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Will not discuss election last night.

I took your advice about where to go biking around my neighbourhood and it was eye opening. For starters - as sad as it is - I never even noticed the biking lanes on Royal York! Wow - what an awesome feature. It was great to use. Also, I never knew I had a golf course so close to my house. The bike along the Humber was quite lovely - even got to see many geese! Another day, I biked south to the lake and wow - that was quite enjoyable too. Took a long bike ride around Mimico - as there was a TV show I watched - long ago - Police Surgeon - that featured many places in this area and it was neat seeing them with my own eyes.

Thank you for the suggestions much appreciated!

June 8, 2018 @ 8:04 AM

Beatts acting as Cheryl


Anthony Bourdain dead. Damn....

June 8, 2018 @ 8:04 AM


and in true form, I didn't get to post first. I blame it on Edwin Encarcion

What in the actual fuck happened last night ?

June 8, 2018 @ 8:05 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


That's awesome!

If I need a northern artery with a bike lane that's close to my home, I always jump on Royal York.

East-West, I can't say enough about the Waterfront Trail. Now that they have separated bike lanes between First Street and Norris Crescent, it's better than ever. You can take it to the Humber Trail and then ride that (which is great) or you can take it east to the Portlands and Don Valley Trail (which I'm still getting to know, but seems great).

Then, there's the Rail Path I was on Tuesday night (although it really needs to connect to the Waterfront Trail - right now it starts at Dundas), High Park, etc. I'm good for at least 30km a day, all in Toronto (and a little Mississauga).

June 8, 2018 @ 8:22 AM


Good morning from Ottawa. No, I'm not first. I didn't think I would be. Anyway, having an awesome time. Just had an awesome breakfast. I'm here with a friend and we're going to visit another friend later. Leaving on Sunday morning, be bafk Sunday afternoon. Election was a disaster. Doug Ford, yuck. My Candidate didn't even win. Fricken Jessica Bell of the fricken NDP. I hate the NDP. They're too pro union. Well, my Orioles blew it last night. That's not good. I can't get the games here, but heard they blew it. My Indians and Diamondbacks were idle. My Cavs will win tonight. They'll win the next four.

June 8, 2018 @ 8:41 AM



even got to see many geese!

Oh sweet summer child.

But yeah, something about biking I find really opens up the neighbourhoods I pass through. I've never understood the very anti-bike/transit business owners at places such as Bloor or King. It seems to me that most of their clientele has got to be foot traffic, even if they parked around the block or something. I don't see how one parking space in front of your business is going to make or break it.

June 8, 2018 @ 8:46 AM

James Edgar

Well that didn't go as i was hoping for. With a little luck it may even go quite well. Probably not but ... Also with some luck the Meme wars on facebook will calm down for a few weeks .

Provincially at least. I've already seen a few accusing Trudeau of starting a trade war with the united states. Yes relatives who I mostly mute and only saw there BS by accident. How you can possibly come to that conclusion I have no idea but it's out there.

June 8, 2018 @ 8:47 AM


I'm not surprised by the outcome of the election though I expected a minority government (and wanted one).

As for Facebook & the "fake news" tag those posts and report them. Facebook claimed it would clean up nonsense like Ontario Proud, etc. It still won't stop stupid people which seem to be the better part of the population. Maybe we should kick their asses?

June 8, 2018 @ 8:54 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

This city elected Rob Ford as mayor. We can't throw a single stone.

Doug is Rob without the addiction and without the likeability. How anyone can look at him and say "that's my guy - he gets my vote - I like him" is beyond me, but again... this city elected Rob Ford as mayor.

I had one vote, and for the first time in my life I was in line before the polls opened on election day. Even my riding went blue last night.

But the cosmic ballet goes on. I'm not leaving the province. The people got it wrong but now we must all live with the consequences. At least now the rest of the province has to suffer along with us.

June 8, 2018 @ 8:57 AM


At least two high-profile comedians are serious about not allowing cameras.


"Anyone who brings a cell phone will be required to place it in a locked pouch... Anyone caught with a cell phone inside the venue will be immediately ejected."


"No phones, cameras, or recording devices will be permitted in the performance space. Upon arrival, all phones and smart watches will be secured in Yondr pouches that will be unlocked at the end of the show."

June 8, 2018 @ 9:27 AM


Sideways scrolling again!

June 8, 2018 @ 10:00 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


That happens when someone drops a link and the browser won't wrap the text until it encounters a hyphen or space.

I fix it by adding the html to make the word "LINK" link to the url. It should be fixed now.

June 8, 2018 @ 10:15 AM


If Doug Ford succeeds in implementing his platform, including cheaper electricity, gas, beer, and income taxes, it's going to be very interesting to watch the media try to spin that into a negative. And Ford has the luxury of blaming his inevitably-coming deficits on the previous regime.

I fundamentally believe the electorate will be happier with more money in their pockets than they are upset about any style/personality flaws with the sitting premier. The policies are more important than the person. Money drives elections more than anything else. If Ford can successfully lower costs for everyone and avoid scandal, he'll do very well.

