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Macho Man's Rap Career Was Epic

macho manThe "Pomp and Circumstance Marches" got a lot of play this week, with the royal wedding and all. I can't hear a note of Sir Edward Elgar's March No. 1 in D without thinking about "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

An arrangement by Jim Johnson was used as his most excellent entrance music.

While we're on the topic of the Macho Man and music, we need to talk about his rap album. That's right, Macho Man released a "so bad it's good" rap album that you probably missed because he released it well after the peak of his popularity. 2003's Be a Man is a must-have if you're a fan of Macho Man or just cringe-worthy rap by old white men.


If you only hear one song on this album, make it the title track in which he disses the heck out of Hulk Hogan. These rhymes are dope.

I told you this is so bad it's good. "Your movies straight to video the box office can't stand, while I got myself a feature role in Spider Man". I also told you these rhymes are dope.

We'll close with another cut from Be A Man, an album I have on MP3 and listen to whenever I need to get psyched. This is "I'm Back" in which Macho Man Randy Savage declares his intent to dominate the rap music industry.

"Ya can't believe macho man's really rappin', hooked up with da raskulls we made this thing happen". Well said, Macho Man... well said. Truer words have never been rapped.

One final note about the Macho Man, a wrestler I idolized in the 80s. When I tweeted about the Pomp and Circumstance / Macho Man connection, Down Goes Brown asked me if I was following Where's Randy Savage. I wasn't, but I am now, and you should, too.


Ooh yeah!

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Friday Open Mike

microphoneIt's Friday, Friday... Gotta get down on Friday.

Use the comments of this entry to discuss anything you want. Royal wedding, our federal election, the NHL playoffs... anything goes.

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Cherry Blossoms in High Park: A Bloomin' Update

calendarFor those of you wondering when the High Park cherry blossoms will be in full bloom, I have an update.

I just got home from High Park. The blossoms are still buds, only now thinking about actually opening. Once they open, we have 4-6 days before peak bloom. So don't even thinking about getting great shots this weekend.

Here are two pictures of our budding cherry blossoms, taken this evening by yours truly.



Based on my son's Little League schedule, I'll be spending a lot of time in High Park, so I'll let you know when the cherry blossoms are ready for their closeups.

When it's time, here's your guide to finding High Park's best cherry blossoms.

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9 Seconds to Fascinate - 7 Triggers to Nail

clockMy day job is emarketing. Essentially, digital lead generation for a large group of hungry software sales people. According to the TEDxAtlanta presentation below from Sally Hogshead, I've got 9-seconds to nail the seven triggers of fascination.

If you watched the video, you saw the seven triggers of fascination.

  • Power
  • Passion
  • Mystique
  • Prestige
  • Alarm
  • Vice
  • Trust

My question for each of you is simple: Which of the 7 triggers got you to stick around long enough to read this sentence?

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Everything is Happening - Bob Cole

PuckPlayoff hockey is the best. Throw in a game seven or two, and it makes for a fantastic night of television. Last night's Canucks ~ Blackhawks game was sensational, but the call of the night belonged to Bob Cole during the Bruins ~ Habs game.

Everything is happening!

Perfect. The perfect call in the perfect timber from the greatest hockey play-by-play announcer of our generation. I've said it before, I will always love him.

Everything is happening... think about it. It says it all....

Thanks, Bob. Long may you be the voice of my favourite NHL memories.


If someone would upload Bob Cole's "everything is happening" call to YouTube, I'd be eternally grateful.

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Which TV Show Has Cast the Most The Wire Alumni?

wireAttention fellow Wire fans. This insight is courtesy of NYMAG.com.

Last night was the premiere of season two of Treme, stocked once again with its wealth of alumni from David Simon's last series, The Wire. But seeing all these welcome familiar faces is hardly a freak occurrence on television these days: Ever since The Wire went off the air in 2008, many dramas have been plundering its credits to cast their shows, whether for full-time roles or guest spots. But, we wondered, which series has used the most Wire actors? We decided to find out, with two rules: We only noted roles cast since The Wire finished its run, and only counted shows that have used at least five alums — sorry, CSI:NY (3) and In Plain Sight (4) — in order to focus on those series that exhibit true respect. Which show do you think has the highest tally? Watch on to see.

