The Holiday Comment Blogger Returns

musicFor the third straight year, "nobody" is back. "Nobody" is an anonymous soul who essentially blogs on an entry I wrote six years ago about Christmas music. He or she posts these humorous updates on their Christmas tapes and love for holiday music.

After this morning's comment, "Nobody" has left over 50 comments. Here's what he or she wrote earlier today.

I think you have no right to complain. If you personally don't enjoy being festive or listening to Christmas music change the station. All you do is complain and considering the fact that I personally want them to begin playing Christmas music now, rather than later. So stop being a cold hearted scrooge and lighten up for a change.

What's fascinating is that the entry is six years old and "Nobody" has been consistently chiming in over there for three years. It's at the point where I smile when I see the return of "nobody" and wonder what's wrong if a few months go by without a peep from him or her.

I hope "Nobody" keeps going.

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