June 8, 2018 @ 10:31 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Let's see what services he'll cut to pay for his promises. He wouldn't tell us, remember... so now we have to cross our fingers.

June 8, 2018 @ 10:37 AM


Something reminded me of those U.S. court cases in the mid-1980s where it was alleged that music was responsible for suicides. How did something that incredibly stupid ever make it into a court room? Did anyone seriously believe there was some kind of mysterious, magic hypnotizing force being emitted from the records or CDs that took control over listeners brains and caused them to kill themselves? This was supposedly the doings of evil mastermind genius heavy metal artists, like that intellectual titan Ozzy Osbourne (when he wasn't staggering around urinating himself), I guess somehow inexplicably wanting to reduce the number of people paying for his albums and concert tickets?

June 8, 2018 @ 10:57 AM

easily replaceable

re: A beat reporter discovers an afterlife after hockey
Howard Berger, the one-time Maple Leafs beat reporter, was telling a story about his new life outside the sports business.

At the drugstore not long ago an acquaintance asked him how he’d been occupying his time. Berger, who hasn’t filed a report to air on Toronto radio since 2011, explained that he had recently made a career transition. He’s been working as a funeral director’s assistant at a mortuary.


Any hope of Howard Berger resurrecting his journalistic career died on his "Auston Matthews is easily replaceable" post ...

June 8, 2018 @ 11:10 AM


Now that 'Obnoxious D' will be Premier, is he still claiming he can somehow magically get all kinds of subways built far more cheaply and quickly than anyone else?

June 8, 2018 @ 11:44 AM


Well this was an extremely genuine remark by @Justin,

And Ford has the luxury of blaming his inevitably-coming deficits on the previous regime.

Without that, I wouldn't have agreed with the overall sentiment.

June 8, 2018 @ 11:51 AM

Urooj Islam

I'm not sure what bugged Toronto Mike more, a Doug Ford provincial majority government or Ovechkin and the Capitals finally breaking through and winning a Cup.

June 8, 2018 @ 12:35 PM


I disagree with 40% of the Ontario voters but I cannot disregard the overwhelming support the PCs got (and I truly believe it is in spite of Ford).

He will blame his inability to fulfill his promises on Kathleen Wynne. And say, "Oh! The books are worse than we thought!" It was the same game that McGuinty did 15 years ago.

Lowering gas by 10 cents is ridiculous. It won't change anything. The price will go back up and the province will be out the revenue.
How he plans to lower the price of electricity is beyond me. He won't say how he will do it (because you can't....any cost decrease will be a shell game like Wynne was doing with the 25% decrease). Firing some executives at Hydro One won't save a thing.

But I guess we will see what he does. Just remember if he tries to take credit for unemployment dropping or the economy doing well, it has been doing well the last few years.

Last matter what you thought of Wynne, Doug Ford going out to speak while she started her concession speech was a dirtball and classless thing to do. If this level of vindictiveness is an example of how he will run this province then we are in for a shitty ride.

June 8, 2018 @ 12:45 PM


Few years back I was working in rio. The gov tried to pass a bill that outlawed investing corrupt politicians. Brasilians rose up. Millions in the street. The buildings shook because of the protest. The gov backed down.

This is what Ontario needs. The government should fear the people. The people should not fear the government.

June 8, 2018 @ 1:24 PM


Few years back I was working in rio. The gov tried to pass a bill that outlawed investing corrupt politicians. Brasilians rose up. Millions in the street. The buildings shook because of the protest. The gov backed down.

This is what Ontario needs. The government should fear the people. The people should not fear the government.

June 8, 2018 @ 1:24 PM


Just off the hacker wire. 2 names associated with Ontario Proud have been d0xed. Complete names, home addresses, phone numbers, etc. Posted on a deep web h4x0r forum with the request to "spread this via social media". This is about to go to a new level of nasty.

June 8, 2018 @ 2:30 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Hey Mike, any insight into whats going on with Humble and Fred? They keep mentioning somethings up with the show on Sirius being 1 day delayed, but it sounds more complicated. Had Sirius in my rental car so was expecting it to be live for once ( usually download the Podcast)
@ Irv. Trying to figure out what the implications of Ontario prouds info release might be. I never saw any of their info, but figured the Family Coalition ( or whatever the Liberals union friends were called last election) pretty nasty to the PCs last time.

June 8, 2018 @ 2:59 PM

collingwood dave

@ Irv " It still won't stop stupid people witch seems to be the better part of the population " Get off your horse.

June 8, 2018 @ 3:11 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Urooj Islam

It was a rough night. Even my daughter lost her soccer match 1-0.

June 8, 2018 @ 3:34 PM


@Collinwood Dave

Don't like my posts, don't read them. What's your email so I can send you a dick shot with a payload.