If you managed to get passed that ridiculous cheese ad, you learnt that Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Good Wife tied with 11 Wire actors each. Here's the final standings:


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The Royal Wedding

weddingHave you heard Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton are getting hitched? Friday at Westminster Abbey, I hear. I honestly could not care less.

Judging from the television coverage, I'm the exception. When I catch a news item on the royal wedding, I can't click away fast enough. I simply don't care at all... not even a little bit.

I care more about the ISAF Nations Cup Asian Regional Sailing Final from this May at the Doha Sailing Club in Qatar. I hear good things about Shaikh Ayaz...


If you're into the royal wedding this Friday, please tell me why and help me understand the allure.

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J. P. Arencibia's Great Early Games

bluejaysMy favourite baseball blog had a great piece about J. P. Arencibia's great early games.

In his 12th career game (Opening Day of this past season) he hit a triple and two homers... In Arencibia's first career game, he also hit 2 homers.

Arencibia's the only guy since 1919 to do it in his first career game and the only guy to do it twice in his first 23 career games (not to mention first 12 career games.)

Here's more about his stellar debut. Now we just need to do something about his .245 average...

In association with Betfair Canada, home to the best sports betting odds in season and out of season!

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Ken Kostick, Dead at 57

In MemoriumKen Kostick was 57. He hosted the TV cooking show What's for Dinner with Mary Jo Eustace. He was also part of the first morning show in the history of 103.9 Proud FM.

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Andrew Ference: Hero

puckAndrew Ference lived the fantasy shared by many a Leafs fan when he flipped the bird to the Bell Centre crowd in Montreal last night.

I'd gladly pay $2500 to do that.

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Good Friday Open Mike

microphoneIt's Good Friday. That means I don't have to go into the office.

Use the comments of this entry to discuss anything you want. This is your space.

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Bill Barilko's Goal: 60 Years Later

leafsThere was no way I was letting this day go by without writing about what happened 60 years ago tonight.

It was April 21st, 1951, game 5 of the Stanley Cup final between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. At the 2:53 mark of the first overtime period, Bill Barilko scored the last goal of his life winning the Stanley Cup for the Leafs.

The 24 year old defenseman perished in a light plane crash that summer while on a fishing trip to Northern Ontario. Not until his body was recovered 11 years later in the bush near Cochrane, Ontario, did the Leafs win another championship.

I recently received several documents from the daughter of Ron Boyd who was the helicopter pilot who found the crash site of Bill Barilko. I also recently conducted an interview with Kevin Shea, author of "Barilko: Without a Trace".

Video Of Barilko's Last Goal

The Call Of The Goal

This brief video of the goal gives us a listen as to how it was heard on April 21, 1951.

The Top Leafs Goal

Global TV's Jim Tatti tells us about #1, off the stick of Bashin' Bill Barilko.

Ken Dryden on Bill Barilko

Dryden tells us why Barilko's goal matters.


The famous goal
The Goal.

The final resting place of Bill Barilko
The final resting place of Bashin' Bill Barilko.

My brothers and I in our Leaf jerseys.  I'm wearing Bill Barilko's #5
My brothers and I in our Leaf jerseys. #5 Forever.

Bill Barilko
Bashin' Bill Barilko

Bill Barilko's goal remembered on a Maple Leaf Garden's Leaf Ticket Stub
Bill Barilko's goal remembered on a Maple Leaf Garden's Ticket Stub.

The card that inspired the Tragically Hip to record 50 Mission Cap
The card immortilized by The Tragically Hip in Fifty Mission Cap.

The Tragically Hip's "Fifty Mission Cap" Lyrics

Bill Barilko disappeared that summer
He was on a fishing trip
The last goal he ever scored won the Leafs the cup
They didn't win another until 1962 the year he was discovered
I stole this from a hockey card I keep tucked up under
My fifty mission cap I worked it in to look like that


He's our Buddy Holly, immortalized by the Hip's "Fifty Mission Cap", and scorer of the 1951 Stanley Cup winner for my beloved Maple Leafs. Every year, his legend grows. Here are some additional links of interest.

