Don't Forget to Vote Today, Fellow Ontarians

VoteWhen you don't vote, you let others speak for you.

We are fortunate to have fair and democratic methods in place for the selecting of political representation. To not take part in the process, or to feel like our opinion doesn't matter, would be to waste the incredible power that we possess.

The power of a single vote is staggering. It is our right to stand up and be counted, and the way we do that is by casting our ballot. Don't forget to vote in today's Ontario provincial election.

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Blind Dave

Not in the loop way out here on the prairies. Who wins - PC or Lib? And majority or minority?

June 12, 2014 @ 9:24 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Blind Dave

According to the pundits, it's a toss up. Either the Liberals win a minority or the PCs do.

If I were a betting man, I'd put a loonie down on the Liberals winning a minority.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:29 AM

Ben Vidal

I'll see that loonie and slap down a toonie the liberals win a minority.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:33 AM

Ben Vidal

Is there anyway to limit political discourse today? With the election today, there isn't anyway people who frequent here are about to be swayed by partisan and bi-partisan conversations.

Could you have a political free open mike?

June 12, 2014 @ 9:34 AM


I think a politics free Open Mine will be a good idea for next Tuesday. However, I have a feeling that Friday's Open Mike could have a strong political tone to it.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:38 AM

Ben Vidal

@McNulty: It will only have a strong political tone if Toronto Mike posts a map of how Ontario voted. This usually creates a storm when he's done so federally and municipally.

I think apathy will set in on either side.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:40 AM


I'm ridiculously busy today but I still don't have an excuse not to vote ... the polling booth is in my building lobby.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:45 AM


My MIL grew up in a displaced persons camp in Europe and was ruled by the Russians for most of her youth. She says young people today have no idea what it is like to not have a voice (let alone food, clean water and something called "freedom").
Quit complaining about "not having a choice" and get off your ass and vote.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:54 AM

this guest

Whatever happened to the Rhinocerous Party.
They were always good for spicing things up with absurdist humour.

I used to love reading their results riding by riding across the country in Federal races.

Sometimes they did better than mainstream parties.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:33 AM

this guest

One of their campaign planks was declaring war on Belgium because a Belgian cartoon character, Tintin, killed a rhinoceros in one of the cartoons.

Offering to call off the proposed Belgium-Canada war if Belgium delivered a case of mussels and a case of Belgian beer to Rhinoceros "Hindquarters" in Montreal (the Belgian Embassy in Ottawa did, in fact, do this).

June 12, 2014 @ 10:39 AM


I already regret voting for Parkdale High Park's not-with-a-real-job young PC candidate (and leader Hudak).
All campaign, I've been repeatedly called by the Ontario Conservative's north-end of Toronto's Willowdale candidate, (Michael Ceci's team) Yesterday I even got a recorded call from federal MP Jason Kenney -to vote for their Willowdale PC. In total I've lost count of how many calls I've received; any partymore than just the one yesterday, for example.
Besides maybe one phamphlet flyer per party, plus a few dire public sector hate-on flyers of course, nothing at all from my local riding.

June 12, 2014 @ 11:15 AM


What to do, what to do.

None of them have earned my vote, so I will be declining. I don't believe in "strategically" voting.

By voter turnout being so low, I hope that it sends the message to Queens Park that they are all failures in the eyes of the public.

June 12, 2014 @ 11:16 AM


Liberal/Conservative? Who cares! This Saturday England play their first game of the World Cup against Italy. Talk about two sides hating each other.

June 12, 2014 @ 11:28 AM


@Gump You are so right!

There are quite a few people who came to Canada from the Ukraine, Poland and Russia in my area. I used to work all the elections here for many years (until 15 hour days with no break got to be too much for me).

It was a total joy to see them come to the school gymnasium to proudly cast their ballots, people of all ages, in family-force. And young people who could vote in their first election brought tears to my eyes, particularly those with Eastern European surnames, but all newly eligible voters put a lump in my throat.

Please don't waste your right to vote. It is a very precious thing.

June 12, 2014 @ 11:43 AM


Remember you don't need a voting card to vote. You simply need something from the list on the right hand side of this page:


@Argie, Go Italy on Saturday! They'll be in the WC finals against Germany. You read it here first.

June 12, 2014 @ 12:28 PM


Oops, sorry about the long URL.

June 12, 2014 @ 12:29 PM

this guest


June 12, 2014 @ 12:40 PM

this guest


You probably voted PC and are a small cog in their voter suppression wheel.

June 12, 2014 @ 12:43 PM


If you would like to see how your own opinions align with the 4 Ontario parties, CBC has a pretty useful 30 question tool called Vote Compass. You can find it at:

You might be surprised. (I know my own results weren't quite what I expected.) It doesn't tell you how to vote, but it might tell you where you really stand on the political spectrum.

Some of the apathy here is disgusting. Are these the same people who complain endlessly after the election?

June 12, 2014 @ 1:20 PM


@Ben. Well written. I have had to hold my nose and vote more times than not. But still I vote.