June 8, 2018 @ 3:36 PM


Okay, so we might not like the man but the last time we voted for somebody on the basis of looks and personality. look who we ended up with. He is in now, Liberal left please stop whinging you lost. If he puts more money in my pocket, then I am fine with that. From the comments I have read you would think we voted Hitler in.......CALM DOWN PEOPLE

June 8, 2018 @ 3:42 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Rick C in Oakville

Yes, but I promised Fred I wouldn't say anything in public for now. I should be able to tell you next week...

The show is not ending, though... I can tell you that.

June 8, 2018 @ 4:14 PM



I really take offense to your stupid claim "Liberal left stop whining" because "we" lost. I don't like Rob Ford. I don't like Doug Ford. I am more right wing then left. For starters, I'm an Albertan, was self employed for years (incorporated) and generally pro free market. I'm also not a pocket book citizen.

I'm against Ford because he's a fucking douche bag. Because in MY riding he turfed a guy named Michael Harris. Harris supported Christine Elliot publicly. Later, "past text" messages would get Mike turfed. His crime? As a young single man he flirted in text with another single woman. His WIFE stood beside him too. That's not integrity.

You sound like the idiots who attack US military hacker The Jester when he attacks Trump. He has to constantly remind his Trump loving detractors that hate for Trump doesn't mean alignment with Clinton. Hey, the guy's only the most elite US military intelligence analyst in history. Hating Ford doesn't mean support for the other parties. He's a douche bag plain and simple. Maybe you don't but I expect people who take office OR people who stand to protect the flag to carry themselves with better character.

June 8, 2018 @ 4:19 PM

collingwood dave

@ Irv, nice one. You are quite the intellect. Oh and GFY.

June 8, 2018 @ 4:40 PM


Don't hold back tell me what you really think....

June 8, 2018 @ 4:50 PM


I offer lessons at how to have a brain. Reg cost is 65 per hour. For you 125. Dick shot sent.

June 8, 2018 @ 5:53 PM

Dave Wong

@Mike - Saw article on 680 news titled "Basement podcast from Toronto gets worldwide attention" Thought it was your's. :(

June 8, 2018 @ 6:23 PM


I love the left......we love everyone unless we disagree with you, then we will punch you in the face.....just fucking with ya IRV.......chill out have a great weekend

June 8, 2018 @ 6:46 PM


I love the left......we love everyone unless we disagree with you, then we will punch you in the face.....just fucking with ya IRV.......chill out have a great weekend

June 8, 2018 @ 6:46 PM


A lot of people I work with support the NDP. My coworkers were quite down this morning. I didn't vote PC but how a lot of us are feeling this morning must be how the PC's have have felt for the last 4 elections. Yes only 40% of people voted to give the PC's a majority government. I'm not thrilled with the results either, but the people have spoken. I'm going to give Doug For and his team a chance and if I don't like what happens then I'll take my frustration out against them at the ballot box in 4 years.

June 8, 2018 @ 6:55 PM

collingwood dave

Not only does Irv think he is more intelligent than the voting members of this province, but he also likes to send pictures of his cock..hmmmmm

June 8, 2018 @ 7:05 PM


I wanted Christiine Elliot as PC leader really bad and i know Doug is a very divisive choice but I agree with you Aidan. Let us see if he can fix what is already broken. I was very shocked and thought it was going to be an NDP minority. I just want gas to go down , like he promised. Gas prices are killing me

June 8, 2018 @ 7:08 PM


@ Collingwood Dave.......maybe Irv is Argie......hmmmmmmm

June 8, 2018 @ 7:18 PM

Ben V

The only way gas prices go down is if OPEC turn on the tap and starts drilling more oil and floods the market. Doug can take 10 cents off your gas if he wants to there is still a carbon tax initiative federally that he I up against that money has to come from somewhere.

Outside of that, demand for oil is increasing again as the world as whole is better off than 10 years ago. Add to that the US wants to eff with Iran and the prices will go even higher.

The prices we see now will be higher in 6 months and even higher in 12. Barring some sort of economic collapse Doug ford is a an extremely small fish in a very large pond.

June 8, 2018 @ 7:57 PM

Jody Thornton

I wish we could get voting turnout back to 1990 levels. I think it was mid-60s percentage-wise.

June 8, 2018 @ 7:58 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I can confirm that Irv is not Argie.

June 8, 2018 @ 8:03 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Dave Wong

So close!

June 8, 2018 @ 8:04 PM


@BenV I am afraid you might be right. The only thing i can think of that might give us some relief at the pumps is the latest tax was just a tax on carbon . I don't think it had anything to do with OPEC and yes he is a very small fish in a big pond....I wish I could buy an electric car and tell big oil to bite me but I do not have that kind of scratch

June 8, 2018 @ 8:07 PM


The Canadian Women's National soccer team game vs Germany on Sunday in Hamilton is nearly sold out, only a few single tickets left.

