When Your Bands Start to Play Casino Rama

Casino RamaI'm used to seeing bands like Chicago, Air Supply, Michael Bolton, Tony Bennett and Neil Sedaka play Casino Rama. Those acts are now Rama acts, appealing to an older crowd and well past their prime. There's nowhere else I'd expect Ringo Starr to play.

But lately I've been hearing ads for a Weezer concert at Casino Rama. Weezer is one of my bands, a band I've paid good money to see three times. It always sounds strange to me that Weezer is now a Rama band.

I wondered if Weezer was the first of my bands to play Casino Rama, but apparently the Stone Temple Pilots have played there, making Weezer the second of my bands to play Rama.

I guess this is further evidence I'm getting old. My bands are now playing Casino Rama.

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Weezer at casinos is weird to me too. But I guess they haven't had a praised album since the early 2000s or late 90's.

July 28, 2012 @ 1:15 PM


Get new bands. The music didn't stop.
I've got ten years on you- my bands are playing at the Phoenix, Mod Club, Hugh's Room, Kool Haus .... and Rama.

July 28, 2012 @ 6:22 PM


Duran Duran is a Rama band on August 31st!

July 28, 2012 @ 8:28 PM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike


Now that makes sense.

July 28, 2012 @ 8:38 PM


Casino Rama: Where bands go to die; Big Time.

July 28, 2012 @ 8:42 PM


In a couple weeks Weezer is performing in Arlington, Virginia to open one of the new Microsoft stores. Rama must be looking pretty sweet :)

July 28, 2012 @ 9:09 PM

Rick C in Oakville

Don't hate the marketing these bands have to do, to play at Rama. Maybe when they play Branson Missouri then you know your old.

I've seen many of my old favourites such as Styx, Boston etc. play Rama and it's a nice smaller venue to see them in. Beats like the 300 level at the ACC or when i first saw Elton John play Skydome for the first time, not very intimate and the echo sucked. Enjoy the performance they put out for you. Would also like to add, Mike we are getting older buddy, unfortunately this is the evolution process.

July 28, 2012 @ 10:56 PM


Weezer should have retired after their first tour.

July 29, 2012 @ 1:19 PM


I'll be disturbed when Broken Social Scene plays a concert there. But if it was the only concert they'd ever play (they're on hiatus), I'd go to Casino Rama in the sticks.

July 29, 2012 @ 11:28 PM

Mississauga Phil

I was shocked to read that WEezer is playing Rama. I used to work at the ACC and they were playing there back in'09.

What a difference 3 years makes....

July 30, 2012 @ 9:36 AM

Toronto Mike Verified as the defacto Toronto Mike

@Mississauga Phil

I can beat that. I saw Weezer at Downsview Park on Canada Day in 2011.


A little over one year later, they're playing Rama.

July 30, 2012 @ 9:52 AM


It isn't so bad Mike, the Black Crowes played there! If it's good enough for them you're damn right it's good enough for Weezer.

(I would say the same for STP but I have a feeling they purposely play places that are NOT Toronto, maybe to help Weiland with his smuggling - though you'd expect the major hang up to be the border.

July 31, 2012 @ 2:41 PM

Mississauga Phil

@ Zach - No offence, but both STP and Weezer are much bigger bands than the Black Crowes. I'd still see a band at Rama because it's more intimate, but the Black Crowes aren't in the same class as Weezer or STP.

July 31, 2012 @ 3:12 PM


Never have seen Weezer (personally I don't get them) but I know the Crowes sell out virtually every show they play, STP not so much. I love STP, but I would say BC are a much bigger band. (Or at least, the band with a fan base more apt to see them)

July 31, 2012 @ 11:02 PM


The accoustics at Rama and the intimacy of the venue make some of the performances I have seen there as opposed to the ACC much more enjoyable.

August 19, 2012 @ 11:26 PM


The concert industry has changed dramatically over the past 25 years. In the days of Zeppelin and Rolling Stones, venues were booked based on how many tickets the band thought they could sell. The band paid a flat fee for the venue and then collected all the receipts from the ticket sales at the door. As well, bands made their money on record sales and only used concerts as a promotional tool.

Enter Ticketmaster who established relationships with the venues and controlled the money and ticket distribution. Now add in digital downloading and the fact that bands do not make money on music sales any more, but on concert revenues. As a result, bands began to cut out middlemen everywhere and became their own promoters and distributors.

Fast forward to today and venues book "non A-List" acts, then pay them a flat fee for performing, and in return the venue collects ALL the ticket revenue, and gets any ancillary revenue from drawing 5,000 + people to their venue e.g. concessions, merchandise etc. The bands don't care who shows up as they have already made their money. In the case of Casinos, they pay significantly more than other venues because they want the additional 5,000 people GAMBLING before during and after the show, as GAMBLING has excessively high margins.

September 18, 2013 @ 1:50 PM

Theodore Jones

Why would a well known band like ZZ Top play Casino Rama when they might only be getting paid $30,000 or less when the guys in the band are worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

They don't need exposure.

Does it make sense to anyone ?

November 18, 2017 @ 7:51 PM

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