40 Homers Means Something Again

mlbWhen I was a kid, I got excited when George Bell hit 26 homers in '84 and then 28 in '85. Jesse Barfield's 40 in '86 seemed unreal, and Bell's 47 in '87 felt Ruthian. When I was growing up, 40 homers meant something very, very special.

At some point in the mid-90s, 40 homer seasons lost their zest. 17 players hit 40+ homers in 1996. That surge continued through 2006 when 11 players hit 40+. Finally, things seem to have gone back to normal.

Only two players will hit 40 homers this season. That's our Jose Bautista and New York Yankee Curtis Granderson. 40 homers means something again.

Jesse Barfield

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No comments- No surprise.

I haven't been on this site for a couple of weeks and I haven't missed anything.

Most of your posts draw little or no comments because they are of interest to no-one.

The only time you get comments is when a story about 102.1's crappy playlist or some DJ who may or may not have worked at said station has been fired.

September 28, 2011 @ 5:38 PM

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