June 8, 2018 @ 10:01 PM


The increase in gas prices is "North American". It has everything to do with profit taking at the refinery level & nothing more really. When oil prices went up really high it was "collusion" but when oil prices crashed strangely the "collusion" stopped. And please stop this shit. This province is part of a country with boundless oil reserves but it imports all it's oil. At Brent Crude prices. With shipping tacked on. If you want to understand oil prices get a fucking job in the industry and learn how it works versus imaging "big oil" is fucking you. For the record, "big oil" accounts for 19% of the industry. The other 81% is state controlled oil. That's the real big oi. I've never seen anyone say "wow, maybe I drive too much or want fresh mangoes in fucking January". Did you think a donkey brings the stuff to Ontario?

Doug Ford's way to lower gas prices is cut taxes. In a province with a deficit and a 325 billion dollar debt. That's like taking a pay cut when you have a high mortgage. Did you need a fucking course in how to manage money. Maybe Alberta should offer that.

@Tim. I'm not the left if you actually read my post. I'm just against douche bags that are right or left. You should try "reading". It's this concept God gave to humans over the animals. You clearly missed the boat.

June 8, 2018 @ 10:33 PM


Well, my Cavs lost. I don't know too much, but they lost. That's no good. They got swept. Well, my Indians won again. Trevor Bauer got the win, I know that, but I couldn't get the game. My Diamondbacks also won. My Orioles lost again. Well, Doug might be like Rob is. Anyway, I'm returning home some time tomorrow afternoon. Train gets in at 2:48 according to schedule, but it could be delayed. I'll be home at some point tomorrow.

June 9, 2018 @ 6:06 AM


And Stalky Magee himself has actually agreed to appear here next week?!
Toronto Star article
CBC article

June 9, 2018 @ 12:05 PM


@Dave Wong,

I love The Reality Check, though I'd say it's supplemental to the Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, if you're into that sort of thing.

Been marathoning them together, but I still have 7.5 years worth of episodes to catch up on both.

June 9, 2018 @ 12:08 PM


Sidenote, I am completely thrilled that The Pursuit of Happiness is playing a free show at East Lynn Park (Woodbine & Danforth) on July 4. Will be my fourth time seeing them ... they're still completely awesome live.

June 9, 2018 @ 2:48 PM

Urooj Islam


I wonder how much Mike will be able to touch on his criminal issues. It's kind of unavoidable.

Also, Ann Rohmer next week! FUCK YEAH! Need a 12:36/elvis pre-show and post-show for that one.

June 9, 2018 @ 5:54 PM

Rick C in Oakville

I am in no way a supporter of Justin Trudeau, but feel for him on the NAFTA shite Trump is pulling
Wonder if it's time for Canada to maybe realize hitching our wagon to the Trump shitscapades is a losing battle. Might be time to tell Trump bring what ever tariffs you feel, and wait out his eventual implosion.
Through work I deal with a fair number of Americans, educated, selling their products to the world, not the typical rust belt supporter of Trump and they are just blown away of his treatment of basically a loyal family member in Canada.

June 9, 2018 @ 9:51 PM


If he was smart, he would be contrite and say very little, but unfortunately from his Twitter it sounds more like he's stupidly still trying to pretend he didn't do anything wrong.

June 9, 2018 @ 11:30 PM


All Mike should do is touch on his criminal issues. He's a criminal who thinks it is OK to treat ex partners in this manner? Yikes.

June 10, 2018 @ 12:42 AM


Well, my Indians lost. That's no good. Apparently it went into extra innings. I really don't know who scored or anything. Internet is slow and laggy here. Oh well. I can't get the games here. Well, I'll be home some time this afternoon. Hopefully no delays. My Diamondbacks also won, but my Orioles lost.

June 10, 2018 @ 6:11 AM


If you read through all of this,
it briefly describes some of Bullard's months of harassment and attempts at intimidation, which continued long after police warned him to stop. He then paid a 'private investigator' (now apparently also facing charges) to go to her house and do it for him. Even right up to his guilty plea, he was still trying to intimidate her into being quiet.
I don't know what he would say if or when interviewed, but if his Twitter is any indication, it will likely just be him refusing to admit he did anything wrong, and displaying what an obsessive idiotic asshole he is. And if that's the case, he should be completely ignored by everyone (except police).

June 10, 2018 @ 8:47 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Yesterday was a blur, so I didn't check in here all day. I worked the GLB beer garden from 9:30 to 5, ran home for a little food, hopped on my bike for my daughter's dance showcase, rode home at 10pm, ate more food and fell asleep.

Of course I've read Cynthia's victim impact statement. In no way am I "pro-Bullard" or interested in minimizing his offenses. I'm aware of everything, I fully understand the gravity of it all, and I'd like a little trust and benefit of the doubt here.

June 10, 2018 @ 9:15 AM


I give you trust and benefit of the doubt - he just sucks. I think I just can't deal with people anymore, so little patience in this day and age for things.

June 10, 2018 @ 5:30 PM


Also, how was working the GLB event? And the showcase?

June 10, 2018 @ 5:32 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I got to the GLB beer garden location and there was 90 minutes of setup... tables, chairs, signage... reminded me of working the CNE as a teenager and flashing the booth!

