries, or even continents. Then there's remote employees, independent representatives, and the road warriors.

Historically, companies have relied on an Intranet, email newsletter or sporadic meetings / calls / webinars. That's if they have a strategy at all. Imagine a regular podcast for employees sharing the latest updates, best practices, company news and other pertinent data. It's essentially a company radio station, only on-demand. I have clients successfully leveraging podcasts as a modern internal communications channel.

The Client Podcast
If you think it's a challenge communicating with internal employees, imagine messaging to clients. I have a finance company recording regular podcasts for clients-only who consider it a game-changer. They share this audio as a value-add for clients and have received rave reviews. If you're responsible for communicating with customers, we should talk!

The Prospect Podcast
Unlike the employee and client podcasts, this podcast would be available to the general public, and would be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher et al. The formula is simple:

  1. Identify your target audience - the personas who buy your products and/or services
  2. Create content that appeals to this audience - typically it's educational, full of best practices and relevant news
  3. This regular podcast isn't about your product or services - it's brought to you by your organization

The result is that you will be top of mind when they require your products and/or services. You're essentially promoting yourself as a thought leader, and when you link a prospect to your podcast, it's tremendous validation. Sometimes, it doesn't even matter how many subscribers you have, it only needs to exist and be available 24/7 on-demand. Often it's the ace up a salesperson's sleeve.

It's Sunday morning, and I could go on an on about the benefits of corporate podcasts. Before I log off, let me just remind decision makers how incredibly low risk this is, and how easy I am to work with. I'll handle the A-Z, you merely need to worry about the content.

I'd love to chat one-on-one if you think this could benefit your organization or business. Reach out!


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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 433: Kick Out the Kick Out the Jams!

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 433In this 433rd episode, Mike chats with KOTJ spreadsheet owner Tyler Campbell about Kick Out the Jams episodes of Toronto Mike'd. This episode is exactly 1:47:28.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Tyler Campbell and me

Toronto Mike'd is proudly brought to you by Great Lakes Brewery, Palma Pasta, Fast Time Watch & Jewellery Repair, Property in the 6ix, Paytm Canada and BUKL. Catch up on all episodes of Toronto Mike'd and subscribe here.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Open Mike

Welcome to this week's Open Mike. I'm Mike and I'll be your master of ceremonies for the day.

Feel free to use this space to vent, rant, share a story and/or ask a question of the hivemind.

Open Mike on Toronto Mike

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I Choo-Choo-Choose You

HeartHappy Valentine's Day. I choo-choo-choose you.

I Choo-Choo-Choose You

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Toronto Mike'd Bingo


[Created by Al, lead singer of The Royal Pains]

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 432: Mark Breslin

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 432In this 432nd episode, Mike chats with Yuk-Yuk's co-founder Mark Breslin about being an older first-time father, the humble beginnings of Yuk-Yuk's and the many famous comics he has booked. This episode is exactly 1:20:31.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Mark Breslin and me

Toronto Mike'd is proudly brought to you by Great Lakes Brewery, Palma Pasta, Fast Time Watch & Jewellery Repair, Property in the 6ix, Paytm Canada and BUKL. Catch up on all episodes of Toronto Mike'd and subscribe here.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Mike Cleaver, Dead at 72

Mike CleaverMike Cleaver was 72. He was the radio broadcaster best known around these parts for a couple of stints at CHUM, first as an afternoon anchor and morning co-anchor and then as an afternoon and morning news anchor. He was also on-air at CFRB and 680 News.

Mike Cleaver

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Save JAZZ.FM vs. JAZZ.FM91: An Open Letter From Heather Bambrick

I've written about the situation at JAZZ.FM91 many times, and have discussed it at length on Toronto Mike'd with such guests as Heather Bambrick, Mark Wigmore, Dani Elwell, Jaymz Bee, Bill King and Molly Johnson. JAZZ.FM91 has recently ratcheted up the rhetoric with regards to SAVE JAZZ FM's efforts to bring governance and operational changes to JAZZ.FM91.

Below is a guest blog entry written by jazz musician and broadcaster Heather Bambrick in which she seeks to bring clarity to this conflict.

Over the past 24 hours, I have received several messages from people - most of whom I don't know, but who know me from the station - asking for clarification regarding the battle for support in the current Jazz FM situation.  With all of the correspondence being sent out by both sides, people want to know who the “good guys” are.