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Toronto Blog Google Ranking - Help, Please

toronto blog rankingIt's no secret I'd like to rank #1 in Google when people search 'toronto blog'. That became my goal back in 2002 and that remains my goal. This #1 ranking has become my white whale, so close yet so far.

Here's what I see today when I Google 'toronto blog'.


69,800,000 results and I'm #3. I've been toggling between #2 and #3 the past five years, but I've never hit #1.

In my way are two "hyperlocal blogs". I borrow that term from a great article about citizen journalism I posted a couple of years ago. Blog.to and Torontoist are fine sites, but they have many authors and, for all intents and purposes, are commercial sites. It's been an uphill battle for this independent solo act to supplant them at the top of the Google heap.

So I'm asking for your help. Many of you have blogs of your own, or publish on other sites. Help me rank #1 for 'toronto blog' in Google by linking to this site with the anchor text "Toronto blog". Here's the code for you to copy and paste:

<a href="https://www.torontomike.com">Toronto blog</a>

If you're so kind as to do me this favour, let me know in the comments with a link to the web page with the link and I'll happily update this entry with a reciprocal link and great appreciation.

Help me kill the white whale.


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Weird Al Yankovic's Lady Gaga Saga

humourI always liked Weird Al Yankovic. I used to hear his stuff on the old Dr. Demento show I would tune in with my little transister radio.

In a blog entry he calls The Gaga Saga, Weird Al tells a strange tale about Lady Gaga's refusal to allow him to release a parody of her hit single "Born This Way". I strongly recommend you click over and read it in his words.

In a nutshell, she wouldn't approve his concept until she heard the finished version, even though she had the lyrics. For wasting his time, Weird Al has uploaded the song to YouTube, and will be making free mp3 downloads available on weirdal.com.

He doesn't actually legally need Lady Gaga's permission to parody her song, but it's a personal policy he adheres to. Sadly, Gaga takes herself a little too seriously.

By the way, over a year later I still absolutely love the trailer for the upcoming Weird Al Yankovic biopic. I can't wait for its release.

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Optimus Reim Remains EPIC - Playoffs Schmayoffs

leafsFact: The Leafs finished 22nd overall this season.

Fact: These exciting NHL playoffs don't include the blue and white for the sixth consecutive year.

Fact: James "Fucking" Reimer remains EPIC.

The video below from KesselySnipes was found on Pension Plan Puppets.

In the words of KesselySnipes:

Unnecessarily epic, beaucoup fromage, over the top, adhd, too much drums, loud, blood drenched centaurs skinning 100 foot hydras... However you want to describe this video, it's James "Fucking" Reimer; the man IS epic.

A big thanks to Pucking Hilarious for my new Optimus Reim tee shirt. I'll never take it off.

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Campbell's "25% Less Sodium" Tomato Soup Controversy

foodI enjoy the TIL entries on Reddit. TIL stands for "today I learned" and that's where I found out Campbell's "Regular" And "25% Less Sodium" tomato soup both contain 480mg of sodium.



Campbell's reply is that the "25% less sodium" claim is as compared to the average of "all varieties" of condensed soup, not tomato. "Campbell has complete confidence in the accuracy of our labels and our marketing communications and that they meet regulatory and other legal requirements," the company told Reuters.

I'm calling bullshit on Cambell's reply. They knew exactly what they were doing, and who amongst us wouldn't assume their "25% less sodium" tomato soup contains less salt than their regular Campbell's tomato soup?

And the kicker? Campbell's "25% less sodium" tomato soup costs more.

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Fan 590 Should Be Wary of TSN Radio

radioWe first discussed TSN Radio 1050 back in February, and now it's here. I've been listening off and on the past few days, and I think The FAN 590 should be worried. TSN Radio sounds like a force to be reckoned with.

I really like the Mike Richards show in the morning. It sounds superior to the Brady and Lang show, in my opinion, and I also liked what I heard from Bryan Hayes and Steve Kouleas. I have concerns about the syndicated content, from Dan Patrick, but what I heard today was pretty compelling.

The problem with syndicating American shows will arise when a Toronto team returns to the playoffs. If the Leafs were in the first round right now, the appetite for Leafs coverage would be insatiable. Dan Patrick will be off talking about the NBA and NFL labour issues and the TSN Radio audience will just want to hear about the lines Wilson worked in practice and the game tonight. Radio works best when it's local.

