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Greg Giraldo, Dead at 44

In MemoriumGreg Giraldo was 44. He was the stand-up comedian perhaps best known for his Comedy Central roasts.

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Tony Curtis, Dead at 85

In MemoriumTony Curtis was 85. He shaped himself from a 1950s movie heartthrob into a respected actor, showing a determined streak that served him well in such films as "Sweet Smell of Success," "The Defiant Ones" and "Some Like It Hot."

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2015 Pan Am Games Logo

cntowerI know you don't care, but we're hosting the 2015 Pan Am Games. We have also now have a logo.


What do you think?

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I'm Liking Kris Versteeg

leafsI'm liking what I've seen so far from new Maple Leaf Kris Versteeg. The Phil Kessel, Tyler Bozak, and Kris Versteeg line has oozed with chemistry, with Versteeg showing an offensive flair above and beyond the expected. I can't wait to see what he does in the regular season.

Versteeg, by the way, had his name misspelled on the Stanley Cup. It was engraved as "Kris Vertseeg" before being corrected.


I don't care how they spell his name, I just want one of these suckers here in Toronto.

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Why Roy Halladay Had to Leave

mlbRoy Halladay is heading to the playoffs for the first time. Halladay gave up only two hits to earn his 21st win with his fourth shutout and ninth complete game. Those are all highs in the majors this season, by the way, because Roy Halladay is a gem.

Halladay deserves to start in the playoffs, and that wasn't going to happen here in Toronto. He had to go to get that chance. He deserves that chance.

It goes without saying that I'm a Phillies fan the rest of the way. Go Phillies Go!

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George Blanda, Dead at 83

In MemoriumGeorge Blanda was 83. He was the Bears, Oilers and Raiders quarterback whose passing and kicking exploits during a 26-year NFL career led him to a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Gloria Stuart, Dead at 100

In MemoriumGloria Stuart was 100. She was a glamorous blonde actress who starred in 1930s horror films and musicals before reviving a long-dormant career in 1997 with her Oscar-nominated performance as the older version of Kate Winslet's character Rose in the box-office smash "Titanic."

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Unintentional AM640 News Twitter Feed Hilarity

newspaperWhen AM640 tweets, they precede their tweets with "AM640 News" or "AM640 Sports News". They don't use some kind of dividing character before the actual tweet, such as a : or - or |. This leads to unintentionally humourous tweets.

For example, on face value, this AM640 tweet suggests one of their newsmen has been stabbed. I sure hope it wasn't James MacPhee!


And I'm as surprised as anyone that a local news plane would travel as far as Pakistan. I sure hope everyone is alright...


Dear AM640... Add a colon after AM640 News. it's just one character, and it makes a great difference.

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Wrestling Superstars

RewindYouTube user Retrontario frequently uploads fantastic retro-Toronto-centric gems. These clips never fail to bring back a ton of memories for me, so I feature them from time to time.

I collected these WWF Wrestling Superstars. I was always surprised Special Delivery Jones made the cut. SD Jones was just a guy, as I recall, but he had his own damn doll.

My favourite was the Rowdy Roddy Piper one. Hod Rod!

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A Leafs Fan Blogs

NotepadLast week, I met Toronto Star columnist Vinay Menon for dinner at Real Sports Bar & Grill. Real Sports Bar & Grill, if you haven't yet been, is amazing. 199 televisions and the largest indoor HDTV in North America makes it a pretty spectacular sports bar. Oh yeah, and the convo with Vinay was pretty awesome, too.

Vinay and I were talking about blogging. He's starting a Leafs blog that won't be all about stats and depth charts, but from a long-time fan's point of view. He's calling it A Leafs Fan Blogs.

If you're a Maple Leaf fan, you'll want to check this out. Vinay's not just a cool guy, he's a great writer.

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What This Foreman of the Jury Thinks About Our Court System

justiceI was the foreman for a jury that just reached a verdict at the Supreme Court of Canada Ontario Superior Court of Justice. We deliberated for five hours yesterday before I read aloud our decision at the 361 University courthouse.

I've decided not to write about the actual case, primarily because I don't want to rank in Google for the accused's name. Although I can talk about the case, I'm sworn to secrecy with regards to what happened in the jury room, so I think everything will be easier and cleaner if I maintain a little anonymity here. Not ranking in Google for searches about the case will make that infinitely easier.

I will, however, comment on the process. It works. All twelve of us started deliberations yesterday morning with a clear and open mind and we wouldn't have had it any other way. The accused got the fairest trial possible. We were diligent, sensitive and conscientious throughout, ensuring we were all 100% comfortable with our decision before ceasing deliberations.

The case was quite sad, but riveting. For two weeks it completely drained me and I'm pleased it's come to an end.

The court staff treated us well, the judge gave clear and fair orders and we took the responsibility seriously. I didn't ask to be foreman, but when the other eleven jurors asked me to assume the role I chaired our deliberations to the best of my abilities. At the end of the day, I sincerely believe we made the right decision.

