Map of Every Arcade and Pinball Machine in Toronto

416cade shows every logged machine within a 15-mile radius. By default, the map is centred on downtown Toronto. Enter your address into the map search bar or click a point on the map to change the search area.

Keep in mind, 416cade is an ongoing, open-source project. Machines have a tendency to rotate in and out of locations. They suggest contacting an establishment first before seeking out a specific machine. For example, I see they have an Indiana Jones pinball machine located at Bowlerama West and I watched that Bowlerama get demolished recently. I'm pretty sure the pinball machine was moved out beforehand.

To add a machine that is not in their map, please email


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My dad worked across the street from the flagship Sam the Record Man location at Yonge
and Gould throughout my childhood and into my tween years and there were at least
3 major arcades in close proximity. Our neighbour owned the Pinball Spot across the street
(near where HMV ended up) and one of the quarter jockeys was a drug buddy of my Pops,
so he'd often give me free play! There was a game from the '70s called "The Stripper" (or
something akin to that) and I would spend countless quarters illicitly trying to get one or
more of those classy ladies completely starkers. Sadly, my poor co-ordination and a largely-rigged
game only allowed me to see some precious tatas a few times. Priceless juvenile memories!
Sure wish they had a game like that these days. Kinda been awhile...

August 1, 2018 @ 9:24 AM


Ah neat. I've been using this site for pinball:

Have a friend hugely into pinball and that was infectious. I liked playing on PC using a game called Pinball Arcade that emulates real tables. They do their best to emulate physics, but it's obviously not the same. But it's great for learning the rules of a table before then finding it and playing it in real life.

Unfortunately the game has been completely gutted for new players .... the company that owns the licenses for Williams and Bally tables refused to extend the agreement, so piles of classic tables are unavailable for purchase now.

Aside, Tilt is probably my favourite bar in the city at the moment -- freeplay pinball and arcades for a low cover, great beer available. I find it to be a very friendly crowd too.

August 1, 2018 @ 9:48 AM


Visual Pinball, link:
Recreations of actual machines up to approximately 1985. There is also an attachable program called VPinMame that can play the electronic scoring files used with later pinball machines.

August 1, 2018 @ 1:38 PM


This is cool. I loved pinball as a kid and when I was 10 said I was going to have one in my house when I bought one. A month after buying my first house dad bought me a 1975 Gottlieb "300" machine.
Still have it.

August 2, 2018 @ 10:59 AM

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