We were allowed to start serving at 11, but it was kind of slow for the first hour. I did some pouring, my wife and kids dropped by, there were customers, but it was pretty chill. Lou Schizas dropped by and then the Stephen Stanley Band.

Then.... boom. Constant work until I left at 5ish. It was relentless, but I found my rhythm handling cash and really enjoyed it. I was cracking jokes, meeting neighbours, working my ass off on a hot day.

Oh yeah, and this guy showed up.

At 5 I told my boss I had to leave to get to my daughter's dance showcase and I jet home, wolfed down some food, hopped on my bike, went to Martingrove Collegiate, and watched dancing for a couple of hours. My daughter was in four different dances, and she was great. Here we are before the show started.

When I got home, I was exhausted.

June 10, 2018 @ 7:37 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Your a busy man Mike. Maybe you can get Mayor Tory on the Podcast.

June 10, 2018 @ 10:28 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Rick C in Oakville

Now there's a busy man! I wonder how many hands he shook at that Grilled Cheese Challenge....

June 10, 2018 @ 10:42 PM

Neil Clarke Warren

There may be short brown outs in the Toronto downtown core today. The defeated former politicians from the last Ontario government have access to their former offices today.
That = The shredders will be going at full speed all day.
Also 2 questions that will be repeated ALL day;
Do you know when the hard drive is on my computer ? and May I borrow a screwdriver ?

June 11, 2018 @ 7:53 AM


Mike, looks like a busy but hella fun day!! I personally went on a boat ride, got tipsy, came home and slept it off haha.

Happy Monday!

June 11, 2018 @ 8:08 AM

Ben V

It will be interesting to see how Trump's surrogate Conrad Black will try to defend captain bonespurs in regards to his unjust attacks on Canada and our leader this past weekend.

There is no business book in academia that has a case study where you learn about how someone was able to deal with this level of complete and utter bat shit crazy.

June 11, 2018 @ 8:25 AM


I'm home. No more laggy internet. Well, I really can't complain because at least I had it. Well, my Indians did win. That's great. I didn't get to listen though. I was on the train. My Orioles lost again. My Diamondbacks did win though. I still say Indians and Diamondbacks to the World Series. It will be a great World Series.

June 11, 2018 @ 8:28 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Ben V

I find this story fascinating. I'm listening to a story about it on The Current right now. It's an unprecedented attack on an ally, and as I said on TMI this morning, we're living in a world where the US President appears closer to Russia than Canada. Unbelievable.

I'm delighted at the way Trudeau is handling this so far, and I'm seeing great support from all parties. You could argue this is what truly unites a country...

June 11, 2018 @ 8:54 AM

Ben V

Its notthing short of despicable what Bonespurs is doing. I cant for the life of me understand why after such staunch support of Russia this past weekend, why all those who were on the ledge about trump and collusion wouldn't have swayed them.

The only one that has looked like an even bigger idiot than trump in the past 2 weeks is Scheer. Now he looks like a lone wolf after going after Trudeau only to have everyone else rally behind our country. I agree it's been a unifying force.

June 11, 2018 @ 9:09 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

It's baffling how a guy could land a gig of that magnitude and have no interest in learning the facts and ideologies behind such basic concepts as trade relations with close allies.

And yes, Scheer was the lone wolf, but even he had to cough up his support yesterday. Heck, DoFo had Trudeau's back, too.. much to the chagrin of Ford Nation.

June 11, 2018 @ 9:14 AM


Re: This morning's TMI: The G6+1-Kinda sounds like a throwback to some kinda of undiscovered
old school rap group, with Trump as the 'wacky', out of control hype man!! P.S., haven't heard that
song in at least 20 years!

June 11, 2018 @ 9:23 AM


So I saw the new Jode flick "Hotel Artemis" yesterday and it is a worthwhile watch. A post-apocalyptic
noir thriller set in Los Angeles, it is definitely not meant to be confused with "The Hotel New
Hampshire", "The Hanoi Hilton(!!)","The Grand Budapest Hotel", "Hotel Transylvania", or "The
Million Dollar Hotel." Randall" from TV's This Is Us also co-stars as a bad-ass hitman, The dialogue
is often a tribute to peak Tarantino, but with at least about 33% fewer MOTHERFUDGERS uttered!!!

And now for an important PSA: Beloved Toronto Mike'd guests Splash 'N Boots will be performing and holding a meet and greet at Woodbine Racetrack on Canada Day between 11 AM and 1PM as part of the Queen's Plate festivities. (P.S., I bet there will be a lot of Royalist Hot Milfs in attendance all sporting the latest in fetching Fascinator headgear!!)

In other exciting concert news, former Big Shiny Tunes CDs/coasters darlings, Moist, have been
added to the stellar CNE Bandshell concert roster on August 29. Newsflash, this just in: Former
Zeller's pitchmen and recent TMI soundtrackers Bedouin Soundclash have just been slotted
in the day before. And they are now reduced to a duo. They could be the White Stripes/Black
Keys of reggae/ska. Good times and fragrant sweet leaf will probably prevail in equal measure on that forthcoming evening!

