Crazy Heart Review

Movie ReviewCrazy Heart: 8.5 out of 10.

Crazy Heart reminded me a great deal of The Wrestler. Both films are about a down and out former great who meets a good woman and attempts to resolve issues with their offspring. The Wrestler, which I very much liked, had an open ending. Crazy Heart, which was an even better film, does not.

Jeff Bridges is a shoe-in for best actor at the Academy Awards, but I'm surprised there's no buzz around Crazy Heart getting a best picture nomination. They're nominating ten films this year, and Crazy Heart deserves to be one of them. It's not just a great story about Bad Blake that's brilliantly acted, it's also got fantastic tunes to carry the weight. If the songs had sucked, the movie would have been far harder to buy.

Crazy Heart is great stuff. Do yourself a favour and see it.


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