So, let me be clear, as a former employee, a musician, and a donor, I support SAVE JAZZ FM and their efforts to effect positive change.  Here are a few things to consider:

  • This is NOT a hostile takeover. Donor members are, in effect, “shareholders” who are entitled to have a say in the body that governs the station.  The current Board isn’t allowing them to do so.
  • SAVE JAZZ FM is NOT a corporate conglomerate or a group being funded by “deep pockets”.  They are a group of listeners and supporters who are simply concerned about the wellbeing of the station and want to affect positive change.
  • The current Board has quietly appointed three new Directors just two weeks before the deadline to hold its annual general meeting.  Members could have been asked to put forth nominees or at least vote on these new Board Directors before they took their seats at the table.  However, the current Board chose to do this without any consultation or communication with donor members.
  • Jazz FM achieved just over 50% of their last fundraising campaign goal, despite a two-day extension of the campaign.  That clearly points to a body of donors reluctant to support this station.
  • Many other arts organizations – including the TSO, Shaw Festival, Stratford Festival, National Ballet of Canada, and Massey Hall - post their financials via their website, in an act of accountability to its supporters.  Jazz FM refuses to this and one has to wonder why. The fiscal year end was almost 6 months ago and there is still no sign of their financial statements.
  • In June of 2018, seven employees / contractors were fired due to financial concerns, according to the station.  Yet, in less than a year, nine new hosts have been hired. In light of the failure of the last campaign, one has to wonder how the previously cited financial concerns were alleviated allowing for the hiring of nine new hosts.
  • Several new programs have been announced, but that doesn’t address the termination of beloved hosts such as Walter Venafro, Jaymz Bee, Mark Wigmore, and others.  Similarly, the hiring of two new production staff doesn’t explain the termination of former morning show producer Billy Heaton.
  • In March of 2018, I joined twelve of my former colleagues in presenting a letter to the Board of Directors of Jazz FM outlining our concerns over a toxic work environment that included bullying and sexual harassment.  As of this writing, people about whom the allegations were made remain employed by the station, whereas each and every member of the group that brought forth the concerns was either terminated or resigned, unable to effectively function in the station’s continuing toxic work environment.
  • The toxic environment at Jazz FM continues to this day, as is evidenced not only in the mass firing of seven individuals as mentioned above, but also in the further resignations of five key employees / contractors over the past nine months, two of whom are currently involved in lawsuits against Jazz FM for various alleged violations on the part of the station.  Further anecdotal evidence by current employees paints a picture of a continued culture of fear and intimidation by senior management.
  • Toronto’s music community is becoming fragmented with many musicians refusing to offer their talent in support of Jazz FM in its current state, and others worrying that working for Jazz FM will affect their reputations amongst their colleagues.

This is not about creating new programming, Jazz safaris, or concert series.  This is about a Board and management that refuses to demonstrate transparency, accountability, or even accept responsibility for the ongoing serious problems at the station they are supposed to govern.  When those entrusted with the oversight and leadership of an organization refuse to lead, take action, take responsibility, or be forthcoming with their “stakeholders”, chronic negative elements remain and the organization is destined for failure.

I strongly encourage you to complete the BLUE PROXY sent to you by SAVE JAZZ FM and return it to them by mail or e-mail (savejazzfm@gmail.com).  And if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at heather@heatherbambrick.ca.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Heather Bambrick

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Boosting the Chances of Passing Your G1 Test

As a new driver in Ontario, one of the things you must do in order to legally get on the road is pass your Ontario G1 test. Naturally, many drivers are nervous about taking this test in case they do not get the required score. However, there are ways in which you can better prepare yourself in order to boost the chances of passing.

One of the things you can do is to take a practice G1 test, as this can benefit you in many ways. You can take an extensive G1 quiz online, and although there is no guarantee you will actually pass the test itself when the time comes, the practice test is a great way to prepare yourself. You can simply go online to access a G1 test guide and take a practice quiz.

What Are the Benefits of a Practice Test?

There are many benefits you can look forward to when you take a practice G1 test online. One of the key benefits of taking the practice test is that it will allow you to build your confidence levels up in preparation for the real deal. Many new drivers are very nervous about taking the G1 test because they are not all that confident about passing. However, the ability to get some practice in and learn what the questions in the test are like will make it easier to feel prepared and confident about taking the actual test when the time comes.