And that's what's most reassuring to me. Our judiciary system works.

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Eddie Fisher, Dead at 82

In MemoriumEddie Fisher was 82. He was the singer and entertainer who co-starred in the films Bundle Of Joy and Butterfield 8. He was also married to Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, and Connie Stevens and he's the father of Carrie Fisher and Joely Fisher.

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We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Blogging

clockAs foreman of the jury, I read the verdict this afternoon. The last two weeks have been completely draining so I'm just going to decompress for a bit and then we'll return to our regularly scheduled blogging.

Let's see... we have to talk about jury duty, Bautista's 50th, the 2010/2011 Maple Leafs, and the meaning of life. In that order. Stay tuned.

Did ya miss me?


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High Park Jays Lose Tee-Ball Finals Squeaker

BaseballMy son plays for the Blue Jays in the High Park tee-ball league. They won their quarter-final game on Friday, their semi-final game on Saturday and split the first two games of their best-of-three final series against the Mariners on Sunday.

Game three took place last night, and it was ridiculously close. It ended in a tie, as you'll see in this excellent Tee-Ball Tuesday coverage by Kathryn Humphries and the gang at City-TV.

If the video above won't play for ya, click here.

Because game three ended in a tie, game four was played tonight. If you're keeping track, that's six games in five nights for these kids. I'm exhausted just watching.

Alas, it wasn't to be. James and his Jays lost a close one but ended up with the world's largest second place trophy.

Biggest 2nd place trophy, ever!

Good job, James!

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2010 Terry Fox Run a $1,187 Success

Terry foxThis morning's Terry Fox Run at High Park was a great success. It was the biggest crowd in years, and our mayor, MP and MPP all came out in support of this awesome cause.

Thanks to 26 of you, I managed to raise $1,187, a personal best. It's actually not too late to bump that a little. Donations are still being accepted.

Terry Fox Run

Thanks again, everyone. We'll do this again next year.

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Tiger Williams Likes His Quikki Garbage Bags

TVAccording to my Maple Leafs Season Countdown Clock (patent pending), there are only 18 days, 22 hours, 1 minute, and 20 seconds left until the Maple Leafs opener. That's got me thinking about our chances this year, and who will make the big club.

Here's another retro gem shared by Retrontario featuring former Leafs touch guy Tiger Williams. Back in 1985, Tiger did these ads for Quikki garbage bags, proclaiming them to be "Tiger tough". I'm pretty sure that voice over is by Fergie Olver.

Let's hope our 2010/2011 Leafs aren't garbage.

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THANK YOU! :-) PS: Who are you?

heartI passed this heart tied to a fence in my neighbourhood. There was a reply from the homeowner via post-it note. I thought the exchange was pretty cool so I snapped a pic.

Junction Arts Festival

A random act of heartshare in the city...

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1 Day Left to Pledge My Terry Fox Run

Terry foxTomorrow morning, I'll be at High Park for the 2010 Terry Fox Run. Many of you have already pledged, and I sincerely thank you. You'll be getting an email from me tomorrow.

The rest of you stragglers still have time. Donate to my run and they'll email you a tax receipt in PDF. It's easy, secure, for a good cause and I'll owe ya a favour.

Whip out those credit cards and click on over!

Terry Fox

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The Informant! The Review!

Movie ReviewThe Informant!: 7 out of 10.

Matt Damon is very good in this flick about Mark Whitacre, the highest-ranking executive in U.S. history to blow the whistle in a case of corporate fraud.

It's a very funny flick, primarily because of Mark Whitacre's asides. Here are a few:

  • When polar bears hunt, they crouch down by a hole in the ice and wait for a seal to pop up. They keep one paw over their nose so that they blend in, because they've got those black noses. They'd blend in perfectly if not for the nose. So the question is, how do they know their noses are black? From looking at other polar bears? Do they see their reflections in the water and think, "I'd be invisible if not for that." That seems like a lot of thinking for a bear.
  • I don't like wool on skin. Not even that merino wool they have at Marshall Field in Chicago. Ginger likes it because it's formfitting, but she likes avocados. And who wants that texture in their mouth?
  • We took the kids one year to the Renaissance Festival in Indiana. You get to be the White Knight. The kids get to ride a horse and joust against the forces of darkness with a helmet on. And the White Knight always wins - the forces of darkness fall onto an old mattress. Someone plays a Lute and plays a song from Medieval Times. The day we went it was maybe 90 degrees out and the heat and humidity index I can't even remember what the radio said. We were next in line and the mare collapsed. Went down in a heap. Ginger was eating Ye Olde Drumstick and she dropped it in the dirt. The kids were crying. I remember this farmer saying he had a gun in his truck. Just like that. From the White Knight to a gun in the truck. They had everyone turn their backs before they put the animal down, but even if you couldn't see you could still hear. How do you get that back? How does that get to be fair?
  • I've been to Tokyo. They sell little-girl underwear in the vending machines right on the main drag, the Ginza, or whatever. Guys in suits buying used girl panties. How is that okay? That's not okay.
  • There should be a tv show about a guy who calls home one day and he's there, he answers, he's talking to himself, only he's someone else. He's somehow divided into two, and the second one of him drives away and the rest of the show is about him trying to find the guy.
  • There are these butterflies in Central America. They're blue and orange and yellow and have poison in their wings,just enough to stop a bird heart. But the birds know this somehow, so they don't eat them. But there are other ones, butterflies, they're orange, blue and yellow too but no poison wings. They're just flying around, looking dangerous, getting by on their looks.