Having said that, TSN Radio isn't The TEAM. They'll leverage their television advantage and present a real challenge to The FAN's offerings. Except for Prime Time Sports, which I suspect won't be damaged by the arrival of James Cybulski and Company, it's going to be awfully interesting.

Have you folks listened to TSN Radio yet? What did you think? Is The FAN in trouble?

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Jane Finch Centre Revitalization with Starbucks and Volunteer Canada

rainI'm as cynical as anybody. I understand Starbucks is in the business of selling highly priced hot beverages and hooking us all on caffeine, but I was very impressed by what I participated in yesterday.

As part of their Month of Service initiative, Starbucks got 750 of us to gather at 8am yesterday morning in the cold, pouring rain so we could beautify, clean up, sustain and improve the Jane and Finch community. Yes, they gave us tee-shirts and an unlimited supply of coffee, hot chocolate and Starbucks grub, all part of their corporate branding strategy, but we were also greeted by volunteer carpenters and an abundance of materials and collectively spent several hours building educational gardens, cleaning and painting (both interior and exterior), and building structures such as park-style seating greenhouses, a rainwater catchment system, composters, fencing and retaining walls.

Other than the 90 minutes we were spike-less (I was building these cool benches), it all went off without a hitch, even in the pouring rain. At the end of it all, before I left, I walked around the Jane Finch Centre to see what 750 people high on caffeine could accomplish in one day. It was awfully encouraging.

Good job, Starbucks.


[photo by Becky Hewlett]

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Finding Good Alt-Rock Radio

radioNow that we're drowning in sports radio in this city, with TSN Radio competing head-to-head with Sportsnet Radio, let's figure out our alt-rock problem.

Many of us used to get our alt-rock fix from 102.1 The Edge, but today that won't always do the trick. Digger wants to hear from you as to what your favourite alt-rock stations are, online, terrestrial, satellite or other.

April 9, 2011 / 10:36

@ Irvine: A big thank you for recommending Vancouver's The Peak. I think they're already on my "A list" for streaming online (kind of the equivalent of earning a button on the car radio).

When I am at a computer, which is pretty much all day at the office, I refuse to listen to local radio, as there is so much out there - it just needs to be discovered.

Hey Mike, how about making this sort of thing a topic for one weekend? It seems to be that there are a lot of alt-rock fans here. We could post links and a short comment on our favourite alt-rock stations that we stream online.

What great alt-rock station have you discovered?

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Disgusting? Me? Say it Ain't So, Fred

politicsI hear Freddie P is upset with me again. That's what I hear, anyway. I can't say for sure because I still have to wait 17 days, 22 hours, 2 minutes, and 5 seconds before I can visit CanadianThinker.com again.

It seems Fred has an issue with me linking to Shit Harper Did. Something about the site displaying a logo for the Bloc Québécois party has Freddie's knickers in a knot.

What's got my knickers in a knot is how Fred can support a man who eats babies. Now that's disgusting.

Humble and Fred @ PROUD FM

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Shit Harper Did

harperHave you seen Shit Harper Did?

It's got this:

In 2007, Harper cut $1.2 Billion in spending for the establishment of quality national childcare. However, he never kept his promise to cut the $1.4 billion in tax breaks he gives to oil companies (the wealthiest corporations in history).

And this:

Harper decorated the government lobby in parliament with photos of just himself, instead of the traditional portraits of former Prime Ministers.

And there's lots more where that came from.


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Carlos Delgado Retires

jaysCarlos Delgado has announced his retirement from baseball. Although he's had a rough last few years, Delgado was an absolutely awesome Blue Jay.

His 336 homers as a Jay are 133 more than George Bell ever hit for Toronto. His 1058 RBIs are also a club record. In one of his final games as a Jay, I watched him hit one out. It was the first game my son ever attended and I made sure he knew how lucky he was to witness a Carlos Delgado bomb. He wasn't just deadly at the plate, he was also drenched in integrity. Who didn't love Carlos Delgado at first base for the Blue Jays?

James' First Game

Well done, Carlos.

