Morning Alarms: Then and Now

I loved my clock radio. I'd fall asleep to the sweet sounds of Tom and Jerry calling Blue Jays games, but waking up to CJCL 1430 meant "music of your life" mouldy syrup, so I'd wake up to this:

This is my current alarm on my LG G3. It's called Voices of Nature.

Of all the advancements we've made as a society over the past 40 years, this may just be number one.

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Long ago, I used to fall asleep listening to hockey and baseball games from cities far away. That often meant waking up to the "clunk" of the mechanical "digital" clock part of the clock radio activating the alarm, which would be the radio, but since the distant AM signal I was listening to was no longer audible in the morning, the radio was mostly silent.

After that clock radio died, I bought a clock radio that was LED digital for the time display - and for the radio frequency, with a keypad to enter the time or frequency desired. The radio had programmable station presets, too. Even better was that alarms 1 and 2 would play whatever frequency was programmed in memory 1 and 2, respectively. I made sure those were local stations. I could fall asleep listening to something far away and reliably wake up to something local at a volume that would actually wake me up.

Now, the radio is more often than not set to 680 to wake me up (so that I am unlikely to hear music that I like and perhaps stay in bed), but sometimes that doesn't really work, and I seem to be adept at not just hitting snooze, but also in my very sleepy state, turning off the loud beep "second" alarm. On some days, I have my cell phone on my nightstand or in the ensuite bathroom, which will definitely wake me up to the sound of a Dodge Challenger Hellcat starting up and peeling off a launch.

May 7, 2015 @ 11:24 AM

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