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Toronto Doggie Daycare in the Junction: Tailwaggers

toronto doggie daycareA week ago, while walking Dundas Street during the Junction Arts Festival, a new doggie daycare called Tailwaggers caught the corner of my eye. I was actually snapping the picture below when I heard a voice say, "Mike... Mike...".

Junction Arts Festival

That voice was from Cuz A, at least that's what I used to call her, and we used to run together before I was forced into early retirement. Cuz A has just opened Tailwaggers at Dundas and High Park Ave. and if you're looking for doggie daycare in the Junction or west Toronto, you'll want to check it out.

If you want more info on rates and services and such for your dog, email Cuz A at or call 416-760-9244.

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Will the Real Jimmy T Please Stand Up

RadioThis is embarrassing...

This comment was left by Jimmy T, former Virgin radio disc jockey. At least I thought it was from Jimmy T. I know lots of radio people, and it reeked of an inside perspective and was signed by Jimmy T. Alas, during one of the busiest weeks of my life, I failed you all and was apparently (allegedly?) fooled by a fake Jimmy T.

The real Jimmy T contacted me last night, convinced me I had erred and promised to write me an exclusive to set the record straight.

This is for all you Jimmy T fans out there. And Jimmy, I'm awfully sorry. Won't get fooled again.

Hey guys, im the REAL Jimmy T and just wanted to extend my thanks to you guys for understanding the situation here.

I'll be the first one to admit that being let go was a bit of a shock, i know that astral and i didnt always see eye to eye on everything and it did sting a bit when i got the unfortunate news, but i left that day back in june amidst handshakes and well wishes from everyone that i saw.  Even my boss at the time extended his thanks and offered his help if i ever needed it for references or the like.

And for those who have ever been jocks before, you well know that when you are let go, you're swiftly escorted from the building. In my case it was the exact opposite, i was allowed to roam freely unattended for over a half hour to say my goodbyes to friends. I went from dept to dept and it was fine as fine could be. My last stop, my pd's office to shake his hand before leaving. My only regret was not being able to work with him longer, i really liked him and told him so on several occasions.

When I got word of the post on toronto mike, i initially laughed about it because anyone who knows me would understand that none of that post makes any sense and doesnt match my feelings in the least. And as for the Wylde comment, that one is even dumber. In the days after my release, ppl on the vigin facebook wall asked where i was and seemed sad in their writing. I commented using my real name and my real facebook page and told them that Adam is a great guy and he'll do well and to give him a chance.

So this whole thing is ridiculous and sad.  I have friends at astral to this very day and everyone knows that, so for someone to take it upon themselves to chime in on something they obviously dont understand, is moronic. i was "defended" in regards to something that didnt need defending, so to whoever spammed mike's page at my expense with that nonsense, you failed.

Gotta love this business sometimes.

~ Jimmy T

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Jimmy T Goes Off on Virgin Radio

radioBack in July, I wrote about some folks being let go by Astral-owned Virgin Radio. I don't personally listen to 999 Virgin Radio, but I learnt that Jimmy T, Chris Biggs, Taylor Kaye and Lydia Stratus were let go.

Some guy named Mike (not me) chimed in with a comment.

Jimmy t got fired because he was fixing all the contests so his friends can win...Trust me i know

Jimmy T responded with a very interesting comment of his own.

@Mike, or should I call you 'Nick'?

I got fired for fixing contests LOL?! News to me. I was fired because I refused to bend over and take it in the ass when new management was brought in and screwed the entire vision of what Virgin Radio was supposed to be, up.

Fact is, it's an PD and APD with no idea of what works and what doesn't work in this market. No offense to Adam, but he's not ready yet. In 2-3 years, yes, but right now, no. I was slaughtering him in the ratings at night for his entire run at Kiss 92, so to replace the number one guy with the number 5 guy and think you're going to win, is just plain stupid thinking. The ratings have proven this since my last book at Virgin and his first book alone at night with Virgin. Love me or hate me, the numbers don't lie. He's losing already. He needs guidance, he needs structure, and he's not getting it there.

For the record, my ratings at night were number one in the city, so it had little to do with return on an investment. I made them shit tons of money with my numbers, as did Taylor, Biggs and Lydia. Our numbers were the highest the station had to offer and I assure you I was getting paid a fraction of the Breakfast Show salary. If you wanna cut, cut where you AREN'T making revenue, not your 3 best sources of it.