It is important to be prepared when it comes to taking a test such as this, but many people go in feeling completely unprepared. This can then increase the risk of panicking and failing the test, which is naturally something you want to avoid. When you take the time to do a practice test, by the time the real test comes around you will find you feel much more prepared, and this then increases the chances of you passing. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will pass the G1 test after doing a practice run but it can certainly help.

The great thing about doing a practice test run is that you can do it online from the comfort and privacy of your own home. This means you can benefit from total ease and convenience when it comes to your G1, and you won’t have to go out of your way in order to get some practice in and build your confidence levels. You can even benefit from joining a social media support groups so that you can benefit from increased support.

Boost Your Chances of Success

With the many benefits you can enjoy by taking the practice G1 test run, you will find it much easier to pass your real test with total confidence. Taking this step can remove a lot of the stress that can come with taking the G1, which makes it an invaluable tool for those who are feeling nervous about their tests

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Matt Gurney No Longer on Global News Radio 640 Toronto

Matt Gurney, host of The Exchange with Matt Gurney from 9am to noon on Global News Radio 640 Toronto, is no longer with the station. He's been "restructured" out. Here's what Matt tweeted earlier today.

Anyway, SOME PERSONAL NEWS. (Which may eventually include some analysis of Starfleet operations, let's just see how this goes.)

As of yesterday, I was told that, due to a restructuring, Global News, though very grateful for all my contributions, no longer required them.

I was asked to not say anything until now, as other people were also being let go, and I was asked, simply as a gentleman, to allow that process to unfold. I was happy to grant that request. I don't know about any further impacts — turns out I'm off the email distribution list!

To any of my colleagues at Global News and specifically 640 Toronto who were also let go, I wish you every success and you all know where to find me if I can be helpful in any way. For those who remain, and new people who may now join, best of luck — truly.

It has been my genuine pleasure these few years to contribute to what has been a very successful period for the radio station, including many changes. The good work of the last two years will continue, and I'm sure I'll be listening.

Though I had less of an opportunity to work with my colleagues at the rest of Global News, I have huge admiration for the work those journalists do every day and have enjoyed my time with them. A great group of people, a great group of journalists. Good luck, Global News.

As news of this has been slowly getting out over the last day or so, I've had a lot of kind notes and texts/calls from old friends and colleagues, all asking if I'm OK. For anyone who's worried, don't be. I am fine.

That's not false bravado. Sincerely — I'm fine. Getting let go from a radio job isn't exactly unforeseeable, so I made sure I was prepared, emotionally and otherwise, for this day. It came sooner than I might have once hoped. But I knew with certainty it would.

I've also kept a few irons in a few fires, and I'll have more to say about those soon, after some, uhhh, "technicalities" are dealt with. But truly, don't worry about me.

In fact, in some ways, this has helped with my professional imposter syndrome. I've finally been shitcanned from a media job! I'm for real now! Whoo hoo!

I admit that I am bored this morning, though. First time I've been "at liberty" in 12 years.

One last note.

The above thread has been all about me — and, I mean, duh. I'm the guy who got blown out an airlock. Of course it's about me.

But I want to carve out a bit of time here for someone else. Some words for, and about, @supriyadwivedi.

Supriya Dwivedi is amazing and I love her.

When I joined Global in fall of 2016, Supriya and I were a team. This is something she and I had wanted to do years. We were so excited by the opportunity. Getting up at Oh-God-Kill-Me o'clock every morning to go to work was only tolerable because we were doing it together.

Our time as co-hosts was much shorter than I expected it to be, and if I have any regret for the last few years, it's that. Spending all morning talking with a close friend that you adore and admire and respect is a luxury for most people. For me, it was my frickin' job!

One of the reasons I'm so content to move on now, to whatever comes next, is because it simply wasn't near as fun once we weren't doing it together anymore. I've missed her every day. But she's still kicking ass every morning from 0530 to 0900, and I couldn't be prouder of her.

There are others I should thank, and I will later, but I wanted to end right now on that note. Thank you and good luck, my friend.

And to all of you.

If you'd like to hear my 2+ hour deep dive with Matt Gurney, here's episode 299 of Toronto Mike'd.

Matt Gurney and me

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Albert Finney, Dead at 82

Albert FinneyAlbert Finney was 82. He was the Oscar-nominated actor best known for his roles in "Annie," "Erin Brockovich" and "Tom Jones." I'll always remember him as Ed Bloom in "Big Fish."

