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Toronto FC debuted in MLS back in 2007. I was pretty snarky about the team back then. You see, I didn't grow up with soccer, never played, and was only interested for a few weeks every four years during the World Cup.

But then, I went to a few games at BMO Field. Usually I was taken by my buddy Elvis who has seasons tickets in the supporters' section, but there was that one time I had my own section. It's true! If you bought tickets for my section that day in 2010, we all got scarves and were taken on the field at halftime.

Experiencing TFC live was crazy fun. This was before the 2015 Blue Jays revival, so there was really nothing else like it in Toronto sports. We sang and chanted throughout the 90 minute game and it was awesome.

Flags, Streamers and Glee

Still, until last season, I had never tuned in a TFC match on television. Last year, I watched for five minutes to see how TFC did in their first ever playoff game. We were pummelled by Montreal. It was far less fun than

This year, I've tuned in for every TFC playoff match, and I've been loving it. The other day at Yankee Stadium, we made a statement and smoked NYCFC 5-0 to win the series 7-0. And they say soccer is the land of 0-0 finals.

Now I'm all in, incredibly psyched for the conference final against Montreal. When this team was born, I snickered at their prospects, but I'm now fully converted. It's a fun atmosphere, and we no longer suck.

C'mon you Reds!

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James Edgar

I haven't been to a game yet and with no cable i can't watch on TV but I was just saying the other day that i'm kind of getting excited to see a game soon. Not much of a soccer fan but i was dragged to to two Canadian Women's soccer team games over the couple of years and I have gained some appreciation for the game.

Of course until they actually looked like they might have some chance to win I've had 0 interest in TFC. No doubt i'm not the only bandwagon jumper in the city.

But I'm on the bandwagon now so GO TFC!

November 8, 2016 @ 11:49 AM


Welcome to the bandwagon. Feel free to bring more Jays fans along for the ride.

November 9, 2016 @ 8:09 AM


Who cares..let the Bandwagons join..its all in good fun!

Too bad they put a international break in between the games.

November 9, 2016 @ 8:27 AM

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