I could name off about 34 other reasons why that place is falling apart, and I assure you, it IS falling apart. Company morale has been at an all time low I'm told, even now. Ratings are dropping as well. Not a good sign.

I'm back on air starting Monday at Z1035, Mon-Fri 7pm-10pm, then Monaco is on after me. See? Smart companies can HIRE people without having to FIRE people to make changes. "Corporate" should have a look into how that happens and adopt some brains.

In closing, thanks to those who were wondering where I was, to those that didn't care, well, here's to hoping I can make you care in the future. And to "Mike" who clearly has no idea what he's talking about, stay out of the conversation and let the big boys and girls handle these issues.

Very interesting insight!

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Where It's At - What a Week!

wowThis has been a week I'll not soon forget. On Monday morning, I was selected to the jury for a big murder trial. Then last night, an epic Raging Storm comeback playoff victory. I can't write about the trial, but I can write about the comeback win.

We had two games against The Naturals. It's cumulative score, so you can think of it as a 14 inning game with an intermission after 7. After the first game, we were down by six runs. That meant we had to win game #2 by 7 runs in order to make the RSPA comp division finals next week. If we won by 6 or less, or lost outright, our season would be over.

Early in game 2, a close call at the plate went against us, and my buddy Kic lost his cool. One f-bomb at the ump and he was tossed. That didn't just mean losing his glove and hot bat, that meant that every time we reached his spot in the order, we had to take an automatic out. So there we were down an all-star, getting an automatic out and having to beat a great team by 7 runs.

Without boring you to tears with the dramatic details, let's just say it went into the 10th inning. That's three innings with the special SPN playoff extra innings rule: starting with one out and a runner on second base. We kept trading runs until we pulled out the unbelievable upset comeback victory, winning by 7. Raging Storm is in the finals!

And just now, I see Jose Bautista has hit #47. My man George has company.

What a week...

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The Jury Duty Process

jury dutyI was summoned to Jury Duty this morning. Here's what happened to me on this crazy day.

I had to be there for 8:30am. I was in line at 361 University Ave emptying my pockets and passing through the metal detector at 8:25. While inside, hundreds of us sat and listened to information about how the day would unfold before watching a propaganda video entitled "Jury Duty and You". The video is pretty effective, but suffers from poor production values circa 1988.

The lot of us were divided into four panels. I was green. Around 10:30, the greens were called to a court room and our names were put in a drum and picked at random. When called, we were to go to the front of the courtroom and face the accused.

While staring into the accused's eyes, the crown attorney and defense attorney each had a shot at saying "content" or "challenge". If they challenged, the potential juror was sent back to the pool. If both said "content", the person became a member of the 12-person jury.

Just my luck, I was drawn from the drum and selected as juror #3. The judge advised us that the case would take at least a couple of weeks and we heard the Crown Attorney's opening statement and from a couple of witnesses this afternoon.

No, I'm not going to write about the case. I'm not even going to tell you which case. I take it all very seriously and I've got a big responsibility here.

I'll update you again when the verdict is in.

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Jury Duty

jury dutyI've been summoned to jury duty. Tomorrow morning, at 8:30, I have to show up at 361 University Ave., Room 167. I'm told it's my civic duty.

I know where I'm supposed to be at 8:30 tomorrow, but not much else. I have no idea when I'll be dismissed tomorrow, or whether I'll have to be there all week. The letter I got says I'll be there for one week minimum, but I'm hoping that's an empty threat.

I'm not yet a juror. I'll be a member of a "jury panel", a large group of people from whom one or more juries will be selected. I'm a potential juror who hopefully won't be chosen as a juror. I'm too busy to think about that.

I promise to blog about this process in great detail, because at least one of you might be curious. I'm going in completely cold. This should be interesting...


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By George, Bautista's at 46 - It's Time to Grow Up, Mike

bluejaysJose Bautista is sitting at 46 homers on the season. The Blue Jays face the Tampa Bay Rays at 2:07 this afternoon, so George Bell's single-season Jays home run record could fall over the next several hours.

A few weeks ago, I asked Jose Bautista to slow the fuck down. Ten year old Mike's favourite ball player in the world was #11, George Bell. Every morning I'd grab a copy of the Toronto Star, head straight for the Jays boxscore and see the line for G. Bell. Of course, that wasn't necessary, because I didn't miss an inning of Blue Jays baseball. If I wasn't watching on television, I was listening to Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth call the game on 1430 CJCL.

I realize now, with 20 games to play, that Bell's record will inevitably belong to Bautista. In fact, Bautista's going to soar past 47, and will become the first Blue Jay to hit 50 in a season. And that's okay. Really. It's time I grow up.

For years and years I've rooted against Blue Jays who have approached 47 dingers in a season. The main threats were Jose Canseco and Carlos Delgado. I did this because I somehow believed I could retain a slice of that sweet innocence if Bell's record remained unbroken. I realize now that's ridiculous, and it's time for Bell's record to fall, for today's ten year old Jays fans, for my 8-year old son, for the die-hard fans who weren't alive when Bell was MVP.

