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Staged or Not? Bruno vs. Eminem


Marshall Bruce Mathers III has been in our lives for a decade now, only we know him better as Eminem.  I'll admit I'm a fan.  I think The Marshall Mathers LP is exceptional, and I was sure to catch him on his tour with Limp Bizkit to promote the album.  Yeah, I saw Limp Bizkit in concert.  I'll admit that, too.

One thing Eminem always lacked was a sense of humour.  Time and time again, he took things too seriously, over-reacting when he'd be better served laughing things off.  He would benefit from taking a page from the Justin Timberlake handbook.

I PVR'd the MTV Movie Awards and watched it last night.  The most buzz-worthy moment was when Sacha Baron Cohen's character Bruno, dressed in feathers and a thong, flew through the air, landing on Eminem.  Eminem looked disgusted and promptly left with his entourage in tow.  Here's some video of Bruno vs. Eminem.

Embedded video from CNN Video

The question is, was it staged?  Some sources say it was all staged.  Some say Eminem didn't realize how revealing Bruno would be and was legitimately pissed off, leaving in sincere anger.

What say you?

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