The New Way Is Now Old School

cdMy daughter has a boom box she plays her music on. It's got radio and a CD player, that's it.

When she wants certain tunes, I kick it old school. That means I make an audio CD from MP3s and she plays that disc. I'm actually glad I finally have a use for the CD-Rs that have been collecting dust in my basement the past 7 years.

About a decade ago, I thought this was the most amazing thing. Dragging and dropping MP3 files on my desktop to create a CD that would play on my CD player was friggin' amazing. No more dubbing from cassette tapes, no more reliance on five different albums for the five songs you want to hear, it was a digital world and it was awesome.

Today, when I make these mix CDs for my daughter, it seems so ancient. My life is all MP3 playlists and syncing with my iPod Touch. The act of burning a disc and playing the songs on that physical media feels as if it's from a different era.

Has anything changed as radically as the way we share and listen to music? Oh yeah... there's the way we share and watch movies...

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Cynthia Spreadbottom

Have you takin' your meds today?
Welcome to 2011

March 18, 2011 @ 5:21 PM


Actually dude MP3`s are now old skool. Downloading MP3`s has been replaced with streaming music on Youtube. Go look at Gaga`s Bad Romance streamed nearly 400 million times

March 18, 2011 @ 6:48 PM

Ajax Mike

Y'know, I still haven't gotten into the whole video thing yet. My girlfriend has a portable HD with a few hundred movies on it, but I've got zilch. Nada, not one. I still buy DVDs when I want to own a movie. Actually, I still buy CDs too, I just rip them as soon as I get home instead of popping them into a player.

Now I just need a lawn to chase kids off of.

March 18, 2011 @ 9:26 PM

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