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 431: Caroline Szwed

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 431In this 431st episode, Mike chats with Sportsnet's Caroline Szwed about her soccer career, hosting Plays of the Month, Misplays of the Month and Aftermath, and Cash. This episode is exactly 1:53:56.

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Caroline Szwed and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Is A Dropshipping Home Business Right For You?

It's a lot faster to start an online business than a brick and mortar business. Still, you have to invest the necessary time into getting things going and profitable. That's why you want to go into business, anyway, to make money, right? It's easy enough to start-up an online store, but what do you sell? That's the crucial detail where many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck. More and more, Canadians are interested in everything that entails the creation of an online business.

Dropshipping in Canada is one option, if you don't have your own products that you find or make. In this, you establish a professional relationship with a vendor that wholesales products that you'd like to sell. This vendor handles the shipping, sending orders to customers directly instead of you having to do the inventory stocking and product fulfillment on your own.

This can make for a great home business, since you might not have a lot of physical space to put into it, and it also leaves a lot of your busy calendar free.

Resultado de imagen de の

Four Things You Need In Order To Make Money With Dropshipping

1) Products To Sell: You need to be careful when you look for a dropshipping supplier, given how many unethical players there are looking to scam you. There are two things to look out for when looking for a reputable dropshipper, which you can always investigate and confirm through neutrally sourced or objective reviews online. The first is that a trusted one isn't going to charge you fees just to sell their products, only when they get ordered. Secondly, they'll need documentation or proof that your business is also legitimate.

2) Your Selling Venue: This could be your own website, or an external platform. If it's your own website, then you'll need a domain name, shopping cart software, and web hosting account. Keep in mind that while platforms such as eBay and Amazon are powerful for building your brand, some might restrict their products from being sold through such sites, particularly for auctions.

3) A Payment Method: Paypal is a simple way to start, as you only pay fees if there are actual transactions. Credit card processors have lower fees per transaction, but there are setup and monthly fees better oriented for larger volumes and sales.

4) The Red Tape: What kind of licensing or documentation you need to start your business will vary based on the specific municipality and province that you're located in, but you do need to consult the relevant government authorities to get your business certified.

5 Tips For Running A Dropshipping Home Business

If you've decided to try dropshipping as a home business, then keep reading to learn 5 tips you should use when you start this venture.

1) Confirm The Inventory:

You never want to sell a product a dropshipper offers only to discover they don't have it in stock at the time. This happens a lot in the dropshipping industry. Try to find a partner that uses available stock fields included in their product description so that anyone can see how many of the items are on-hand at the time for immediate delivery.

2) Be Mindful Of Shipping:

Many entrepreneurs that are new to the world of dropshipping totally forget about the costs of shipping and how much it might cut into their profit margin. Be mindful of your shipping charges and make sure that you pass them onto your customer. It might be smart to apply flat-rate shipping charges that might cover most products and deliveries, as it might even provide some profit when more shipping charges get collected but not used.

3) Remember The Dropshipping Charges Too:

Different providers are going to have their own dropshipping rates and fees. Every particular item might have its own dropshipping charge, even if an order is for multiple items. Others still might apply annual or monthly fees. It's crucial to know what fees are associated with every company.

4) Be Wary Of Saturation:

When you pick a supplier, you never want to pick one that is involved in a saturated market. Do you know the principle of supply and demand? It's still true, even in the world of online business. If you're selling the very same thing that hundreds or thousands of other sites are doing, then you're going to need to offer some kind of incentive for people to buy from you. It might be better to find a niche dropshipper who can offer you unique products that are at attractive price points.

5) Avoid Middlemen:

The hardest thing to do might be finding a dropshipper in the first place. There are quite a few middlemen sitting around waiting to sell you lists or direct access to their contacts so they can take a cut of your profits. It's better to find it on your own.

Now that you've read this article, you know what dropshipping is, how it can be awesome as a home business, what you need to get started, and a few tips to use along the way.

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Open Mike

Welcome to this week's Open Mike. I'm Mike and I'll be your master of ceremonies for the day.

Feel free to use this space to vent, rant, share a story and/or ask a question of the hivemind.

Open Mike on Toronto Mike

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Social Slots

Are you familiar with Social Slots? Social Slots all the rage right now in the increasingly competitive social casino space. Social slots are casino slot machine games played on your mobile device with virtual money. It's the thrills you'd experience in a real casino but with an online community of social casino gamers and a digital twist.

