The Toronto Raptors Have Clinched Top Seed in the Eastern Conference

The Toronto Raptors have clinched the top seed in the east with a 92-73 victory over the Indiana Pacers tonight. It was their 57th win of the season, and 33rd win at home, both new franchise records.


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Not happy. My Cavs aren't first anymore. It's awful. They fricken lost last night and are in fourth. They better find a way to make it to the finals.

April 7, 2018 @ 7:42 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Looks like we'll meet you in the second round!

April 7, 2018 @ 7:48 AM

Brian Gerstein (Raptors Devotee)

Some reward, getting LeBron in the second round. Hell of an accomplishment but let's face it, Philly will win out now and clinch 3rd place and have the easiest path to the ECF now with Boston a shell of its former self with no Kyrie and Smart ?.

Raptors will have to man up and not let LeBron do his usual thing against them in important games. My strategy would be to pressure him, double him, throw a ton of bodies at him, foul the crap out of him, tire him out, force the rest of the Cavs to hit their shots to beat you. This is their best shot, as if you let Lebron be a scorer and distributor and have his way, you have zero chance.

April 7, 2018 @ 9:26 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I believe the Raps can beat the Cavs this year. Bring 'em on!

April 7, 2018 @ 9:35 AM

Urooj Islam

Thanks for getting it right, Mike.

The TSN web site says the Raptors have "clinched the Eastern Conference" and are "Eastern Conference Champions".

Uh, that's not how this works.

April 7, 2018 @ 12:50 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Urooj Islam

Yes, I was careful.

We have at least 12 more games to win before we're Eastern Conference champs.

April 7, 2018 @ 3:19 PM


I'm a Cavs fan. My Cavs will find a way to win. Yes, they will I need them to win.

April 8, 2018 @ 7:46 AM

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