June 12, 2014 @ 2:00 PM


Hopefully we won't lose any more of our national identity, integrity after tonight
than we have already:

Tim Hudak's folksy persona has tended to obscure two key things -- he remains committed to anti-union legislation borrowed from Arkansas and he is capable of a cynical dishonesty that is breathtaking.

I love Linda McQuaig. Yes. Leftist. Unabashed progressive.

June 12, 2014 @ 3:10 PM


Its funny (yet not surprising) that after Ben asked that this be a discussion without political discourse, "this guest" and "Anonymous" felt compelled to spew their anti-PC/Hudak nonsense. Some things never change.

June 12, 2014 @ 3:35 PM


Ialready voted May 31 in an advanced poll. It's easier to get a ride to the poll. If the poll was in my building, I could go on my own on election day, but they don't have them in my building these days. Anyway, I voted for Glen Murray. I voted Liberal.

June 12, 2014 @ 5:00 PM

Jody Thornton


If you liked one of the fringe parties platforms, and had voted, along with the other 40+ % that didn't vote, you might've helped contribute to a changing political landscape. But we'll never know now, will we?

I voted with my beliefs (partially strategy though because the Green party was kept out of the debates). But I can only hope that I can make a change a nd have not wasted my vote. I really would like a more proportional representational vote.


June 12, 2014 @ 5:22 PM

4x4 Time

Walked 10 minutes to my polling station, 3 minutes to cast my vote, 10 minute walk back home...What a hassle, and took so much time....

June 12, 2014 @ 6:02 PM


My polling station was empty at 5:45. Low turnout. How sad.

June 12, 2014 @ 7:30 PM


"It is our right to stand up and be counted, and the way we do that is by casting our ballot."

Correction: " It is our right to stand up and be counted, and the way we do that is by casting or declining our ballot."

I participated in today's vote by going to my polling station and declining my ballot. Unlike staying at home, or spoiling my ballot, my opinion will be recorded and counted. Felt great knowing I could still participate, yet didn't have to compromise my principals by voting for someone I don't believe in.

June 12, 2014 @ 7:52 PM


I'm on the road this week but I voted in the advance poll on Friday. It felt good to vote on the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

June 12, 2014 @ 7:52 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I'm so glad so many fought and died so Corey could decline his ballot.

What a wasteful shame.

June 12, 2014 @ 8:02 PM

twins from bolton

I just voted & there was nobody else voting at 7:45PM at polling station.

Voting is our Democratic right & for those who spoiled ballots or DON'T vote don't complain in the future.

@ Cheryl

I have no concern at all about sexual preferences but your votes the last elections have been for Glen Murray (Wynne) & Smitherman. Just a coincidence?

June 12, 2014 @ 8:15 PM


@Mike re Corey - well said. Compromise is part of life. Every decision mature adults make, including their vote, involves some level of compromise.

June 12, 2014 @ 8:36 PM


Mike I have to disagree with you in regards to declining your vote. It's different than just staying home and not doing anything. Declined ballots are counted separately.

If Corey feels none of the parties represent him and he declines his ballot, I don't see anything wrong with that.

Direct your anger at the people who don't vote at all. You may not like it but Corey did his part.

June 12, 2014 @ 8:49 PM


@ Toronto Mike

That's hilarious. The wasteful shame is going to be the close to 60% of Ontarians who don't bother to participate. I did. You won't consider declining a ballot because (if you were being honest) you're quite satisfied with the current regime. That's okay.
My fathers brother was a 19 year old private in the Royal Regiment of Canada when he was killed in action in Holland, 5 months before the war ended. If he was anything like his little brother, he would be disgusted with the state of politics in this province. I'm fine with my decision, thanks.

June 12, 2014 @ 8:53 PM


I also declined my vote. The guy said it was his second today (I voted around 7pm). I do not consider it a 'wasteful shame' at all. I want to vote and be counted. I do appreciate that people, to this day, do not have this freedom. I think a 'wasteful shame' is appropriate for people who do not vote at all.
Im predicting a PC minority.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:04 PM


Anonymous @ 20:53 was me obviously.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:21 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

I think I've been clear with my thoughts on declining your ballot. Feel free to disagree, it's just my opinion.

And in my opinion, declining your ballot is no better than sitting at home and not exercising your right to vote. It's a sad cop out. Like Lynn said, weigh all the options and vote for the candidate and/or party that best aligns with your values. It's not that difficult.

I would never, ever decline my ballot. I take my right to vote seriously.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:36 PM


Lib minority.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:38 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

And this just in.

The Liberals have won a minority government in Ontario.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:39 PM


@Mike 21.36 - I also take my right to vote serious.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:47 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Actually, it might be a Liberal majority...

Stay tuned.

Ontario has elected its first female premier, and the first openly gay Head of Government anywhere in the Commonwealth. It's a historic day.