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Help Me Draft My NHL Playoff Pool

hockeyIt's draft day. That means a bunch of us will get together in an undisclosed west Toronto location and follow these simple rules.

We've been doing this forever, and I've never won. I'd like to win this time. You can help make that dream a reality.

Which teams / players should I draft tonight? Bonus points for those players who had a mediocre regular season but are sure to have a great playoff due to their role on a particular team / line.

P.s. To the others drafting tonight, please do not read below this line. Thanks.

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Hammerhead Alert! Stormin' Norm Rumack Returns to Radio

radioHammerhead alert! Hammerhead alert!

I just got this email from

A follow-up to an old thread of yours I just came across on google - https://www.torontomike.com/2009/06/stormin_norm_rumack_the_late-n.html – guess who is now back at Fan 590 hosting the midnight-5am shift on the weekends :-)

He started this past weekend and is back full time in that shift…

Hammerhead alert!

It seems Adam is only partially right. Yes, Norm Rumack is back on the radio, but not The FAN 590. He's hosting Norm At Night which is airing on theScore radio, which you'll find on Sirius channel 98, as well as The Norm Rumack Show on The FAN 590.

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A Leafs Fan Cheers For The Bruins (Because He Has To, And You Do, Too)

puckThis is going to feel funny, but here it comes...

Go Bruins!


That's right, during the first round of the NHL playoffs, I'll be cheering passionately and feverishly for the Boston Bruins, one of my five least favourite NHL teams. I don't want to cheer for the Bruins, but I have no choice, and neither do you, if you're a fellow Leafs fan. The reason is obvious.


Last year during the playoffs, many of you forgot the cardinal rule of the Barilkosphere. If you love the Leafs, you hate the Habs. It is written. In case you missed that gentle reminder from May 2010, here it is again for you.

LeafsIf another supposed Leafs fan tells me they're cheering for the Habs, I'm going to blow. The commonality amongst the people I'm hearing this nonsense from is that they're all young. It seems our youth thinks it's okay to love the Leafs and root for the Habs.

When I ask these young Leaf fans why they're cheering for Montreal, they give me the same two reasons:

  1. They're a Canadian-based franchise, and we should root for a Canadian team
  2. They're underdogs, and we should root for the plucky underdog

Kids, let me be clear: under no circumstance is it okay for you to cheer for the Montreal Canadiens if you love the Toronto Maple Leafs. There are no exceptions. Should Montreal face Ottawa in the conference finals, you cheer for an influenza outbreak that suspends the season.

Luckily, Montreal isn't facing Ottawa in the conference final. Montreal's facing Philadelphia, and that means for the next couple of weeks I'll be rooting with all my might for the Philadelphia Flyers. Normally, I strongly dislike the Flyers, but in this situation, as a die-hard Leafs fan, the choice is clear. Actually, it's not a choice at all.

If you know a young, ignorant, misguided Leafs fan who has decided to cheer on the Habs during these playoffs, please direct them here. We need to put an end to this despicable nonsense. Again, so there's no misunderstanding: If you love the Leafs, you hate the Habs. There are no exceptions.

Go Bruins Go!

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Not In Love Platinum Blonde Cover by Crystal Castles and The Cure's Robert Smith

musicThe Tweet spilled out of my fingertips early Saturday morning. "For the record, I think Crystal Castles' cover of Platinum Blonde's Not in Love with Robert Smith is stellar."


Ryan Fancey certainly agreed...


As did the lovely Colleen Rusholme...


And that makes it official. Platinum Blonde's "Not In Love", covered by Toronto's Crystal Castles and featuring Robert Smith from The Cure, is absolutely fantastic.

Here it is, in case you haven't heard it yet.

Crazy good, right?

And if you don't remember the 80s, here's Platinum Blonde's original.

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Sidney Lumet, Dead at 86

In MemoriumSidney Lumet was 86. He was the award-winning director of such acclaimed films as "Network," "Serpico," "Dog Day Afternoon" and "12 Angry Men."

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Danger Bay: Finally Sampled By A Canadian Rapper

tvYeah, I watched Danger Bay. Christopher Crabb and Ocean Hellman were household names growing up. Nothing brings me back like that Danger Bay theme song.