Amongst the game typically found in a social casino, social slots are most popular among players. Here's a ranking of online casino games:

  1. Slots
  2. Poker
  3. Blackjack
  4. Bingo
  5. Video Poker
  6. Roulette
  7. Baccarat
  8. Other

The thrill comes from how random the outcomes are. True randomness in social slots is essentially, and that’s all made possible by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). For an explanation as to how pseudorandom number generators produce true randomness, we turn to Wikipedia.

In a virtual casino game, the outcome of each game is dependent on the data produced by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). This determines the order of the cards in card games, the outcome of a dice throw, or the results produced by the spinning of a slot machine or roulette wheel. PRNGs use a set of mathematical instructions known as an algorithm to generate a long stream of numbers that give the impression of true randomness. While this is not the same as true random number generation (computers are incapable of this without an external input source), it provides results that satisfy all but the most stringent requirements for true randomness.

In addition to the thrill of the true randomness when playing social slots, there's also the gamification aspect. There are typically daily bonuses, the unlocking of new slot games, rewards, gifts for friends and other such techniques designed to increase retention and engagement. Each of these practices are the result of much research into what exactly social slots players respond to. Ironically, nothing is left to chance in this regard. The pseudorandom number generator is for gameplay only.

With an increasing user base and new technological advances, this is really just the tip of the iceberg. The real-money gambling game has been digitized and gamified for a new generation of players. Further innovations are only increasing virility and introducing new players to a fun escape.

And at the end of the day, that's the key. Social slots are fun.

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Frank Robinson, Dead at 83

Frank RobinsonFrank Robinson was 83. He was the only player to win MVP in both leagues, earning National League honors with the Reds in 1961 and the American League award with the Baltimore Orioles in 1966. He made 14 All-Star game appearances in a Hall of Fame career, and currently ranks tenth on the all-time home run list with 586. In 1974, the Cleveland Indians made Robinson MLB’s first black manager.


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Raptors Trade Jonas Valančiūnas, Delon Wright and CJ Miles to Grizzlies for Marc Gasol

The Toronto Raptors have acquired Marc Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies in exchange for Jonas Valančiūnas, Delon Wright, CJ Miles and a 2024 second-round pick.

The three-time All-Star is averaging 15.7 points, 8.6 rebounds and 4.7 assists over 53 games this season in Memphis, his 11th in the NBA.

Fuck it... we've got Kawhi Leonard this season... let's go for it.


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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 430: Stu Jeffries Returns

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 430In this 430th episode, Mike catches up with Boom 97.3 morning show host Stu Jeffries before he kicks out the jams. This episode is exactly 1:39:25.

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Stu Jeffries and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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MBA admission, Is GMAT or GPA important?

MBA is like a metamorphosis which changes its candidates into budding managers. When the transformation is complete, the manager becomes a head of all operations taking place in an office or institution. So the candidates must face all the challenges which test their ability in becoming successful managers. After all, companies need people who can take care of everything under the sun in their offices.

Here’s a story. There were two students enrolled in the MBA course. One of them was happy go lucky and popular with everyone with a competent GMAT score. The other one was studious, an academic topper, with first class throughout graduation. However, after graduation,  the first one was immediately offered a highly paid job in a prestigious company. The latter kept waiting for an opportunity even though he secured honors in MBA too.

Top B schools do not want a denial of placement for their students. So even if the GPA of the second student was great, the GMAT of the first student worked out. So which is more important according to B school, GMAT or GPA?

The GPA versus GMAT Dilemma

GMAT is a multifold exam that tests your reasoning, Math, Statistics and English proficiency, decision-making skills etc., which makes it very important. However, GPA is also equally important for your undergraduate qualities and career. The top B schools (like Stanford and Harvard) require GPA score more than 3.5 to 4.7 on average as well as a GMAT more than 700.

These two scores are considered most important in MBA schools. Once you have these scores under your belt, the ticket for a top B school admission is fixed. These are standard measures for preparing future managers into perfect versions of themselves as far as possible.

However, one score can be less, and the other could be more. GPA is a longer process, which is already in the past and cannot be changed. But you can boost your GMAT score to catch up and stand in the face of stiff competition. GPA shows your undergraduate performance, whether it grew steadily upward, downward or remained unchanged.

Undergraduate courses teach you many things like extracurricular activities, leadership behavior, conversational talent, etc. You might have participated in debates, competitions, games, acts or dance competitions and might have won outright. These things are added qualifications or ‘soft skills’. The GPA score is an assessment of these soft skills.

