The Great Grass Trimmer / Edger Giveaway

Canadian TireThis is pretty cool. Canadian Tire is giving me a Father's Day gift, and they're giving a Toronto Mike reader a Father's Day gift. I told you this was pretty cool...

And we're not talking about some cheesy $20 gift. We're talking a Yardworks 20V (6Ah) / 12-in Lithium-ion Grass Trimmer / Edger. Over on the Canadian Tire website this sucker sells for $199.

I'll kick off a little contest on June 15, and I'll announce the lucky winner on Father's Day. One of you is getting this Grass Trimmer / Edger, thanks to Canadian Tire. And yes, I still miss The Canadian Tire Guy.


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I declare myself eligible for this contest.

June 3, 2009 @ 10:58 AM


must bookmark this and see the contest...

June 3, 2009 @ 10:58 AM

Toronto Mike

Everyone is eligible, whether you're a dad or not.

You can enter in the comments of the entry I'm writing on June 15.

June 3, 2009 @ 11:00 AM


Mike: A gas trimmer???? Think of the environment and global warming, geez.

Anywhoo I'll enter. I have a house and lots of stuff to trim.

June 3, 2009 @ 12:02 PM

James Edgar

"We're talking a Yardworks 20V (6Ah) / 12-in Lithium-ion Grass Trimmer / Edger. "

It says GRASS trimmer not GAS Trimmer.
And I could use a new one too.

June 3, 2009 @ 1:20 PM


If Argie wins I will declare it rigged. You guys love each other too much.

June 3, 2009 @ 1:24 PM

Toronto Mike

It's definitely not a grass trimmer. It's lithium-ion powered.

The contest will not be rigged. I cannot be bought.

June 3, 2009 @ 2:02 PM

James Edgar

Now I'm confused . It says it's a Grass trimmer/edger in the cantire speil and then Mike says "It's definitely not a grass trimmer."

June 3, 2009 @ 2:18 PM

Toronto Mike

Oops, it's definitely not a GAS trimmer. Argie's throwing me off my game.

June 3, 2009 @ 2:26 PM


Nice game last night Elvis!
The cup is ours baby....(I hate it when I say these things ahead of time, but beating Montreal by 4 - I doubt it)

June 3, 2009 @ 3:19 PM


Nothin' like swag to bring out the interest.

Yes I'm in too. SVP

June 3, 2009 @ 4:23 PM

Toronto Mike

The only rule I have from Canadian Tire is that this contest will be for Canadian and American residents only, and that's just for shipping.

June 3, 2009 @ 4:26 PM


TFC is a disgrace.

Can Americans really win a Canadian Tire prize?

June 3, 2009 @ 4:36 PM

Toronto Mike

Maybe just Buffalonians.

June 3, 2009 @ 4:45 PM


ok ..cant wait

June 3, 2009 @ 9:57 PM

Buffalo Sketchball

This Buffalonian will be trying. Totally better than the Nike golf polo I already got my dad...

June 3, 2009 @ 11:14 PM


ok, that's really cool

June 4, 2009 @ 8:51 AM


Well, it's a good thing I'm not working for CTC anymore then. I'm sure they'd declare employees ineligible.

June 4, 2009 @ 8:10 PM

jason |

the irony of you telling us you 'can't be bought' in THIS entry, brought to you by canadian tire. what a joke..

June 5, 2009 @ 7:29 PM

Toronto Mike

Jason, I sleep well at night knowing I have agreed to give away a Grass Edger on behalf of Canadian Tire.

How many of your favourite bands have sold their tunes to advertisers?

June 6, 2009 @ 10:02 AM

jason |

But I didn't say my favourite bands cant be bought, now did I?

I have no issue with the contest or the fine folks at Canadian Tire, just the irony of your statement on this of all postings...

June 6, 2009 @ 1:49 PM

Toronto Mike

Ok, ok... everything has a price. Donate money to and we'll see who wins the Edger!

June 6, 2009 @ 2:26 PM

Canadian Techie

Count me in. I miss the Canadian Tire guy too. Even his wife.

June 9, 2009 @ 6:36 PM

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