The Secret MLSE ~ Barilkosphere Summit

LeafsLast December, after watching a Maple Leafs game from the press box at the ACC, I wrote Barilkosphere Call to Arms: Our Time is Now.

The digital space belongs to us. It's our blogs, our forums, our podcasts and our content. MLSE would have no editorial privilege and no veto power. MLSE would give us access normally reserved for the traditional mainstream media, and would empower us with tools, funds and some degree of promotion, but we would be the stars of this show. This is where our biased but realistic voices would be heard.

Following the entry, I had further discussions with Jonathan from MLSE. Then, during halftime of a TFC match, we agreed on what the next move had to be. We needed to get MLSE and a few key members of the Barilkosphere in the same room. I spent the last few months putting that together.

Last night, at Wendel Clark's Classic Grill and Sports Lounge, I joined Jonathan and Down Goes Brown, Bloge Salming and one of the two founders of Pension Plan Puppets for some good eats and a hearty discussion about how MLSE currently manages their digital space and what, if anything, the Barilkosphere needs from them.

I won't divulge the juicy details, because what happens at Wendel Clark's, stays at Wendel Clark's. I've been enjoying Down Goes Brown, Bloge Salming and Pension Plan Puppets since I first discovered their respective sites, so it was a great pleasure meeting the people behind the personae.

The fact MLSE wanted a sit down with the Barilkosphere is a huge step for this organization. The wheels are in motion...

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Bloge Salming

Thanks for putting this together with Jon, Mike. It was great to meet up with everyone.

Hopefully something can come out of it that benefits everyone involved.


June 20, 2010 @ 2:11 PM

Maple Stir-Up

Awesome news Mike. I'm new to the whole Leafs blogging thing, but it seems like a great time to be a part of it all. Keep up the good work fella's

June 20, 2010 @ 8:12 PM

Justin Bourne

You guys are pioneers! Find a way to get paid so I can take that model to the Coyotes and.... y'know what, nevermind. But good on you guys!

June 21, 2010 @ 1:15 PM

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