Canada AM Cancelled

CTV has announced that Canada AM will broadcast its final episode tomorrow.

Canada AM first hit the airwaves on Sept. 11, 1972 as Canada’s first morning television news program and ran for 43 seasons.

Your final Canada AM hosts are Beverly Thomson, Marci Ien and Jeff Hutcheson.

Bell Media has yet to announce what program or programs will be assuming Canada AM's 6-9am weekday timeslot.

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If you listen carefully.. you can hear executives at Rogers jumping up and cheering.

June 2, 2016 @ 10:45 AM


Well, eff off, television.

Okay, we're not talking about a cutting-edge television show, or a great source of news, or anything of grand substance. It was just a benign morning show. You get used to things, though, and at some point it became the thing I had on every morning while getting ready for work. CP24, BT, and whatever Global's show is called just couldn't cut it for me.

I know, the media universe is changing and the things we grew up with don't work anymore ... but it would be nice to be able to count on something.

At the very least, give some notice. "Tomorrow's the last day" is a bit of a middle-finger to a long-time audience.

June 2, 2016 @ 10:54 AM

Brian Gerstein

Amazing, because at my age I have been aware of Canada AM since its debut, as a child recall it being on at home. What I find interesting is that there was I do not believe any warning signs on declining ratings, lack of advertisers, etc. so this does come as a shock.

I have not watched it in a long time, but the odd time when I tuned in found the production values and content to be certainly good enough to still be of value, but the times they are a changing.

June 2, 2016 @ 10:57 AM


As a viewer, I didn't notice any warning signs, though maybe I should have. They do tend to run the same commercials over and over, though I'd assumed that was because most viewers are only tuning in for about a half hour so repetition is desired by the advertisers. They reduced the number of on-air personalities -- there used to be a separate news reader, but when Seamus O'Regan left Marci Ien moved from news reader to host, and the hosts started reading the news. They also reduced (by one) the number of local news breaks -- the first news break used to be at 6:25, but in the last year was replaced by a network generated soft-news feature. Now the first local news break doesn't come until 6:55.

But those are all very subtle.

And really, it seems this was sudden. After all, they've been talking for the last month about Jeff Hutcheson's retirement, with his last day scheduled for June 17. It was expected the show would be around two weeks from now.

The suddenness is what gets me, as I said earlier. I think it's an a-hole thing to do to longtime viewers. Sure, cancel a show if you need to ... but give us some warning.

June 2, 2016 @ 11:10 AM


I'm sure the only people disappointed about this are over the age of 50 who enjoy puff pieces and don't want to watch real news in the mornings.

Good riddance.

June 2, 2016 @ 11:40 AM


I will miss Canada AM. I am shocked and saddened by its sudden cancellation.
And Steve is a dickhead.

June 2, 2016 @ 12:10 PM


@ Steve

And you would be wrong, but congrats on going online to be a dick. This is a big day for you.

June 2, 2016 @ 12:19 PM


I have to ask, why do viewers need a warning? There is no story line to follow on Canada AM, it's the news, sports, weather, etc of the day. And seeing that mainstream media, radio & print is in a continuous state of decline, isn't that really our warning that nothing should be viewed as long term?

@Steve: What is "real news" anyway? And these shows aren't news programs so much as they are information programs, right? I don't believe that people who watch Canada AM or BT expect hard hitting in-depth international news programming.

@Kyle: I doubt the management at Rogers is jumping and cheering. They know the same fate will hit them sometime down the road. If they have any brains (staff included) they'd start planning a career transition before there is nothing left.

June 2, 2016 @ 12:41 PM


@ Irv

I get what you're saying, but the thing is that a lot of people get attached to the routine. If Jon Stewart or David Letterman had given only a day's notice of leaving their jobs, longtime viewers would have been caught off guard. Now, granted, both were leaving shows that continued without them, but in their cases it was like "their" show ended and another started afterwards.

So, it's not about storylines or anything like that -- it's about something being a part of people's lives. I'm not suggestion "give us a couple of months," but more than a day would be nice. Like, one or two weeks.

June 2, 2016 @ 12:48 PM



OK, fair point, Letterman was a good comparison as both shows were more sort of that infotainment type of programming. In the case of Letterman or Stewart though the prolonged goodbye was likely about dragging out the goodbye because of the free publicity. A mix of short term ratings kick & pulling in new fans who hopefully stayed around for the new guy.

I look at the media in a completely opposite manner myself. It's let me down so much I am not surprised when it dies, I'm more surprise when it lasts. Sometimes I think these media companies purposely water down shows solely so that you'll tune out & then they can say "no ratings, have to cancel it".