Here it is:

I've always hoped a Canadian rapper would sample the Danger Bay theme, and no my dream has become a reality. On Classified's new Handshakes and Middle Fingers album, he's got a cut called Danger Bay that makes full use of the song from Danger Bay.

Here it is:

Who else loved Danger Bay?

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The Ongoing History of Optimus Reim

leafsLooking back at the 2010/11 Leafs season, I'm going to remember it as the year we discovered Optimus Reim. The Optimus Reim phenomenon has truly been something special.

As the season draws to a close, let's remember the year of Optimus Reim.

Jay Onrait shows the Optimus Reim logo on SportsCentre:

Great article by James Mirtle on the Globe and Mail web site about Reimer embracing the nickname:


A photo of James Reimer's new helmet with Pucking Hilarious's logo on the side:


And of course, where everyone can order their own tee, including the new Optimus Reim Shirsey Foul tee:



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102.1 The Edge Rolling In The Deep

radioThere was a time I didn't miss The Thursday 30 on 102.1 The Edge. Back when it was hosted by Martin Streek, it was how I kept up with the latest tunes.

I don't catch it often these days, but I tuned in for a bit tonight. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" from her excellent 21 album.

I was surprised because Adele isn't really the kind of singer you'd expect to hear on 102.1 The Edge. She doesn't seem to fit alongside Rise Against, Foo Fighters and Sum 41, but she's a very welcome addition to an ever narrowing playlist. 21 is absolutely fantastic and it's physically impossible to dislike songs like this:

Better late than never. By the way, Cure fans... if you haven't heard 21 yet, you're missing out on a great cover of "Lovesong". Eat your heart out, 311.

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Gmail Marks Its Own Email as Spam

gmailI swear by Gmail, using it for both work and play as the heartbeat of my digital life, but every once in a while it does something that doesn't make sense.

For example, today I needed to create a filter that would auto-forward certain messages to another email address. To do this, Google needs to send a verification email to that address, as a spam-prevention procedure.

Here's that forwarding confirmation from the Gmail Team, sitting in my Gmail spam folder.


You'd think they'd whitelist email from themselves over at Google.

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Let's Talk About the Price of Gas!

carSix years ago today, I complained about the price of gas.

I'm old enough to remember a time when I wouldn't fill up the tank if the price exceeded 50¢ a litre. In the mid-nineties, this was entirely possible. I was driving an '85 Ford Escort and she didn't get a drop until the sign said forty-something. I was able to drive for quite a while abiding by this rule.

Today, we're paying twice that. I'm seeing signs for 92¢ a litre. I managed to pay a mere 86¢ a litre yesterday and I was happy to find it. Prices have never been this high in this neck of the woods and we're bracing for the inevitable $1 a litre.

That's right, I was complaining that the price of gas was approaching $1 a litre. Imagine how awesome it would feel to find a gas station selling gas today for a mere buck a litre?

The average price of gas in Ontario today is $1.27 / litre and rising. Let's talk about it!

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Reimer, My Mazda, Ford Canada and $100 Worth of ACC Grub

LeafsI drive a 12 year old Mazda. I thought I'd get that out of the way before this entry is interpreted as some sort of Ford Canada love-in.

Yes, I was Ford's guest tonight at the ACC to enjoy the Leafs vs. Capitals. Ford's been very good to me over the years and I sincerely enjoy working with the good folks there. And yes, I was able to order anything I wanted from the super expensive ACC menu and it all went on their tab. A $12 hot dog never tasted so good.

To recap, Ford gave me the amazing 3rd row seat and let me eat and drink anything I pleased, but I still drive a 12 year old Mazda. Are you reading this, Ford? Don't you think it's time to put Toronto Mike behind the wheel of a new Fusion or Focus or even a Fiesta? Think about it...

Tonight, we were officially eliminated from playoff contention, but I didn't care. I was witnessing first hand the wonder that is named James Reimer. He was spectacular, and we let him know how grateful we are. He alone makes this summer different than any summer since the lockout. I'm certain we'll be in the playoffs next season.

Thanks again, Ford, for thinking of me and letting me order $100 worth of grub. Here are a few pics I took from the 3rd row, right behind the Leafs penalty box.

