Our New Streetcars

ttcThe TTC's new streetcars have been unveiled. Bombardier will design and build 204 of these light rail vehicles to replace the existing fleet of streetcars.


Here are some new LRV factoids:

  • Accessible
  • 100% low floor
  • More seats
  • Some wider seats
  • Boarding from all 4 doorways
  • Wide 2nd and 3rd doorways
  • Modern
  • Comfortable
  • Spacious
  • Large windows
  • Air conditioning, climate controlled
  • Bicycle accommodation


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If they're anything like the new subways then I'm looking forward to them.

November 6, 2011 @ 9:13 PM


If I still lived in Toronto I would be very excited, as I took the TTC every day.

Anything to make the transit system safer, cleaner, and more accessible is fine by me. I hope it works!

November 6, 2011 @ 10:08 PM


Superb. I'd like to thank David Miller for taking care of Toronto with the effort he made to realize the modernization of Toronto's streetcar fleet. His strong leadership even in the face of vulgar and belligerent comments by the federal Conservative government should not be forgotten or belittled.

November 6, 2011 @ 10:50 PM


I knew I should not have gotten to upbeat for the leafs and the Buffalo Bills. After this past weekend I can see the leafs are still going nowhere along with the Bills.

November 7, 2011 @ 7:43 AM


Calling them "Light Rail Vehicles" is a stretch. The are just large streetcars.

November 7, 2011 @ 10:04 AM


It's no more of a stretch than some cities calling theirs a rapid transit system. The TTC needed a facelift when I was there, and I have been gone for 12 years.

November 7, 2011 @ 1:59 PM


Don't know about the new streetcars. I don't use the TTC that often as I work at home. I was on a new subway though. They seemn to be good. Go Habs.

November 7, 2011 @ 4:43 PM


Also, the renovation of Nathan Phillips Square is coming along nicely. I think we got spoiled with proper leadership under the Miller administration. People wanted more for less. Without him, we might not have the new streetcars or the renovation of one of our most important public spaces. These are reminders of what proper municipal leadership looks like.

November 7, 2011 @ 6:17 PM

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