I see the media like this. Imagine standing on a bridge over a raging river in spring time. You look down and notice a guy in the water. He's holding on to a couple of possession for dear life. You should to him "Do you need some help" and he shouts back "No everything is fine, thanks" and then disappears from view. That's media in 2016.

June 2, 2016 @ 1:10 PM

Dan Rather Be Drinking

Morning shows feel like they've become mostly entertainment/celebrity gossip news focused some time ago which turns away some viewers - mostly those in my *ahem* advanced age demographic.

Not that you can't have that content in the show - but when it seems like it's dominating the show via the news breaks or the 'chat' segments, it takes away from what I'm hoping to catch in the morning. What is going on now, what happened overnight, and developments that may have occurred to further previous news items. Taylor Swift's relationships should not be your lead news story (looking at you CP24 Breakfast.)

June 2, 2016 @ 4:56 PM

Johnny Spot

Which one of the cast asked for a big raise?!

June 2, 2016 @ 5:53 PM


I think Jeff Hutcheson's retirement partially contributed to the cancellation of Canada AM. The new show likely will be staffed by two people, instead of three, which means Bell will save money.
Due to other Bell cutbacks, CTV often lacked the resources to keep the show on the air during holiday periods. Marci and Bev had to have had at least 10 weeks vacation combined and it was getting increasingly difficult to find qualified people to host the show in their absence. Previous substitute hosts such as Marcia MacMillan and Graham Richardson were no longer available due to cutbacks at CTV News Channel and CTV Ottaws.
I am actually surprised the show lasted this long. CTV affiliates west of Ontario all have their own local morning shows. About the only affiliates that were still carrying the show were Kitchener, Toronto and Sudbury.

June 2, 2016 @ 6:18 PM


The program was cancelled because

1) CRTC rules recently changed so that Canadian content at this time of day is no longer a licensing requirement

2) The program was probably not profitable.

It is difficult in general to compete against a public broadcaster (CBC), funded to a large degree by the taxpayer vs a private broadcaster, funded solely through advertising revenue.

June 2, 2016 @ 8:43 PM


Well, the replacement show will reportedly feature Ben Mulroney and Anne Marie Mediwake. The latter, I don't know much about. The former is more than I can handle first thing in the morning. And I would think, @Dan Rather Be Drinking, young Ben will offer up that which you fear.

It's been a while since I listened to Metro Morning on a daily basis. I think I'm headed in that direction.

June 2, 2016 @ 8:49 PM


@Mike. So you're telling me that the CBC's hour of a camera in their studio somehow trumps this live multi-host programming? Just maybe this show is being cancelled because times have changed & the much touted "local" TV show isn't sale-able anymore? It doesn't matter if the audience is there. What matters is if you can sell it & make a profit.

This won't be the last legacy program on TV to disappear. Much more is on the way & the next 10 years will be a bloodbath.

There are 3 types of media right now.

1. Old Skool media. This is the "supper hour" news. It's the printed newspaper. This has maybe 10 years left. It will go out with a whimper & become a distance afternoon delivery of the newspaper.

2. Old Skool Media that embraces the new. There is no such creature more delusional than this. They imagine the path to keeping their empire ticking is adopting technology created by others. You know, just get a good Facebook page, tweet shit out 20 times a day & transfer your dated website presence to an app for a tablet. Think Toronto Star. Think National Post. Think Now Magazine.

3. The Disruptors. Think Tesla. Think Uber. Think AirBnB. And at one time Apple fell in this category. The disruptors are almost always outsiders and they're invasive. They're almost always creative technologists. And, most certainly those in category 1 & 2 hate them. And they do everything to stop them. Category 2 types imagine they are like Category 3 types, but they're not because Cat 2 types can't think outside the box. They've lived in the box to long to imagine anything different. Did Elon Musk work in the car industry? Did Steve Jobs work in the music industry? Nope.

As of yet there is no Number 3 in the media industry. Who knows, maybe there never will be? Maybe it's simply not worth the time trying to recreate & save?

The difference between number 2 and number 3 is one uses technology, the other creates it. It's akin to the hipster with the Mac at Starbucks blogging imagining he has impact versus the geek across from him writing the next app in Swift (programming language).

June 2, 2016 @ 10:39 PM


@Mike @Elephant It will be interesting if Ben Mulroney is a co-host on the new show since one of Mike's recent podcast guests, Marc Weisblott mentioned on his blog that it was rumored that Ben would eventually become the host of Canada AM.
I have no doubt that Canada AM was losing money. The hosts' salaries were originally negotiated when it was a national show. Bell stopped airing the show in Western Canada in 2013 as part of the agreement with the CRTC when it purchased CTV in 2010. After that happened, I'm sure ad revenue declined considerably.