What if my GPA Score is Low?

The MBA program is hard work, and you will have to face the challenges of a diverse syllabus. Since almost all applicants have shining academic careers, you should also aspire to score more for admission in your favorite school. Applications to management schools do rely on GPA and GMAT, although not entirely.

If fortune did not favor you with the GPA score as required, you can concentrate on GMAT and push through the ceiling. The best thing about GMAT is that you can retake the examination to get your expected score. If you have experience in any company holding either operational or decision making position, your chances of being welcomed by B school In Canada/USA increase substantially. Therefore, this MBA program for Canadian professionals is an easier solution towards your goal.

But to make this work, you will have to check the required GPA score for your targeted B school. If your GPA is below the standard level, then a high GMAT score or work experience can help you to square up the shortage. Additionally, if you are sponsored by your company in which you are working, it can make a dramatic difference. Professionals are experienced enough to handle managerial challenges and an executive MBA program especially needs such professionals. Moreover, you can also increase your certificate portfolio by taking suitable short-term courses.

While you are all set to face GMAT with a low GPA, make sure that you polish your writing, convincing ability, and good communication skills. You need to explain to the admission officials why you are worth the trouble without a good GPA score in the essays. It is not impossible for your case to be looked upon favorably if you put an effort in.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 429: Kayla-Marie Williams

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 429In this 429th episode, Mike chats with CP24 reporter and host Kayla-Marie Williams about playing professional volleyball in the Philippines, hosting CP24 Breakfast on weekends and working as a reporter at 299 Queen Street. This episode is exactly 1:37:48.

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You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways:

Kayla Marie Williams and me

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Play and enjoy the amazing game BerryBurst Slot

Berryburst is a wonderful game which everyone would love to play. It’s a great relief for all those who have been exhausted due to the hot summers. It has been released along with its twin Berryburst MAX in the month of August 2018. If you are new to the online game then you can choose the sites which can provide you with free Berryburst. This will help you to prevent losing your money. Once you are familiar with the game then you can go for the actual online casino sites to make real money out of it depending on your interest. There are several versions of Berryburst and it’s up to you to choose any version. Whichever you choose, it would definitely provide you opportunities to make some juicy winnings out of it. 

The BerryBurst Slot game actually comes with a 5-reel, 3-row structure along with the soundtrack and the summery design as well as plenty of fruits which would make some symbols. These creations are called as Berryburst. It consists of juicy fruits, expanding wilds on all types of reels, cluster pays and re-spins which will definitely keep you entertained throughout the day. You can either win 250x or even 500x for re-spin. The MAX version would provide you with double payouts as its much volatile than the other one. When you check out the Berryburst game, it comes with the 3D like pay symbols. The game is very interesting with the colorful background along with the unusual background music that any player would like to go with. You can splash yourself with the instant splash of positivity. It is an amazing game with an explosion of fruits and good vibes.

The BerryBurst Slot game is similar to that of the starburst and is equally fun to play with. This game works on the cluster pay mechanism. In order to win the game, it is essential for you to collect the cluster of 5 identical symbols at least. The cluster can either be in the horizontal or vertical form. The Berryburst game is just like the classic game which we used to play over the slot machines with five- reel but the only difference is that now you can see amazing graphics and music along with the game. 

How can you win the Berryburst slot game?

Though there are several online sources which are available in the online market, always look for the casino slot machines which can provide you with maximum Return to the player (RTP). Make sure not to go for the game which has RTP index less than 96 percent. The Berryburst game has an RTP index percentage of 96.56 and it's worth trying it once. You can win a maximum of 1,8 68x of your bet. This you might be able to obtain if you are lucky and when you play the game several times and after re-spins. If you are looking for low stake games then you can make a minimum betting of £0.10 and if you wish to go for the maximum betting amount of £200. It all depends on the individual interest and budget how much they wish to put on these online games. 

Though the Berryburst slot machines won’t provide you with any kind of progressive jackpots, you can get some high winnings from the symbols. Analyzing various aspects and looking for the one which would be best for you is very important before you start betting on the game with huge betting. 

Smallest wins over the Berryburst game:

If you are new to the game, it is always better to go for the low paying symbols over the Berryburst game. Diamonds, spades or the hearts all of them have got the same value in the Berryburst game. If you have five of those it will let you win 5 while you have a cluster of 15 symbols then you will be rewarded 1,000. Though these are the lowest wins which you can make here, they aren’t that bad if you are able to collect enough number of symbols. 