June 12, 2014 @ 9:47 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Yes indeed, it's a Liberal Majority for Kathleen Wynne.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:01 PM


I said this before and it is worth repeating...Hudak handed this election to the Liberals.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:02 PM

Hey Glen

Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal Liberal

June 12, 2014 @ 10:05 PM


@Toronto Mike-

Actually, you haven't been clear at all, except your belief that the "decline your ballot" is a conservative scheme, and you continued proclamation that you'd "never do it", which apparently is supposed to be sufficient information, but actually carries zero weight.
You have never actually explained why lowering your standards and supporting political parties that are repellant is better that stating "none of the above" your arguments have been without any substance - basically it comes down to, "Because I say so", which makes you come off as an egotistical asshole. Contrast whatever you've said about this issue against the facts that this is a legitimate option provided by the Ontario election act, and has be described by myself and others as a matter of conscience.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:15 PM


Oh yay! We just handed a majority to a corrupt government headed up by another liar, because the other two leaders seemed even worse. Don't worry folks, the system is fine. We should be very proud.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:20 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Maybe you should have voted.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:22 PM


LOL @ Lib majority.

Hudak was basically a Liberal plant.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:26 PM


I hope I'm right but I truly believe Wynne will not be as corrupt and deceiving as McGuilty.

Just trying to be positive, folks.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:27 PM


@Mike 22:22 -- you have officially made the best comment.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:28 PM


WHO would have thunk this result.


June 12, 2014 @ 10:31 PM


I think people would have rather danced with the Devil they knew than try and dance with the one they didn't.

I'm surprised to be honest. I figured it was going to be a close three way minority and we'd be at it in another year.

I believe Hudak will step down as leader... it's his only option really. Ontario has spoken and they don't like him.


June 12, 2014 @ 10:33 PM


@ Mike-

Wow. You really just to not get it. I'm glad I didn't endorse any of them.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:40 PM


@dale I thought it was what Wynne was shooting for. I just doubted it would work, back on May 6.

Here's how to do it yourself-- how to beat two opponents at once by taking all their votes.

1) Take over one of your opponent (NDP) platform. Make it yours. Present it as your platform and make your opponent strike it down. You can now run on both your platform and their platform, and they can't run on it-- because people will just ask WHY they struck it down in the first place. You take all those votes.

2) Let your other opponent come out with an adversarial platform. People won't always come out to vote for you. They're lazy. But people WILL come out to vote against your opponent if they feel threatened. You will take all the votes of people who are threatened. The opponent will get as many votes as people who bother to come out to support them. Only one of four people who WOULD support your opponent WILL come out to support your opponent. Four of four people who are threatened will come out to vote for you.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:45 PM

this guest

I do not think Wynne will for a second allow the nonsense that slipped under the radar with McGuinty to happen under her watch.

It seems to be a fact that sociopaths rise to the top in corporations and politics. What the hell is up with that air orange or whatever it's called guy. How does a guy like that get away with creating an oral roberts type fiefdom on the public dollar.

Anyway the elections are in and my guy won but overall downtown Toronto is red not orange.

Thrilled to have a political party being advised by Tea Party Americans handed their ass on a platter.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:55 PM

this guest

@ Lorne

you made some
pretty good points.

June 12, 2014 @ 10:58 PM


We can all rest assured that the system works, that is if you agree with the idea that a party can win a resounding majority with only 37% of the votes cast (out of a very low voter turnout). Someday, I hope we will adopt proportional representation at all levels of government.

There are many people out there who just don't feel heard, and that may contribute in large part to voter apathy, along with a disconnect when it comes to the choices given and the way they are presented.

Having said all that, I agree with Lorne that Mike provided the best laugh of the night at 22:22.

June 12, 2014 @ 11:10 PM

Lyle Lanley

I agree with Lorne and Lynne. Mike's comment at 22:22 says it all.


June 12, 2014 @ 11:15 PM

Hey Glen

@handsomey, will you rage quit Twitter soon?

June 12, 2014 @ 11:33 PM


Boy I've never been so solidly in Argie and Corey's camps before...

I'm so glad so many fought and died so Corey could decline his ballot.

What a wasteful shame.

Quite the rhetoric. You know what the other side is of having the right to vote? The right to not to vote. The point is freedom, or freedom to choose. And the freedom to choose extends beyond compulsory voting.

It's nice to have the option to vote, but the self-back-patting and smugness is gross. It's pretty much the bare minimum you could do for the electoral process. I'd argue that ... arguing on an internet forum and trying to persuade people is more valuable even.

June 13, 2014 @ 10:30 AM


"You know what the other side is of having the right to vote? The right to not to vote. The point is freedom, or freedom to choose. And the freedom to choose extends beyond compulsory voting."

Smartest thing I've read in a while. I voted but I also believe everyone has the right to not vote, stay at home, spoil their ballot or protest. That's what "so many fought for."

June 13, 2014 @ 3:54 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

Who said people don't have the right not to vote? I wasn't suggesting the cops arrest Corey.

Corey has the right not to vote. No doubt about it.

June 13, 2014 @ 3:59 PM


I realize that. I was only stating what I believe.

June 13, 2014 @ 4:06 PM


Oops, bad grammar from rewording/re-editing that too many times.

I didn't mean to imply you said he doesn't have the right not to vote, Mike. I meant that that's what the freedom we have really is.

June 13, 2014 @ 8:02 PM

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