June 11, 2018 @ 9:54 AM


Some months ago The Jester (US military hacker) had a link about Trump he'd been given or uncovered. It showed an in-depth financial connection to Russia through Trump. For the record Jester has always been a staunch Conservative and is known as the "Patriot" hacker. His laptop is in the spy museum. He's the real thing. I've seen the guy launch attacks on ISIS & even on Julian Assange.

To understand Trump you need to do the follow

1. First, step out of your own "regular" mind and put on the proverbial tin foil hat. You need to understand what you imagine to be true is not. And that all possibilities are open. And you need to stop imaging a president wants to do good for his country.

2. Then start envisioning what *could* happen to a guy who had deep Russian ties especially when you see how involved the Russians are in the internet and social engineering. They are. Russians are a greater menace than any APT out of China or NK.

In Season 2 of Mr Robot, "White Rose" the leader of the Dark Army and the Chinese "security" guy is sitting at his house. A journalist comes to see him and they start talking. White Rose motions to the TV where Trump is talking. He says "I found a new candidate for President". The "Fox News" guy looks at him in disbelief. He says something like "are you serious, this guy is a baffoon, he's detached from reality". White Rose relies "a puppet will dance when you control the strings" or something like that.

#Bingo. Then he goes on to say "blame it on the Iranians". Life mimics TV.

PS. I believe Trump has frontolobal dimentia. If you pay close attention he stumbles a fair bit, seems lost, loses his sense of space. It's a discussion we've been having deep on the dark net.

June 11, 2018 @ 10:04 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Next guest on Toronto Mike'd: Ann Rohmer.

June 11, 2018 @ 4:40 PM


Present her with a GLB gift card

June 11, 2018 @ 4:45 PM


and make sure you have cake.

June 11, 2018 @ 5:00 PM

Urooj Islam

Illvibe needs to write a special theme song for this episode.

June 11, 2018 @ 5:27 PM


So Mike, after Ann Rohmer who is the next BIG GET that you'll be gunning for the podcast? Bob McCown? Gord Martineau? Moses Znaimer?

June 11, 2018 @ 8:28 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Bob said no, so I'm done asking him.

Gord said yes, but then went quiet, so I'll follow up and see if it can happen.

Moses is wisely laying low.

So we'll see... I want to do some Degrassi episodes, and more MuchMusic episodes... and there are a bunch of others like Dani Elwell that I've wanted to talk with for a while. Joe Bowen would be fun, as would jam kickings with Strombo and Marek and cats like that.

And maybe more 90s alt rockers... I enjoy those!

June 11, 2018 @ 8:40 PM


I somehow had never seen Odds' Heterosexual Man video until tonight:

I'm fucking dying. I had no idea it featured KITH. So fucking good.

June 11, 2018 @ 10:53 PM

Jody Thornton

Whew! Your site was down for a good while last night. Was kinda worried

June 12, 2018 @ 6:10 AM


My Indians won. That was great. They got a shutout 4 to 0. Michael Brantley hit another home run. Edwin Encarnacion is out. He has a sore ankle or something. Apparently it happened on the weekend. Also my Diamondbacks won as well and Jake Lamb hit a home run. My Orioles didn't do so well though. Another loss and they got shut out. I'm looking forward to the World Series. Indians and Diamondbacks. It will be a great one.

June 12, 2018 @ 7:15 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


I don't know how you missed it. Much played the mess out of it!

June 12, 2018 @ 8:19 AM


I think that the Ann Rohmer episode also requires a red carpet, a cheering section of her most
adoring 'fans', and a pop-up satellite Keg location in order for her to redeem the Keg card she will
undoubtedly be receiving as part of her appearance negotiations!! Wait, you mean no virtual collection plate was set up to make this happen?!? I think I have some vintage belly button lint to

June 12, 2018 @ 9:20 AM


Yes, it has nothing to do with not trusting TorontoMike. I just know I definitely would not want to invite the raging idiot to my house, particularly when he has a hate-on for anyone who dared to report on the case. I wouldn't want to let him get anywhere near me.

June 12, 2018 @ 11:43 AM


@Toronto Mike,

MuchMusic wasn't kosher in my household lol. I barely saw any music videos until YouTube existed.

June 12, 2018 @ 1:17 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


That explains it. :)

June 12, 2018 @ 1:41 PM


That said I've watched shitloads of videos since and bought DVD collections of them for favourite bands, etc. But yeah somehow missed that amazing one.

June 12, 2018 @ 1:46 PM


H.o.E. - yeah, what a loon. Seriously - saying it isn't abuse and he never called her, and why didn't she mention she moved out of her home before? why would a victim even say that they'd moved to their stalker? despicable!

June 12, 2018 @ 2:01 PM


The USAF Thunderbirds will be at the CNE Air Show.

June 12, 2018 @ 4:23 PM


Just got back from Ottawa to see my Son & his family. My son after 6 years at Uof Ottawa graduated with Honors BA (social sciences) cum laude as convocation was last night. Very proud of him.

