Happy Canada Day!

O Canada

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Two and a half days late in responding to this one, but have to say that it was a pretty
uneventful Canada Day this year for me. Whilst some of you folks were celebrating a
multitude of big sports signings, I found myself attending the annual July 1 BBQ at a major
downtown cathedral. I had attempted to venture out to the Beaches for IQ of 7's annual
cover band unextravaganza, but had to 'Cry Uncle!' three quarters of the way there due to
the excessive heat. Instead, I settled for several burgers and some cake, surrounded by
the kinds of people I try to avoid most of the time. Use your imaginations to figure that
one out! Sadly (for me!), my Sweetie mainly works on the weekends, so I was left to my own
admittedly limited resources. Chalk up another stellar day in the metaphorical flea circus
that my so-called (half-) life largely resembles!! (sob).

July 3, 2018 @ 1:04 PM

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