Jose Bautista has taught me a great deal this season. He taught me to let go of the past, to live for the present and that everybody has to grow up sometime.

Good luck, Jose. And George... thanks for 23 years in the Jays record book, and for a life-long passionate love affair with the beautiful game of baseball.

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Twitter Is Killing RSS Readers

twitterI started "getting" Twitter back in November 2008. I'm sure some of you beat me to the punch, but most of you probably strolled in after that date or still don't get it. At the time, I wrote about Twitter as an RSS alternative.

If you're following a publisher who tweets all of his or her new articles or entries, RSS would become redundant. At the time I asked aloud: "Would people follow a Twitter feed as a means of following a blog like this one?"

Business Insider is now proclaiming Twitter has killed RSS readers.

But, personally, I never use RSS readers anymore--in part because of Twitter and in part because we've built a more convenient way to follow the news right into the site.

And based on the traffic trends to the leading RSS readers, it appears many folks are doing the same. As Joseph Tartakoff of paidcontent notes, Bloglines was shut down this week, and traffic to the grand-daddy of RSS readers, Google Reader, is down 27% year over year.

Personally, I still read the bulk of the blogs and sites I follow in Google Reader. It's a mandatory, daily read for me, and I swear by it. I'm a big RSS guy, but I'm also a big Twitter fan, and can totally see Twitter making RSS obsolete for some readers.

Has Twitter replaced RSS for you?

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Junction Arts Festival

PaintingI like the Junction. The Junction, for you out-of-towners, is an artsy neighbourhood in Toronto's west end, near Keele and Dundas. This weekend is the Junction Arts Festival so we made the short walk to check it out.

I was a little out of place in my Hackey Night tee shirt. Everybody was a little too cool for school, but that's probably the point. It's the Junction Arts Festival for crying out loud.

Here are a few pics from our afternoon with the cool people.

Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival Junction Arts Festival

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No Snooze

MoonThe other morning I was listening to Humble on Boom and he did this "impossible question" bit. The crux was that most people hit the snooze button three times a morning.

I've never in my entire life hit the snooze button. In fact, for the past few years, I haven't used an alarm clock at all. In true Kramer-style, I've been setting my mental alarm.

If I go to bed planning to wake up at 7:30am, my eyes will open at 7:28am. It never fails.

Do you use an alarm clock, and if you do, do you hit the snooze button? Why not just set the alarm for the time you have to wake up?

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Rich Cronin, Dead at 36

In MemoriumRich Cronin was 36. He was the lead singer and songwriter of successful 90s boy band LFO, best known for their hits "Summer Girls" and "Girl on TV".

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The Black Keys - Tighten Up

musicBack in the day, I threw songs I dug into the Smells Like Sour pot. Today, I just slap 'em up here in case you want to hear for yourself.

I love this latest single from The Black Keys.

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Edge 102's Top 200 Songs of the 90s: House of Pain's Meteoric Rise

radioThis past weekend, CFNY / Edge 102 aired what they deem to be the top 200 songs from the 1990s.

They did the same thing last year. This year's top 200 is below.

