Leafs 2009 Training Camp Roster + My Two Cents

LeafsI hate official team sites. Can you imagine a more biased source of news? I suppose a site like mapleleafs.com would be fine if you were just looking for a schedule or to purchase tickets, but if you're looking for team news and insight, the official site is the last place I go.

On the web, I've witnessed the birth of the Barilkosphere the past few years. There's a solid collection of Maple Leaf blogs run by smart, passionate Leaf fans that simply didn't exist when I started blogging. I didn't coin the term Barilkosphere, but I'm still very, very proud of my Google ranking for Bill Barilko (currently #2 after Wikipedia) and I won't attend a Leafs game (or non-summer Hip concert) without my custom made #5 Bill Barilko jersey, but I digress...

One site in the Barilkosphere is Pension Plan Puppets. They posted the Toronto Maple Leafs 2009 training camp roster, so I'm going to borrow their HTML, throw in a little of my CSS and put it here for y'all.

Forwards Defence Goaltenders
Jason Allison Dale Mitchell Francois Beauchemin Juraj Mikus Andrew Engelage
Alex Berry John Mitchell Jesse Blacker Phil Oreskovic Beau Erickson
Jason Blake Ben Ondrus Josh Engel Todd Perry Jonas Gustavsson
Darryl Boyce Colton Orr Garnet Exelby Andry Rogers Joey MacDonald
Tyler Bozak Alexei Ponikarovsky Jeff Finger Joe Ryan James Reimer
Tim Brent Wayne Primeau Jonas Frogren Luke Schenn Vesa Toskala
Joel Champagne Kyle Rogers Carl Gunnarson Barron Smith  
Jamie Devane Jay Rosehill Tomas Kaberle Juha Uotila   
Andre Deveaux Greg Scott Mike Komisarek Mike Van Ryn  
Alex Foster Robert Slaney Brandon Manning Ian White  
Stefano Giliati Viktor Stalberg      
Mikhail Grabovski Matt Stajan      
Richard Greenop Mikhail Stefanovich      
Niklas Hagman Lee Stempniak      
Ryan Hamilton Jiri Tlusty      
Christian Hanson Rickard Wallin      
Nazem Kadri John Kurtz      
Nikolai Kulemin Jamal Mayers      

19 days, 10 hours, 10 minutes, and 42 seconds from now, that list has to be down to 23 players. The goalies will be Tosky and The Monster, but nothing else is certain. Here's my two cents on the above list.

  • Is Jason Allison's invitation some kind of joke? If he was that slow last time, there's simply no chance of him making this team. I realize we're lacking scoring up front, but Jason Allison is not the answer.
  • The Marlies look to have a solid defense this season, because there's a serious glut of NHL-calibre defensemen coming to camp. If we agree the top six is Kaberle, Schenn, Komisarek, Finger, Beauchemin and White, we're forgetting about Van Ryn, Exelby, Oreskovic and Frogren. Will White start up front?
  • Who's going to score on this team? Please don't tell me that's Blake's job... I'll bet Tlusty and Kadri are playing October 1.
  • What time is it? Can I add Phil Kessel yet?
  • Two final words: Viktor Stalberg. That is all.

Go Leafs go!

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Fredericton Steve

I don't think Finger makes this team over Exelby or Van Ryn.

Jason Allison doesn't have a chance to make this team, I'd say its more like a courtesy invite by burke.

also, I doubt Kadri makes the team this year. I'd rather see him rip up the OHL and put on a little more muscle before arriving in the NHL. He has looked good with the puck in the rookie games so far but that is what it is - rookie games.

September 12, 2009 @ 10:27 AM

Toronto Mike

Ok, let's work backwards. 23 - 2 goalies and 7 defensemen = 14 forwards, unless it's 8 defensemen and 13 forwards.

1. Jason Blake
2. Mikhail Grabovski
3. Niklas Hagman
4. Alexei Ponikarovsky
5. Matt Stajan
6. Nikolai Kulemin
7. John Mitchell
8. Jamal Mayers
9. Colton Orr
10. Lee Stempniak

Now there's a dogfight for the final spots. Possible choices:

- Wayne Primeau
- Christian Hanson
- Jiri Tlusty
- Ryan Hamilton
- Andre Deveaux
- Nazem Kadri
- Viktor Stalberg
- Tyler Bozak

The pre-season should be fun to watch, with so many gunning for a spot. I'm really hoping I can add Phil Kessel to the forward list, and it sounds like that's probably going to happen.

I hope we don't rush Kadri, and you're probably right that they'll keep him in the OHL for seasoning, but we're so bloody weak up front.

September 12, 2009 @ 11:00 AM


no invite for jeff o'neill? wtf! he would make this team

September 12, 2009 @ 11:17 AM


Leaf Fan




February to end of season when the Habs lose.

September 12, 2009 @ 11:22 AM


Above post is mine.

September 12, 2009 @ 11:23 AM

Toronto Mike


That's pretty damn accurate since the lock out.

September 12, 2009 @ 12:42 PM


THE Jason Allison? lol hes got to be pushing 40 by now too

September 12, 2009 @ 6:39 PM

Toronto Mike

Jason Allison is actually younger than I am, but just a little... he's still not going to make this team.

September 12, 2009 @ 6:41 PM


All kidding aside I hope the Leafs will one day bring home the Stanley Cup for you die hards fans.

September 12, 2009 @ 7:32 PM

Toronto Mike

When our Truculence has us competing for a playoff spot in March, you're welcome to hop on the bandwagon.

Total Truculence in 09/10!

September 12, 2009 @ 7:38 PM

Toronto Mike

Felix, we have our slogan.

Truc you!

September 13, 2009 @ 8:17 AM


Great post. Some thoughts, if I may...

Allison tryout is a courtesy. Burke is solidifying his reputation as the kind of GM players want to play for. That said, he was never a good skater. He is a goal scorer, a playmaker, and hard to take the puck from. He dictates his own pace. I seriously doubt he makes the team, but he has a realistic chance.

Kadri needs another junior year to build up some size. He has the ability, but he is vulnerably small for the NHL.

Burke said his top 6 d are Komi, Kabs, Beauchemin, OLAS, XLB & Finger. I think this is a bit of a disservice to White, but it looks sound. Frogren will be a Marlie. MVR & White are on the bubble here.

Primeau & Tlusty make the team out of camp, ahead of Mayers & Stempnisuck. It's make or break time for Tlusty, and why move for Primeau not to use him, even if he is our healthy scratch most nights? I don't see him as a Marlie. Slot players into lines, top 6+1, 3+1 for checking and another 3 specialty (PK, PP) guys and you will start to see the team fill out.

September 13, 2009 @ 3:20 PM

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