Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 40: Return of iLLy

Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 40In this 40th episode, Mike talks about his Manventure with Elvis and iLLvibe calls Mike the whitest guy he's ever met. This episode is exactly 39:20.

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Blind Dave

Will give it a listen tonight or tomorrow.

That's a funny comment by Ilvibe. Judging by our likes and dislikes, I'm a helluva lot whiter than you are, bro!

June 5, 2013 @ 5:38 PM


I'm a loyal viewer! Great episode, Rosie is fun.
Good on iLLvibe, going all in. 10 releases, wow! I 'm a fan of the theme, any chance iLLvibe could remix it a bit, work 'whitest guy in Toronto' into the theme somewhere?
In support of Toronto Mike'd and iLLvibe, I picked up a couple songs on iTunes- just doing my .29 cents worth.
Haze. Excellent! Nice retro soul sound. 5 stars. Enjoying Lonewolf too.

June 7, 2013 @ 9:29 PM

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