  1. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Under The Bridge
  2. Nirvana · All Apologies
  3. House of Pain · Jump Around
  4. Nirvana · Smells Like Teen Spirit!
  5. The Tragically Hip · New Orleans is Sinking
  6. Pearl Jam · Jeremy
  7. Oasis · Wonderwall
  8. Nirvana · Come As You Are
  9. Radiohead · Creep
  10. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Give it Away
  11. Our Lady Peace · Is Anybody Home?
  12. Nirvana · In Bloom
  13. Beastie Boys · Sabotage
  14. Green Day · Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)
  15. Cypress Hill · Insane in the Brain/Loco En El Coco
  16. Nine Inch Nails · Closer
  17. Nirvana · Dumb
  18. The Smashing Pumpkins · 1979
  19. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Californication
  20. Stone Temple Pilots · Plush
  21. Oasis · Champagne Supernova
  22. Tool · Sober
  23. The Tragically Hip · At the Hundredth Meridian
  24. Nirvana · Heart-Shaped Box
  25. Pearl Jam · Alive
  26. The Offspring · Self-Esteem
  27. Our Lady Peace · Naveed
  28. The Smashing Pumpkins · Bullet With Butterfly Wings
  29. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Scar Tissue
  30. The Tragically Hip · Ahead by a Century
  31. Pearl Jam · Better Man
  32. Beastie Boys · Intergalactic
  33. Nirvana · Lithium
  34. Soundgarden · Black Hole Sun
  35. Radiohead · Karma Police
  36. Beck · Loser
  37. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Soul to Squeeze
  38. Weezer · Say it Ain't So
  39. Oasis · Don't Look Back in Anger
  40. Our Lady Peace · Superman's Dead
  41. Nirvana · The Man Who Sold the World
  42. Rage Against the Machine · Killing In The Name
  43. The Tragically Hip · Bobcaygeon
  44. Blur · Song 2
  45. Green Day · When I Come Around
  46. Stone Temple Pilots · Interstate Love Song
  47. Metallica · The Unforgiven
  48. Nirvana · Rape Me
  49. Finger Eleven · Above
  50. The Chemical Brothers · Block Rockin' Beats
  51. Blind Melon · No Rain
  52. Stone Temple Pilots · Creep
  53. Nirvana · Polly
  54. The Tragically Hip · Poets
  55. Oasis · (Whats the Story) Morning Glory?
  56. Big Wreck · That Song
  57. Rage Against the Machine · Testify
  58. The Matthew Good Band · Hello Time Bomb
  59. The Smashing Pumpkins · Today
  60. Tool · Stinkfist
  61. Green Day · Brain Stew
  62. Pearl Jam · Black
  63. The Tragically Hip · Courage
  64. Weezer · Buddy Holly
  65. Our Lady Peace · Clumsy
  66. Nirvana · On A Plain
  67. Sloan · The Good in Everyone
  68. Metallica · Nothing Else Matters
  69. The Tragically Hip · Fifty Mission Cap
  70. Rage Against the Machine · Guerilla Radio
  71. Our Lady Peace · One Man Army
  72. Pearl Jam · Even Flow
  73. The Tragically Hip · Little Bones
  74. The Smashing Pumpkins · Disarm
  75. Sloan · Everything You've Done Wrong
  76. The Verve · Bittersweet Symphony
  77. Green Day · Basket Case
  78. The Matthew Good Band · Apparitions
  79. Sublime · Santeria
  80. Bush · Machinehead
  81. The Tragically Hip · Locked In the Trunk of a Car
  82. Green Day · She
  83. Stone Temple Pilots · Big Empty
  84. Treble Charger · Red
  85. Pearl Jam · Daughter
  86. Our Lady Peace · Starseed
  87. Alice in Chains · Man in the Box
  88. R.E.M. · Losing My Religion
  89. The Offspring · Come Out and Play (Keep 'Em Separated)
  90. Foo Fighters · Learn to Fly
  91. Stone Temple Pilots · Vasoline
  92. Radiohead · High and Dry
  93. Big Wreck · The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted)
  94. Foo Fighters · My Hero
  95. I Mother Earth · Used to Be Alright
  96. Soundgarden · Spoonman
  97. Tool · Forty Six & Two
  98. The Tragically Hip · Looking for a Place to Happen
  99. Sublime · What I Got
  100. Rage Against the Machine · Bulls on Parade
  101. Sloan · Money City Maniacs
  102. Pearl Jam · Yellow Ledbetter
  103. Econoline Crush · All that You Are
  104. Bush · Comedown
  105. Temple of the Dog · Hunger Strike
  106. Sloan · Coax Me
  107. The Offspring · Gotta Get Away
  108. Metallica · Until it Sleeps
  109. The Matthew Good Band · Load Me Up
  110. U2 · Mysterious Ways
  111. Nine Inch Nails · Hurt
  112. The Tragically Hip · Fully Completely
  113. The Smashing Pumpkins · Cherub Rock
  114. Metallica · Enter Sandman
  115. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Suck My Kiss
  116. Green Day · Hitchin' A Ride
  117. The Matthew Good Band · Indestructible
  118. Soundgarden · Fell on Black Days
  119. The Offspring · The Kids Aren't Alright
  120. Big Wreck · Blown Wide Open
  121. Foo Fighters · Monkey Wrench
  122. The Smashing Pumpkins · Thirty-Three
  123. Sloan · Losing California
  124. Green Day · Longview
  125. I Mother Earth · One More Astronaut
  126. Depeche Mode · Enjoy the Silence
  127. The Tragically Hip · Twist My Arm
  128. No Doubt · Just a Girl
  129. Sloan · Underwhelmed
  130. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Around the World
  131. Econoline Crush · You Don't Know What It's Like
  132. Foo Fighters · Everlong
  133. The Smashing Pumpkins · Zero
  134. Odds · Heterosexual Man
  135. The Matthew Good Band · Everything is Automatic
  136. Alice in Chains · Rooster
  137. Bush · Glycerine
  138. Econoline Crush · Sparkle and Shine
  139. Pearl Jam · Last Kiss
  140. Odds · It Falls Apart
  141. Rage Against the Machine · Sleep Now in the Fire
  142. The Tragically Hip · 700 ft. Ceiling
  143. The Smashing Pumpkins · Tonight Tonight
  144. Odds · Eat My Brain
  145. Soundgarden · Burden In My Hand
  146. The Tea Party · Temptation
  147. The Offspring · Gone Away
  148. The Tragically Hip · Fireworks
  149. Foo Fighters · Big Me
  150. The Matthew Good Band · Strange Days
  151. The Chemical Brothers · Let Forever Be
  152. 54.40 · Ocean Pearl
  153. Silverchair · Tomorrow
  154. The Tragically Hip · Nautical Disaster
  155. Pearl Jam · Dissident
  156. Big Sugar · Diggin' a Hole
  157. Stone Temple Pilots · Trippin' on a Hole in a Paper Heart
  158. Moist · Silver
  159. Hole · Doll Parts
  160. Big Sugar · Turn the Lights On
  161. Weezer · Undone (The Sweater Song)
  162. The Tragically Hip · So Hard Done By
  163. Sublime · Smoke Two Joints
  164. 54.40 · Love You All
  165. Depeche Mode · Personal Jesus
  166. The Tragically Hip · Wheat Kings
  167. Radiohead · Just
  168. The Age of Electric · Remote Control
  169. Stone Temple Pilots · Sex Type Thing
  170. Nirvana · Breed
  171. Nickelback · Leader of Men
  172. 54.40 · Nice to Luv You
  173. Soundgarden · Outshined
  174. Alice in Chains · No Excuses
  175. I Mother Earth · So Gently We Go
  176. Red Hot Chili Peppers · Breaking the Girl
  177. The Tea Party · The Messenger
  178. Filter · Hey Man Nice Shot
  179. Nickelback · Old Enough
  180. Alice in Chains · Heaven Beside You
  181. Killjoys · Today I Hate Everyone
  182. Green Day · Welcome to Paradise
  183. The Tragically Hip · Gift Shop
  184. Alice in Chains · Would?
  185. Nickelback · Breathe
  186. Tool · Prison Sex
  187. Sloan · People of the Sky
  188. Stone Temple Pilots · Big Bang Baby
  189. Moist · Push
  190. Jane's Addiction · Been Caught Stealing
  191. Sloan · All Used Up
  192. Fatboy Slim · Praise You
  193. I Mother Earth · Not Quite Sonic
  194. Nine Inch Nails · Down in It
  195. Pure · Anna is a Speed Freak
  196. Weezer · El Scorcho
  197. Bif Naked · Spaceman
  198. Stone Temple Pilots · Lady Picture Show
  199. Edwin · Trippin'
  200. Sublime · Wrong Way

