Autumn is the New Summer


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Ben V

Good thing climate change isn't real.....

September 23, 2017 @ 4:49 PM


Summers in the Lower Mainland have become extremely hot and dry. Weeks and weeks without a drop of rain, 30C, dead grass, water shortages. And the forest fires. A few weeks ago in Radium, I could smell and taste the smoke. You could see 50 feet. Vancouver was covered with smoke for weeks. You couldn't see the north shore from the West End.

September 23, 2017 @ 7:10 PM


Sure takes the sting out of the lame summer.

September 23, 2017 @ 7:50 PM

Urooj Islam

Feeling close to 40 degrees a week away from October is incomprehensible.

You have to look at the calendar daily to make sure it really is the day/date it says it is, looking forward to the real fall, had enough of this.

September 24, 2017 @ 2:54 AM


It felt like summer definitely ended at about 5 or 6 p.m. on Wednesday late afternoon. You might have been walking around in shorts and sandals up until then and not been cold. And then Friday night felt more like it was April or November.
Weather and climate are not the same thing.
BTW -- what is it with some people who wear shorts in January and toques in July?

September 30, 2017 @ 2:12 PM

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