A Letter From Within RIM

EmailA regular commenter on this blog happens to work at RIM, so I asked him to jot down some thoughts about today's news that RIM would be laying off 2000 employees.

These words belong to Blackberry Ryan:

It was a bit of a somber day around Waterloo. We got an email in the morning explaining that the layoffs would be done by this week, which was good because the cloud of gloom and doom would be gone, but meant I may not have a job by the end of the week, and perhaps that day.

Most of the people that I saw get let go were dead wood: people who have been there forever and simply are in their job because they have been there forever. While my heart goes out to all the people who got laid off, it seems as though the cuts that were made were fair and needed. I have seen much of the organization and there are many people like this. There were some poor cuts, which I believe are strategic, but this is a normal thing in the tech world. RIM has no turn-over and that can be a bad thing. When you have turn-over, you are able to bring on new talent and fresh ideas...I think after this is done, you'll see some awesome ideas coming out of Waterloo that will truly revolutionize the way you work.

After this week, I'll be happy to get back into the old RIM spirit. I can't wait to launch the new products, they are truly great and move us up with the arms race we have been seeing in North America. Contrary to the media portrayal of RIM and our leaders, I believe in the company and I see great things happening. I believe that the senior leadership knows what is going on and has made some great changes to help us become more competitive in North America.

I always hear in the news that we are losing market share. Well, this may be true in North America, but worldwide (you know, the other 95% of the world), we are growing like crazy! We announced that we added 1 Million subscribers in 3 weeks in Europe, Middle East and Africa. How does a company that is "losing" add that many subscribers in 3 weeks?

I'm gonna leave this like this. My apologies if you owned stock when it fell, but right now would be a great time to buy some RIM stock.

Blackberry Ryan is clearly unfazed by the RIM cuts this week. But is he worried that Toronto Mike is currently testdriving an HP TouchPad?

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The Blackberry is dead. Sorry, Ryan. Developers have come out and said that they have zero interest in developing apps for BB. Android is activating 550,000 new devices A DAY! A million in three weeks is nothing. http://androinica.com/2011/07/androids-stats-q2-201/

These letter reads like someone who can't see the writing on the wall. Analysts across the globe say RIM is in huge trouble. The devices are outdated and tired. The Bold 9900 hasn't even launched yet, and it's already outdated. The Monaco is the only device worth talking about, but RIM decided to add it to the Torch family, which wasn't exactly a huge hit.

I'm sorry, Ryan, I really am. I have several friends who also work for RIM, and they are scared as hell. I do hope the best for you guys, but I would probably make sure my resume was updated, if I were you.

July 25, 2011 @ 10:52 PM


Reads like a bloated young 'yes man' letter. An old programming hack could have written out this entire fanboy letter in 10 words or less:
"Company Executives terrific and smart, those cut are know nothings."

July 25, 2011 @ 11:40 PM


Ass kissing 101 should be the title of this thread. Or maybe delusion.

The problem with RIM is clearly in the Executive. Perhaps Basilly should have spent more time on his product and less time on his hockey franchise. And wasn't it Lazardis who said that there was no need for a camera, etc on a Blackberry? After all, no business folks use that (except the ones I look after).

I know the RIM product. I know it inside and out. Or should I say I did know it inside and out. Last year I decided it was pointless to continue offering support and development of RIM products because...the market was falling. It's the same reason I don't renew my Novell CNE. Technology is all about tomorrow and RIM is not tomorrow.

ON a personal note, I used BB for years. I now use an iPhone. Each time I pick up a BB i can't help but notice how dated it looks and feels.

RIM is dead.

July 26, 2011 @ 9:45 AM


I am not sure RIM can bounce back from this one.

While I hope the company does well since it is based in Waterloo and I know dozens of people employed there, I just don't see it ever coming close to Apple.

I have both and my iPhone is vastly superior to my Blackberry.

July 26, 2011 @ 1:03 PM

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