Fresh Paint for the TMDS Studio

During my recent chat with Jeff Woods, he mentioned that he paints homes in Thornbury. I told him I needed my TMDS studio painted. Jeff laughed and said he only took gigs in Thornbury.

Chris Brown heard that episode and wrote me to say he'd paint the studio for free. Chris is a professional painter and long-time fan of Toronto Mike'd, and he explained that he wanted to be the official painter of the podcast.

I took Chris up on his generous offer, and quickly learned that Chris isn't only skilled at his craft, but he's a sweetheart. He'd greet me each morning at 8:30 with a couple of coffees and we'd chat about the Leafs, the Tragically Hip, our daughters (we both have a 14 year old daughter) and the podcast. I so enjoyed hanging around Chris and thought his work was so good, I hired him to paint my main floor.

Yesterday, Chris finished the work. It looks amazing, and now I miss him. If you need any painting done, call him at 416-220-2430 or write him at Here's a few shots of the studio I took this morning.




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What a great upgrade!! Your "studio" is probably twice the size of my entire apartment (which
is quite likely going to soon resemble Aquaman's underwater kingdom. sob!!) Oh, what it must
feel like to live like an actual, legitimate human being...

October 20, 2018 @ 9:46 AM

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