Ryan B. wrote me the following email on the subject of CFNY / Edge 102 and their Top 200 Songs Of The 90's.

I've been reading your blog on and off over the years, especially as a source of news about CFNY. After turning on the radio this weekend and hearing "Inane in the Brain" by Cypress Hill come in as #16 on the top 200 songs of the 90's, when I don't ever recall hearing it on CFNY back then, I had to check for the final list and see how offended I'd be :) I'll confess that I'm shocked that Smells Like Teen Spirit was not #1 but was in fact #4 behind RHCP's Under the Bridge, Nirvana's All Apologies (If anything, I would have guessed Come As You Are), and, wait, I'm sorry, does this say "House of Pain - Jump Around" at number 3? 

Anyway, if you're interested, I put together a spreadsheet comparing this list to the "Top 1002 of All Time" posted at The Spirit of Radio - 41 songs were on this weekend's list that didn't appear back in 1999, including #3 Jump Around. A couple of them were borderline, as the album may have come out in late 1999, but the single wasn't officially released until 2000. Then there's #191, All Used Up by Sloan, which came out in umm, 2005? I'm not even sure why I try or care. It's just one of the 12 presets I hop between when driving. Anyways, if you're interested, feel free to use the data for a post on your blog, otherwise, you can just shake your head like I am.

Thanks for the blog,


It really was a meteoric rise for House of Pain's "Jump Around", which was 90th one year ago, and now sits at #3. And yes, it's a song CFNY wouldn't touch when it was released.

Things certainly are different over there...

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Inglourious Basterds Review

Movie ReviewInglourious Basterds: 8.5 out of 10.

Let's get this out of the way... I love Tarantino movies. He's my favourite filmmaker and he's all over my top 10 movies of all-time list. It's amazing I waited a year to see Inglourious Basterds.

What's more amazing is that Inglourious Basterds is Quentin Tarantino's film with the most Academy Award nominations. That's right, it was nominated more times than Pulp Fiction. Make no mistake about it, Inglourious Basterds isn't as good as Pulp Fiction, but it's pretty damn amazing.

In the Tarantino universe, I'd put it behind Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs and the Kill Bills, but ahead of Jackie Brown and Grindhouse: Death Proof, both of which are fantastic, by the way. This guy can make a movie.


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First Day of School Anxiety

schoolToday is the first day of the school year for most kids. I know because I was nervous last night, had an uneven sleep, and woke up with that 'first day of school' feeling in the pit of my stomach.

No, I wasn't nervous for my kids. They're both full-timers now and excited about going back. I think this Labour Day-sparked anxiety is a hold-over from my own school days. I think it's just ingrained in me, in Pavlovian fashion. I haven't had a first day of school in about 13 years but I still feel it.