When I was leaving with wifey & daughter in law & son I realized my wallet was gone. I freaked, ran back to the venue that was closed & a security gaurd said you cannot re enter. I told him my dilemma & he said somebody gave me a wallet that was left. Guard asked for my name & addy & returned it to me. I came back outside & wife & son had left knowing I was in despair, looking for me. After 15 minutes good thing came to an end. We al reunited.

To who ever returned my wallet with a lot of ID, Credit cards, etc. Thank You many times over.

June 12, 2018 @ 9:11 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Faith in humanity restored!

June 12, 2018 @ 9:20 PM


I thought U weren't religious & yet U said faith. LOL

June 12, 2018 @ 11:11 PM


I'm 0/2 on having my wallet returned. Just lost one a couple weeks ago. Real fucking pain in the ass. Still need to replace my health card; can't do it online due to an address change.

I'm really proud of a related silly life-hack though. My new wallet unfortunately blocks RFID ... a feature I don't care about, but it's a perfect wallet for me otherwise. The issue is that my office passcard would no longer work without being removed from the wallet. So... I dismantled the card carefully, pulled the antenna and chip out, and mounted it in the back of my phone case. Works like a charm!


Awesome!! When they were last here I was just getting seriously into photography and didn't manage to do a good job:

Not perfect, but definitely better now...

June 12, 2018 @ 11:16 PM

Sam from England

Canada is (jointly) hosting the world cup in 2026!

June 13, 2018 @ 7:08 AM


My Indians lost last night. That was no good at all. Adam Plutko lost the game. He was good his first three games, but then lost it. Edwin Encarnacion is back though, but he didn't do anything. My Orioles lost as well. My Diamondbacks won though. It will really be Indians and Diamondbacks in the World Series. The World Series will be so awesome.

June 13, 2018 @ 7:28 AM


@Dale Glad to hear and congrats!

My Daughter heads to U of Ottawa this fall :)

June 13, 2018 @ 8:02 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Precisely! Faith in humanity... I believe in humanity.

June 13, 2018 @ 8:46 AM


Wish I could share your belief in humanity, but my experience with these so-called humans
has been one largely filled with alienation, disappointment and despair!! However, your blog and
podcast have gone a large way to chipping away at some of that well-earned cynicism/misanthropy!!
Keep up the great work and looking very forward to today's Ann Rohmer episode. The ideal place to
listen to it would definitely be at a Keg location!!!

June 13, 2018 @ 9:36 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Without a doubt, there are selfish jerks and selfless citizens abiding by the golden rule. I'd like to believe there are more in the latter group.

June 13, 2018 @ 9:38 AM


In a more ideal world I'd hope to agree with you, but that hasn't really been my personal
experience to date. Glad for those who luck out in that department, yet wish I could find a
way to experience some of more of that myself!!

June 13, 2018 @ 9:42 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


This is where I'd toss you a corny cliche like "be the change you want to see in the world"

June 13, 2018 @ 9:43 AM


You aren't wrong at all, but have tired very hard over the last ten years and really haven't gotten
that far. It can be very hard (at least for someone such as myself belatedly filed under the Autism
Spectrum) to successfully make their way in the world on the wrong side of 40!!!

June 13, 2018 @ 9:47 AM


Sorry, meant to type 'tried very hard' (above), or did I?!?

June 13, 2018 @ 9:48 AM


The treatment of public bathrooms makes me wonder how society manages to function at all

June 13, 2018 @ 10:23 AM


Very good point!! A lot of the public washrooms downtown scarily resemble what I would imagine
the grim aftermath of numerous murder scenes look like (thanks CSI shows Et Al!!). Also no
great shakes are the too few bathrooms available on the vast TTC network. The men's washroom
at Bloor/Yonge on the southbound side too often comes across like the worst kind of Jackson
Pollock painting or the Rorschach Test of your worst nightmares (sorry 'bout that gross imagery
before mid morning!!).

June 13, 2018 @ 10:31 AM


The vast majority of people using a public bathroom are desperately in need. So I find it completely sociopathic that some will delight in ruining it for others. Even in offices for fuck's sake.

June 13, 2018 @ 10:37 AM


@Toronto Mike:
during the Dan Shulman podcast, did he say his son was Ben, and 17 years old? If so, he's now doing play by play announcing for the Barrie Baycats of the IBL!

June 13, 2018 @ 10:40 AM


I try to avoid public washrooms as much as possible. Somehow my subconscious brain seems to also, as quite often as soon as I get home I suddenly realize I have to go.
But just a few days ago when I had to use the one in the Bay concourse of Union Station, I was surprised at it not being a horrible disaster area. It reminded me of the one in Casino Rama.

June 13, 2018 @ 11:04 AM


I also feel so badly for the people tasked with cleaning them up. It's so disrespectful and disgraceful.

June 13, 2018 @ 11:14 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Yes, Ben is his boy. Nice!

