Utah Spelunker's Death Reminds me of Omayra Sánchez

candleI find it difficult to even read about the 26-year-old Utah spelunker who died after being trapped in a cave's narrow crevice.

I can't imagine how helpless rescuers must have felt, knowing John Jones was there and being unable to free him. They'll never be able to recover his body so they're going to shut down the cave instead.

The entire episode reminded me of Omayra Sánchez. I only learnt about Omayra Sánchez a couple of years ago and that story and this story are eerily similar. Omayra Sánchez was trapped in water, but she was trapped in such a fashion that they couldn't help her, and efforts to drain the water around her failed. They could see her and talk to her, but they couldn't free her.

Here's Omayra, shortly before she passed away.

Omayra Sanchez

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Rick C in Oakville

I just get the shivers thinking of being squeezed between some rocks head first. Surprised there aren't more Spelunkers that die every year, given some of the tight spots they get into.

Bright guy, 2nd year med student, had a new baby and wife, sad to hear but it is the risk of the sport |I guess
I think I will stick with Warsaw caves near Peterborough

November 28, 2009 @ 4:47 PM


The tragedy of this story has lingered with me all day and I think what I find most disturbing is the insight this young man with his medical knowledge would have to know what type of systemic distress his body is going to go through before his body even starts to betray him.

November 29, 2009 @ 5:52 PM

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