Am I the only guy who went to work worried about his first day at school?

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Donate to My 2010 Terry Fox Run

Terry foxI'm running for Terry on Sunday, September 19 at High Park. I'm aiming to raise $1000 for The Terry Fox Foundation. I'm really going to need your help.

Donate to my run. They'll email you a tax receipt in PDF. It's easy, secure and for a good cause.

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Top Organic Search Keywords for August 2010

Search Strings According to Google Analytics, here are the top ten organic search keywords that brought people to this site in August 2010.

  1. jason barr
  2. toronto mike
  3. pat prefontaine
  4. jason barr fired
  5. teri polo death
  6. teri polo died
  7. rob ford quotes
  8. big shiny tunes 2
  9. fan590
  10. the champ

Keep in mind, these results are for August, and the searches for Jason Barr information only took off when Dean Blundell mentioned his departure on the show Thursday. There are currently 193 comments on the entry about his dismissal.

I have no doubt Jason Barr will lead this list for September, as well.

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Tom Cheek Deserves the 2011 Ford C. Frick Award

Ford C. FrickTom Cheek deserves to win the Ford C. Frick Award. The Ford C. Frick Award is the highest honour for baseball broadcasters and they're now accepting votes as they select the final ballot for the 2011 Ford C. Frick Award. Go to now and vote for Tom Cheek.

This is the sixth year I've encouraged you to vote for Tom Cheek as a finalist for the Ford C. Frick Award, and I take it personally that he's not yet in Cooperstown. Removing my extremely biased perspective for a moment, Tom Cheek called Blue Jays games since day one, calling 4,306 of them in a row. During that time Toronto won two World Series championships and a few additional division pennants. He was the voice of my summers.

Here are previous entries I've written about Cheek's eligibility for the Ford C. Frick Award.

And yes, I shall use this opportunity to remind you that I've archived all of Tom Cheek's Greatest Hits. Click over and remember the glory days of Blue Jays baseball. And don't forget to vote for Tom.

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Robert Schimmel, Dead at 60

In MemoriumRobert Schimmel was 60. He was a standup comic I knew best from his frequent guest appearances on Howard Stern's radio show.

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Vasiliy Koshechkin's Kitty Goalie Mask

puckTampa Bay Lightening draftee Vasiliy Koshechkin, whose name is similar to the Russian word for kitten, has decided his goalie mask doesn't need to be intimidating.

Vasiliy Koshechkin's perfectly comfortable wearing a nauseatingly cute goalie mask.


[via Deadspin]

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My Boner

baseballSo, we lost last night. Luckily, it's double knockout rules so we can still win this championship.

I pulled a boner in the first game, a serous boner, and it's something I don't remember ever doing before. I was batting 2nd in the lineup, and I led off the third inning. I hit a single, advanced to second and with Mofo at the plate, I completely believed there were two outs. In my head, I batted second, and counted the lead-off batter as the first out. So when Tink popped out, there were two away. Or so I believed...

Mofo hit a long fly ball, but with two out I was running full out on contact. I was four feet from home plate when I heard a teammate yell "there's only one out!".

Mofo's ball was caught and I was easily doubled up. I swear I thought there were two outs!!!! I've never pulled a boner like that before, but I did last night, in game one of the playoffs.

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1 Week After Jason Barr Fired, Where's the News?

questionmarkIt's been a week since Jason Barr was let go from Edge 102. Jason was 1/3 of The Dean Blundell Show, a very popular Toronto morning radio show, especially amongst teens and those in their 20s.

This trio has been together since they took over for Humble and Fred on 102.1 back in 2001. Humble and Fred, you may recall, left for Mojo 640 and their "Talk Radio for Guys" format. Before The Dean Blundell Show, Jason Barr was Danger Boy on Humble and Fred, a part of that show since the mid 90s. That's a long time he was on Edge 102 in the mornings.

It's been a week since he was fired, and I'm surprised at the complete lack of coverage. I haven't found a word about it in the MSM. It's on a few message boards and blogs, but surprisingly few. It's possible nobody knows about it, but isn't the MSM supposed to break such news to the masses? Hell, I had the story a week ago. Is it deemed such an insignificant event it's completely unworthy of coverage?

My entry about Jason being fired is getting some traffic from people Googling for more information, but not a heck of a lot. Perhaps the average CFNY listener won't have a clue things are different until after Labour Day.

Here's the results from Google when you search for Jason Barr Fired. The highlighted results are from me, whether I'm hosting them or not.

jason barr fired - Google Search_1283365598997

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Two Games, Total Runs - A Storm's A Ragin'

baseballMy comp division slo-pitch team, Raging Storm, has a couple of playoff games tonight. It's two games, and the total score determines who advances and who's done for the year. I like to think of it as a 14 inning game.

We had a good season, and I'd argue this is the best team we've ever fielded. A loss tonight would be a very bitter pill to swallow.

Just win, baby.

Mr. T

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