Medium wins over the Berryburst game

You would be able to find limes and juicy grapes which can provide you with identical payouts. If you have a minimum of 5 symbols of them then you would be able to get 10 while if you have more than 15 then you would get a pay of 2,500. It’s not mandatory for you to collect too many symbols for obtaining the results. 

Highest wins over the Berryburst game:

Usually, most of them would think that the 2 highest paying symbols would have the same amounts of payouts. But when you look at Tangerine and Raspberry both of them carry varied nutritional values here. The highest paying symbol would be the raspberry while the 2nd best fruit in the Berryburst video slot would be the Tangerine. When you have the cluster of these two, you would definitely get huge wins. If you wish to feel good it’s always better to juice a slot machine available online. 

Various special features which you can find at Berryburst game:

The gameplay would definitely be extra fun as you can find expanding wilds all over. They can land anywhere over the reels and can also substitute your symbols. When you would land at least one wild symbol, it would expand and will cover the entire reel. As such you would get a free spin. Though the game doesn’t have a free spin bonus, you would be able to enjoy the free spin bonus with the help of these wild symbols. When you are able to collect 15 wild symbols all at a time, then you would be paid with 5,000. 

Difference between Berryburst game and Berryburst MAX

•    Berryburst MAX is slightly juiced up version of the Berryburst. 

• You would get more payouts through Berryburst MAX.

•    Beryburst has greater RTP than Berryburst MAX.

• You would be provided with maximum payouts or cluster of 10 symbols and more in Berryburst MAX.

•    Berryburst hit rate is more than the Berryburst MAX. 

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Procedure and rules for playing Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games and is played at almost all casinos. Many people are interested in playing casino games, however, they not familiar with the terms and rules. Hence the terminology for the American version of Blackjack are first described. The rules are similar for both online and offline casinos. The number of players for a game of casino will vary and typically there are two to seven players.

Deck: is a set of cards with 52 different cards. Typically, a game of blackjack is played with one to 8 decks 

Dealer: is a person to hands out the cards to the players 

Card value: the value of each card from 2-10 depends on the numerical or face value of the card. The king, queen and jack have a value of 10 and the ace can have a value of 1 or 11, it depends on the player

Blackjack: When a player has made exactly 21 after two cards have been dealt he has scored a blackjack. It means that the player has an ace, and king, jack, 10 or queen for a total score of 21

Goal while playing blackjack

The aim of the players for blackjack is to have a score higher than the dealer, while ensuring that the score is less than 21. If the score is above 21, the player is bust and loses the game. It should be noted that the player is not competing against other players at blackjack, he is only comparing his score with the dealer for the game. The dealer is representing the casino. 

Dealers options

The dealer who is representing the house has limited options in blackjack. They can only keep taking cards till they reach the score of 17 or higher, after which they should stop taking cards 

Choosing a table

While choosing a table at a casino it should have the sign, pays Blackjack in the ratio 3:2, avoid other tables, since there are other casino games also

There are two different dealing styles for Blackjack games:

Shoe games: The dealer is distributing cards to all the players from the dealing shoe, and typically the six to eight decks of cards are used. The cards are dealt face up. This is the preferred option for new players, since they can discuss their cards with other players and the dealer, get their queries resolved.

Hand-held games: The cards are held by the dealer in his hand and distributed to the players at the blackjack table. The cards are dealt face down. In these games only one or two decks of cards are used by the dealer, and this greatly improves the probability that the player will win, since the house odds are lower. Most experienced players are preferring hand held games since they have a greater chance of winning.

The procedure for playing Blackjack and the Blackjack Rules are described below 

- initially the players will place their bets, specifying the amount that they are betting. The minimum and maximum bet amount varies from casino to casino, and typically the maximum bet amount is at least 40 times more than the smallest bet which can be played.

- Cards are dealt in the first round by the dealer to the players, who retains one card, in the clockwise direction from the right to the left.

- In a shoe game, the cards are dealt face up, while in other blackjack games, the cards are dealt face down

- Since the players are competing against the dealer, it is not important to keep the cards of each player secret

- In the second round, the cards are again dealt to the players, with the dealer again retaining one card

- After the cards have been dealt, the players can choose between the various options which are defined using blackjack rules 

- After all the players have made their choice, the dealer can then act

- If all the players are bust, the dealer will automatically win

The various options available to the players after being dealt the cards by the dealer are as follows:

- Hit: a player can request additional cards, till the total score of the cards he holds is less than 21

- Stand: a player is satisfied with the hand that he has been dealt, and who does not want any additional cards can take a stand

- Split: If a player receives two cards of exactly the same value, he can split his hand, to receive more cards for each hand.

