Mac's Exclusively Presents Great Moments of Hockey

During his visit Friday, Ed "Retrontario" Conroy gave me an old record he stumbled across in one of his crate-dives for vintage Canadiana. This glorious piece of vinyl is entitled "Mac's Exclusively Presents Great Moments of Hockey" and includes Hockey Night in Canada calls by Foster Hewitt et al.



Now can anyone drop by with a turntable so I can hear this gem?

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Rick C in Oakville

Wow, that is cool. Is the Mac's Mac's Milk?
Does the Canadian Sports Network and the Longines Symphony exist for you to put this up on sound cloud?

September 23, 2018 @ 5:35 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Rick C in Oakville

Happy to share, but at this moment I can't play it let alone digitize it.

September 23, 2018 @ 6:04 PM


Surprised he didn't digitise it for you!

September 24, 2018 @ 5:14 AM

James Edgar

I have a USB Turntable! Not sure how soon i can get it to you but I'll try and work something out quickly. Possibly this weekend on Sunday. I still have a couple of Bicycle wheels for you too.

September 24, 2018 @ 10:38 AM

Al The Royal Pain

Great episode! Loved all of it! Nostalgia overload!

September 24, 2018 @ 11:00 AM


Don't remember ever buying records like that one at Mac's or Becker's, but I certainly bought
a lot of cut-rate K-Tel and Ronco music compilations at those outlets back in the day. You just
couldn't beat those sped-up and harshly edited platters. Took me a long, long time to realize
that songs could actually last longer than two and a half minutes. True story,

September 26, 2018 @ 10:30 AM

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