June 3, 2016 @ 1:22 AM


After reading this yesterday I decided to tune in today just to see how the end would be handled and one big take away I've had is that for the most part, despite being on the air for close to 40 years, the "memories" they are sharing are all from the last 10 years and mostly focus on the current hosts.

Maybe it's me but I find it odd that CanadaAM is ignoring/omitting the past and keep the spotlight on the current hosts. Does CTV not think long time viewers would remember the days of Norm Perry, Dan Matheson, Terylin Joe, et all?

June 3, 2016 @ 8:58 AM


@ Hans

Yeah, that stood out to me, too (though obviously I didn't watch the entire three-hour show, so I might have missed something). They did show some very brief clips of their location broadcasts from years past, and people like Norm Perry and Pamela Wallen showed up in that. And Seamus O'Regan was in the studio, so some "past host" got screen time, but the clips were very limited. I don't know if Seamus was actually on-air at all.

I was expecting more of a retrospective of the show, but really it seemed like a send-off for these three.

I'll be interested to see what happens with Marci Ien. Canada AM became a bit of a showcase for her -- she really shone after becoming host. They've said what Bev Thomson will be doing, and Jeff Hutcheson has now retired, but all they've said is "other projects" for Ien.

Not that you're looking for suggestions, Mike, but Marci Ien might be an interesting podcast guest She's been in television all her life -- she started out as a child performer on the 70s show "Circle Square."

June 3, 2016 @ 9:31 AM

Rob Dipworth

I hear Seamus O'Reagan raised a glass. Or two...or three.

June 4, 2016 @ 8:08 PM


This show was well done. You could tell how much they enjoyed doing this show which is a rare thing these days . There is nothing wrong with a morally responsible show. CBC has lost me as viewer.

June 6, 2016 @ 8:50 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

CTV has announced their replacement morning show.

It's going to be called "Your Morning" and the primary hosts are Ben Mulroney and Anne-Marie Mediwake.

Joining hosts Mediwake and Mulroney are Melissa Grelo, Lindsey Deluce and Kelsey McEwen.

June 6, 2016 @ 10:07 AM


So, it's what I'd started suspecting it was.

It's just Canada AM with a new title.

All they were doing was firing the hosts while pretending they weren't firing the hosts.

June 6, 2016 @ 12:08 PM


For the record, here's what CTV says the new show is:

"Your Morning is a new approach to morning television. The series will deliver an original perspective and unique insight into the stories of the day, while showcasing lifestyle topics of interests to Canadians from coast-to-coast-to-coast."

Isn't that what Canada AM was?

Oh, but there's this:
"News on the program will be delivered by CTV News." Okay. The talking head delivering the news won't be one of the hosts.

Now wait, here's something different:

"To be broadcast from Bell Media’s downtown broadcast centre at 299 Queen St. West in Toronto, the series comes from the same production team as the top two Canadian daytime series, The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social, and will be helmed by the same executive producer, Michelle Crespi."

So, new digs! Also, different crew. So ... what happened to the Canada AM crew? Fired along with the hosts?

Finally ...

“CTV is investing in a new style of morning television,” said Randy Lennox, President, Entertainment Production and Broadcasting, Bell Media. “We believe we can serve viewers and advertisers alike with a wonderful group of captivating personalities to start the day.”

Genius! They're using captivating personalities! Why has no one ever tried to put captivating personalities on TV before? This is truly groundbreaking!

June 6, 2016 @ 12:15 PM


Much like Nickelback, I can't seem to find a single person who enjoys Ben Mulroney. Most people seem to have an active dislike. Are there people that like him on TV?

June 6, 2016 @ 1:16 PM

The Voice of Reason

It is official. With this assignment, Ben Mulroney is now more qualified to become PM than JT was.

June 6, 2016 @ 1:16 PM

Dan Rather Be Drinking

Yay - Ben Mulroney - so let's get ready for our top story: Kim Kardashian did something on Instagram followed by a talk segment recapping the events from the CTV-aired reality show from the night before.

Morning Shows: We're all clones. All are one and one are all.

June 7, 2016 @ 2:19 PM


I wish I would have searched online sooner I feel so stupid. I was still wondering what the heck happened to my favourite morning show that I use to watch daily before heading to work. I wasn't happy about CTV pulling the plug on such a great show are the viewers not there anymore? is that ?why? Well it saddens me greatly and even the retirement of Jeff our funny weather man just wouldn't be the same without him but I still loved the show and was hopeful it was going to continue on. Bring it back CTV along with the rest of the original journalists!!!!!

October 11, 2016 @ 8:30 AM

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