- Double down: a player can double his bet and receive exactly one more card. After he receives three cards, he cannot get any more cards

- Surrender option: is not available for all the games. The player can exit, by taking half the amount that he has bet for the game.

There are five different result options for blackjack:

- Win: player can win by having a score which is less than 21 and also higher than that of the dealer.

- Lose: player will lose if his score is lower than that of the dealer

- Bust: player loses if his score is more than 21

- Push: if the score of the dealer and player are the same. i.e. tied, the player gets the amount bet back.

If the dealer will bust, all the non-busted players are winners.


The payout varies in different cases depending on the result

- After the cards have been dealt, if the dealer, player have the same score, a push, the amount of the player is returned back

- If the player has a winning hand, he is paid in the ratio 1:1, if he has bet $10, he will receive his original bet amount and an additional $10 for a total of $20

- If the player has a Blackjack, a score of 21, he will be paid in the ratio of 3:2, he will get his original bet amount and 1.5 times the original amount. So if the initial bet amount was $10, he will receive a total of $25 including $15 as the winning amount. 

It should be noted that some casinos are now offering a reduced payout for Blackjack of 6:5 instead of 3:2, improving the house edge. These casinos should be avoided to the extent possible.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 428: Mark Wigmore

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 428In this 428th episode, Mike chats with radio broadcaster Mark Wigmore about his years at Newstalk 1010, Proud FM, CBC and Jazz FM, and his new podcast, Art at the End of the World. This episode is exactly 1:51:46.

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Toronto Mike'd Podcast

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Open Mike

Welcome to this week's Open Mike. I'm Mike and I'll be your master of ceremonies for the day.

Feel free to use this space to vent, rant, share a story and/or ask a question of the hivemind.

Open Mike on Toronto Mike

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The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

Smartphone games keep dominating global gaming revenues as smartphone technologies improve at a tremendously fast rate. Konami, the legendary Japanese game developer, even announced that its main platform will be dedicated to mobile games. Although desktop still brings in the larger portion of retail sales compared to mobile devices, tablets and smartphones dominate the time spent browsing products.

Nickelodeon conducted research that found that 34% of children under 11 have a tablet and they tend to get their first smartphone by the time they enter secondary school. Although online games on a mobile phone are increasingly popular and are played by children and adults alike, mobile gaming and console/desktop gaming tend to serve different markets. Hardcore gamers would argue that smartphones lack some technologies that make the experience of playing a game great, such as gesture detection and motion sensing, but this could all be improved with the advance of VR glasses.

Since the emergence of the first mobile phone game run on the CPU - Snake - things have evolved at an incredible speed. In 2007 the very first Mali-based phone was released with an early iteration of 3D graphics and the then-novel stylus controls. From there, the Mali-400 became the multi-core GPU that brought the mobile gaming revolution and the first in a long line of ever advancing graphics technology from ARM.

Various types of games are now available as apps. From the classic games of Sudoku and Crossword Puzzle that can be downloaded straight into a smartphone to MMO games that have gained a lot of popularity due to the advanced hardware now present in modern phones and tablets. A game such as Lineage 2 allows up to 200 players to fight in real-time on a single screen, while there are also 20vs20 and 50vs50 competitive gaming modes. Moreover, even casino games, such as mobile slots, can be found as apps and downloaded on all mobile devices. According to this article, game manufacturers have poured in millions of dollars and working hours to developing HTML5 to make the games work on all devices.

Although mobile gaming is generating more revenue than all other types of gaming, it also has the highest abandonment rate among all the app categories, according to Adobe. A good example is the Pokemon Go phenomenon. This augmented reality game allows players to aim the device’s camera at a location and through the screen to see the area captured, as well as computer-generated graphics atop it. But its rapid growth soon turned into a rapid decline: from having nearly 45 million players in the first few weeks of its release, it had closer to 30 million a month later.

There is the question of whether mobile games will replace PC games in the future, but that is something not very likely to happen. The real player of the future is the IoT and the focus should be on adopting more of its technology. A huge boom for game developers could be the use of virtual reality applications, which will see those eager to make a profit are crowding in on this sector.

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