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I'd Like to Hear Audio Tags Appended to All Songs on Indie88


I've been listening to a lot of Indie88 during this glorious ad-free introductory month, primarily while biking and driving.  When biking and driving I can't visit or read the display on my TuneIn Android App to learn the name of the artist and song currently playing. This frustrates me.

Request for @Indie88Toronto: audio tags before each tune. Just before the song begins, tell me the artist and title.— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) August 13, 2013

A 3-second long voice-over at the very beginning of every song naming the artist and song would totally enhance the listening experience.  I notice they do this with select new songs, but I'd like to hear it for every song.  Imagine Alan Cross's voice saying "Jake Bugg... Lightning Song" and then the song.

I never heard back from Indie88 after I tweeted this request, but maybe this entry will get their attention.  Audio tags for every song, please.


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