Leafs Game

Leafs Game

Leafs Game

Leafs Game

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0.1% Worth of Hope From the 3rd Row

leafsAccording to Sports Club Stats, the Leafs still have a 0.1% chance of making the playoffs this season.

0.1% doesn't sound like much, but it means everything to me. It means our game against the Capitals tonight matters, and thanks for Ford Canada, I'll be watching it from the 4th 3rd row of the ACC.

Remember when we started the season 4-0? Our odds of making the playoffs following that 4th win was 78.32%. Methinks we peaked too early.


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Volleyball Etiquette 101

volleyballMy volleyball team wrapped up its winter season last night. We're Victory Volleyball Intermediate Plus Champions.

Throughout the playoffs, as things got more competitive, tensions mounted. It heated up, calls were disputed, and the intensity magnified. When that happens, I struggle... because volleyball is different.

My participation sports of choice are baseball and hockey. I play on a couple of different baseball teams (and by baseball, I mean slo-pitch) throughout the summer and Friday night hockey all winter long. The culture of these two sports is very different than volleyball. I'm good for a handful of near brawls a slo-pitch season, and a few each hockey season. But that's not permissible in volleyball. Volleyball is different.

In volleyball, I've learned to tone it down. I suppress my desire to get in the other team's grill, or call them out for a bullshit call or attitude. A little chatter with your teammates is fine, but the only time you yell at the opposition is to say "great play" or "are you okay?". That's just how it is in volleyball.

It took me four seasons to figure out volleyball is different than slo-pitch and hockey, but I think I've got the grasp of it now. I'm available to play if you need a guy. And don't worry, I now understand the culture.

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Broken Clouds

UbuntuI had never seen the meteorology term 'broken clouds' until today.

Here it is, just moments ago, whispering to me from the weather panel in Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - the Lucid Lynx.


Broken clouds sounds about right...

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Already Third Redux: The Jays Fan's Reality

jaysI'm not going to lie, I'm pretty damn excited about the Blue Jays in 2011. Did you see the numbers Arencibia and Bautista put up last night? And right off the bat Rajai Davis reminded us all what a little speed does for the offense. He's going to be fun to watch. With the pitching we'll have, assuming we're not decimated by injuries, this entire team is going to be fun to watch.

Unfortunately, we Jays fans live with the reality we've already finished third in the division. I wrote my original "Already Third" rant in 2003 following six consecutive seasons of finishing third behind the Yankees and Red Sox in the AL East. Eight years later, little has changed.

To save time, here's what I wrote 8 years ago.

With only the one wild card position available, it's virtually impossible for the Jays to advance to the playoffs. New York or Boston will win the pennant with the other likely securing the wildcard. We can't finish higher than third so long as we share a division with these two franchises. I suppose this is our cross to bear.

I'll close this Already Third Redux with the same point I closed the original with: It could be worse because we could be Orioles fans.


Ok, one more point... Go Jays Go!

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Top Organic Search Keywords for March 2011

Search Strings According to Google Analytics, here are the top ten organic search keywords that brought people to this site in March 2011.

  1. toronto mike
  2. girl talk all day sample list
  3. jason barr
  4. teri polo death
  5. andrew krystal fired
  6. songs with love in the title
  7. the champ
  8. rick hodge
  9. fadoo
  10. andrew krystal fan 590

Once more, six of the top ten search keywords that led people here involved radio. I'm most psyched about my ranking for 'songs with love in the title'.

I will dominate Valentine's Day 2012.

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Ron Wilson's Reimer > Rebecca Black's Friday

leafsRemember that song "Friday" by Rebecca Black we've been yakking about for a couple of weeks? That was soooo March 2011.

This is April, and Rebecca Black's Friday has been supplanted by Ron Wilson's Reimer. Of course you want the MP3 for your iPod! Here it is.

[via Down Goes Brown and Bloge Salming]

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Opening Night Open Mike

microphoneThere's a Jays game tonight. I'm not going, I'm playing hockey instead, but I wish I was off to the ballpark formerly known as Skydome.

Use the comments of this entry to discuss the Jays' chances this season, or anything you want. This is your space.

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Chalk Circle's April Fool - My First Concert

calendarToday is the perfect day to share my favourite song from the first band I saw live in concert, Chalk Circle.

April Fool

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