It's Tough to Lose this Consistently

I lost the NHL playoff pool again. You might recall I would have clinched with a Ducks win over the Black Hawks. Well, that didn't happen.

Still, I managed to hold on to first place until the final game on Monday night. I was this close to being the first poolie to win without a single player in the final. I literally led the pool for 99% of the time, until I didn't.

It's not easy losing this consistently. It's actually the second time I've been caught from behind on the final night. I've never won and have now lost about twenty years in a row.

Oh yeah, there was that one year there was no Stanley Cup playoffs. It felt good to enjoy the feeling of not losing for a spring.

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I have run a season long hockey pool for last 5 or 6 years keeping stats, trades, etc.
When 1st started only 4 people in the pool & this year 8 people, drafting 1-8 & then 8-1, etc. & nobody can take players already chosen. It's always best to be a middle pick. We pick 25 players each & only top 15 count with their points only. Trades happen on the 1st of each month during the season & lowest pt. person picks 1st but has to give up a player (usually their overall lowest point player). Injuries also have to be considered.

Mike I can sympathize with you & what I'm writing next actually happened & have stat sheets to prove it.

2 years ago - 2012-13 season I won by 1 POINT on the last day of the season as leaders players were rested for the playoff & my top pointers were trying to get to playoffs. 1 pt win for me.

This year my son losing by 3 pts. to the same person who I beat 2 years ago won by 1 pt. AGAIN (Jamie Benn) on last day of season.

We celebrate with the winner picking a destination for dinner with all usually attending & the bill is split between everyone except the winner as a Freebie night.

It's a great time & a lot is luck especially with injuries but a lot of "homework" during trades has to be done.

Can't wait until next year. Who would you pick as # 1 - winner this year didn't pick Crosby & he had 1st pick overall & took Ovie.

June 17, 2015 @ 6:52 PM

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