June 13, 2018 @ 3:06 PM

Jason from Sudbury

Lost a wallet at work 10 years ago. To this day I have no idea how the hell it happened. Managed to get it back though. Someone dropped it off at the store across the hall from my work. They took the $46 I had in it, but hey I got all my cards back which is the main thing. So that $46 was a small price to pay.

June 14, 2018 @ 12:36 AM


My Indians, Orioles, and Diamondbacks all lost last night. Baseball really sucked, that's for sure. Anyway, it's no good at all that they all lost. Well, it's will still be Indians and Diamondbacks in the World Series. They will be there.

June 14, 2018 @ 7:03 AM


I had a bad experience about 10 years ago when I found a wallet.

Was walking with my 6 year old daughter at the time when we found a wallet near the riverbank. It contained no money but had identification. I didn't recognize the name so I said to my daughter that we should take it to the police station so they could attempt to find the person. This is in a small town of 15,000 people where the chances of actually locating the person are pretty good. Also, I thought it would be a nice learning experience for my daughter.

We arrive at the police station and hand the wallet over. We then spend the next hour and ten minutes being essentially interrogated, being left in a room, then having a completely different officer interrogate us again about the wallet.

I finally had enough after being accused of taking the contents from the wallet, and asked them how stupid a person would have to be to steal the contents, then proceed to return it to a police station wasting their afternoon. I told them the whole purpose was to do the right thing while showing my daughter that the police were here to help and protect us. Instead, all you've shown her is that "doing the right thing" is a pain in the ass and from now on you shouldn't take that chance for fear of incompetent police.

Having said that, I'm still a big supporter of the Police Force, but that one incident will forever stick with me.

June 14, 2018 @ 9:55 AM


Most important Drake news ever: The video to Drake's new track "I'm Upset" has just been released
and it doubles as a Degrassi: TNG cast reunion. Spoiler alert: Jimmy Brooks can actually walk again.
OMG!!!! Wow!! Drake has finally done something I can STAND(!!) behind. Big Jimmy Brooks fan from way back, though.Rick Murray is still a punk-azzed beyotch, even though he is long since dead!!!

June 14, 2018 @ 10:20 AM


Hard to believe that today is the first anniversary of the amazing Kick Out The Jams!! Time sure
does fly, and here's to hoping for another great week like the one in which there were at least 3,
possibly even 4, KOTJ episodes!!! We also need the proud return of the KOTJ episode banner, no more
of this Trojan Horse stuff!! Great episodes either way, but folks who prefer the Real Talk Deep Dive
component can always choose to jump off when the jam kicking starts!!!

Nobody does this better. Congrats and kudos!! One more suggestion: Perhaps some local metal
heads/musicians could/should be enlisted to provide some heavier fare? We all know you've got
a soft spot for Q's very beloved and long dormant Top 10 At 10 hour of power!!

June 14, 2018 @ 11:01 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Rogers Media has cut 1/3 of its magazine staff, including Toronto Mike'd guest Sarah Boesveld who was writing for Chatelaine.

June 14, 2018 @ 4:42 PM


"magazine" ?
Oh, yeah, I think I remember what they were.

June 14, 2018 @ 5:01 PM

Urooj Islam

Is Sportsnet Magazine still a thing?

I still laugh about a magazine being launched in the 2010s.

June 14, 2018 @ 5:06 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Urooj Islam

Sportsnet Magazine is digital-only now.

June 14, 2018 @ 5:08 PM


Magazine cuts are 1 of the reasons I lost my job in printing industry 8 months ago. Everything digital now & will be the demise of most paper & print media. Students in journalism now have to take a hard look into the future. Same with Radio & TV media.
I'm hyped about the Marlies tonight (TSN2 channel 495) game 7.
Go Marlies Go

June 14, 2018 @ 5:21 PM


Does the ice get removed from the (soon-to-be-renamed) ACC as soon as the Leafs get eliminated? I would think these last two or three Marlies games would draw crowds big enough to play there -- unlike during the regular season, when I went to games at Ricoh for nothing. Someone gave me a ticket they couldn't use on that face-freezingly cold first Friday night in January (I remember it because I walked for an hour to get there, and then again to go home). On weeknight games, if they win, everybody gets a voucher on the way out they can exchange for a ticket at the next weeknight game. They kept on winning and I kept going back until I had to give it away because I had already bought a ticket to something else that night. For one of the games at Ricoh, they gave a seat in the second row behind the Marlies bench, when I got there 15 minutes before game time. I guess if the game is far from being sold-out, it might be better to get there then instead of earlier in that situation.

June 14, 2018 @ 8:51 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I caught the last period of the Marlies game and loved watching them win game seven easily to win their first Calder Cup. Champions!

But that Texas goal was the all-time worst referee call I've ever witnessed in a high stakes hockey game. I've still never seen that puck cross the line. Unbelievable.

June 14, 2018 @ 10:57 PM

Urooj Islam

Toronto, the city of champions (Argos, FC, Marlies)!

June 14, 2018 @ 11:31 PM

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